Valentine’s Day Garden Statues at Design Toscano

Young Sweethearts: Kissing Children Garden StatueHappy Valentine's Day! We hope that everyone reading this blog spends a lovely day with someone special. Before you get ready for a fun date, we hope to set the mood for love by talking about a few of our favorite Valentine's Day items.

Our Young Sweethearts: Kissing Children Garden Statue captures the innocent beauty of young love. Although the little girl seems happy with a kiss on the cheek, she might change her mind when he gives her the frog hidden behind his back! This lovely statue is a wonderful spring addition to any garden and also works well as decor in a restaurant or hotel.

The Rainy Day Gnomes Under an Umbrella Garden Statue is a lovely, endearing sculpture. The twinkle in the eyes of this little couple shows how happy they are to be sharing an umbrella. This romantic garden statue will look right at home when the weather warms up, the flowers come out, and the spring rains fall.

Of course, the 14th of February just wouldn't be complete without mentioning Cupid. Although the messenger of love can strike at any time of the year, Eros works overtime on Valentine's Day. The "Cupid's Message of Love" Statue is a classic addition to the garden, whereas the Cupid and Psyche Bonded Marble Bust lends a romantic touch to the interior of the home.    

Find the best selection of high quality garden statuary and unique decor for home and business at Design Toscano.

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Take 20% Off Indoor Sculptures at Design Toscano

Les Filles Joyeuses Neoclassical Pedestal UrnDuring these cold, winter months, we can plan a spring garden and start buying beautiful resin garden statues for the backyard, but we can't put those sculptures on display until the weather warms up. However, until then, at least we have more opportunities to focus on improving the interior of the home, work, and place of business. Indoor statues are one of the best ways to add dimension and beauty to the interior of the home, especially because we are offering 20% off all of our indoor sculptures today until February 13th.

Enjoy savings and lending a classy touch to the home with the Les Filles Joyeuses Neoclassical Pedestal Urn. This elegant piece is a wonderful means of displaying your favorite greenery. The beautiful details on this sculpture also add an elegant look to any home. Pair this beautiful indoor sculpture with the Veiled Maiden Sculptural Bust for more savings on fine interior statues.

Our new indoor statues are also on sale, including the unique and wonderfully detailed Satya, the Yoga Dragon Statue, and Nike, the Winged Goddess of Victory Bonded Marble Resin Statue. These and several other indoor statues on our site make fine gifts and treasured additions to a collection of objets d'art.

Enjoy 20% off any of our indoor statues until February 13th.

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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Marble-Like Busts for Sale at Design Toscano Starting Today

Apollo Belvedere Sculptural BustThe bust has been an art form for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians used alabaster to create classic busts of royalty, and marble was used as a sculpting medium by the ancient Greeks and artists of the Roman Empire. The enduring nature of those sculptures is demonstrated by the presence of several Egyptian, Greek, and Roman busts in modern day museums.

The bust still works as excellent, classy interior decor to this day, and when you buy any of the busts in our collection from today until July 7th, you can take 20% off for our July 4th sale. The Veiled Maiden Sculptural Bust is a wonderful work of art closely modeled after an early 19th century sculpture done by Raphael Monti. The intriguing details of this unique bust make it ideal decor for boutiques, libraries, and any home. Made from quality designer resin.

The Apollo Belvedere Sculptural Bust on a Roman Column Plinth makes for majestic decor in big gardens of homes, hotels, and restaurants that serve Mediterranean cuisine. This high quality resin bust will make guests and clients feel like they are walking into a Roman Villa.  

Take 20% off busts, and other high quality décor at Design Toscano from today until July 7th as part of our July 4th sale.

This sale cannot be combined with other offers

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New Marble Busts for Sale

The marble bust has a look of distinction that makes it an elegant addition to a living room, den, or office. The classy nature of this timeless work of art also makes it ideal decor for a hotel or restaurant. The bust was a popular genre of sculpture for ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans and continues to be a common sight in distinguished homes and gardens to this day. Today and tomorrow are ideal days for buying certain busts from Design Toscano because you get a 20% discount on any new busts as long as they are purchased by tomorrow, April 24th.

Minerva Sculptural BustAdd a fine, classic touch to your interior decor with a bust of Minerva, the Roman Goddess of Wisdom. Known as Athena by the ancient Greeks, Minerva shows her war-like side with a feather-plumed helmet and breastplate embossed with an image of Medusa. This classic sculpture is a fine replica of an eighteenth century piece crafted by Antonio Canova and is made of bonded marble resin.

