Asian Art and Gargoyle Figurines

Japanese garden statues and other Asian pieces of art are a large part of the beautiful décor pieces that we have at Design Toscano.  The Asian theme has been very popular for many years because it is a wonderfully serene décor.  A lovely piece that we have is our large Forbidden City: Chinese Dragon Grand-Scale Urn Statue which is four and a half feet tall made to replicate the porcelain urns of Ancient China.  The urn is done in red, a “lucky” color, and there is a detailed golden dragon entwined around it.

Leap Froggin Playing Boys Garden StatueSo many of our garden statues are childlike and innocent, such as our garden fairy statues, our cherubs and of course our statues of children.   What else would children be doing in the yard other than playing and our artists have captured many of them doing just that.  One of the best of these is the Leapfroggin Playing Boys Garden Statue.  Here we have two young boys sculpted in lifelike detail as they play leapfrog in a sculpture taken from a 1915 classic and done in a bronze finish.  This is just plain fun.

Every yard and home needs a gargoyle somewhere in the décor and we have the gargoyle figurines for you to choose from.  There is nothing better than the Ball-and-Chain Gothic Dungeon Gargoyle Statue.  He sits chained to a castle turret and does not look happy and yet he’s charming.

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Asian and Knight Statues

The Asian theme is one of the most popular for serenity gardens and also for meditative indoor spaces.  Our Japanese garden statues and other Asian works of art abound with that flavor of the Orient that makes wonderful home décor.  One collection that is large are the Japanese geisha statues. One lovely set is the Japanese Faux Ivory Okimono Geisha Collection: Holding Mirror and Holding Fan.  These gracious geisha figures are done in a faux ivory finish with incredible detail in their gowns and their appropriate stances.  One is holding a lovely mirror and the other a folded fan.  They are sold separately or as a set.

Japanese Faux Ivory Okimono Geisha Collection: Holding Mirror & Holding FanMedieval times have become a décor favorite for many people, some from seeing movies about the times and others from reading books such as the stories of King Arthur and his knights.  If you have some medieval tales that you would like to show off we have the knight statues that will do the trick. These are the Arthurian Knight Bookends which have a knight on each bookend sculpted in a different stance.  One is on the lookout for trouble dressed in his armor and the other is all ready to fight with his shield in front of him.  These are classics.

We also have very contemporary sculpture for those who would like that in their décor.   In our always striking Basil Street Gallery there is the wonderful Swept Away Sculpture depicting  two young lovers in a resin glass-like sculpture that will charm everyone.

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Fairy and Children Statues

Silk Road Asian Ox Cart Metal StatueDesign Toscano has many themes for gardens from Victorian to meditation, one of our most popular are the Asian themes such as our Japanese garden statues.  A fine example of a piece that can be placed anywhere in an Asian themed garden is the Silk Road Asian Ox Cart Metal Statue.  This is a two foot long sculpture that is a replica of the carts used to carry goods for royalty in the Tang Dynasty.

We have some wonderful garden fairy statues if you are looking for a theme of sprites and spirits in your yard.  One of artists has done a fantastic series and one of the statues is Fairies of Stratford: Blowing a Kiss Sculpture.  This beautiful statue is a foot and a half tall and is hand painted by the artist, Myers Hartley.  She is blowing a kiss to your whole garden and maybe some fairy dust too.  This is of course a Design Toscano exclusive.

Ring Around the Rosie Dancing Little Girls StatueJust like our well detailed garden statues gnomes, we have some fabulous statues of children at play and gardening and just having fun.  One of these is Ring Around the Rosie Dancing Little Girls Statue.  These well sculpted little girls are holding hands as we all remember doing in childhood and dancing “ring around the rosie”.

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Asian Statues

The Laughing Maitreya Buddha StatueWe have many items that would help you complete an Asian theme in your outdoor garden.  There are many statues of Buddha, Thai gods, Chinese gods and others that set a theme of serenity and peace.  A large Buddha statue that might bring peace and joy in your garden is The Laughing Maitreya Buddha Statue.  This is a wonderful depiction of the joyful Maitreya Buddha sculpted with great detail from designer resin and he is a Design Toscano exclusive.

