Why Garden Statues Make Great Holiday Gifts

Whether you are thinking of a gift for your favorite gardener, or are a gardener yourself and just want to treat yourself to something this holiday season, you may want to take advantage of our holiday garden statues sale.  This is the perfect time to get a little something extra for yourself or for someone else in a gift that you, or they, may not otherwise purchase.  With an abundance of styles to choose from in this affordable sale, your only limit is your imagination.

Pagoda Lantern SculpturesGarden statues are often considered an “extra” of sorts, a luxury item that many don’t purchase until their garden is complete and only if they have extra room in the budget.  Whether that is you or someone else, when they go on sale is the perfect time to purchase.  Japanese garden statues are a beautiful way to add an exotic element into any garden, and an affordable way to do so as well.  When you gift the gift of Japanese gardens, you do so with the intention to add peace and serenity to any home.

As well, animal statues such as a tortoise statue or outdoor elephant statues are unique outdoor items that aren’t often first on the gardener’s to do list.  There is no better time than right before the holidays to purchase the gift of outdoor decor for you or for someone else that would otherwise never buy these little statues of magic, hope, and serenity for the garden.

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What You Need to Create Japanese Landscape Design

Cascading Bamboo Sculptural FountainJapanese landscape design has become one of the most popular exterior design themes of contemporary day.  There is something about a Japanese garden that invites peace and tranquility in your outdoor space.  To create a Japanese landscape design, you will use the elements in nature you are provided with, and arrange them to reflect the peaceful reality you seek.  Whereas Western gardens use more flora and fauna to create this harmony, a Japanese garden will use them in more natural and subtle ways.

For example, a tortoise statue believe it or not is a Japanese symbol that can add an incredible omen to your outdoor space.  The tortoise is believed to be a symbol of immortality in the Eastern world, and when incorporated into a garden, provides support, good luck, and longevity to its owner.

Ponds and hills are also a common theme in Eastern gardens, as these represent tranquil elements of nature.  You can use an Asian inspired outdoor garden water fountain to accomplish this goal, or create a pond in your outdoor area if you have the space.  As well, religious outdoor statues are symbols of significance in Japan, and are used frequently for dwellers to invite blessings from the heavens into their indoor or outdoor space.  A religious statue outside near your entrance will beckon the gods of your choice to bless peace on your garden and home.

When it comes to Japanese landscape design, Japanese principles and your imagination are all you need to incorporate the peace of mind you seek into your garden. 
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Using Japanese Principles to Create a Garden Retreat

A design theme that is cropping up in many outdoor landscapes today is the design theme centered around Japanese principles.  How far you want to go with this theme will depend on your personal preferences.  Japanese principles in the outdoor space are becoming more common as they are well known to create stunning retreats that you can literally escape to.  You can incorporate Japanese principles into every element of your outdoor design, or you can do so through simple accents such as Japanese garden statues for the same effect.  Here are some tips on incorporating Japanese principles into your garden to accomplish that retreat like effect.

Cherubs at Play Sculptural FountainRunning water is a common Japanese principle seen in outdoor spaces.  Most commonly you will see this in outdoor garden water fountains in a Japanese designed garden.  Water is a symbol of life, and running water through a fountain or garden brook will bring tranquility to your space almost instantly.  Your fountain does not need to be Japan themed to incorporate this symbol of Japanese principles.

Religious outdoor statues are another way to incorporate Japanese elements into your outdoor design.  Religious statues carry symbolic significance and the simple addition of an outdoor Buddha to your outdoor space can instantly provide an effect of harmony and balance into your garden.

Japanese monks would use their gardens are religious retreats to meditate and seek wisdom. You can use your garden for the same effect to seek tranquility in your desired way using these Japanese principles.

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Poseidon, Buddha and a Tree of Life

Young Poseidon Sculptural FountainNow is the time to browse for outdoor statues and fountains as so many of them are on sale.  We have artistic sculpture of all types and one of our most popular collections is our Greek garden statues.  The many Greek gods, goddesses and heroes have been the favorite subjects for artists for many centuries and ours are no exception.  A marvelous outdoor fountain in this style is the Young Poseidon Sculptural Fountain and it is now on sale.  The young god rides a dolphin and is surrounded with water in this 54 ½” fountain.

