Religious Statues of All Types

St. Francis Feeds the Animals Garden StatueDesign Toscano is known for its varied collection of religious outdoor statues from many different faiths and beliefs.  Our line of Christian statues is second to none and a great favorite is the wonderful St. Francis Feeds the Animals Garden Statue.  The patron saint of Italy is sculpted surrounded by deer and rabbits and is holding a bowl from which to feed them.  The artist created the feeling of love and caring on the aspect of his face and he is wearing the robes of a monk.

Many people with large outdoor space have long admired our larger religious statues such as the large Buddha statue which, as big as he is can cast a feeling of peace throughout the entire area.  Another similarly large statue is the Easter Island Ahu Akivi Moai Monolith Statue: Giant which everyone will recognize at first glance.  This statue is 6 ft. tall and is a replica of the renderings of King Moai from Easter Island in 380 A.D. cast in designer resin and covered with a faux stone finish. 

Weeping Angel Wall PedimentWe have a large inspirational collection of stone garden angel which have always been very popular and some of which you might have seen in your neighborhood.  A slightly different, yet incredibly sensitive rendering of an angel is the Weeping Angel Wall Pediment replicated from a 19th century English antique piece.  The angel appears to be saddened and her head is bowed onto the top of a vessel with her vestments carved in great detail.  The wings are creating protection over her and the entire sculpture resonates of serenity and caring.

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From a Lovely Mermaid to a Bust of Shakespeare

Daydreaming Mermaid of Langeline Cove StatueIn our garden statue section we have a collection called “extraordinary” and here is where our exclusive Big Foot garden statue can be found among many other large and very different sculptures.  A sculpture that is truly extraordinary and beautiful at the same time is the Daydreaming Mermaid of Langeline Cove Statue and she is at a sale price. This delicately rendered mermaid is 35” tall and appears to be sunbathing with her hand on her great tail and a peaceful gaze around the landscape.  She is not wearing a bathing suit.

William Shakespeare Sculptural BustMuch in the style and serenity of our large Buddha statue, we have another wonderful statue of peace that will fit in any garden.  She is Mother Nature: Maiden of the Forest Statue rendered in a bronze hue created with style and grace out of designer resin.  This mother nature goddess has feathers in her hair, surrounded by the doves of peace and perfect for a meditation garden.

When you shop Design Toscano you must always check out our marble busts for sale section which is filled with marvelous items at unbelievable prices.  A popular bust at a great price is our William Shakespeare Sculptural Bust: Desktop which would make a great gift for the lovers of the Bard among your friends.  Sculpted in designer resin, this 12” highly detailed bust would look wonderful on a bookshelf or a desk.  Be the first to get this bust and start your Christmas shopping early.

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From a Surprised Ent to Cute Bear Cubs

Bark, the Black Forest Ent Tree Statue
There is always something unique and surprising in our greenmen collection from faces in leaves to finely carved furniture.  A garden sculpture with something different is our Bark, the Black Forest Ent Tree Statue. This surprised looking tree stump has a grimace on his mouth and large bulging eyes.  His hands are tree branches and he stands two feet tall.  This is, of course, an exclusive.

We love to create large sculpture that will give your garden character such as the large Buddha statue which creates an atmosphere of serenity and peace.  If, however, you are looking to create an atmosphere of a bit of fun scariness then Sinister Simon Giant Skull Sculpture is the piece for you.  This 15” tall skull is just a bit larger than average and has a sinister looking grin on his so-called face.  He is fun for the summer and just right for Halloween.

Our animals just love to roam your outdoor garden space and many of you have made room for our giraffes and outdoor elephant statues.  We now have another realistic animal sculpture that is so incredibly cute you will want one right away.  This is our Black Bear Cubs Up a Tree Sculpture.  Here are three black bear cubs, hand painted and realistically sculpted, climbing a tree for a better look at your guests.  They are adorable and great fun.

