Women of Marble

Women have often been the object of sculpture and certainly beautiful ones at that.  The Greek goddesses have all been memorialized, there are many sculptures of the Madonna and of course Design Toscano has many of these and some lesser known statues as well.  In the stone garden angel category we have beautiful angels and other memorials.  There are Celtic crosses but if you don't want to use just the cross as décor, yet want a true Celtic feel, the Celtic Warior Princess statue would be a great solution.  It consists of a Celtic cross with a colorful dragon wrapped around it and kneeling in front is a beautiful woman warrior, with sword in hand ready to defend the land.

Venus of Arles SculptureWe stock many beautiful statues of the Madonna in many poses, praying, with the Infant, standing serenely and many more for you to choose from.  An interesting one is the Madonna of the Harpies Bonded Marble Statue which is currently on sale in our marble busts for sale section.  The statue is of the Madonna and Child surrounded by two adoring cherubs.  It is peaceful and gentle filled with love for children.

Venus, of course, has been a topic for many artists and sculptors over the centuries as she is known as the most beautiful woman in the world in the classical sense.  We have a two foot statue of Venus in our Basil Street Gallery that could be displayed anywhere as a piece of fine art. This piece is the Venus of Arles Sculpture a marvelous replica of the original which is displayed in the Louvre in Paris. 

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