Nothing adds serenity and peace to a meditation garden like a large Buddha statue and we have some in our collection that are beyond beautiful and unique.  One of these is The Tranquil Buddha Solid Bronze Garden Statue which is over a foot wide and a foot and a half tall.  Using the lost wax bronze method of casting, this loving depiction of Buddha is finished in different tones of verdigris patina.

For those of you who enjoy our Japanese garden statues and all other Asian or contemporary décor, we have some lovely wall sculptures that you will want to hang immediately.  One such sculpture is the Ancient Tree of Life Wall Sculpture.  This sculpture is over 3 ft. wide and is a bas relief created in designer resin.  The tree has something of the look of an ancient Bonsai and would blend wonderfully with many different types of décor.
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Buddha Fountain, Geisha Statue and Chinese Empress

Grand Buddha Meditation FountainThis is the time of year to look closely at our outdoor statues and fountains because many of them are now on sale.  If you love our large Buddha statue, you might be interested in the Grand Buddha Meditation Fountain which is now on sale at $100 off.  The fountain is over 3 ft. tall and has a peaceful image of Buddha on its wall with water flowing gently over it.  It is carved as a replication of an Asian temple in beautiful detail and the water fount has lighting.

For fans of our Japanese garden statues, we now have many beautiful Japanese sculptures for both indoors and outdoors many of which are on sale.  A particularly nice example is the Song of Geisha Sculpture now on sale at a great gift giving price.  The artist has constructed this small statue with a perfect eye to the fashion, instrument and hairstyling of the geisha in 17th century Japan.  The detailed resin sculpture has been given a superb ivory finish.

You may have friends that love all things Asian or you may even have this décor in your own home.  There is no better place to look for Asian décor than our fine Basil Street Gallery.  A beautiful item that would make a fine gift is the Chinese Empress on Dragon Throne Statue: Queen.  The beautiful empress is wearing a most colorful gown sculpted in great detail.  She is seated on a throne with two exquisite dragons in faux gold, making this 9 ½” statue a shining addition to any Asian décor.

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A Fire Dragon, Unicorns and a Black Cat

So many customers are so fond of our Japanese garden statues and all our other outdoor Asian sculptures that we have some wonderful indoor wall sculpture that we know you will like.  The Fire Dragon Wall Sculpture is a wonderful Asian piece and not bad for Halloween either.  This dragon appears to be coming directly through your wall and is one of our most detailed dragons with great scales, plumed head and long tongue.  Hand painted in wood tones with a touch of faux gold, he is a dramatic specimen.

Black Cat on a Witch's Broom StatueThe Basil Street Gallery is filled to the brim with items that will raise your home décor to museum quality.  When looking for something a little mythical, but also beautiful for this time of year, you need to see The Mythical Unicorns of the Glade Sculpture. This sculpture stands 11 ½” tall and is created with a faux bronze finish.  The artist has given these mythical beasts all the beauty of majestic horses with an exquisite horn on each of their heads.

Animals are something that we do better than anyone else in the statuary business and this is reflected in our realistic tiger sculpture.  For Halloween you need to find the perfect black cat for your decorations and the Black Cat on a Witch’s Broom Statue is just the best. The snarling cat is created in designer resin and hand painted completely black.  He is standing on a witch’s broom, guarding it for her return from maybe a little spell casting.

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Knights Guarding Books and a Small Bridge

Medieval Knight Iron BookendsNow, if you are looking for a gift for someone who is about all things medieval you will be able to find it at Design Toscano.  We have knight statues, gargoyles, greenmen and much, much more for the medievalist.  A practical gift that is well crafted as well is the Medieval Knight Iron Bookends.  These proud knights are created in foundry iron so can hold up any book and stand at 9”tall.  Of course, they are carrying swords and have their face shields down ready to battle anyone messing with your books.

Enthusiasts of Asian art, be it our exciting Japanese garden statues, our many pieces of Asian furniture or any of our beautiful Asians figures will be delighted to browse our collection of adorable porcelain statues crafted by artist Lin Wei Dung.  One piece that celebrates the parent/child relationship is her Mother and Child at Play Statue.  As we all know, young boys are a bundle of activity and this one is on the move while mom stands by with extreme patience enjoying and guiding him.  The colors of the hand painting are gorgeous.

This is the time when many of our sculptures for outside are on sale and perhaps the time to plan your outdoor space for next summer.  A great piece that is at an excellent price now is The Halfpence Cobblestone Bridge.  This bridge (for decoration, not walking) is 3 feet long and a detailed replica of those found in the Cotswold area of England.  If you have a halfpence throw it under this bridge and make a wish.