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A Trip to the Tropics with Tiki Gods and Parrots

Tiki Gods Statue: Gods of the Three PleasuresDesign Toscano has all kinds of statues from many religions that are well sculpted and intriguing like our large Buddha statue.  If you are looking for a bit of the tropics and want a statue of a god, then feast your eyes on Tiki Gods Statue: Gods of the Three Pleasures now on sale.  These gods look like they might have been to the Tiki bar too often and yet had a really good time.  The statue stands 35 ½ in. high and shows the three Tiki gods carved in a wood grained designer resin.

Parrot Bottle OpenerWhat if you were looking for something as much fun as our tortoise sculpture, but with a tropical flair?  Then you would look directly at our Garden Jazz Frog Musician Statue: Set of Three Frogs.  The three frogs are standing on separate lily pads and are playing a saxophone, flute and fiddle respectively.  They are approximately a foot tall each and can be bought as a set or separately.

We have many, many gift items in our gifts collections some just a little different such as our gargoyle gifts.  If you have a friend that is a Parrothead (follower of Jimmy Buffett) or just someone who loves parrots, this is the gift for them.  It is the Parrot Bottle Opener and no pirate ship would leave home without one.  The parrot is done in tropical colors and opens bottles with his mouth.

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The Ten Commandments, Fighting Gnome and Stained Glass

Ten Commandments Sculptural TabletSome of our most popular statues are those that depict religious figures such as our large Buddha statue.  Part of their popularity is that there is something for everyone, no matter what theme they would like to use.  For those who are interested in a biblical theme, a great item is the Ten Commandments Sculptural Tablets which are now on sale.  These faux stone carved tablets stand 18” tall and have the scripture inscribed in English on one side and ancient Hebrew on the other. 

We have so many garden statue gnomes that there will be room for one in your yard no matter what your décor.  If you have committed to an Asian décor, we have just the right gnome for you, our Far East Garden Fighters Gnome Statue: Ninja.   This adorable, but tough ninja gnome stands 10” high and is armed with a sword and wearing a traditional ninja outfit.  Underneath the mask, though shows part of the traditional gnome face.

When browsing the Design Toscano website make sure to look at all the wonderful things that are available in our marble busts for sale section.  Naturally we have many busts in that section, but also have beautiful furniture to place them on like the Peacock Stained Glassed Illuminated Hand-Carved Pedestal.  The pedestal stands over 3 ft. tall and is beautifully hand carved wood, which surrounds a stained glass rendition of a lovely peacock illuminated from the interior.

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Many Useful Dragons

These items are all in our sale collection.

Everyone loves a large outdoor statue like our large Buddha statue, but not everyone has a large dragon resting on their garage or shed roof.  Our Apex, the Winged Dragon Sculptural Roof Cresting is of course a Design Toscano exclusive.  He is sculpted of designer resin and has a fearsome face and broad wings.  His base is constructed such that he can easily be placed on most roofs. 

Rock On Dragon Computer SpeakersWe have many gargoyle gifts in our collection, but did you know that we have some very useful dragon gifts also.  One such item is our set of Rock On Dragon Computer Speakers, what a great gift for someone that spends all their time on the computer.  These lovable dragon speakers are 8 inches high and can plug into any USB port.  Can’t you just imagine your boss’s face when he sees these rocking dragons on your desk?

Our dragon and gargoyle figurines are not just for decorative purposes, many of them have a functional use in your home or office.  A very functional piece is The Wolfram Dragons Sculptural Wall Shelf.  These dragons which are exquisitely designed by artist Gary Chang hold up a sculptured shelf about one yard long.  This is an unusual place in which to put all your stuff that will be well guarded.

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Fun and Amazing Outdoor Statues

Theodor, the Garden Troll SculptureWhen you are looking for fun and amazing items for your outdoor space, there is no place better than Design Toscano.  We have the cute, the extraordinary, and statues that will amaze the whole neighborhood.  In first place in the cute category are always our garden statues gnomes and recently they have invited some new friends to their collection.  One of them is Theodor, the Garden Troll Sculpture who seems to be reminiscent of a character out of Dr. Seuss.  He has an old looking face, a green body and purple in his hair and with all that, he’s adorable and an exclusive. 

