Get an Extra 10% Off These Great Japanese Garden Statues!

Giant Buddha Monument-Sized Garden SculpturePicking a theme for decorating the garden isn't easy. Animal garden statues can add a wild, natural touch to any backyard but classic statuary gives your place an ancient, eternal appearance. Angels are synonymous with peace and magical mischief is associated with garden fairies. Then there are the garden decorating themes that are meant to turn the entire backyard into a veritable work of art. This is one of the goals of an Asian-themed garden and the Japanese garden in particular excels at it.

Carefully placed stones and trees patiently trimmed with expert clippers are vital parts of every Japanese garden but no Asian-themed backyard is complete without a few quality statues. Get the Giant Buddha Monument sculpture for your garden and its peaceful demeanor will emanate throughout the backyard. Buy it from today until July 22nd and get an extra 10% off the sales price.

If the backyard could use a more rotund, happier Buddha, the Jolly Hotei Buddha Statue would cheer up a garden in the middle of a thunderstorm. Raising Chinese gold pieces above his head with outstretched arms and gleefully smiling from ear to ear, this large Buddha statue is supposed to bring good fortune to all who put him on display.

Get 10% off these and other on sale items until July 22nd as part of our Mid-Summer Clearance Sale.  


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Demonstrate the Sanctity of the Garden with Religious Outdoor Statues

Ascension: Grande Scale Christ SculptureThe backyard is a special place. Even if it is only used as a play space for the kids or an area for the family dog, the backyard is still your own private green space. You can use it as a place to cultivate plants for food and beauty, a place for hosting summer parties, swimming in the pool, or dining outdoors. However, perhaps most importantly, the garden can be used as a place for meditation and prayer. It can act as your very own sacred place and sanctuary from the stresses in life.

No matter what your belief system, you can also cultivate and show the sacred aspect of your garden with certain resin garden statues. Folks who meditate may feel inspired by the serene, peaceful look on the face of a large Buddha statue. The Grand Scale Christ Sculpture that shows Jesus ascending from the cross will remind Christians of hope and faith. The  Holy Family Sculpture will have the same effect with its classical beauty and peaceful appearance. The sanctity of the garden will also be demonstrated by the presence of beautiful, inspirational angel statues.

Get 20% off these classic religious-themed sculptures and all garden statuary from now until July 5th as part of the Design Toscano Fourth of July sale!


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Last Day to Get 20% off On Sale Garden Statuary and Other Items

Super-sized David Garden SculptureThe final day of the Virtual Warehouse sale at Design Toscano has arrived and with it comes a last chance at getting 20% off the prices of every on sale item in the catalog. Looking to add serenity and peace to the garden accompanied by savings for your wallet? Get the Giant Buddha Monument-Sized Garden Sculpture and your backyard will be transformed into a scene from a Zen-inspired dream. Since this Large Buddha Statue is already on sale, it qualifies for the Virtual Warehouse sale and you get 20% off when ordering this peaceful garden sculpture today.

If a sculpture of the Buddha doesn't fit into your personal decorating theme, perhaps a modern twist on a classic will fit the bill. The Super-Sized David Garden Sculpture will put a smile on the face of every backyard and dinner guest. He sort of looks like a replica of the original David but instead of rippled muscles in every nook and cranny, this David spent a little too much time watching reruns of Italian soap operas while lazing away on the couch. Order this unique objet d'art today and get 20% off the already reduced price!

Get 20% off any sale bronze garden sculptures and other on sale items but only until the end of today, May 11th!

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Save on Garden Statuary with the Spring Blowout Sale

As April comes to an end, the tail end of Spring has also arrived. The warm weather came into town a few weeks ago in many parts of the United States and has just arrived in the northeast and southern Canada. It's safe to say that Winter is officially gone for yet another year and this is always cause for celebration. It's Far East Garden Fighters Gnome Statue: Ninjathe perfect excuse for throwing a backyard barbecue or wine-tasting party in the garden and is also why Design Toscano is holding a Spring blowout sale! Check the early Summer catalog and watch the website to see what's being sold at discounted prices.