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Indoor Sumo Statue, Cherub and Angel

We have a very popular sumo wrestler in our collection of Japanese garden statues and now we want to let you know that you can bring the sumo magic inside with our Basho the Sumo Wrestler Sculpture Glass-Topped Table.  Like our outdoor statue of Basho, he is dressed in only his wrestling belt and has his hair tied back in traditional fashion, to create the legs of the table he is bent over in fighting stance.  On his back, there is a 3/8” glass top so that all of Basho’s wonder can be seen.

Angel from the Ashes Wall SculptureEvery garden can be enlivened with the addition of one of our garden cherub statues which are cute and angelic at the same time.  One favorite is the Cherub’s Bouquet Statue which stands over a foot tall.  The cherub with its detailed wings is cast in a white finish, but the flowers pop in a beautiful hand painted blue.  What a treat this is.

Our stone garden angel statues make majestic statements to the heavens as they stand and reach towards the sky.  However, we have some wonderful stone angels on wall plaques also such as the Angel from the Ashes Wall Sculpture.  The wall sculpture is a replica of a Victorian angel, done in fine detail with large wings and her hands together in prayer.  The piece would be excellent in a meditation garden.

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Beautiful Statues for Indoors and Outdoors

Design Toscano is the place for beautiful statues, many of bonded marble and also many fit Tattoo Temptation Wall Sculpture Collection: Asian Beauty & Floral Seductionfor a desk or study area.  You need to browse our marble busts for sale section to find excellent bargains on a wide selection of statues.  A statue that is at a good price is Themis, Blind Justice Bonded Marble Statue which would make an excellent for someone in the legal profession.  This statue of Themis holding the scales of justice stands 13” high is cast in bonded marble with faux gold highlights hand painted on her sword, scales, blindfold and belt.  It is a piece that would be a lovely addition to any room.

Many of our customers are very fond of our Japanese garden statues, but might not realize that we have a large collection of indoor Japanese and Asian décor as well.  A wall hanging that is sure to create a stir is the Tattoo Temptation Wall Sculpture Collection: Asian Beauty and Floral Seduction.   This works consists of two marvelous female nude wall hangings, one facing front and the other with her back to the room.  Both statues are exquisitely “tattooed” by the artist, one to represent Asian Beauty and the other Floral Seduction.  These pieces may be bought separately or as a set.

Anyone who is even remotely familiar with Design Toscano knows that we have a huge collection of statues for the outside, from our many animals to our spiritual religious pieces.  One large and lovely statue is the Glory Del Cielo Sculptural Angel.  Here is one of our most fabulous replicas; this one is of the statue in Cimitero di Ferrera, Italy.  As the name suggest, this four foot angel is celebrating the glory of heaven and she seems to be communicating directly with God.

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Beautiful Art Reproductions and Egyptian Sculpture


Pagoda in the Moonlight: Classic Art ReproductionAn exceptional piece in our Japanese garden statues collection is a lovely pagoda for outdoors.  Now we have an exciting art reproduction that will bring the peace and serenity of the pagoda into your home.  This is the Pagoda in the Moonlight: Classic Art Reproduction.  The original of this painting by Kawase Hasui now hangs in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, but we have created a beautiful reproduction of the painting which highlights a pagoda rising toward the stars surrounded by cherry blossoms.  We create the reproduction on artists’ grade paper, place it under Plexiglas and frame it in an outstanding hardwood frame.  You will also receive a plaque with the title of the piece and the name of the artist; this is all available at a great price.

As always you can’t go wrong browsing in our Basil Street Gallery especially considering the upcoming LABOR DAY SALE.  Here are museum quality pieces that you can afford and will be proud to display in your home.  A lovely piece is The Fire Dance Illuminated Sculpture which is an art deco sculpture of dancers surrounding an orb of light.   It is over a foot tall and is hand painted in faux bronze.

Design Toscano is certainly the place to go when looking for pieces of Egyptian art with which to decorate your home.  We have an excellent selection and also a big LABOR DAY SALE coming up on Sept. 1, so you can get the best price.  A nice item is the Egyptian Temple Sculptural Wall Pediment which is a large winged sculpture with the sun goddess in its center.  It is hand painted in Egyptian blue, a red sun and stunning faux gold.