When your outdoor pool or even small koi pond seem a little boring; we have just the right statue to set on the edge to liven it up.  This guy, much like our Bigfoot statue, is not seen every day in every yard.  This is the Revenge of the Great White Shark Sculpture which is depicted as jumping out of the water with a small life jacket in its mouth.  What has he been eating?  He is done in fiberglass reinforced resin and is a monster.

We like to do things big, like our large Buddha statue, and we also like to create things that are not seen regularly.  With this mission in mind, we present our Jurassic-Sized Triceratops Dinosaur Statue which weighs 242 pounds and yet still sculpted in excellent detail. Watch out!

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From a Large Buddha Statue to a Bunny Rabbit.

Grand Buddha Meditation FountainDesign Toscano has something for everyone, no matter what they might be looking for.  Many customers love our large Buddha statue and have one in a meditation garden for peace and serenity.  To add another element to this serenity, we have the Grand Buddha Meditation Fountain adding the sound of water to your peaceful space.  This fountain is 38 ½ inches tall and has water cascading over a figure of the meditative Buddha.  The pool at the bottom of the fountain is lit so that it can be appreciated on a warm summer’s evening.

Many of our customers are owners of our slow moving guy, the tortoise statue.  Now you can own the crazy rabbit that he raced against.  Carotene, the Bunny Rabbit Garden Statue is a T-Rex Dinosaur Garden Sculpturefabulous rabbit that stands a foot and a half tall.  He is hand painted in white and has a carrot in his mouth and in case he eats that one he is carrying some for later.  Like all of our animal statues, he is done in great detail and is incredibly cute.

We have many statues of large animals like our outdoor elephant statues and our tall giraffe statues; these are all great representations of living animals.  If, however, you would like something not as ordinary in your yard take a look at the T-Rex Dinosaur Garden Sculpture.  Just like all our other animals, he is lifelike and seems to be living in your garden today.  Won’t your neighbors be surprised.

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Asian Sculptures and Fountain

Pagoda Lantern SculpturesYou’re not too late, the Fourth of July 20% off Sale continues through July 5, 2011!

You should take this opportunity to spark up the Asian creations in your yard.  We have many items in that décor including our Japanese garden statues.   Some of the most popular of our Asian décor statues are the Pagoda Lantern Sculpture:  Medium and Large.   These sculptures will bring the charm and serenity of the Orient to your garden.  They are pagoda shaped with windows on the top level, the large size being about one and a half feet tall and the medium is approximately 10”.  These lovely statues can be bought separately or in sets of the same or different sizes.

The Asian décor can become a meditative garden with the addition of a large Buddha statue of which we have several at Design Toscano.  A popular statue for the larger yard is The Great Buddha Garden Sanctuary Statue.  This is a statue of the peaceful and gentle Buddha set in a stone finished background.  The entire piece is almost two feet tall and depicts the calm Buddha looking out over the garden.

Plan to browse through our large selection of outdoor water garden fountains as this sale is a great time to get just the right fountain to match your décor.  If you are using the Asian theme, a beautiful fountain is the Cascading Bamboo Sculptural Fountain.  This fountain is four feet tall and features a UL pump to bring the water cascading gently throughout the sculpted bamboo stalks.

Fourth of July Sale
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Celtic Fairy, Buddha and Gnomes

Celtic Fairy's Perilous Perch Garden StatueNothing makes a garden seem mystical like a garden fairy statue.   They are always beautiful sculptures and make a spark with their wonderful wings.  One such sculpture is the Celtic Fairy’s Perilous Perch Garden Sculpture.  This adorable Celtic lady fairy is perched on a plinth waiting for the right moment for takeoff.   She is done in two tones and her wings are large, depicted in great detail.  A Design Toscano exclusive.

We have a large Buddha statue for both outdoors and indoors.  The outdoor statues are various depictions of the serene Buddha or the happy Buddha.  The large indoor Buddha statue is very unusual and amazing to see.  This is called the Serene Buddha Grande Wall Frieze and is over two feet tall.  The sculpture is of just the face of the serene Buddha with its calm appearance and overwhelming feeling of peace.  It stands out in any room with an antique bronze finish.