Among our Asian and Japanese garden statues we have the serene, prayerful and joyful parts of the Asian theme.  Now that Kung Fu Panda is all over the movie screens again, it might be time for you to add a cute panda to your garden.  We have Tian Shan, the Asian Panda Sculpture to fill this role for you.  This Design Toscano original sculpture of a baby panda is over a foot and a half tall and is clinging to his large stalk of bamboo for joy.  This sculpture is hand painted designer resin.

Ella, the Littlest Flower Fairy StatueWhile not necessarily Asian, a garden fairy statue can fit in with every theme, especially in a colorful flower garden.  One that is especially adorable is Ella, the Littlest Flower Fairy Statue.  Yet another Design Toscano exclusive, Ella is hand painted in lovely Victorian colors and stands 17” high and will love all your flowers.

You can pick up these Design Toscano Exclusives and many other wonderful things at our FATHER’S DAY SALE which runs from June 7th through June 9th.  Start making a list.

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Japanese Sculpture and Other Interesting Things

We have so much for the person who wants to bring an Asian theme to their yard that it will be hard to choose just one statue.  In the Japanese garden statues, there is the wonderfully tall Serene Asian Man Solid Bronze Garden Statue.  This detailed figure of an Asian man is over 3 feet tall and is depicted carrying two potted plants on chains hanging from a bar over his shoulders.  This bronze piece would be the centerpiece for any Asian themed garden and will bring a sense of purpose and serenity to your garden.

A Knight to Remember Gothic Bath Tissue HolderMany of our Design Toscano exclusive sculptures are created as something out of the ordinary.  That is especially true of A Knight to Remember Gothic Bath Tissue Holder.  This sculpture has a job to do and as a true knight he does it with dignity and style.  He is wall mounted and cast in resin with hand painted details that will make you think he is right there with you.

Oftentimes, our Gothic tables collection has some freaky and even scary things, but at other times there are just some items of different, but lovely décor.  Such is the case with the Medieval Strong Box Ottoman now on sale.  This strong box is actually a convenient storage space and is covered with soft tufted upholstery.  There is exquisite detail in the wood carving and it is just a superior piece.

Want 20% off? You can get 20% off everything we sell until 5/31/11 during our Memorial Day Sale - Please use priority code  MEMDAY11 at checkout!

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Beautiful Ladies

Sculptors often show the best of their skills when the subject is a beautiful woman.  Many gorgeous women and goddesses have become famous statues over the centuries.  In our Greek garden statues collection we have the exquisite Venus De Milo Statue: Grand.  What other woman could look so stunning without arms.  She is over four feet tall and displayed on a marble stand to lend grandeur and beauty to your yard.

Flower Maiden of Bali SculptureFor the garden with an Asian theme, we have our Japanese garden statues collection which features many beautiful women of the Far East.  One such lovely girl is the Flower Maiden of Bali Sculpture.  She is presenting lotus flowers to any and all and is about three feet tall.  She is well crafted in resin with exquisite detail.  Our Maiden of Bali is another Design Toscano exclusive.

We stock many different and somewhat bizarre statues like our Big Foot garden statue and we have some unusual, but beautiful ladies in this area also.  Our Enchanted Garden Fairies: Colleen and Marilee are gorgeous yes, but just also little bit more bizarre than our classical female sculptures.  These ladies are calm and serene with large fairy wings and look excellent amidst all the flowers in your garden.
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Gods and Sentries

In these days of worrying about security and safety, Design Toscano even has décor that will protect your home.  For the wall in your garden you could possibly place our Greek God of the Sea: Poseidon Wall Sculpture near your garden entry.  This great god is depicted with excellent ant Foo Dog of the Forbidden City Sculpturedetail with his hair swirling in the sea and his fearsome facial features would make anyone beware of the god in your yard.

There are many Asian gods of protection and some within our Japanese garden statues.  All the Asian cultures look to animal gods often and the famous Chinese foo dogs are certainly some of the fiercest of these.  Our Giant Foo Dog of the Forbidden City Sculpture is another Design Toscano exclusive.  This sculpture is set on a plinth and is ferocious of face with an orb on his collar guaranteed to keep out all unwanted guests. 

