What to Put in Your Garden

The Picc-a-Dilly Gargoyle Sculptures SetCertainly everyone knows and loves garden statues gnomes and should have at least one in their garden.  However, have you ever thought of putting a gargoyle in with your flowers and vegetables?  Not all of our gargoyle statues are scary or mean looking, The Picc-a-Dilly Gargoyle Sculptures Set depicts three cute little gargoyles picking, perhaps not picking in the most polite manner, but charming and funny. This group is one of the Design Toscano exclusives.

The intriguing Basil Street Gallery has many treats in store for both your outdoor and indoor décor. There are many unusual and also classical items of various different cultures in this gallery.  One of the prettiest is the Song of the Geisha Sculpture where a strikingly fashioned geisha statue is depicted with a lute with amazing detail on her kimono and instrument.

To create a small cheerful space, we, of course, have our popular garden cherub statues.  In addition to our cherubs and fairies, we have a wide collection of statues of children.  Children playing on swing sets, slides and see saws and doing so quietly.  Because this is a garden, a nice statue for it would be Samuel, Young Gardener in your leaning on his shovel doing nothing at all.  Actually he is doing something, sleeping.

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