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Coat of Arms, Egyptian Cobra and Japanese Décor

Coat of Arms Gothic Revival ArmoireOur greenmen (derived from the medieval figures on trees) are a diverse group; we have many interesting tree ents and at the same time beautifully carved furniture in the collection.  One such piece is the Coat of Arms Gothic Revival Armoire, an exquisitely carved copy of a French Gothic revival piece.  The armoire stands 64” high and has 3 shelves and 2 drawers in storage.  Where else can you get a lovely piece like this carved of mahogany and now part of our FURNITURE SALE.  The price will surprise you.

When looking over our many different collections of furniture, you should make sure to drop in to see our Egyptian tables and accessories.  Many of these are Design Toscano exclusives and will make a great addition to your décor.  A fascinating item is Renenutet the Cobra Goddess Altar Candlestick and Candle which stands almost a foot tall and done in wonderful hand painted colors and faux gold.  The cobras are amazing and will cause quite a stir.

For the many of you that have been charmed by our Japanese garden statues, please look at our fall collection which includes many Japanese artifacts for indoor décor.  A sculpture that is sure to become a favorite is the Courtesans Holding Fans Wall Sculptures.  These are bas relief sculptures done in the style of Japanese woodcut artists.  They are very detailed and hand painted in amazingly soothing colors.
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Asian Indoor Sculpture

Japanese Rickshaw for Hire StatueThe time is fast approaching to turn our thoughts away from our outdoor décor and look what we might want in our indoor living space.  Now that the DOG DAYS OF SUMMER SALE is upon us, starting August 16th to August 20th, let’s find some great indoor décor.  For those who love our Japanese garden statues, you might like the Japanese Rickshaw for Hire Statue.  This piece is a great little candle holder based in a lovely detailed rickshaw which is being pulled by a hand painted attendant in traditional dress. 

Our large Buddha statue is very popular with customers with large yards that still want a piece of serenity and meditation.  You can now get these same statues scaled down for your indoor meditation area.  We have the Jolly Hotei and Laughing Buddha Sanctuary Statue Set which brings two of our most popular outdoor Buddha Jolly Hotei and Laughing Buddha Sanctuary Statue Setstatues inside.  This is a set of the two happy Buddhas, with Jolly Hotei being 13” tall and the seated laughing Buddha being approximately 7” tall and just as detailed as the large ones in designer resin.  Get the set at our DOG DAYS OF SUMMER SALE August 16th through August 20th.

The place to look for museum quality indoor and outdoor décor is always our Basil Street Gallery.  If you are searching for a piece the works well in a room with an Asian theme, take a look at the Peking Opera Mask Wall Sculpture: Dian Wei.  The warrior, Dian Wei, is fiercely painted in this delightful mask and the detail in his headdress is incredible.  Now is the time to get this colorful Asian mask during the DOG DAYS OF SUMMER SALE August 16th through August 20th.

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Wonderful Buddha Statue and Medieval Fare

The Skull of Valhalla Viking Warrior Wall StatueMedieval times always have us thinking of knights, castles and damsels in distress, and  of course, there are gargoyles and dragons too.  Design Toscano knight statues and armor wall hangings are the best around.  An example is The Skull of Vahalla Viking Warrior Wall Statue which is 12” tall and the very essence of fierce and dominating.  He was once a Viking warrior and now he still fights on with his long beard and horned helmet.  He is a wonderful addition to any room.

For lovers of the Asian theme that we present in many of our outdoor sculpture such as our Japanese garden statues, now is the time consider bringing the theme inside.  There is no better way to do that than to acquire our  Sukhothai Buddha Wall Sculpture.  This detailed wall sculpture of the Sukhothai Buddha is 11” high and greatly detailed from the flame on his head to the peaceful and serene aspect of his face.  This might add some serenity to a yoga room.

Everyone has heard of Faberge eggs, but did you know that we have some (beautiful replicas) in our Basil Street Gallery?  These are called the Renaissance Faberge-style Enameled Eggs: Couleur Verte and Couleur Rose and if you never thought you’d own one, think again.  These beautiful eggs are done in fine detail  of high quality enamel and would make an excellent gift , either as a set or just one gorgeous egg.

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Unique Statuary

Nature's Nurturer: St. Francis SculptureDesign Toscano has garden statues for every taste and décor from our little gnomes to our Japanese garden statues.  We now have some wonderful statues on a contemporary theme done in solid bronze.  This is our Modern Man Solid Bronze Garden Statue: Urn on Shoulder piece.  This sculpture is done in a primitive style of solid bronze cast in the lost wax method.  He holds a flower pot in which you can place any plant that will enhance your garden.  This statue is over two feet tall and the flower pot can be ordered in different colors.