You might find that large Buddha statue you have always wanted for your Asian-themed backyard at the type of price you have been waiting for. Complement it with a light-hearted Ninja Gnome statue or a beautiful Panda sculpture.

You might also find sales on beautiful outdoor garden water fountains such as Hebe, the Goddess of Youth Garden Fountain or a quality, detailed replica of the famous, cheeky Peeing boy of Brussels sculptural fountain.

There are also dozens of other garden decor pieces to choose from. Just remember to keep an eye out for the Spring blowout insert that comes with the early Summer catalog and browse the Design Toscano website for sales!

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Free Shipping for $75 or more Orders of Gothic Décor

It may be April first, but this is no joke. When you order $75 or more of Gothic decorations or anything else from Design Toscano, the shipping is free! No need to worry about those extra costs associated with large purchases such as furniture or a big Buddha sculpture for your Asian-themed garden. As long as the Gothic Sanctuary Side Table Cabinetorder is at least $75, Design Toscano pays for the shipping on April 1st. This is a type of discount that you can truly take advantage of when ordering big items.

Just imagine how much it would cost to ship the new, life size Bigfoot statue? When you take those shipping costs into account, that's a discount nearly as big as Bigfoot himself! The same goes for the beautiful, grand scale tiger sculpture. It's not going to be cheap to ship that to your home but buy it today and all shipping costs are taken care of.

That free shipping on April first means that today is also the day to start decorating the inside of your home with beautifully detailed Egyptian decor and furniture sculptures like the Gothic Sanctuary Table Cabinet.

Find the best objets d'art for your home and garden at Design Toscano and get free shipping today only when you order $75 or more.


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Last Day to Save Big on Shipping Costs

Giant Buddha Monument-Sized Garden SculptureShipping costs are an annoyance but quickly grow into a burden when buying several items or large objets d'art. While the extra dollars for shipping might not be too much with small items, hefty fees get added onto the costs of larger, heavier purchases. Sometimes, they are so much that you seriously begin to consider driving to the store and using your own car to carry that beautiful, antique replica chair back home. That may cut costs but for most people, it's not really an option because the store is too far away or the purchase just too big for your vehicle. When buying online, people don't usually complain too much about the shipping costs because they view them as necessary sacrifices to make in light of the low, online prices and ease in purchasing unique items.

Nevertheless, it's always better to pay less and this weekend you can do just that when making purchases of $75 or more from Design Toscano. It's the perfect time to buy big, heavy items like a large Buddha statue or Gothic tables so take advantage of this last day of free shipping from Design Toscano on $75 or more purchases and place a large order today!

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Last Day to Get 20% off All Sale Items

Giant Buddha Monument-Sized Garden SculptureToday is March 9th and here at Design Toscano, that means that you have until midnight to save big on sales items. Although you already automatically save on sales items, order any object on sale today and you will get a further 20% off the price! Don't wait until tomorrow to reap the benefits of this discount because it can only be applied for the rest of today, March 9th. 

If you haven't ordered that pieces of classic furniture that caught your eye during the past few months, now would be the time to do so. If you have even the slightest inkling that you will eventually be buying it, why not make the order today and get 20% off? Might as well buy it now for less rather than buy it later for more. For those who have already ordered garden statuary, Egyptian decorations, or a large Buddha statue the past couple of days, you might want to check through the website one last time to see if there is anything else worth buying now. Look through the all sales items and if anything appears that falls into your own personal category of a "future purchase", you are going to pay less for it if you order it today.

March 9th is the last day to get 20% off any of the items on sale at Design Toscano!

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Asian Garden Statues and Decor Fit for an Emperor

Emperor Xuanzong's Fat Horse Asian StatueThe emperors of ancient China and Japan filled their homes with amazing works of art. During the Ming and Qing dynasties, beautifully lacquered furniture decorated the hallways of the Imperial palace in Beijing. Vases, paintings, and Buddha outdoor statues were scattered throughout the massive residences of Chinese and Japanese rulers. While much of the art during ancient Asia was limited to a small number of rulers and the very rich, most modern day people can fill their homes with similar looking pieces and thus live like the emperors of old.

