Last Day to Save on Gorgeous Gothic Tables

York Monastery Solid Hardwood Gothic BenchGothic decorations aren't just limited to incredible wall art, intimidating gargoyle figurines, and dragon statues. Sure, those are Gothic mainstays but no Gothic-themed home is complete without some Gothic furniture. During the days of kings, queens, knights, and castles, royalty used some pretty fine looking furniture. Unlike the simple wooden benches used by their subjects, the nobility had some of the most ornate and beautifully carved seats, tables, and beds in Europe. Many of those original pieces are valuable antiques that are put on display in art museums and restored castles.

While Gothic furniture from medieval times is just meant to be admired from afar, authentic replicas of antique furniture from Design Toscano make for fantastic Medieval home decor. Use the York Monastery Solid Hardwood Gothic Bench as prized home decor and a seat while reading a copy of the "Canterbury Tales".

Keep your prized books and other possessions in the Coat of Arms Gothic Revival Armoire while decorating your home with a stunning realistic replica of antique furniture from the French gothic revival period. Add to the French gothic revival look with the beautiful Octagonal Side Table.

Get 15% off already reduced Gothic items when buying them by the end of today, June 15th.

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The Most Gothic of Heraldic Gothic Décor

Count Dracula's Coat of Arms Wall PlaqueThe Gothic theme has been around for a long time. It gets soundly beat by the Egyptian decorating
theme in terms of being ancient but since a lot of the Gothic-related decor is inspired by objets
d'art from 1,000 year old castles, that's still pretty old in anyone's book. Back in those feudal
times, a lot of the decor was placed on the stone walls of royal abodes. Some was artwork, much of
the decorations had religious themes, and many pieces demonstrated the importance of the occupant's
ancestry. For example, dramatic heraldic wall art that showed the family coat of arms was a common
sight in the castles and keeps of medieval knights. They had every reason to be proud of and
demonstrate their heritage in an era when bloodline was correlated with power.

Nowadays, a person's ancestry plays far less of a role in life than during the days of jousts and longbow competitions. Nevertheless, heraldic objets d'art still look impressive on any wall whether they come from your family or not. Although people who adore sunlight might not want to be associated
with Dracula, the nightwalkers among us would be proud to put an authentic replica of Count
Dracula's coat of arms
on one of their walls. Put it right next to your favorite gargoyle statue and watch the expressions on the faces of guests as you tell them whose coat of arm is depicted in this simple,
yet bold and powerful wall art.

Get 15% off already reduced Gothic tables and other Gothic items from Design Toscano until Friday, June 15th.

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Indoor Sculptures for Spring

Les Filles Joyeuses Neoclassical Pedestal UrnSpring is noted for being that time of year when a collective sigh of relief is let out as winter loses its grasp upon the landscape. No more shoveling of snow, no more chipping ice off the car, and no more wearing of bulky winter coats. It's easier to spend more time outside and this translates to more time for the garden. Although this makes Spring the perfect time of year to buy new garden statuary, it doesn't mean that decor should be limited to the backyard.

Spring also represents an opportunity to change up decor inside the home. Start another season of warmth with new Egyptian decorations or refreshing works of art like the Embrace Sculpture. This artistic, endearing scene will touch the hearts of all who see it.

This is also the season for adding new plants to the inside of a home. The beauty of greenery is intensified when plants are placed in sculptured urns. The neoclassical "Filles Joyeuses" pedestal urn is one such functional sculpture. The two young maidens holding an urn with elegant, outstretched arms add magnificence to every plant. This and other urns can also be used in the garden but they look even better when displayed inside the home.

Get 20% off these sculptures, garden fairies, knight statues, and everything else at Design Toscano until Friday, March 30th!



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An Animal Yard Statue for the Home and Garden

Some sculptures clearly do better in the garden while others are works of art no one would dream of Lion Head Gazing Globe Garden Pillar Statueputting outside. Both types of statues have their place and purpose and when used the right way, can accentuate any home. For example, the Lion Head Gazing Globe Pillar adds a classic touch of fantasy to every backyard but looks seriously out of place in the dining room. Likewise, a beautiful replica of knight's armor makes for a much better fit in a library or hallway.