All throughout history gargoyles have been placed on castle walls and gates to keep away those who do not belong.  These creatures have frightful faces and expressions, great wings and sharp claws.  The Design Toscano sentry is Trystan, Gargoyle Sentry of the Night Sculpture.  This creature of our gargoyle figurine collection has wide wings and a fearsome look.  He is crouched on a stone column ready to fly at all that is more evil than he is.
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Have a Joyful Garden

Japanese Floating Koi Sculpture CollectionIf you have ever wanted the joy of having koi  fish in your pond or pool, but perhaps do not live in an area where they would survive the winter or just don't want the upkeep problems, Design Toscano has a wonderful solution for you.  Among our Japanese garden statutes we have the adorable Japanese Floating Koi Sculpture Collection.  These hand painted fish sculpted in fine detail actually do float in your pond, pool or even a hot tub and you don't have to feed them. 

The Bodh Gaya Buddha Asian StatueWe are now having a BIG SALE on garden items until May 10, 2011 and of course this includes our wonderful garden statues gnomes.  One these will make your garden a joyful place such as our Blackforest Welcoming Gnome Statue.  This gnome with his long beard and hat is just leaning on a WELCOME sign and inviting everyone to enter your garden and have a good time.

A peaceful garden is often also a joyful garden and Buddha outdoor statues that signify peace will bring serenity to your space.  The Bodh Gaya Buddha Asian Statue is another Design Toscano exclusive as can be told by his exquisitely detailed features and nice coloring.  He is serene and wise .
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Beautiful Asian

Shou Xin Gong: Chinese God of Longevity StatueMany people like to use themes in the outdoor gardens or patios and even on porches.  There are all types of themes of course, from Greek to animal to quirky.  If you are interested in creating an Asian theme in your garden here are some suggestions from Design Toscano.  We have wonderful Buddha outdoor statues that range from the serene to the joyful and we also have a very serene and well sculpted Chinese statue.  This is Shou Xin Gong: God of Longevity Statue.  Shou Xin Gong is a statue of an old Asian man with a long beard (showing his longevity) carrying the "peach of immortality" and the "staff of longevity". 

To perk up your Asian theme and add some joy, you should look at our Japanese garden statues.  One of the more interesting of these is our Dancing Asian Fish Spitting Garden Statue Collection.  These fish come in four different sizes and are depicted standing on their tails dancing with their mouths wide open.  They are piped if at any time you would want to use them as a small fountain spitting water.

We have many extraordinary statues like our big foot garden statue which is quite amazing.  In the Asian theme a similarly large and spectacular statue is our Asian Dragon with Power Orb Solid Bronze Garden Sculpture.  He spouts water, so no fear of fire from him, and he is holding an orb in one of his claws.  He is large and beautiful.
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A Potpourri of Sculpture

With Mother's Day coming up in the beginning of May, it is time to think of the perfect gift.  If mom likes to decorate her garden, we have many garden cherub statues that she might find adorable and that may reminder of her kids.  As we look with anticipation towards Meditating Shy Yogi of Bali Sculpturesummer, the Summertime Reflections Cherub Garden Statue should be just the thing she would love.  The wonderful little cherub lying down just gazing at flowers in a pool of water is serene and playful at the same time.

For mom or anyone looking for serenity in their garden or yard, they should look at our Buddha outdoor statues.  Sometimes Buddha is shown as joyful and almost playful, however, his figure is most often connected with tranquility like the Great Buddha Garden Sanctuary Sculpture with the Buddha statue in a contemplative state sculpted in a prayerful pose.

In keeping with the theme of serenity many of our Asian and Japanese garden statues are perfect for a serene garden or yard space.  Maybe not the Sumo Wrestler, but the Meditating Shy Yogi of Bali Sculpture is a figure which is totally bent over in meditation and prayer with his hands covering his face, giving a sense of serenity to the area around him.



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Create a Different World

Outdoor décor can create a certain thematic charm for your patio, yard or outdoor space.  Many people like our Japanese garden statues when setting an Asian theme to their space with our big Sumo wrestler.  There is nothing cuter yet more Asian than the panda and like all of our animal statues this guy is lifelike in every way.  It's Tian Shan, the Asian Panda Sculpture, sitting on a rock enjoying a nice snack of bamboo.

