Which Meerkat Sculpture Is the Most Adorable?

The Meerkat Family SculptureAfrica is famous for its amazing animals. Charismatic megafauna roam its plains and savannahs and thousands of tourists make safaris to such places as the Serengeti and Kruger National Park to see zebras, lions, and elephants in the wild. The large animals may take center stage but they aren't the most adorable animals in Africa. That title could probably be given to a small species of mongoose known as the Meerkat. Large family groups of these feisty little animals occur in arid environments of southern Africa.

Their dark paws, nose, and eye patches give them a mischievous look that adds to their already cute appearance and when they stand on two legs, Meerkats are downright adorable. It's hard not to be a fan of the Meerkat and we pay them homage with detailed, realistic garden statuary. The Meerkat Family Sculpture depicts a trio of these cute creatures as they are typically seen in the wilds of Africa. As one Meerkat rests on its haunches, another adult stands high up on two legs to peer around while a baby Meerkat follows suit.

Meerkats also live in burrows and the Out of the Hole Meerkat Sculpture captures this behavior with adorable realism. Combine it with the Into Hole Meerkat Sculpture for a clever pair of cute animal garden statues.

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