However, there are some statues that look right at home in the garden and inside the house. The Peacock's Sanctuary Sculpture is one such objet d'art. Perched atop a white plinth with greenery coming out of it, a male Peafowl shows his iridescent plumage with a regal aloof attitude. The king of his domain, his long, spectacled train reaches the floor and shines in green, purple, and gold. The quality of this statue is such that you could display it inside the home or out it outside to vie with the live Peacocks in your garden. Guests won't help but be drawn to the intricate, realistic nature of this sculpture.

Find outdoor animal statues, Asian garden sculptures, and  other garden statuary at Design Toscano.

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The Perfect Wall Art for Your Reading Room

Some rooms are made or used for a certain purpose, the kitchen being the perfect example. The kitchen A Young Girl Reading, 1770-72 Canvas Replica Paintingis used for such specific reasons that we hardly even call it a "room". It's the place for preparing meals, having a snack, and keeping food. Likewise, people sleep in a bedroom and eat dinner in a dining room. Although it depends on the size of the home, some houses also feature a reading room. This might share space with a personal library or a home office and is a place where you can focus on a good book without distractions like television and computers. Like a library, this literary space has to be quiet and peaceful. Certain types of decor can be used to provide the right atmosphere for reading and can include gargoyle figurines and Egyptian art.

There are also framed works of art that fit right into the studied atmosphere of a reading room. The most appropriate might be the replica of "A Young Girl Reading". Looking absolutely comfortable as she sits against an ample pillow while concentrating on a book, the girl in the painting will encourage you to let go of your worries and become lost in one of your favorite novels.

While looking for knight statues and sculptures for outside, don't forget to buy paintings for the interior of your home. Buy framed art from February 22nd until February 27th and get 25% off the regular price!

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Change the Look of a Room With an Indoor Statue

While you may be happy with the furniture you already have on hand, one way to change the The Veiled Maiden Sculptural Bustlook of a room is with an indoor statue.  An indoor statue doesn’t need to be as bulky as it may sound to you.  Browse our huge selection of indoor statues and you will likely find at least one, if not two that inspire you to change the look of an entire room with just one piece.  We have some in every size to fit every budget as well.  Here are some ideas.

Knight statues to some may sound like something gothic and dark, but you can add a knight to any room and change the tone instantly.  Life sized or table sized, something as simple as a Gallant Knight on Horse Statue will make  bold statement in any room.

A garden angel statue is another way to make a room go from traditional to serene.  Most of our garden sculptures can be used either indoor or out, and are beautiful ways to showcase your more spiritual side.  St. Michael the Archangel Statue will fit perfectly in any space, and create just the tranquility you are looking for. 

This breathtaking Veiled Maiden Sculptural Bust is one of our marble busts for sale that is not an overly religious symbol, but still offers a serene appeal in a very affordable way.

This is just a start to getting your imagination in gear for changing the look of your favorite room.  Stay tuned for more ideas on how to decorate with indoor statues!

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Valentine’s Gifts Under $50!

While many balk over this romantic day, others say you should remember your Valentine every Remembrance and Redemption Angel Sculptureday of the year.  We agree!  While our 3 DAY VALENTINE’S SALE is going strong, you can browse our entire Valentine’s Collection and get an additional 20% off!  Here are some other ideas for Valentine’s Gifts that come in at less than $50!

A garden angel statue is a beautiful way to tell the angel in your life how much they mean to you. This stunning Remembrance and Redemption Angel Sculpture is an exquisite way to let someone know just how heavenly sent they are in your life.

For the knight in your life, you may want to consider something like knight statues that make a bold and romantic statement as well.  These romantic Arthurian Knight Bookends come straight out of Arthurian legends and are a dramatic but subtle way to tell him how much he is cherished.

