Beautiful Lighting for the Backyard with Asian Garden Statues

Sacred Pagoda LanternIt's time to take advantage of the warm weather and spend more time in the backyard. One of the nicest things about the warm weather of spring and summer is not having to go back into the house after the sun goes down. In fact, sometimes, the backyard is better during a warm summer night, especially when we enjoy it with our family and friends. Lighting is of course essential but why settle on average illumination when there are more interesting options available?

The Sacred Pagoda Lantern Illuminated Statue provides a garden with soft, peaceful lighting in the form of attractive Asian-themed decor. It also looks just as nice during the day, especially when placed next to a Koi pond or rock garden.

The Sacred Pagoda pairs well with the simple yet elegant and serene Japanese Pagoda Illuminated Lantern Statue. These illuminated statues look especially nice when one is placed next to a pond or off in a corner of the garden, and the other is displayed next to the pool or near the back door. Complete the Asian-themed look by adding candles to the "Avalokitesvara Buddha" Garden Statue.

Find the best selection of unique garden statues and other fine decor at Design Toscano.

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Buddha Outdoor Statues and More on Sale at Design Toscano

Enlightened Buddha SculptureThe art of gardening is an important aspect of several Asian cultures. In some places, gardens are far more than a green patch for growing tomatoes, peppers, and tulips. They are also places where the trees are carefully sculpted to match the vision of the gardener, where paths can form intricate patterns, and where every rock and pebble has its proper place. Pay a visit to a Japanese garden and you will probably feel as if you are strolling through a work of art.
Asian garden statues are also an important part of Asian-themed gardens, a big role often being played by statues of the Buddha. Such peaceful sculptures lend character and tranquility to the yard, and are reminiscent of statues that decorate the grounds of temples and gardens in China, Japan, and Thailand. Not to mention, Buddha statues are by no means limited to an Asian-themed garden. The olive hues and classic details on The Enlightened Buddha Sculpture make this fine statue an excellent addition to any garden. It also works very well as interior decor and pairs well with the easy-going lavender and green hues of The Bodh Gaya Buddha Asian Statue. Gardens in need of a large Buddha statue can't go wrong with the Giant Buddha Monument-Sized Garden Sculpture.

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Enjoy 20% Off Metal Gateways to the Garden

Princess' Entryway Metal Garden GateEvery garden deserves a gateway. A garden or other form of personal green space is an oasis of peace, a place where we entertain guests, or just relax to the sounds of outdoor garden water fountains. When we enter into that special place, we leave the stress and problems of everyday life on the other side of the gate. The boundary of your special garden can be marked by sentinel garden statue decor like the Boden Gargoyle, and with welcome signs. However, if the garden deserves a a distinguished, classical look, you might want to use an exquisite metal gate.

The Princess' Entryway Metal Garden Gate is enchanting, ornate decor that welcomes guests into the garden with proper flair. This beautiful, five foot plus tall gate is especially fitting for gardens that showcase Medieval decor, gargoyle figurines, dragon statues, and other fantasy-themed items. It also makes for a perfect entrance to backyards that feature classic statuary, and Victorian-themed gardens.

This metal garden gate can also be complemented with the Princess' Metal Garden Arch, a fantastic metal entranceway that stands 10 feet tall and has two small seats. It looks especially good when used to mark the entranceway to a Japanese garden, or collection of Greek garden statues.

Enjoy a 20% discount on these garden gates, any of our new garden statuary, and other new arrivals until August 20th. 

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Great addition to any garden!

The Dragon of Falkenberg Castle Moat Lawn Statue


Bottomline: Yes, would recommend to a friend.


Bought as a gift for our son. The statue is a great addition to his new planting area, in front of a "Red Dragon Japanese Maple" tree! Looks great and everyone is very happy with it.

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Enjoy 20% off New Asian Garden Statues

Thai Teppanom Beautiful Being Garden statuary can take many forms. We have said that before but it's always worth reiterating to help people avoid the mistake of buying the same old, poor quality garden statues. Before you settle on buying a cheap garden angel that you will probably give away at next year's yard sale, take a moment to browse our selection of high quality statuary. We have far more items than a few garden gnomes and stone garden angels, including a variety of enchanting Asian-themed sculptures.

The "Thai Teppanom Beautiful Being" Statue is one of newest Asian statue additions. This absolutely exquisite statue is closely modeled after intricate Buddhist Thai sculptures that date back to the time of king Prast Thong during the early seventeenth century. Our sculpture exhibits the same blend of peace and natural beauty as the antique statues from that era.

