Where to Display Garden Fairies During the Fall Months

The Daydream Fairy SculptureFall is here across much of North America. Evenings are cooler in many areas and the foliage will be changing in a matter of weeks. Unlike the Spring months, most people are paying less attention to planting and weeding the garden and doing more to get it ready for Winter. Some people start to take their garden statuary down and any decorations left outside are geared towards Halloween.

Despite the lack of bright flowers, statuary still helps backyards look fantastic during the Fall months. In fact, the decreased amount of vegetation helps statues stand out even better than other times of the year and can give the backyard a stark, enchanted look. Statues of fairies look even more magical when placed near tree trunks or next to a Koi pond.

The incredible realism of the Daydream Fairy Sculpture will be much more apparent when displayed on a bed of fallen red, green, and orange Maple leaves. The lovely tones of the Bird Fairy solid bronze statue will complement the earthy hues of an Autumn backyard while the stunning beauty of Rhiannon the Archer Fairy Statue looks best when displayed in the center of the yard.

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