Fiona, the Flower Fairy SculptureNo matter what the theme of your outdoor décor is, we have outdoor garden water fountains that will fit right in.  If your décor scheme is less classical and more fun our wonderful Quenching a Big Thirst Sculptural Fountain would be just the perfect item.  Here is a very large, but charming Saint Bernard standing up and taking a drink from a bubbling fountain. 

For many the mystical theme is one that they would like to portray in their décor and there is no better way than with a garden fairy statue.  Design Toscano has several outdoor fairy statues and it may be tough to choose which of these lovely fairies will fit your space.  If you have a flower garden, you could do no better than include our Fiona, the Flower Fairy Sculpture who will watch over  your flowers and guide them to beauty with her fragile butterfly wings.

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The Best in Outdoor Décor

Siamese Fighting Fish Asian Bronze Garden StatueDesign Toscano has the best in outdoor décor.  Not only are the pieces sculpted well by excellent artists, they maintain a wide selection to offer the shopper plenty of options for their outdoor space.  In the area of Japanese garden statues of course there is our large sumo wrestler.  We have many Asian themed statues and one of the most interesting is the Siamese Fighting Fish Asian Bronze Garden Statue.  This fighting fish, sculpted in great detail in bronze, is a wonderful garden piece even if you don't have a pond.

For more excellent outdoor décor, please look at our marble busts for sale.  These articles can be used indoors also and sometimes the patio in between is just the place for a lovely statue.  One of the nicest ones is The Pieta Bonded Marble Statue now on sale is at a wonderful price.  This sorrowful, yet beautiful statue can lend peace to any area of your home.

We can't talk enough about our outdoor garden water fountains because there are such a variety of them.  Many people picture outdoor fountains being done in marble or stone, but Design Toscano has a nice collection of bronze outdoor fountains also.  A nice addition to the pond or pool area are The Duck Pond Family Spitting Duck Bronze Statues which depicts two cute ducks with water flowing from their beaks.

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An Asian View to Décor

Basho the Sumo Wrestler SculptureOne of the most popular looks in both indoor and outdoor is the Asian look.  This look can be a tall regal statue or for even more fun in our Japanese garden statues we have Rasu the Sumo Wrestler Sculpture.  Rasu is crouched as though ready for a fight to begin and looks somewhat intimidating, yet more as a guard to your yard.  Rasu comes in two sizes, large and medium, for differing uses outdoors.

Buddha outdoor statues add an oriental look to any yard and also create something of a peaceful, calming effect.  People generally associated the Buddha form with a round kind of happy guy sitting crosslegged, however there many different depictions of the Buddha.  The Bodha Gaya Buddha Statue is a 3 ½ ft. sculpture of the Buddha standing with a gong gently and tranquilly.  A fun Buddha sculpture is the Jolly Hotei Buddha Statue who just makes all who seem him want to smile and be happy.

Takamatsu Geisha CollectionIn our Basil Street Gallery we have some beautiful sculptures to add to your indoor Asian décor.  The graceful Takamatsu Geisha Collection with two wonderfully dressed Geisha, one playing an instrument and the other dancing with extreme grace.  For a less subtle touch to you décor, you might interested in the Ancient Dragon Foundry Iron Candelabrum.  This marvelous sculpture of a fierce strong dragon holds 3 votive candles on its back with pride.
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Introducing Our New Basil Street Gallery Collection

Shop Design Toscano's brand new and exclusive Basil Street Gallery collection online today!  At Basil Street Gallery, you will discover fine French and Medieval home decor, and more, to enhance the beauty of any room. To customers eager to surround themselves with unique and extraordinary objets d'art, we offer exclusive sculptures, wall art, classical statues, framed art, exotic figurines and accent furniture. Browse Basil Street Gallery's extensive collection of decor items.
Japanese Rickshaw for Hire Statue
The Japanese Rickshaw for Hire Statue appeared in the latest issue of Basil Street! Add the understated elegance of Asia to your home or gallery with this dcor piece celebrating the Japanese jinrikisha or human-powered vehicle. Though beautiful as art alone, these cast designer resin works proudly pair to flank a mantle or to transport your pillar candles or potted arrangements. An understated, antiqued finish elevates this work to a collectible category all its own.