Our collection of Asian-themed decor also features the Sacred Pagoda Lantern Illuminated Statue. This quality resin statue stands over two feet in height and lends a combination of soft light and the grace of the Japanese sculptural form. Complement this fine illuminated decor with the colorful Kohaku Asian Koi Piped Spitter Statue.

Enjoy a 20% discount on these fine Asian-themed sculptures, and any of the items in our collection of high quality decor for home and office.

This sale ends on May 27th, 2014 and cannot be combined with other offers.

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A Stone Garden Sculpture for a Unique Backyard

Blushing Babel, The Bashful DragonUnique garden statuary is needed for a unique backyard. An average, everyday sculpture just won't do for gardens that are decorated with carefully sculpted Bonsai vegetation, that make use of an exquisite Japanese rock garden, or have greenmen statues on some of the trees. The same can be said for backyards that already make use of our beautiful animal garden statues or one of our classic Bigfoot statues. Such backyards look best with statues that are both enchanting and unique, and the best place to find them is at the Design Toscano site.

The Dragon of Falkenberg Castle Moat Lawn Statue adds an intriguing Medieval touch to the garden. Put this lawn swimming dragon next to one of your fountains or on a stone garden wall for full effect. It can be complemented with any number of equally fantastic resin garden statues, including such unique sculptures as Apex, the Winged Dragon and "Blushing Babel, the Bashful Dragon" Statue.

The "Strike a Pose Zen Yoga Frog" Statue is a one of a kind animal yard statue that will put a smile on your face every day of the week. This fun frog is just about guaranteed to be a topic of conversation at all of your summer garden parties and looks even better when paired with the exotic "Jungle Forest Tree Frog" Statue.

Find the best deals on the best selection of fantastic resin garden statues at Design Toscano today.

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Animal Garden Sculptures of Wild Creatures

"The Expert Fisherman" Black Bear StatueWe are all familiar with domesticated common animals like dogs, cats, cows, and chickens. While those animals do make excellent subjects for an animal yard statue, sometimes, we want something a bit more on the wild side for the backyard. Keep the cute statues of laughing pigs and dancing geese near the back door but let the other parts of your garden go wild with sculptures of bears, moose, and other beautiful wildlife. The popular Catch of the Day Grand Bear Sculpture is one such item. The very realistic nature of this sculpture shows that artist Samuel Lightfoot must be familiar with seeing bears that fish for salmon in wild Alaskan rivers.

This statue is a work of art that will be admired by every guest to the garden. Its details and natural beauty also make it an excellent item to display in outdoor-related stores and restaurants. Pair it with the equally realistic "Expert Fisherman" Black Bear Sculpture, another talented creation by Samuel Lightfoot.

The Simon the Fox Garden Statue lets you pay homage to one of nature's craftiest creatures. The fox has been immortalized in folk tales and cartoons in many a culture, and in Japanese traditions, is viewed as a magical creature. For that reason, this realistic depiction of a wild Red Fox works well with garden fairies, gnomes, and other mystical creatures.

Find these quality resin garden statues and other unique decor for garden, home, and business at Design Toscano.

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Perfect product for garden

StephenLI from Long Island, New York, USA reviewed the Marcellus Statue

Bottomline: Yes, would recommend to a friend.


Comments: When Macellus arrived, I was thrilled. I knew exactly where I was going to place him in my garden. He now stands proudly, overlooking the deep end of my kidney shaped pool, surrounded by Spirea shrubs and under a Japanese yellow plum tree.

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Give Gothic Décor a Modern Touch with Steampunk Items

Warwickshire Dragon Glass-Topped Coffee TableGothic decorations represent an especially unique type of decor for a number of reasons. They can be replicas of furniture and decor that hail from another very different time, are often associated with tales of horror and suspense, and may depict mythical creatures that are a lot less cuddly than a rabbit, horse, or even a bear. When we follow a Gothic decorating theme for a room, home, or garden, gargoyle figurines start hanging from the walls and flank entrance ways. Statues of knights and other Medieval-themed items make an appearance. Gothic furniture gives living and dining rooms an ornate, noble appearance. In short, your place becomes an abode of fantasy and Medieval charm. Nevertheless, you will make your place look even more interesting by injecting it with a bit of Steampunk.

Although the Steampunk theme is in a category of its own, it makes a very nice compliment to Gothic decor. Steampunk came out of Japanese Anime films that gave characters and their backdrops a distinct, creative blend of Victorian era designs and odd, industrial gadgetry. As far as decorating goes, the results are unique, textured pieces that come straight out of a fantasy world where people with enhanced robotic limbs occasionally battle monsters in Victorian-themed, industrial landscapes. This may explain why such fantastic Steampunk animal items as the Cyber Bat and  Cyber Leopard  make excellent additions to a Gothic-themed room.