As always we implore you to shop through our marble busts for sale section to find many beautiful items for your home or garden at fantastic prices.  One such item is the lovely bust called The Cathedral Statue.  This is a replica gallery quality of the Rodin statue of two hands meeting in a union.  It is foundry iron casting with a solid black marble base.

In our collection of stone garden angel and religious figures are some of the most wonderful statues that create an atmosphere of love and serenity in your garden.  A fine example of this collection is Nature’s Nurturer: St. Francis Sculpture.  This incredibly detailed sculpture of St. Francis stands over 3 feet tall and depicts the animal lover surrounded with many animals of the forest while holding a basin of water.  This is a perfect addition to any outdoor space.

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A Life Sized Knight

Medieval Knight of the Round Table Life-Size StatueFrom gargoyles, dragons, Gothic creatures and knight statues, we have an extensive collection of items in the medieval theme.  We have small knights that can play chess and for something just a bit larger we have the Medieval Knight of the Round Table Life-size Statue.  That’s right this six foot knight might even be taller than you are.  Wearing 16th Century Italian armor and chain mail and of course, carrying a large sword, he will protect you against anyone in your castle.

The Asian collection at Design Toscano is comparable to none with beautiful Japanese garden statue and pagoda shaped sculpture to depictions of Asian gods.  A beautiful bust for a home with Asian décor is The Asian Goddess Yuan-Yin Sculptural Bust.  This peaceful and finely detailed sculpture depicts Yuan-Yin with a serene and tranquil facial expression and would be a great addition to a mediation area or perhaps a yoga room.

Our animal statues vary from the serene mother lion with her cub to the quirky and fun Meerkat statue that are always playing and goofing around.  If you think your yard is more fun than a barrel of monkeys you definitely need the Hanging Jungle Monkey Statue.  This monkey is 37” from his fingertips to his toes.  He is swaying on one arm and is so realistic you’ll want to hide your bananas.

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Cherubs and Other Beautiful Sculpture

Testing the Waters Cherub SculptureAll of these items are part of our wonderful sale.

Angels and fairies are always part of any beautiful garden and of course we have many wonderful garden cherub statues.  Testing the Waters Cherub Sculpture is a finely detailed sculpture of an adorable cherub with small wings in an exquisite sea shell.  This little cherub is wondering if he should just put his toe in the water but isn’t quite sure.  He’s adorable.

Many of our garden statues are careful sculptures of people that are look almost alive and have great character to their faces like some of our Japanese garden statues.  One statue that is done with a great deal of character is the Nature’s Wanderer Sculpture  who looks almost like a wizard with a smile on his face and his toes curled up.  He is wearing a green cloak that has a peak at the top and looks to be a wise old man of nature.  He would help your garden grow.

We have tables of many shapes and sizes in our Egyptian tables collection and now many of them are on sale.  One table that is an excellent size is our Luxor Sculptural Glass Topped Table which is a great coffee table.  The base of this table is the sarcophagus of King Tut, hand painted and very detailed.  This way you will have a mummy in your living room.

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Japanese Sculpture: Different Statues

Lady with Crane Porcelain SculptureDesign Toscano has many very different statues and décor in the Asian theme which is so popular now.  If you like our Japanese garden statues, you may be interested in some Asian porcelain figures that are unusual and now on sale.  A fine example of these lovely ladies done by artist Lin Wei Dung is the Lady with Crane Porcelain Sculpture.  This sculpture is of a Chinese lady by a pond with a lovely crane beside her.  The artist uses a soft color glaze and the detail in the porcelain is amazing.

We have many different sumo wrestlers from our magnificent outdoor statues to the crazy sumo gnomes.  However if you are looking for a totally different table, still in a Japanese theme, look no further than our Basil Street Gallery for Basho the Sumo Wrestler Sculpture Glass-Topped Table.  Here we have a lifelike sculpture of a sumo wrestler crouching down, with his hair tied back and his wrestling belt on.  He is 18” tall and on his back there is a 3/8” thick glass table top.  This piece will cause constant comment.