Also featured in the latest issue of Basil Street was The Fallen Angel Bonded Marble Statue, originally by Ricardo Bellver (1845-1924), Parque del Buen Retiro, Madrid. Similar to our marble busts for sale, this glamorous piece will add a wonderful elegance to your home.
Admirers of both classic art and literature will welcome this high-profile piece created for the 1877 Universal Exposition in Paris and inspired by a passage from John Milton's Paradise Lost. Our scaled version is bonded natural marble, designed to capture the same awe-struck expression and feathered wings worn by the original, now immortalized in Madrid's beautiful Rosaleda Rose Garden.
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Oriental Statues for Your Garden

Add riental statues and Asian Accents to your peaceful places. Create an inviting, tranquil Eastern oasis in your home or garden with Oriental outdoor statuary, and exotic Japanese garden statues. Whether it's your entire yard or just a small Oriental meditation garden, the treasures you'll find in our Asian Art collection have the power to transform most any space into a Far East sanctuary!
Japanese Floating Koi Sculpture Collection
Some creative Japanese garden statues include the Japanese Floating Koi Sculpture Collection!
Float several of this beautiful sculpture in your pool, pond or spa for a maintenance free school of fish! Our floating koi, true to its Japanese name meaning ”brocaded fish,“ is rendered here as a hand painted designer resin work of art equally at home in your water feature or as an accent tabletop.

Some more oriental-inspired statues include Buddha outdoor statues, like The Bodh Gaya Buddha Sculpture. Invite the inspirational tranquility of our Buddha into your garden!
Floating on a stylized lotus, this 2½-foot-tall Buddha sculpture arrives like a refreshing breeze with his calm countenance and endless serenity. Enjoy the muted shades of green, lavender, faux bronze and stone on an entryway table or in an outdoor meditation garden with this timeless sculpture imported from Southeast Asia. Cast in quality designer resin and intricately hand-painted, this is another fine Toscano exclusive.
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Let The Ooohs and Aaahs Begin With Our Extraordinary Gifts!

Design Toscano has an extensive collection of exclusive gifts for you to give to your friends, family members and other loved ones! The holiday season is just around the corner. Are you prepared to give all the gifts you need to give?

If not, browse through Design Toscano's variety of Extraordinary Gifts, which include everything from gothic décor gargoyle gifts to animal yard statues to Japanese garden statues!

Currently, one of our bestselling items in the gift collection is the Fairy of the West Wind Sitting Sculpture by Toscano's artist Cecilia. Delight the senses with our romantic garden fairy statue who charms with her joyful flute and graceful pixie wings! She's ready to celebrate in home or garden oasis while perching atop window ledge, garden wall or library shelf. The artist has delicately sculpted our Toscano exclusive, and then cast it in quality designer resin with a lovely two-tone finish.
Another of our bestselling pieces is the Tropical Scarlet Macaws Wall Sculpture.  Margarita and Miguel usher in a taste of the tropics with sun-drenched hues that instantly conjure island holidays! Amazingly sculpted from plumage to talons, our unique, three-dimensional work of decorative art releases a full 5-inches from your wall. The artist cast our Toscano exclusive in quality designer resin and hand-painted it one piece at a time for a splash of year-round color and fun in home or garden!
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Add Fine Porcelain Chinese Maiden Statues To Your Home!

If you explore the latest collection in the Basil Street Gallery Decor, you will find some beautiful and meticulously-crafted pieces.  Some remarkable works that came into Design Toscano's possession are beautiful, exclusive Japanese Garden Statues made from porcelain. 

The Blossom Princess Porcelain Statue is a beautiful and unique piece to add to your home decor! Surpassing even the most detailed Asian collectibles, this fine porcelain sculpture by the amazingly talented artist Lin Wei Dung is a marvel! Its soft hues and tinted glazes highlight a meticulously hand-cast and hand-painted sculpture that delights the eye at each new discovery. From the tiny bird perched amidst tree blossoms to the bangle bracelet on her tiny wrist, this enviable work is truly gallery-quality art.