Order these and other items from today until tomorrow, August 16th, and save with our Beat the Heat Sale.

With the Beat the heat Sale, you:

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Gargoyles in the Garden, Greenmen on the Trees, Oh My!

The Picc-a-Dilly Gargoyle Sculptures Set - LargeThere are many ways to decorate the garden. Plant enough flowers and prune the vegetation and the backyard becomes filled with natural decor. Put several stone garden angels and replicas of breathtaking classic garden statues on display and your green space will begin to resemble an authentic Victorian garden. Buddha statues and other Asian-themed sculptures can turn a generic backyard into a fantastic Chinese or Japanese themed garden, and the right set of animal garden statues will add a wild, natural touch to even the most urban of yards. As exciting as these garden decorating ideas sound, they still might not be very appealing to fans of Gothic decor. Fortunately, when you shop at Design Toscano for backyard statuary, there are plenty of sculptures that give the backyard a wonderfully Gothic, Druidic, or mystical touch.

Gargoyles can be used to flank the entranceway to the garden or back door to the home with absolutely regal results. With its open fanged mouth, glaring eyes, and crouched posture, the Argos Sentinel Statue is perfect for this purpose. The fun Picc-a-Dilly Gargoyle Sculptures, on the other hand, look more at home guarding a bed of flowers.

Another essential statue for a Gothic-themed garden is the greenman sculpture. These mystical statues have been used in Europe for hundreds of years and fantastic decor such as the Oak King Wall Sculpture continue to add a mysterious, magical touch touch to modern day gardens.

Find the most realistic Greenman statues, gargoyles, and Gothic garden statuary at Design Toscano.

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Put Natural Elegance on Display with Crane Animal Garden Statues

Cranes are among the most noble of bird species. Stately and long-lived, these regal birds are also known for their fidelity and dancing courtship displays. Although cranes are found on many parts of the globe, the Colossal Cranes Bronze Garden Sculptures - Set of Twomajority of species occur in eastern Asia. This is made apparent by their frequent depictions in Chinese and Japanese art. The innate elegance of Red-crowned, Japanese, and Sarus Cranes turns them into naturally good subjects for works of art and just as these birds are encountered in the wild, they are typically painted and sculpted in pairs.

The elegance and beauty of the crane has earned it a venerated spot in Asian gardens for hundreds of years. Since crane species are generally too wild to visit even the most beautiful of enclosed gardens, artists began to create bronze sculptures and stone statues of these birds to be used as garden decor. That tradition continues to this day and is wonderfully represented by our bronze crane statues. Available in three sizes, these verdigris patina bronze garden sculptures add a touch of classic elegance to any backyard.

To make an even bigger impression with beautiful bronze crane statues, get the Colossal Cranes Bronze Garden Sculpture. Water is piped through the beaks of both of these stately bronze statues to turn them into elegant animal fountains.

Order crane statues, resin garden statues, garden fairies, and anything else on our site by Wednesday, November 28th and get 20% off the regular price!

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Save 15% on Bronze Garden Statuary Just Today and Tomorrow!

Resin garden statues are a beautiful addition to any backyard. They help turn everyday gardens into dramatic, exciting places with statues of creatures from legendary places and awe-inspiring angel and Spitting Manatee Bronze Garden StatueBuddha sculptures. As wonderful as resin is for a sculpting medium, it's not the only substance that fantastic statues are made of. Bronze, one of the most classic of sculpting mediums, is still used in modern times to create gorgeous statues of everything from leap-frogging boys to stately Japanese Cranes. When you order bronze items from Design Toscano on August 7th and 8th, you also enjoy an extra 15% off the price as part of our "Best of the Bronze" sale!

If you ever considered buying one of our beautiful bronze objets d'art, today and tomorrow are certainly the best times to order them. Given the cost of these heirloom-worthy works of art, a 15% discount adds up to serious savings. For example, when you buy the amazing Spitting Manatee Bronze Garden Statue today or tomorrow, the discount adds up to more than two hundred forty dollars! That's even more than the full price for the smaller yet no less classy Heron Bronze Garden Sculpture.

Get 15% off the absolute best in quality bronze statuary at Design Toscano when purchased between August 7th and August 8th.


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Get an Extra 10% Off These Great Japanese Garden Statues!

Giant Buddha Monument-Sized Garden SculpturePicking a theme for decorating the garden isn't easy. Animal garden statues can add a wild, natural touch to any backyard but classic statuary gives your place an ancient, eternal appearance. Angels are synonymous with peace and magical mischief is associated with garden fairies. Then there are the garden decorating themes that are meant to turn the entire backyard into a veritable work of art. This is one of the goals of an Asian-themed garden and the Japanese garden in particular excels at it.