Show the Emperor Xuansong's Fat Horse statue in your home and you will be displaying a replica of one of the most highly esteemed works of art from ancient China. Place "your horse" where it can be seen by all and tell guests that the original statue was made for an important Chinese emperor.

In ancient China, there were no telephones, computers, or intercom systems. Other means of communications had to be employed to let people know when the emperor was going to speak or when it was time for dinner. The easiest way of getting other people's attention was with a large, bronze gong. Although you don't have to use it to announce meals or speeches just as the emperors did, you can own very similar decor in the form of  the Sheng Kwong gong.

Asian decor fit for an emperor, Japanese garden statues, and all Asian garden sculptures are 20% off until Sunday, February 5th!
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Add a Peaceful Touch to Your Garden with Buddha Outdoor Sculptures

Gardens are meant to be peaceful sanctuaries that take you away from the stress and worries Jolly Hotei Buddha Statueof life. When you enter your garden, leave your worries back at the door. There's no place for those turbulent thoughts in your personal green space because this is where you go to relax, rejuvenate, and re-energize. Although just walking into the backyard will start the stress-reduction process, it works best with the right type of atmosphere and decor.

Put in a fountain or a Koi pond and let the gentle, soothing whispers of running water refresh the mind. Highlight the scene with a large Buddha statue though and your garden will take on a whole new atmosphere of serenity. The tranquil, peaceful appearance of the Buddha's face will inspire you to clear your mind of all thoughts and encourage meditation. You could also put some classy garden furniture within sight of the garden sculpture to sit while you meditate or read a favorite book.

Off in another part of the garden, add to the scene with a jolly, Hotei Buddha statue. His smile won't fail to cheer you up and remind you of the good things in life, one of those being your Asian-themed garden.

Add peace and tranquility to your garden and save until Sunday, February 5th with 20% off Asian garden sculptures, Asian garden statues, and other Asian-themed decor!

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Create a Zen Outdoor Space with Buddha

The Bodh Gaya Buddha Asian StatueThe symbol of the Buddha is one that is revered by many, even if that is not the religion that you worship.  Many people respect the Buddha simply for its symbolism alone.  A lot of people like to add a little Buddha token into a Feng Shui space, or simply as an element of spirituality.  What prevents many people from adding Buddha to their home however is the preconceived expense.  With us, you don’t have to worry about that.  And if you’ve been thinking of adding either a small or a large Buddha statue to your home or garden, you don’t have to worry about budget here.

A bronze garden sculpture is one that certainly adds an element of royalty to any outdoor space.  And if you want a bronze Buddha, you can certainly break the bank doing so. 

of ours is one that can fit every budget, and adds just the tone and spirituality into your garden without being obtrusive.  Fashioned in faux bronze, this piece will add just that royal and spiritual touch you are looking for, without breaking the bronze bank.

Buddha outdoor statues come in all shapes and sizes, and no matter what size you get, adding just one will also add a sense of Zen to your outdoor space.  If you have been looking for a way to create harmony and peace into your garden, but always thought you couldn’t afford a Buddha, think again!

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Many Ways to Decorate Outside for the Holidays

Jolly Hotei Buddha StatueWe have been discussing many ways to add to your outdoor holiday decor.  Many people don’t think to spruce up their garden when it comes time for holiday decorating, but the truth is, there is no better time to do it.  You can decorate your outdoors this year with elements such as religious outdoor statues that symbolize and honor the religious nature of the season.  No matter what your religion is, there are garden statues for many faiths and for every holiday budget.

A large Buddha statue is a beautiful way to add to your outdoor holiday theme if you are not of the Christian faith.  As well, this unique item will be a sign of welcome to anyone visiting your home that practices the Buddhist faith.  Additionally, if there is a Buddhist on your gift giving list this year, a priceless statue such as this would honor them in a way that likely nobody else will.