Garden fairies as well are stunning ways to capture romance in a simple token.  Whether you are looking for one for someone’s garden or for their nightstand, we have a gorgeous collection.  This darling Fairy Princess Magical Unicorn Ride Statue will enchant and romance any recipient of your choice.

These are just a few ideas to get you started when thinking of your special Valentine.  If you need more ideas, browse our entire Valentine’s Collection, which is NOW ON SALE for just two more days!  20% off our entire Valentine’s Collection expires Saturday January 21st! Hurry!

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Medieval and Gothic Now Reduced!

It is so tempting to want to make a few extra purchases for yourself during the holiday season, however sometimes it’s always best to wait until after the holidays when prices go down.  If you have been thinking of adding some gothic decor to your indoor space this year, Knights of the Digital Realm Sculptural Bookendsnow is the perfect time to do so as Design Toscano has just reduced a huge selection of medieval and gothic items.  Whether you want something to embody your favorite knight, or simply need the guardian watch of a gargoyle in your home, we have the perfect piece just for you in any budget.

For anyone that has been itching for the right price on knight statues, we now have a knight statue in our King’s Guard Sculptural Replica.  This is one of our most popular items and best sellers, and has now been reduced to less than $200.  You can’t get a more perfect price than that!

Medieval home decor comes in all shapes and sizes and there are themes within the themes themselves.  You can add dragons, gargoyles, and knights oh my to any room in your home and keep the medieval theme going.  A simple accent piece like our Knights of the Digital Realm Bookends shows off your gothic side without going too dark for less than $35.

When you are looking to give the gift of medieval for yourself, look no further than our huge selection of medieval and gothic items that are popular favorites, and have just been reduced one more time, just for you.

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Medieval and Gothic Items Now Reduced!!

Dragons and gargoyles are not the only things that marked the medieval era.  There are a The King's Guard Sculptural Half-Scale Knight Replicaslew of symbols that mark this time that can serve well in any medieval home decor.  If you are thinking of updating a room inside, or want to add something unique to your outdoor space this year, you may want to browse our best selling medieval and gothic items that have just been reduced.  Here are a few ideas to inspire you if you aren’t too sure how to start.

Knight statues are a perfect item for anyone that loves the medieval era.  And although you may have hesitated in the past due to budgets, this stunning King’s Guard Sculpture has just been reduced and has made our Best Selling list meaning, everybody loves him!  Check out our customer reviews on why you should add this handsome piece to your collection and you won’t think twice!

The best thing about gothic decor is that it is as unique as it is grand.  To add a true symbol of the 17th century in your home, you may want to purchase our Grand Occasion Hand Carved Arm Chair.  You can’t come across quality like this anywhere else, and this piece will truly stand the test of time and ensure you have the comfort of a king or queen either at your dining table, or at your hearth.

If you are looking for a different way to add an element of the 17th century into your home, browse our best selling list of medieval items, as many of them have already been reduced!
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Last Minute Gifts Under $50

If your budget hasn’t allowed you to do too much holiday shopping yet, it’s not too late to squeeze in some last minute shopping at some very affordable prices.  Whether you are looking for an animal lover or someone with a little knight in them, we have a huge selection of unique gifts that are still available to ensure they arrive on time.  Here are some ideas for gifts under $50 that will be sure to get your gift giving inspiration rolling.

The Meerkat Clan StatueOur Meerkat statue selection is adored by all of our customers and you can see why these cute creatures are among our top rated ones as well.  You may want to get the animal lover on your list something as unique as the Meerkat Clan Statue.  These creatures will delight any indoor or outdoor space and will be cherished by any family on your list.

Gothic decor can be a truly inspirational gift as well, and whether you are thinking of knight statues or something more gargoyle, your imagination is your only limit with our huge selection.  Our Arthurian Knight Bookends will be the perfect gift for the booklover on your list that already has everything!

These last minute gifts are just a few ideas to get you started.  Browse our huge selection of medieval and Egyptian decor or garden statues in our gift categories under $50 for every budget!