To decorate with a replica of much older decor, buy the Apollo Belvedere Bonded Marble Resin Sculptural Bust. This beautiful, very classic bust of the Greek God of youth, light, and masculine beauty was first crafted in bronze by Greek artist "Leochares" in the 4th century BC. The Romans liked this work of art so much that they made a marble copy. That marble version was lost until the 15th century and has been kept in the Vatican ever since.

Save on these fantastic new sculptural busts and dozens of other new items at Design Toscano today.

From today until April 24th, get a 20% discount on any of our new items.

This sale cannot be combined with other offers

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Marble Busts for Sale at Design Toscano

Minerva, Roman Goddess of Wisdom: Bonded Marble Resin Sculptural BustThe bust is a distinctive type of sculpture that makes an impressive, classic addition to any room. In addition to be being a thought-provoking sculpture, one of the other benefits of the bust is that it's small size makes it easy to display. Add elegance to the office and hope for inspiration with a classic bust of Minerva, the Goddess of Wisdom. This bonded marble resin bust is a high quality replica of an eighteenth century sculpture by Antonio Canova and could also be used to add a bit of classic elegance to the living room.

Many a bust also looks fantastic in the garden. The Apollo Belvedere Bust with Roman Column Plinth is a beautiful, striking sculpture similar to statues of Apollo that were shown in Roman and British gardens. Indeed, this item is a close replica of a nineteenth century British work of art and is given a faux stone finish to make both bust and column look even more like the original sculptures.

Beauty isn't limited to classical busts. Put the Nubian Kandake Sculptural bust on display to showcase a striking, beautiful bust of a Nubian queen and buy a bust of The Golden Shroud of Tutankhamen for your Egyptian-themed room. 

Save 20% on these quality items, classic Greek garden statues, and everything from the Design Toscano site when ordering today until March 31st.

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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Marble Busts for Sale

William Shakespeare Sculptural BustThe bust is a form of decor that dates back thousands of years. Long before the ancient Romans and Greeks were putting the busts of deities and politicians on display, the ancient Egyptians were doing the same thing with figures carved in basalt and sandstone. The power of the bust is that it focuses in on the face of a person to show beauty and admirable, noble qualities. We carry marble busts for every decorating theme.

The lovely Veiled Maiden Sculptural Bust is a replica of a stunning nineteenth century work of art done by Raphael Monti. The elegance and impressive artistic nature of the original are faithfully represented in this detailed replica. This is a beautiful, thought provoking indoor statue that will become a conversation piece and be admired by all of your guests.

Actors and fans of the theater will love a desktop bust of the most famous bard in history. The William Shakespeare Sculptural Bust is a quality replica of an original, nineteenth century work of art by Emile Guillemin. You can also pay homage to Shakespeare with a larger bust of his likeness that also works well as garden statuary.

Get hundreds of high quality indoor statues at Design Toscano


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Egyptian Home Decor Also Includes Busts

Queen Cleopatra Neoclassical Sculptural BustThe bust is an interesting and intimate art form. Instead of showing the full figure of the subject, the entire focus is on the head and especially the face. Although shoulders are also frequently depicted, they are really there to help frame and support the focus of the sculpture. Marble busts were especially popular during the era of the Roman empire but the bust made its appearance much earlier on. One of the earlier known busts is that of the Egyptian queen Nefertiti. Pharaohs, other Egyptian nobility, and many of the Egyptian pantheon were likewise immortalized in bust form. Although that ancient culture died out centuries ago, fortunately, it continues to inspire modern artists to create stunning works of art to this day.

One such work of art is the Queen Cleopatra Neoclassical Sculptural Bust. Modeled after a museum replica, this beautiful bust probably provides an accurate depiction of the real Cleopatra. Polished with a smooth basalt finish, painted with antiqued faux gold, and adorned with a feathered headdress topped with a cobra, this detailed bust will be the centerpiece of any room.

Other Egyptian busts destined to be one of the highlights of any Egyptian decorations collection are the busts of King Ramses II and Queen Nefertiti.

Order these and other stunning Egyptian art items from now until tomorrow, November 15th and pay nothing for standard shipping!

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Angels for the Office from the Basil Street Gallery

Prayers of an Angel Bonded Marble StatueOffice space might be dedicated to work but decorations shouldn't be limited to different colored memo papers. A photo or two can work wonders for making you feel more comfortable with your work space and various types of decor can be used for inspiration. If the employer allows it, statues of angels can work their own little decorating miracles when placed on a desk. Those harbingers of hope raise our spirits on dreary Mondays and other times of duress and can remind us to keep the faith. Get the right angel statues and they also add a unique, beautiful touch to the office.

