Where to Put a Tiger Sculpture on Display

The Grand-Scale Wildlife Animal Collection: Bengal Tiger StatueSome animals have such a striking, impressive appearance that they look like living works of art. One such charismatic animal is the Tiger. This large cat used to roam the forests and grasslands of Asia from Iran in the west to China in the east. Unfortunately, this top predator has disappeared from large areas of its former range and is currently endangered. Although it still survives in protected areas and reserves, it's very difficult to see even in those places.

Whether you take a trip to India to try and see a Tiger or not, you can pay homage to the wild beauty of this rare feline with Tiger statues. In keeping with the secretive nature of this big cat, put the Grand Scale Bengal Tiger statue near protective cover such as a hedge or a tree. Its nearly eight foot in length and beautiful details make this one of the most realistic tiger statues you will ever see!

Couple the grand scale adult tiger with equally realistic and incredibly cute Bengal Tiger cub statues. These life-like sculptures capture the inquisitive nature of tiger cubs and deserve to be displayed out in the open.

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