There is no religious element in your outdoor holiday decor that is more symbolic than a stone garden angel. Our statues are made of high quality resin to ensure they stand the test of time, and embody the same luxurious look that any stone statue can provide.  One look at our Angel of Patience will bring the intended harmony and peace you seek from your guests and family during the hectic and stressful holiday season.

When it comes to decorating outside this year, if you want to stand out from the rest in your community, outdoor religious statues are a unique way to do just that.

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Unique Gifts to Celebrate the Religion in Your Favorite Holidays

Resting Grace Sitting Angel SculptureWhen it comes to the holidays, religious sentiments abound.  If you are looking for the perfect gift for someone that incorporates religious ceremony into their holiday season, you will not be short of choices if you shop with us, no matter what religion they honor.  Whether you are looking for a large Buddha statue for the Buddhist on your list, or religious statues for the Catholic on your list, we have something for everyone.  And if you want to inject some religious sentiment into your own home during the holidays, we have something for you too!

For the gardener on your list that worships God and Mother Nature alike, we have an abundance of religious outdoor statues that create both beauty and worship into any outdoor space.  Our precious basking in God’s glory sculpture is a breathtaking way to add symbolic ambience into any garden or home decor.

Nothing says the holiday like an angel from heaven, and even those that aren’t religious can appreciate the beauty and serenity that come from an angel in their home.  Give the gift of precious slumber in our darling little angel sculpture that won’t break the bank, but will break the hearts with love of your intended recipient.  If you are looking for an outdoor angel, our stone garden angel selection will certainly create appreciation and gratitude from anyone you give this to.

When it comes to religious sentiment, there are a number of ways that you can incorporate this into your home during the holidays, or into someone else’s home through the selection of a carefully thought out gift.  These gifts are truly unique that are sure not to be replicated and will always be cherished and symbolic for your recipient.

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The Meaning Behind Religious Statues

Good Fortune Elephant Sculptural Garden ChairFor those that are considering adding a unique element to their home or garden decor, you may want to consider adding the elegant touch of a statue.  A religious statue in any decor theme whether that is a contemporary theme or one of an ancient era can add an entirely new tone to your room or garden that sets the stage of the theme you are considering. 

An outdoor elephant statue for example is one that in some cultures embodies wisdom and fertility from the Greek gods, or good fortune as well.  Elephants are religious symbols used by a variety of ancient traditions to embody these qualities.  If you want a design piece that relates religious significance without being over the top, an elephant statue is a very elegant way to do so.

There are few religious statues more symbolic than a large Buddha statue.  The Buddha statue can serve as a symbol of allowing a Hindu god into your living space, or it can simply serve as a lucky charm that brings balance and harmony into your design theme.  Harmony is the religious significance behind the Buddha statue, and you do not need to be a Hindu follower to appreciate the balance it provides to your home.

If you want your room or garden to make a statement of significance, religious outdoor statues or an interior religious statue can be all you need to create just that significant statement.

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How to Create a Buddhist Garden

Implementing Buddha into an exterior decor is a desire for many seeking tranquility and relaxation in their garden space.  If you are creating an outdoor space that you will use for meditation or relaxation purposes, a Buddhist garden is an excellent way to do so.  But if you want to create a Buddhist garden, follow the tips from the experts, as there is a way to do a Buddhist garden the Buddhist way.

Giant Buddha Monument-Sized Garden SculptureA large Buddha statue or the addition of the religious outdoor statues of your choice  are standard elements if you desire to bring the religious and harmonious balance you seek into any outdoor decor.  But this is not enough, you will want to use authentic Buddhist principles to accomplish this goal.

Elements of a Zen Buddhist garden include a quiet place for sitting, numerous paths for walking meditation, and a body of water such as outdoor garden water fountains or a running pond.  A place for feeding birds, fish, and other animals is also conducive to respecting the harmony and balance in nature, a key principle in Zen Buddhism.

