Welcome Guests to Garden, Home, and Business with Foo Dog Garden Statuary

http://ii-prod-rw.marketlive.com/DesignToscano/images/products/en_us/detail/NG31178.jpgMany a temple and sacred site in eastern Asia is guarded by the presence of stone sculptures carved in the likeness of a powerful, lion-like dog. They often flank the main doorways of temples and other places of importance to prevent evil spirits and bad luck from entering. These muscular statues are also a sign of strength and are believed to bring good luck to all who walk past their fierce gaze. They are designed to make a big impression and this is exactly why Foo Dog sculptures are an excellent addition to the entranceway of a backyard, home, and business.

Garden guests will feel a sense of awe and excitement as they walk past sculptures of the Giant Foo Dog of the Forbidden City. Inspired by the massive Foo Dogs that guard the Forbidden City in Beijing, China, the fierce dogs in these statues also wear power orbs and are set on top of regal, ornamental plinths. You can also put one or two at the front door of your house and business to make guests feel as if they are walking into a royal, mysterious palace.

While the Giant Foo Dog sculpture also works as powerful interior decor, the smaller (yet no less exquisite) Chinese Guardian Lion Foo Dog statues look breathtaking when put on display inside the home, office, or business.

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