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Indoor Statues Now Reduced!!

Venus of Arles SculptureWhen it comes to home decorating, deciding what to do and where to do it can be a challenge.  If you have all of the furniture pieces that you need but still want to add a little something to a room here or there, you may want to consider adding an indoor statue in one or more of your rooms.  Indoor statues serve as great decorations and are a unique twist to standard art.  Browse our huge selection of indoor statues today, as many of them are already reduced and you can take advantage of our huge sale right now as well!

Whether you are thinking Egyptian home decor or medieval home decor, or maybe even a little bit of both, our indoor statue selection has something for everybody in every budget.  If you need to add a little bit of attitude to one of your rooms, our Oscar, the Gargoyle with Attitude sculpture will do just that.  Place this feisty creature in a room with one of our knight statues and you are all set for a completely transformed room on a great budget.

Or perhaps you would like to finally partake in your taste in the Greek and Roman gods.  If so, you will love our Venus of Arles Sculpture that embodies one of the most world famous images of Venus for less than $100.

As well, in addition to many of our indoor statues already being reduced, if you buy today, December 27th, you can still take advantage of our 20% off ALL items on a sale that ends today, so hurry!

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More Unique Stocking Stuffer Ideas Under $25

Gaston, the Gothic Gargoyle Computer ClimberWhen it comes time to think of stocking stuffers, we always think of the same old same old.  This year, amp up Santa’s creativity a notch by giving some of the most unique stocking stuffers ever.  You don’t need to break the bank to give something truly different and add a touch of style to every stocking.

Egyptian home decor is increasing in popularity, and putting an Egyptian touch into any stocking will surely add a sense of royalty to the gift giving season.  Our stunning Egyptian Pharaoh Pen Vessel is exquisitely crafted with the hieroglyphics of the Egyptian time, and a perfect stocking stuffer for the business person on your list.

Gargoyle gifts as well are an adorable accent to any home, and sure to be loved by whomever you choose to give one to.  An adorable little gargoyle computer climber or a mini gargoyle sculpture fits perfectly into any sized stocking and will definitely guarantee a smile.

Knight statues as well always make for stunning gifts, and add a sense of royalty and pomp to any home they are found in. You don’t have to purchase a whole statue to make the same statement though. Something as unique as our Shield Battle Armour Pen will be a great token of affection to the knight in shining armour on your list.

Try something new this year and go medieval or Egyptian when you are stuffing your holiday stockings.  With our Cyber 3 Day Sale and 20% OFF Everything, you can’t lose with these unique choices!  Hurry!  Expires Wednesday 11/30/11!

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Unique Gothic Gift Ideas for Him

Knights of Blenheim Palace: Silver Knight SculptureWhen it comes to buying holiday gifts for him, it can be a very difficult task.  It seems that most men are caught up in the technology age, and this can make it very easy to get the man on your list something that somebody else already has.  This year, celebrate the man who has everything by going Gothic in your gift giving ideas.  Here are a few ideas to get you started, all under $50 and eligible for our 20% sale going on right now!

There is no better way to let a man know what he means to you than through knight statues that symbolize his presence in your life.  Our Knights of Bethlehem is just the perfect token to say just that, and comes in a variety of sizes to meet any budget.

Gargoyle gifts are not only cute and clever, they also embody the masculine energy in any home.  As gargoyles serve to protect, the man on your list will love a majestic gargoyle that will protect the home when he’s not able to.  Try something as unique as our Poison Pen Gargoyle set for less than $10!

If you choose to give the gift of Gothic decor for the favorite man on your list this season, there are a number of ways to do so without spending a regal budget.  Try something truly unique this year and go Gothic, it will be a gift that will always be remembered and cherished.

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A Medieval Figure Represents Royalty

Medieval Norman Warriors Sculptures: OdoWhen people think of the medieval era in terms of decor, the image quickly conjured is often one that is dark and foreboding.  Although medieval home decor can certainly go that way, it doesn’t necessarily have to.  Whether you are choosing knight statues or a simple Gothic centerpiece, a medieval figure in your home is one that represents an element of royalty, and will add an instant regal touch to any space in your home.