The Lady on Ming Qing Settee Porcelain Statue is another exclusive piece that looks good in every home! From her individually hand-painted nails and flower-laden braids to the traditional courting settee upon which she is perched, this Asian beauty is awash in the soft-hued glazes that have made Chinese artist Lin Wei Dung's work so collectible in his native country. Bring the delicate splendor of Asia into your home with this intricately sculpted porcelain work of art.
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Browse Through Basil Street Gallery's Asian Garden Statues!

At Basil Street Gallery, you will discover fine home decor to enhance the beauty of any room or garden. To customers eager to surround themselves with unique and extraordinary objets d'art, we offer exclusive sculptures, wall art, classical statues, framed art, exotic figurines and accent furniture. Browse Basil Street Gallery's extensive collection of decor items today!

Basil Street Gallery also has an extensive collection of Asian Garden Statues for your home and garden! The Jolly Hotel and Laughing Buddha Sanctuary Statue Set were featured in the latest issue of Basil Street Gallery. These traditional Asian spiritual images will bring wealth and prosperity and welcome love and laughter to your life. Our gallery-quality resin garden statues are cast in quality designer resin with a verdigris finish well-suited to any home or garden meditation space.

Our Japanese Faux Ivory Okimono Geisha Collection: Holding Mirror & Holding Fan Asian garden statues are beautiful pieces of art, meticulously crafted, that are featured in the latest issue of Basil Street Gallery

Welcome artistic tranquility to your home or gallery with these Japanese Okimono style carvings that boast timelessly elegant feminine line and form. With lavish, flowing kimono, these Geisha figurines are Asian beauties cast in quality designer resin with an enviable faux ivory finish that focuses attention on each exquisite detail, from their traditional obi to their folded fans.
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Add An Oriental Touch To Your Garden!

Design Toscano provides you with exclusive oriental statues and Asian Accents for your peaceful places. Create an inviting, tranquil Eastern oasis in your home or garden with Oriental outdoor statues, soothing Asian garden statues and exotic Japanese and Chinese sculptures for outside.

Whether it's your entire garden or just a small touch of Asian taste, the treasures you'll find in our Asian Art collection have the power to transform most any space into a Far East sanctuary with artwork that includes Eastern pagoda sculptures, Asian Foo Dog statues and Oriental Buddha outdoor statues.

Our Pagoda Lantern scaled sculptures exude the serenity and Oriental style that your garden needs! Imagine the classic lines of these Asian influenced sculptures set amidst your flowerbed or near your pool or pond. Since Marco Polo’s time, the tranquil energy and graceful shape of the Asian pagoda has been transported to European gardens. Our resin garden statues will lend their serenity and style to your outdoor spaces in two sizes. 
Tian Shan, the Panda Sculpture is an adorable animal yard statue addition to any garden! This actual-size Asian baby panda is almost as cute and cuddly as the real-life counterparts. Tian Shan munches his own bamboo instead of your greenery, though he's just as happy in the garden that could use a little oriental flair.

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Add a Touch of the Far East to Your Garden Today!

Add a Pacific Asian feel to your outdoor garden today with Design Toscano's exclusive Japanese garden statues! 

One of our most popular Japanese pieces is an outdoor garden sculpture of a rikishi, or a sumo wrestler! Basho the Sumo Wrestler Sculpture is both a silly and a serious piece.  In a ritual from the Land of the Rising Sun, Basho crouches in his mawashi, or his Sumo belt, in an intricate sculpt with a wide stance.  

Sumo wrestling originated in Japan more than 2000 years ago, and has continued on to this day as one of the country's most popular traditions.

This quality designer resin heavyweight practitioner of one of the world's oldest martial arts is cast exclusively for Toscano for display on your estate. He is sure to become the heavyweight champion in your garden!

Looking for more garden statuary from the far east? Try some of our exclusive religious outdoor statues!  Buddhism has been most prevalent in the Far East for the past few centuries, and it continues to remain so.  More than half of the population in the Far East practices Buddhism today! To honor the Buddha in your garden, add eastern religious pieces like The Bodh Gaya Buddha Sculpture, or the Giant Buddha Monument-Sized Garden Sculpture

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