These are simple Buddhist principles that you can easily incorporate into any outdoor living space.  When you add these basic elements, you combine the harmony and balance of nature with the inner peace you wish to seek.

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How to Buy the Right Garden Statue for You

The Picc-a-Dilly Gargoyle Sculptures Set - MediumMany gardeners looking for that one extra touch to their landscape design often opt for accent pieces such as a statue.  When you are selecting a statue for your garden, the things to keep in mind are your garden theme, your budget, and the size of the area you want to place the statue.  If you don’t have a theme in mind, you may want to create one with the statue you choose.  Choosing a garden statue is not as simple as selecting a piece and placing it in an open spot, you want to choose one that matches your personality, and will add to the ambience of the outdoor space of your dreams.

You can select a statue that blends with your theme, or stands out from it to make a statement.  Small gargoyle figurines are a clever way to add some character to your garden without going overboard.  On the other hand, a large Buddha statue can create an entirely different tone to your overall landscape design.  To create a family friendly vibe in your garden, the whimsical touch of a Meerkat statue will be all you need to create a magical woodland in your own backyard.

Designer resin is a very popular choice of material for outdoor statues, as these will truly stand the test of time, even in seasonal climates.  If you need just that extra touch of personality outdoors, a simple statue placement can transform a stunning garden into a magical outdoor retreat.

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Poseidon, Buddha and a Tree of Life

Young Poseidon Sculptural FountainNow is the time to browse for outdoor statues and fountains as so many of them are on sale.  We have artistic sculpture of all types and one of our most popular collections is our Greek garden statues.  The many Greek gods, goddesses and heroes have been the favorite subjects for artists for many centuries and ours are no exception.  A marvelous outdoor fountain in this style is the Young Poseidon Sculptural Fountain and it is now on sale.  The young god rides a dolphin and is surrounded with water in this 54 ½” fountain.

Nothing adds serenity and peace to a meditation garden like a large Buddha statue and we have some in our collection that are beyond beautiful and unique.  One of these is The Tranquil Buddha Solid Bronze Garden Statue which is over a foot wide and a foot and a half tall.  Using the lost wax bronze method of casting, this loving depiction of Buddha is finished in different tones of verdigris patina.

For those of you who enjoy our Japanese garden statues and all other Asian or contemporary décor, we have some lovely wall sculptures that you will want to hang immediately.  One such sculpture is the Ancient Tree of Life Wall Sculpture.  This sculpture is over 3 ft. wide and is a bas relief created in designer resin.  The tree has something of the look of an ancient Bonsai and would blend wonderfully with many different types of décor.
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Buddha Fountain, Geisha Statue and Chinese Empress

Grand Buddha Meditation FountainThis is the time of year to look closely at our outdoor statues and fountains because many of them are now on sale.  If you love our large Buddha statue, you might be interested in the Grand Buddha Meditation Fountain which is now on sale at $100 off.  The fountain is over 3 ft. tall and has a peaceful image of Buddha on its wall with water flowing gently over it.  It is carved as a replication of an Asian temple in beautiful detail and the water fount has lighting.

For fans of our Japanese garden statues, we now have many beautiful Japanese sculptures for both indoors and outdoors many of which are on sale.  A particularly nice example is the Song of Geisha Sculpture now on sale at a great gift giving price.  The artist has constructed this small statue with a perfect eye to the fashion, instrument and hairstyling of the geisha in 17th century Japan.  The detailed resin sculpture has been given a superb ivory finish.

You may have friends that love all things Asian or you may even have this décor in your own home.  There is no better place to look for Asian décor than our fine Basil Street Gallery.  A beautiful item that would make a fine gift is the Chinese Empress on Dragon Throne Statue: Queen.  The beautiful empress is wearing a most colorful gown sculpted in great detail.  She is seated on a throne with two exquisite dragons in faux gold, making this 9 ½” statue a shining addition to any Asian décor.