Another common misconception about the medieval era, is that its decor today is not affordable.  There is simply nothing further from the truth.  The simple addition of something such as our Norman Warrior sculpture makes the perfect holiday gift for someone who needs a little sprucing in their home, or could simply add a protective ambiance in your own home wherever you choose to put it.

Gargoyle figurines are another way to add a medieval touch to your space without going to dark extremes.  A long time symbol of strength and protection, something as simple as our Medieval Marauder gargoyle will make just the statement you want in any entrance of your home.

If you like the Medieval touch, you can add it to your home without spending a fortune while still adding a little something extra that spells royalty.  Whether it is a gargoyle protector or a knight in shining armour, the list is limitless.

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Choosing Stocking Stuffers That Nobody Else Will Think Of

When it comes to stocking stuffers, it is so easy to get the same old thing that everybody else is getting.  Who doesn’t load up on chocolate and gift cards when it comes time to grabbing those last minute gifts that go into the stockings?  While everybody certainly loves those gifts, this year, why don’t you do something different and add a little something unique into your stockings this year? Not only will you have your last minute gift grabs purchased well ahead of time, but these ideas will bring smiles that not many other gifts will.

Nobody thinks to inject Egyptian home décor into their stocking stuffers, which gives you all the more reason to start the trend yourself.  Something like our Egyptian home journal will be a truly unique item that you can rest assured nobody else will put into that stocking.

The Picc-a-Dilly Gargoyle Sculpture Set - SmallA small gargoyle sculpture or one of our knight statues will also accomplish the same goals of a unique stocking stuffer that is sure to be remembered.  Our Picc-A-Dilly gargoyle set is one that will have your recipient laughing for days after they open it.

When it comes to stocking stuffers, it is easy to get caught up in the same old thing every year.  But why not choose one of our unique items for the same amount of money that you would spend otherwise?  Gargoyles and knight items are popular all year round, and will last much longer in any home than holiday chocolate stuffed at the last minute will.

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Bring Royalty Into Your Home Medieval Style

With everyone still recalling epic moments in the Royal Wedding this year, an advent in royal themed home decor has begun.  If you have always wanted to have a touch of royalty in your home, but thought you could never afford it, you may want to think again.  Our selection of medieval home decor will allow you to jump on the Royal bandwagon, and put a little touch of royal into the castle you call home. Here are some suggestions on just how to do that.

There simply is no other way to invest royalty into your home other than through a throne in itself.  If however a throne is not exactly your style, you can still inject some royalty through one of our gorgeous knight statues in your entrance way, as this will surely delight any visitors into your home of the royalty that lie within.

Nightfall Sculptural Gargoyle ChandelierA gargoyle sculpture or chandelier is another way to embody the sense of royalty that pervaded the medieval era.  This distinctive symbol certainly makes a royal statement without saying a word in the most subtle of ways.

If you loved the Royal Wedding and you love all of the opulence and elegance found in the royal palaces, there is no reason at all that you can’t have it yourself.  Choose from our unique selections of medieval items, knight items, or Gothic and gargoyle pieces that will allow you to create your own personal royal touch in your castle.

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How to Honor the Knight in Shining Armour on Your List

Lord Langton's Castle Glass-Topped Sculptural TableIf you have a knight in shining armour on your holiday gift giving list this year, you will want to honor him in style.  When it comes to gift giving for that special man in your life, it can be so difficult to find just the right thing.  How do you choose a gift that nobody else will give him, and that he doesn’t already own?  Here we give you some truly unique ideas that we guarantee you will simply not already be found in his favorite man cave.

Knight statues are the perfect way to show him just what a knight in shining armour you think he is.  As well, if you want to spruce up that man cave a little bit, what better way to do so than a table in medieval home decor that symbolizes how much he appreciates his own castle domain?

