Wonderful Buddha Statue and Medieval Fare

The Skull of Valhalla Viking Warrior Wall StatueMedieval times always have us thinking of knights, castles and damsels in distress, and  of course, there are gargoyles and dragons too.  Design Toscano knight statues and armor wall hangings are the best around.  An example is The Skull of Vahalla Viking Warrior Wall Statue which is 12” tall and the very essence of fierce and dominating.  He was once a Viking warrior and now he still fights on with his long beard and horned helmet.  He is a wonderful addition to any room.

For lovers of the Asian theme that we present in many of our outdoor sculpture such as our Japanese garden statues, now is the time consider bringing the theme inside.  There is no better way to do that than to acquire our  Sukhothai Buddha Wall Sculpture.  This detailed wall sculpture of the Sukhothai Buddha is 11” high and greatly detailed from the flame on his head to the peaceful and serene aspect of his face.  This might add some serenity to a yoga room.

Everyone has heard of Faberge eggs, but did you know that we have some (beautiful replicas) in our Basil Street Gallery?  These are called the Renaissance Faberge-style Enameled Eggs: Couleur Verte and Couleur Rose and if you never thought you’d own one, think again.  These beautiful eggs are done in fine detail  of high quality enamel and would make an excellent gift , either as a set or just one gorgeous egg.

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