Carefully placed stones and trees patiently trimmed with expert clippers are vital parts of every Japanese garden but no Asian-themed backyard is complete without a few quality statues. Get the Giant Buddha Monument sculpture for your garden and its peaceful demeanor will emanate throughout the backyard. Buy it from today until July 22nd and get an extra 10% off the sales price.

If the backyard could use a more rotund, happier Buddha, the Jolly Hotei Buddha Statue would cheer up a garden in the middle of a thunderstorm. Raising Chinese gold pieces above his head with outstretched arms and gleefully smiling from ear to ear, this large Buddha statue is supposed to bring good fortune to all who put him on display.

Get 10% off these and other on sale items until July 22nd as part of our Mid-Summer Clearance Sale.  


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The Elegance of Japanese Garden Statues

The Nara Temple: Asian Garden Pagoda SculptureGardens are an essential part of Japanese culture. While people from just about every culture plant and care for vegetables and other plants near their homes, the Japanese garden is in a class of its own. A high population density, Shinto philosophies, the challenge posed by the elements, and other factors have worked together to turn the Japanese garden into a veritable artform.

Gardens of course vary by owner and circumstance but in general, every statue, outdoor garden sculpture, rock, and bush seems to have been situated in the garden as part of the overall design. Each plant is trimmed in a manner than accentuates the beauty of the garden, and sculptures incorporated into the green space are nothing short of exquisite.

Sculptures like the Nara Temple Pagoda are an ideal choice for Japanese gardens given the caliber of details and quality that they demand. As graceful as it is elegant, this statue will be one of the highlights of any Japanese garden.

Water is elegance all on its own and is probably why liquid H2O is incorporated into most Japanese gardens. One fountain in particular that works well for even the most detailed of these gardens is the Cascading Bamboo Sculptural Fountain. It's height (nearly four feet) and ability to create natural "music" earn it a coveted spot in any Asian-themed backyard.

Find these and other elegant resin garden statues at Design Toscano today.


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Huge, Sudden Sale on Garden Statuary and Everything Else!

The Grand Ruler: Life-Size Anubis SculptureIf you happen to be reading this blog post on Thursday, April 19th, count yourself among the lucky for hitting the jackpot of all Design Toscano sales! For just 12 hours on April 19th, 2012, you can get 25% off everything at Design Toscano. Yes, that's right, a full 25% off the regular price of everything from Egyptian decorations to Japanese Garden Statues. If you ever thought of eventually buying one of the beautiful decorative lamps, replica furniture, decor for the backyard, or even decor for Halloween, don't wait to make that order.

If you plan on buying anything from Design Toscano, don't hesitate to place your order for more than 12 hours or you are going to pay 25% more than the price you would pay today! That sizeable discount might also place a huge number of items into your price range. If those fantastic angel statues seemed to cost just a bit too much for your budget on any other day, they just might be affordable if you order them today, April 19th!

Make sure to browse through the online catalog and order all of your decorating needs for the rest of the year to get great savings on the unique, beautiful decor available from Design Toscano. Just don't wait until tomorrow because this 25% off everything sale ends today, April 19th!

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Part of a Painting’s Beauty is Found in the Frame

Paintings are a wonderful art format. They depict images, people, and scenes that can be thought-The Night Raven Sings Canvas Replica Paintingprovoking, provide glimpses into the past, and let us look into the mind of the artist. For these reasons, paintings are a type of decor that fits into any decorating theme. Highlight your Egyptian home decor with an Egyptian-themed painting. Decorate the walls with canvas painting replicas such as "The Night Raven Sings" or "The Beguiling of Merlin"  to accentuate the gargoyle figurines in your Gothic-themed home. Paintings can also be used round out rooms decorated with Asian-themed decor such as Japanese garden statues.

Frames for paintings are a work of art all on their own. The next time you go to an art museum, take a close look at the frames that surround the paintings on display. Most of the frames used to showcase older works of art are carefully carved antiques. Many are gilded with gold or silver paint and were made by masters of the frame-making craft. Such craftsmanship hasn't been lost and is in fact still used to make the frames that display paintings offered by Design Toscano.

Beautiful, quality frames are an essential part of any painting. Buy framed works of art from February 22nd to February 27th and get 25% off the regular price!

