Waylen Pond Ducks and a Raptor Gargoyle

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The Ducks of Waylen Pond Statues: Set of TwoOur catalog is full of wonderfully sculpted pond creatures like our tortoise statue and our many adorable jumping and spitting frogs.  Now you can add another adorable creature to the list, The Ducks of Walen Pond Statues: Set of Two, one of which is just standing and gazing around while the other one has wings spread and is ready for takeoff.  The ducks, which are done in designer resin, are hand painted in a light two tone and great effort was made to create their wings, feathers and faces to match nature. 

The zoo animals of Design Toscano are captured by our artists in many distinguished and fun poses, like our young tiger sculpture which climb trees and bask in the sun.  A new guy on the block is Oswald the Baby Orangutan Statue with an incredibly ugly yet adorable face and a pear in his hand.  He is cast in a sitting position and looks ready to play at any time and everyone will want to take him home on sight.

There is nothing that adds to your medieval décor like a gargoyle and we have many lovely gargoyle figurines to choose from.  If you want something that can guard your yard, you might like our Raptor, Gargoyle Surveyor of the Realm Sculpture.  The base of the sculpture is a medieval spire upon which our gargoyle is climbing and looking out over the land.  The statue is 30” high and the gargoyle has wings spread, fine scaly legs and claws with a face that would stop a clock.

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