The Knothole Gnomes Garden Welcome Tree Sculpture: Window GnomeOur garden statues gnomes are always ging to some different place or other and this time they are in the trees.  The Knothole Gnomes Garden Welcome Tree Sculpture places our friendly gnomes waving out a window or a door in a tree.  They are gnome gentlemen wearing the red hat and sporting the long white beard of the gnome.  The window gnome is giving a salute and the door gnome is waving in welcome.

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A Swimming Elephant Statue Plus Sweet Lambs

in For a Swim Elephant Lawn SculptureWhen you picture large or small outdoor elephant statues, you would generally picture an elephant with his trunk raised high and in a walking stance.  Even our wonderful outdoor elephant table has that stance.  However, the In For a Swim Elephant Lawn Sculpture is actually three pieces of beautifully hand painted designer resin sculpture.  When placed in your yard, it shows the rear, back and head of the elephant with tusks and trunk and looks as though the rest is underwater.  This is an exclusive and great fun.

Our animal sculpture is all wonderfully hand painted with the animal musculature sculpted in great detail, such as our tiger sculpture.  We have lions and tigers and bears plus more.  There are several enjoyable farm animals in our collection such as Yorkshire Lambs Garden Statues: Sitting Lamb & Standing Lamb.  These are baby lambs, hand painted in our excellent detailed tradition and look like they are part of a wooly herd in your yard.  Again these are Design Toscano exclusives.

We have a penchant for producing wonderful large statues that have the same fine sculptural details of our smaller statues.  Certainly our large Buddha statues are an example of that.  For the many gargoyle lovers out there, we now present a large gargoyle statue.  This is Beelzebub, the Prince of Demons Gargoyle Statue and he is not for the faint of heart.  He sits on a great plinth and stares with scorn at the world around him.  Do you dare put him in your yard?

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Statues of Gods and Dinosaurs

Confucius Garden SculptureDesign Toscano has many statues of many different religions, such as our Buddha outdoor statues.  Many people like to create a meditation garden and these statues from many different religions add to the peace and spirituality of the space.  On such outdoor statue is the Confucius Garden Statue.  This statue is from the ancient Chinese religion of Confuscianism.  This is a two foot, well detailed statue of Confucius with a finish that has the look of ivory and is also a Design Toscano exclusive.

Browsing our marble busts for sale section, you will discover many wonderful statues, busts and other sculpture for great prices.  In keeping with the theme of the god or goddess statue, we have Themis, Blind Justice Bonded Marble Statue.  This is another one of our great exclusive sculptures and is the Greek goddess of justice done in bonded marble and holding the scales of justice made of faux gold.

We love to have fun with our sculptures and to have statues that will make your yard just a bit different from your neighbor’s.  Certainly our big foot statue and large dinosaur statues are a fine example of a little quirkiness for the yard.  If you would perhaps like a slightly smaller piece for a side garden with a little style, you might take a look at our Raptor Skeleton Garden Sculpture.  He is 2 feet long and has the look of an ancient dinosaur skeleton just recently excavated. 

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Asian Statues

The Laughing Maitreya Buddha StatueWe have many items that would help you complete an Asian theme in your outdoor garden.  There are many statues of Buddha, Thai gods, Chinese gods and others that set a theme of serenity and peace.  A large Buddha statue that might bring peace and joy in your garden is The Laughing Maitreya Buddha Statue.  This is a wonderful depiction of the joyful Maitreya Buddha sculpted with great detail from designer resin and he is a Design Toscano exclusive.

Among our Asian and Japanese garden statues we have the serene, prayerful and joyful parts of the Asian theme.  Now that Kung Fu Panda is all over the movie screens again, it might be time for you to add a cute panda to your garden.  We have Tian Shan, the Asian Panda Sculpture to fill this role for you.  This Design Toscano original sculpture of a baby panda is over a foot and a half tall and is clinging to his large stalk of bamboo for joy.  This sculpture is hand painted designer resin.

Ella, the Littlest Flower Fairy StatueWhile not necessarily Asian, a garden fairy statue can fit in with every theme, especially in a colorful flower garden.  One that is especially adorable is Ella, the Littlest Flower Fairy Statue.  Yet another Design Toscano exclusive, Ella is hand painted in lovely Victorian colors and stands 17” high and will love all your flowers.

