Why Wall Sculptures Are a More Contemporary Design Element Than Art

Many people looking to spice up their homes look straight to the art galleries for assistance in wall decor.  If you are looking for a way to add that something extra to your room, find out here why you may want to consider wall sculptures over modern art in your living space.
Most interior themes centered around an Egyptian flair are not looking to create a temple with their home. Egyptian home decor then is useful for adding something a little bit different to your existing design theme, whether that is traditional or contemporary.  Being different is the new “in” when it comes to contemporary design, and the simple addition of something such as this will certainly make for a conversation piece at any of your gatherings.

Prometheus, The Rebel Titan Sculptural Wall PedimentThe design themes that come from the Greek and Gothic eras are also making a comeback into contemporary themes.  Transform traditional Greek garden statues into a wall sculpture over your doorway or mantle and add a new look instantly by bringing the Greek gods right into your home.  With a piece such as this, you make the old new again with a room that will embody tradition, even if its theme is contemporary.  Or you can even take the drama one step further through a wall sculpture holding gargoyle figurines that convey a sense of protection and security for your home.

Today the most contemporary design themes are incorporating a more interactive and dramatic way to add pomp to a room through wall sculptures. 

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