What Lies Behind the Symbolism of a Gargoyle

Emmett the Gargoyle SculptureA gargoyle is a very common symbol in decor today, and maybe even one you have already incorporated into your home or garden decor.  But do you truly understand what the gargoyle is symbolising when you use it in your design?  Here we discuss the meaning behind the symbolic gargoyle, and how easy it is to bring that relevance to life in your design theme.

Whether you are choosing simple gargoyle figurines or selecting outdoor garden water fountains with gargoyle accents, you are creating a statement of meaning instantly.  As derived from the French, a gargoyle is a creature that contains a waterspout projecting from the upper portion of a building or roof gutter in order to clear water blocks.  The French term “gargouille” is literally translated into “throat”, and so in France, what literally began as a gutter cleaning, became a symbol of building guardianship on buildings where gargoyles were found. 

A gargoyle then typically symbolizes guardianship or security on the property it is found on.  It is said to protect against evil spirits and was used in ancient France to communicate religious ideas of protection when mounted on the walls of buildings.  Gargoyles can be found on gothic tables or gothic furniture accents or on pieces reminiscent of the renaissance. However you incorporate gargoyles into your home, know when you do you are incorporating a sense of mythical protection.

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