You can pick up these Design Toscano Exclusives and many other wonderful things at our FATHER’S DAY SALE which runs from June 7th through June 9th.  Start making a list.

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Buddha Statues

Baby Buddha Studying the Five Precepts (Virtues) StatueBuddha statues in all sizes and forms give an air of serenity to the garden.  Our large Buddha statue can calm a whole backyard.  A smaller figure, but no less serene, is Baby Buddha Studying the Five Precepts (Virtues) Statue.  This great outdoor statue sits with his legs crossed in your garden and is quietly reading the ancient text of peace and serenity.  If you like the Baby Buddha or any of our other statues, you'll love the fact that right now during our Memorial Day sale you can get 20% off of everything until May 31, 2011!

Our Basil Street Gallery has a large collection of Asian statues and figurines all of which are beautiful and a nice addition to a décor of that theme.  The Earth Witness Wall Sculpture is of the Ankor Khmer Buddha in a pose of crossing his legs and gazing peacefully from his perch. 

Lord Buddha Meditation Altar StatueThis statue is cast in quality designer resin and may be placed inside or outside your home.
The third Buddha statue is from our large collection of Buddha outdoor statues and is once again in the pose of meditation.  Many people like to have a peace garden or a meditation spot in their yard and this wonderful meditative piece would fit right in.  He is the Lord Buddha Meditation Altar Statue.  Posed for meditation, he holds a glass votive candle holder so that enlightenment can come in the form of a small votive candle. 

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Large, Medium and Small Statues

Giant Buddha Monument-sized Garden SculptureNo matter what size your home is or your outdoor space, Design Toscano has a statue that is just the right size for you.  A large garden area is supremely suited to our large Buddha statue.  We have several of these that can fit right in and give serenity to a grand amount of space.  One statue that we are proud of is the Giant Buddha Monument-sized Garden Sculpture.  This Buddha is four feet tall and even at that size, due to the wonderful detail of the sculpture; he casts a mist of calm all around him.

All of our animals are very lifelike whether they are marble, bronze or resin painted.  Of course, we have animals in all different sizes and for the medium space there is nothing more adorable than our Lying Down Tiger Cub Statue.  All of our tiger sculpture is amazingly lifelike and this guy is no exception with his hand painted stripes and his hint of smile.  He's ready for a romp in the yard.

Our small statues are just as lovely and detailed as the grand ones and have so many places to be such as on a tabletop, in a small garden or on the patio.  A favorite one is the Talisman Gargoyle of the Eclipse Statue.  He is one of our nicely sculpted gargoyle figurines done by Liam Manchester as a Design Toscano exclusive.  The figure is done in resin with an evil face, big wings and of course he has horns.

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Beautiful Asian

Shou Xin Gong: Chinese God of Longevity StatueMany people like to use themes in the outdoor gardens or patios and even on porches.  There are all types of themes of course, from Greek to animal to quirky.  If you are interested in creating an Asian theme in your garden here are some suggestions from Design Toscano.  We have wonderful Buddha outdoor statues that range from the serene to the joyful and we also have a very serene and well sculpted Chinese statue.  This is Shou Xin Gong: God of Longevity Statue.  Shou Xin Gong is a statue of an old Asian man with a long beard (showing his longevity) carrying the "peach of immortality" and the "staff of longevity". 

To perk up your Asian theme and add some joy, you should look at our Japanese garden statues.  One of the more interesting of these is our Dancing Asian Fish Spitting Garden Statue Collection.  These fish come in four different sizes and are depicted standing on their tails dancing with their mouths wide open.  They are piped if at any time you would want to use them as a small fountain spitting water.

We have many extraordinary statues like our big foot garden statue which is quite amazing.  In the Asian theme a similarly large and spectacular statue is our Asian Dragon with Power Orb Solid Bronze Garden Sculpture.  He spouts water, so no fear of fire from him, and he is holding an orb in one of his claws.  He is large and beautiful.
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Outdoor Planters

Flower gardens are wonderful nicely planted in a batch or border around the yard, but flowers in an outdoor planter look great in the summer too.  In our greenmen collection, we have many unique and sometimes bizarre items, but the French Greenmen Wall Sculpture Set is lovely on a corner with colorful flowers growing out the top.  The cute little greenmen faces give it a certain charm and feel of summer.