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Asian Garden Statues and Decor Fit for an Emperor

Emperor Xuanzong's Fat Horse Asian StatueThe emperors of ancient China and Japan filled their homes with amazing works of art. During the Ming and Qing dynasties, beautifully lacquered furniture decorated the hallways of the Imperial palace in Beijing. Vases, paintings, and Buddha outdoor statues were scattered throughout the massive residences of Chinese and Japanese rulers. While much of the art during ancient Asia was limited to a small number of rulers and the very rich, most modern day people can fill their homes with similar looking pieces and thus live like the emperors of old.

Show the Emperor Xuansong's Fat Horse statue in your home and you will be displaying a replica of one of the most highly esteemed works of art from ancient China. Place "your horse" where it can be seen by all and tell guests that the original statue was made for an important Chinese emperor.

In ancient China, there were no telephones, computers, or intercom systems. Other means of communications had to be employed to let people know when the emperor was going to speak or when it was time for dinner. The easiest way of getting other people's attention was with a large, bronze gong. Although you don't have to use it to announce meals or speeches just as the emperors did, you can own very similar decor in the form of  the Sheng Kwong gong.

Asian decor fit for an emperor, Japanese garden statues, and all Asian garden sculptures are 20% off until Sunday, February 5th!
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Japanese Garden Statues on Sale Until Sunday, February 5th!

Basho the Sumo Wrestler SculptureIt's not easy to landscape and upkeep a Japanese garden. Much of the greenery is neatly organized and clipped. Water and rocks must be carefully maintained and decor needs to be placed in just the right spots. Furthermore, no Japanese garden is complete without at least one appropriately themed statue and they look even better when you put in three or four Asian garden sculptures.

Although it makes a garden look incredibly serene, you don't need to put in an enlightened Buddha sculpture or other Buddha outdoor statues if you don't want to. Asian-themed outdoor sculptures come in a number of forms and sizes to fit every taste and every garden. For an Asian animal-themed backyard, put in a lovely Panda sculpture and a couple of tigers. These items make the garden look lively with their colors and realistic appearance. The Sumatran Tiger in particular will make your guests look twice at this majestic prowling statue.

Or, put Basho the Sumo wrestler into your backyard to give it a unique look! You can add to the fun, martial appearance of the backyard with a Ninja Gnome!

No matter how you choose to decorate your Japanese garden, when you buy Asian-themed decor at Design Toscano from now until Sunday, February 5th, you get 20% off the regular price!
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Add a Touch of Asia to Your Home and Save Money Doing It

Tian Shan, the Asian Panda SculptureAsian art is elegant, has an ancient appeal, and never fails to be a topic of conversation. Since so many Asian-themed statues look as if they could be displayed in an art museum, it's easy to assume that items like Asian garden sculptures, and Asian garden statues must also be terribly expensive. Fact is, there are plenty of beautiful, Asian-themed decorations and Japanese garden statues that are entirely affordable.

For example, Tian Shan, the Asian Panda sculpture can entertain guests to your garden for less than $100. It doesn't even cost $26 for a serene, lotus-sitting statue of the Goddess Guan Lin. These are just a few of the Asian outdoor statues that can be bought for low prices.

The interior of your home can also be decorated with an Asian artistic touch for less than you think. Guests to your home will wonder if you started collecting ancient Chinese art when they see the authentic looking Emperor Xuanzong' Fat Horse statue. Beautifully detailed and elegant Geisha statues will also be topics of conversation for anyone visiting your home.

The time for adding a touch of the Far East to your home has never been better than now. All Asian decor is 20% off its regular price from now until Sunday, February 5th!

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Why Garden Statues Make Great Holiday Gifts

Whether you are thinking of a gift for your favorite gardener, or are a gardener yourself and just want to treat yourself to something this holiday season, you may want to take advantage of our holiday garden statues sale.  This is the perfect time to get a little something extra for yourself or for someone else in a gift that you, or they, may not otherwise purchase.  With an abundance of styles to choose from in this affordable sale, your only limit is your imagination.

Pagoda Lantern SculpturesGarden statues are often considered an “extra” of sorts, a luxury item that many don’t purchase until their garden is complete and only if they have extra room in the budget.  Whether that is you or someone else, when they go on sale is the perfect time to purchase.  Japanese garden statues are a beautiful way to add an exotic element into any garden, and an affordable way to do so as well.  When you gift the gift of Japanese gardens, you do so with the intention to add peace and serenity to any home.

As well, animal statues such as a tortoise statue or outdoor elephant statues are unique outdoor items that aren’t often first on the gardener’s to do list.  There is no better time than right before the holidays to purchase the gift of outdoor decor for you or for someone else that would otherwise never buy these little statues of magic, hope, and serenity for the garden.

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