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The Dweller, Grim Reaper and a Vampire Tombstone


The Vampire Demon Tombstone StatueDesign Toscano is always pleased that customers find items such as our large Buddha statue bring tranquility and peace to their gardens, but is that what you want for Halloween, no!  This Halloween you might want to consider The Vampire Demon Tombstone Statue that will bring a little of the sinister and scary to your garden.  The demon with his wide wings is depicted above a tombstone in a Gothic style and is almost 2 ft. tall.  

Everyone loves our garden cherub statues as they are adorable and so spiritual.  At Halloween, though, you want to place some real spirits in your yard and what is better than The Dweller Below Garden Sculpture. Peeking his head up in your garden is some sort of ghoul, boogeyman or spirit and certainly is in just the right place at this time of year.  You can almost imagine him yelling “BOOGITY!”

Nor all of our sculptures for outside are gorgeous animals or Greek heroes; we have plenty of gargoyles and other nightmarish things that you can place outside for Halloween.  A great piece that should be very popular is the Rest in Pieces Grim Reaper Tombstone Statue.  Yes, it is the grim reaper in your yard with a scythe in his bony hand, a grin on his skull and leaning on a tombstone that says “Rest in Pieces”. 

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Painted Elephants, a Buddha Bust and a Bank

Many of our customers are elephant collectors and want to have all things elephant in their yards, like our outdoor elephant statues, and in parts of their homes, like our elephant sculpture.  An item that would be a great gift for any elephant collector is our Painted Pachyderms African Elephants Statues: Medium and Large.  What makes these statues so special is not the sculpting (although that is beautiful), it is the African tribal colors that have been hand painted onto each piece.  The medium elephant is 11 ½” tall and the large pachyderm is 16 ½” tall; they can be bought separately or as a set.

Sukhothai Buddha Asian Sculptural BustSculptures of the Buddha, such as our large Buddha statue, are crafted with such spirituality by our talented artists that they create a haven of peace in your home or garden.  One such piece that can sit anywhere indoors or out is the Sukhothai Buddha Asian Sculptural Bust which is over two feet tall.  The artist has recreated this Sri Lankan Buddha in a finely detailed bust of designer resin upon which he has placed a verdigris finish. This would be perfect for a yoga room.

Everyone is beginning to think about the upcoming gift giving season and if you are looking for an intriguing gift at a wonderful price you need to browse our marble busts for sale collection.  For any friend, coworker or relative that is an Anglophile the British Post Box Bank Statue would make a great “Secret Santa” gift.  This small yet detailed replica of a British post box stands 8” tall and is a bank.  It is hand painted in bright red with faux gold trimming, pefect for anyone who collects all things from the UK.

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Unique Wall Art

Earth Witness Buddha Wall SculptureOur customers have often built a serene meditation garden around our large Buddha statue and other Asian figures outside.  Now that many parts of the country are moving inside, we would like to introduce you to wall art that can help create a meditative space inside and that is the Earth Witness Buddha Wall Sculpture.  This is a replica of the Angkor Khmer Buddha from Southeast Asia.  This serene Buddha figure will add peace to any décor and might be nice in a yoga room; it is relatively small at just over a foot tall.

Medieval enthusiasts have always been fond of our knight statues and their accompanying pieces of armor to put a touch of strength to their castles.  Now we have a beautiful piece of wall art that will fit right in with that theme and that is the Queen Victoria’s Royal Coat of Arms Shield Sculpture.  This Design Toscano exclusive is done in the colors red, blue and faux gold and is over a foot tall.  The well detailed design is done in bas relief style.

Animals are our most popular item for both indoors and outdoors and all of them are sleekly detailed by our artists and are realistically hand painted in their fur colors like our tiger sculpture. We now have a sculpture that you will be excited to have prowling in your garden, the Lioness Statue.  The lioness is almost 3 feet long and artist Samuel Lightfoot has depicted her prowling through her territory, on watch at all times.

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