Pancho the Burro Planter SculptureAnimal sculpture is always popular as people love the lifelike artistry on our statues.  The Meerkat statue is always fun, but Meerkats don't carry plants.  A cute animal that will carry your plants is Pancho the Burro Planter Sculpture.  Pancho carries plants in baskets on both sides and is so cute wearing his little bronze hat.

Design Toscano has many large outdoor sculptures like our large Buddha statue and other large animals and décor.  We also have a great large planter that will blend in nicely with large décor which is the Chateau Elaine Authentic Iron Urn.  This urn holds a nice array of flowering plants and is also at a great sale price right now.  This is the time to get a great large planter.


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Watery Fun in the Garden

Spitting Asian Dragon Bronze StatueWe offer so many outdoor water fountains that it is hard to preview them all.  There are dogs drinking from water fountains and young cherubs playing in the water.  Our fountains come in all sizes and are sculpted out of many different materials with great style and detail. One of the most unusual and one of the larger of our water fountains is the Spitting Asian Dragon Bronze Statue.  He's a very detailed Asian dragon sculpted in bronze and pours water out of his mouth.

In continuation of the Asian theme, there are several small and large Buddha outdoor statues in our collection for you to choose from.  Many are quiet tranquil depictions of the Buddha and The Laughing Maitreya Buddha Statueothers show the happy cheerful Buddha.  One of our larger happy Buddha statues is The Laughing Maitreya Buddha Statue. This statues smiles down at you and your garden and wishes all good luck.

While we have many a tortoise statue, not all of them are outdoor water fountains which seems a natural place for thing for them to be.   One of the cutest and prettiest of these turtle fountains is the Undersea Turtle Solid Bronze garden sculpture which depicts turtles swimming and playing underseas.

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Take a Look Inside the Gallery

Dance of the Water Lilies Stained Glass WindowOur Basil Street Gallery is full of delightful treats for both indoor and outdoor décor and you should take a browse through it and you might be surprised what you will find.  These items are all on sale too.  The beautiful, yet understated Dance of the Water Lilies Stained Glass Window now on sale and a beautiful addition to your home that will blend in with any décor.

If you have been impressed with our large Buddha statue be sure to take a close look at the large Buddha head  ornament in the Gallery.  The Serene Buddha Grande Wall Frieze is now sale priced and just a magnificent piece to have on your wall.  This sculpture is 2 ft. tall and has a bronze finish.

Greek Ironwork Spartan HelmetIf you have a collection of knight statues, the Gallery has some accessories for that collection. On sale now is the Greek Ironwork Spartan Helmet which is a proud table ornament reminiscent of the Spartans, one of the greatest fighting forces ever.  The colorful General Guan Yu statue would also fit in well with knights and other warriors.
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Great Outdoor Sculpture

T-Rex Dinosaur Trophy Wall SculptureYour property may be pretty large or you may just love large statues.  We have the wonderful Big Foot garden statue which is so lifelike your neighbors will be calling the local paper about a Big Foot sighting.  Another fun big sculpture although an indoor one is the T-Rex Dinosaur Trophy Wall Sculpture which shows off the head of the dinosaur that you just bagged on your last hunting trip.

Another one of our sizable statues is the large Buddha statue which is sculpted in great detail and yet even with his monumental size he casts a serene feeling all around the area.  This is the Giant Buddha Monument-Sized Garden Sculpture and the extra good news is that he is on sale now just in time to enjoy spring in your outdoor space.

Giant Buddha Monument-Sized Garden SculptureWe can't talk enough about our outdoor garden water fountains as there is such a great selection and some are even on sale.  The Nature's Blessed Prayer St. Francis Sculptural Fountain is at a great sale price now and is just wonderfully done with the bird on the saint's shoulder and the fountain falls as a river from the side of the display.
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