Basho the Sumo Wrestler Sculpture Glass-Topped TableFor something that matches all outdoor design themes, you need to browse our outdoor water garden fountains where we have everything from classic Greek fountains to fun fountains to contemporary design.  The Five Spilling Broken Urns Sculptural Cast Stone Fountain is so special that it is custom made for you when you order it.  The water flows from one cast stone urn to another in this distinctive fountain that will complement any outdoor space.

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Asian Sculptures and Fountain

Pagoda Lantern SculpturesYou’re not too late, the Fourth of July 20% off Sale continues through July 5, 2011!

You should take this opportunity to spark up the Asian creations in your yard.  We have many items in that décor including our Japanese garden statues.   Some of the most popular of our Asian décor statues are the Pagoda Lantern Sculpture:  Medium and Large.   These sculptures will bring the charm and serenity of the Orient to your garden.  They are pagoda shaped with windows on the top level, the large size being about one and a half feet tall and the medium is approximately 10”.  These lovely statues can be bought separately or in sets of the same or different sizes.

The Asian décor can become a meditative garden with the addition of a large Buddha statue of which we have several at Design Toscano.  A popular statue for the larger yard is The Great Buddha Garden Sanctuary Statue.  This is a statue of the peaceful and gentle Buddha set in a stone finished background.  The entire piece is almost two feet tall and depicts the calm Buddha looking out over the garden.

Plan to browse through our large selection of outdoor water garden fountains as this sale is a great time to get just the right fountain to match your décor.  If you are using the Asian theme, a beautiful fountain is the Cascading Bamboo Sculptural Fountain.  This fountain is four feet tall and features a UL pump to bring the water cascading gently throughout the sculpted bamboo stalks.

Fourth of July Sale
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Lucky Elephants, Balinese Figures and more in the 4th of July Sale

The Design Toscano Fourth of July Sale will continue from June 28th until July 5th featuring 20% off the entire site, so come in and pick up that extra piece that will make your decor come together.

Perhaps you may want to browse our outdoor elephant statues for the pachyderm that will find a perfect spot in your yard.  The Good Luck Trunk Up Baby Elephant Statue is always perfect in almost any spot. Even though this is a “baby” elephant, the sculpture still stands over five feet tall from toe to trunk tip.  This cute guy shows just a bit of tusk growing and has the sweet face of a young animal. 

Authentic Foundry Iron Balinese Yogi: Meditation Iron SculptureTo complete your Asian theme, we have Japanese garden statues, Buddha statues and many other Far Eastern pieces of décor.  Yoga is so popular now you might be interested in the Authentic Foundry Iron Balinese Yogi: Meditation Iron Sculpture.  This sculpture will fit in any Asian or Contemporary décor and while only 7 inches high, the sculpture is so detailed that you can check your own yoga stance against this figure. 

Knights of Blenheim Palace: Red KnightDuring this sale is a great time to pick any of our knight statues.  We have several standing knights and also a few riding on horseback.  The Knights of Blenheim Palace:  Red Knight Sculpture is part of this series and is over a foot tall, riding a horse whose armor is finished in reddish metallic tone.  The knight is in full armor, elaborately detailed with his sword drawn. 

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Japanese Cranes, Evil Skull and a Gothic Knight

Outdoor Garden Water FountainsWhen looking for an Asian décor scheme for your yard, the art of the many Asian countries can be mixed to create a wonderful look.  We have Japanese garden statues, Asian gods and many other items from the Far East.  A special look for an oriental theme might be the Large Bronze Crane: Set.  These large cranes are the Asian symbol of peace and can be bought as a set or separately.   The curved neck crane is a little over 3 feet tall and the straight neck crane is three and a half feet tall.  They are both piped to be fountains and are just lovely pieces for a peaceful garden.

For something entirely different, you need only look as far as the large selection of items in our Marble Busts for Sale section.   There are, of course, many classic pieces of sculptural busts for sale, but also some of the more crazy selections.  An example of this is the Evil Skull Jester Wall Sculpture.  This charming fellow is a skull, who is grinning away and dressed in a medieval jester outfit.  He’s fun, but not for everyone.

Many people love the medieval theme, but perhaps without the skull and our beautiful knight statues are just the right thing for this theme.  We have the traditional knights in the usual armor and then we have knights from certain castles and different periods of history.  A very nice piece is the Royal Gothic Knight of Castel Tures.  This is a Gothic Italian knight sculpted with exquisite detail including the rams head helmet and his hand painted tunic in three colors. 

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