Welcome Guests with Stone Garden Angel Statues

The Bergama Renaissance Angel Statue: RightMost people receive more guests and do a lot more visiting themselves during the winter holiday season. There are more parties at this time of the year and people tend to make more efforts to see family and old friends. Given the high number of guests, it's also when we should pay more attention to how they are greeted.

Sure, you want to give everyone a warm, personal welcome but the greeting can start long before they reach your front door. Both short and long walkways can be used to greet guests in a variety of ways and it's best accomplished with statues. The power and permanence of such a greeting is attested to by the fact that castles, manors, and churches in many parts of the world have been doing just that for centuries. Some ancient cities even greeted visitors with statues that flanked the main roadway to the front gate.

The practice has been popular because statues can make a bold statement. While a gargoyle statue was partly meant to intimidate all who dare pass the threshold, if you wish, you can provide a much more gentle welcome with angel sculptures. Our Majestic Angel Guardians were crafted for an Italian cathedral and provide guests with a royal welcome at your gate. A pair of Bergama Ranaissance Angel Statues also make for a fine welcome to your home.

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