Wonderful Angel and Gnome Statues

Raphaelian Angel Garden Ground Stake and Wall PlaqueNothing beats the classics in sculpture to create an outdoor area that has style and grace.  We have many Greek garden statues of all sizes, including most of the Greek gods and goddesses.  A popular Greek goddess is Hebe, the goddess of youth.  Our statue Hebe with Urn Sculpture is nearly two feet tall and she is carrying her urn with drinks for the gods.  She is done in a marble like resin and is of course her beauty is carved in wonderful detail. 

We certainly have more than one stone garden angel and all of them are a lift to the mood of your yard.  The Raphaelian Angel Garden Ground Stake and Wall Plaque is so right placed in the midst of a sumptuous flower garden.  Raphael's angels are adorable as always and the plaque carries a great message for the garden: "One is nearer to God's heart in a garden than anywhere else on earth!"

Tubby the Bathing Garden Gnome StatueOf course we carry many things other than the classics at Design Toscano and our fine selection of cute and fun garden statues gnomes are an example of that.  Nobody has more fun in the garden than our gnomes even when they're working hard.   Tubby the Bathing Garden Gnome Statue has obviously finished his work for the day.  He is in a barrel taking a vigorous bath under the outdoor faucet.  His clothes are hanging on the faucet ready for him to dry off and seek out the other gnomes.

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