Gargoyle gifts as well are a known symbol from the days of knighthood.  These are symbols that will serve and protect any home, and will be a subtle reminder that as much as you appreciate your knight’s protection, a little gargoyle here or there will let him sleep in peace as well.

When it comes to buying gifts for the special man in your life, our holiday selection ensures that your limit is only your imagination.  We have gifts for knights in every budget and for every title deserving of royalty.

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How the Gothic Era Came to Be

When it comes to the gothic or medieval era in terms of decorating, many people wonder how anyone could find this beautiful in their home.  The truth is that the gothic era was one of the most impressive when it comes to beauty, and it can be replicated in even the most contemporary design themes.  Here we will talk about how the gothic era came to be, and  by doing so illustrate why it is still so popular today.

The Gothic era was all about impressing the audience.  Modern day did not invent the notion of “keeping up with the Joneses” as those in the Gothic era were always trying to one up those in the classes below.  Gothic tables that went above and beyond standard decor themes with intricate detailing and sturdy long lasting structure were used as focal pieces in a room to showcase wealth and stature.

Detest the Rest Gargoyle StatueCathedrals and religious buildings such as churches in the 15th century added to the impressive nature of gothic decor.  Most of the craftsmanship in the 15th century gothic pieces or knight statues would be handled by monks, who would take great care and attention to the intricate detailing of the pieces used for decor purposes.

Because the gothic era spanned almost ten centuries, you have a lot of timeline to play with when incorporating these intricate detailing into your own home. Knights, castles, and gargoyle figurines are all being subtly used today to revive the gothic era in the most elegant of contemporary design.

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Medieval Home Decor Not Nearly as Creepy as it Sounds

Talisman, Gargoyle of the Eclipse StatueWhen you hear the terms gothic and medieval as they relate to home decor, it can be very easy to conjure up dark foreboding images that may not seem relevant in an interior design you are trying to “cheer up”.  However medieval and gothic decor is not nearly as creepy as it sounds, and today we are going to talk about how simple elements like strategically placed gothic tables can add an element of regality to your home without creating a haunted house look.

Decor from the medieval era is gaining popularity as a result of the British Royal Family gaining popularity again in the modern world.  The medieval era took place between the 5th and 15th centuries and was marked by castles, weapons, and gothic art.  The art in this era mixed both Roman and German motifs with gothic figurines and symbols adding religious elements to art decor and interior design.

Today, these symbols can be cleverly implemented into even the most contemporary setting.  If you have a fireplace in your home, the simple addition of knight statues such as our fireplace ensemble can be all you need to add an element of medieval times to your home. 

When it comes to recreating the royal look of the medieval era, you can do so without going overboard.  The simple addition of a table, figurine, or statue is all you need to implement medieval times without becoming a part of the Adams Family.

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Decorating Tips When Incorporating Egyptian Elements

Royal Cartouche Sculptural FriezeIf you are thinking of incorporating some Egyptian elements into your home, it can be very easy to fall into the trap of turning your home into a temple.  Who can resist the gold and splendor of this era?  It’s an easy mistake to make, particularly when faced with such an affordable collection.  Before you turn your home into a shrine for Pharaohs, here are some tips on decorating the Egyptian way in the 21st century.

The easiest way to start with your Egyptian motif is to begin with your accent pieces.  You might be surprised at how easy it is to create an Egyptian design through the simple addition of some Egyptian art such as a wall sculpture or some cleverly placed Egyptian decorations.  It’s easy to fill a room quickly with these masterpieces, but you want to avoid this very thing.  Too many faces or eyes looking down from the wall can make a guest feel slightly claustrophobic.  Simplify with accent pieces against neutral colors to avoid this intense effect.

Another way to incorporate Egyptian into your style without going overboard is to take advantage of the symbolism of the era. You can add a pop of Egyptian symbols in a table runner or with very subtle accents displaying the significance of the symbols from this bygone time.  A touch of regality with some knight statues is a gothic twist on the Egyptian royalty, and will add a quirky element to your design theme.

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