What Is The Neoclassic Design?

The term neoclassic can be confusing to many considering theme selections for their interior design.  There is nothing to be confused about the neoclassic era however, and it is very easy to incorporate some neoclassic elements into any design theme.  Whether you want to go entirely neoclassic, or simple add a touch of neoclassic here or there, it can be very easy to do and will add an instant touch of elegance to any room.

Quai Voltaire Neoclassical BenchThe neoclassic era dates to 1765 French, and is closely connected with the Baroque era.  In this era you can vision sweeping skirts and details in the environment that capture the essence of elegance from this era.  The neoclassic look then is about accomplishing the perspective of purity in clean lines that have roots in the Greece.  An accent piece through a marble busts for sale find is one way to begin with the clean lines of the neoclassic look.

The clean lines of a neoclassic piece or Egyptian tables are not as present in the neoclassic look, as simplicity is what neoclassic uses to achieve its elegant effect.

When you are considering the incorporation of neoclassic into your design theme, you can do so with one or two statement pieces, or create an entire room around it.  The end result is only limited by your imagination.

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