Strength and determination are expressed on the fierce face and muscled appearance of Uriel the Archangel. Uriel points to challenges before raising his sword to vanquish all evil-doers. Get inspired by this heavenly superhero to overcome whatever challenges are thrown your way in the workplace.

If you look for strength in prayer, put the Prayers of an Angel Sculpture on your desk to help calm the mind and take a pause and search for inner strength. This statue is so peaceful and beautiful that you might want to also get one for  the home.

Order these angel statues, Egyptian decorations, and marble busts for sale from the Basil Street Collection from now until Thursday, September 13th and get 20% off the regular price!

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Every Home Could Use a Pedestal or Two from the Basil Street Gallery

French Neoclassical Griffin PedestalThe ancient Greeks and Romans had some great ideas when it came to decorating. They adorned their temples, gardens, and olive groves with fantastic, lifelike garden statuary. In fact, beautiful, realistic statues continue to look right at home in modern day gardens. They also gave us a variety of architectural ideas, the marble bust, and made use of pedestals to put their beautiful statuary on display.

The concept was a simple one and ends up accentuating anything placed on top of it. Basically, by placing the statue or other object on a decorative column or pedestal, it increases its height, and displays it in a way that can't be missed. The pedestal helps to showcase the importance of anything placed on it and works well for everything from a flower vase to prized Egyptian decorations.

Pedestals for every theme can be found in the Basil Street collection, including the French Neoclassical Griffin Pedestal. It's a fantastic piece all on its own but looks best when used for displaying plants next to entranceways or for adding a touch of green to the corners of rooms.

The Venetian Doges Solid Marble Column is so beautiful that it might outshine the marble bust or flowers placed on top of it!

Save 20% on these, other pedestals, and Egyptian art in the Basil Street Collection when ordering them by Thursday, September 13th!

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Come on Down to the Basil Street Gallery for Indoor Elegance

The Peacock Goddess Torchiere Floor LampDecor takes many shapes and forms but why treat your home to average decorations when you can turn the interior into the classiest home on the block? Such a goal doesn't require quests to garage and estate sales for antique furniture and unique objets d'art. Although no true decorating fan would deny that it's fun to search for overlooked treasures and decor from another era, that just usually ends up taking way more time than most of us have. It's far easier and much more productive to just shop at the Basil Street  collection.

Look inside those virtual doors and you find dozens of breathtaking lamps, unique accent furniture, stunning Egyptian decorations, classic marble busts for sale and more. It's the place to look for exquisite art deco lighted sculptures and lamps like the Peacock Goddess Torchiere Floor Lamp and the Desiree sculpture.

The Egyptian gallery at Basil Street is filled with everything from book-end sets to wall stele and sculptures depicting detailed replicas of paintings that adorn the tombs of the pharaohs.

The accent furniture includes a range of pedestals such as the classic Sous la Vigne Sculptural Pedestal and the Hartwig Walking Stick Umbrella Stand.

These are also the days for shopping at Basil Street  because everything in the collection is 20% off until Thursday, September 13th!

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Basil Street Gallery Treasures for Your Desk

Tatanka, The Majestic Buffalo of the American West SculptureA work desk isn't just a place meant to host a computer, stationary, and other purely work-related items. Ideally, It should also be a place where you enjoy working and inspires you to meet and surpass every challenge. A desk can't do any of this on its own, but when it's decorated with the right type of objets d'art, it it can act as your own personal corner that inspires determination and imagination. In addition to photos of family and loved ones, certain statuettes and figurines are an essential part of "road to success" desk decor. 

Anyone with an appreciation for nature and the American "Wild West" will love Tatanka, The Majestic Buffalo of the American West Sculpture. However, even if you know nothing about Western history and culture, this powerful, bronze-finished statuette will still inspire strength and stubbornness in the face of every challenge.

Another bronze finished statuette that inspires strength and the ability to succeed against all odds is the Spartacus the Warrior Sculpture. With his arm raised in defiance and victory, this detailed depiction of the famed gladiator is a reminder to keep fighting for your goals no matter what the odds may be.

Find these excellent decorations and marble busts for sale at Design Toscano today!

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Take an Additional 20% Off All Indoor Statues on Sale!

Lord Buddha Meditation Altar StatueAt Design Toscano, there is always room in the budget for an indoor statue or piece of art as it seems there is always something on sale!  That has never been more true, as our sale items are now reduced even further with an additional 20% off already reduced items in our Mid Winter Clearance sale.  Whether you are looking for marble busts for sale, or need just a little extra something to finish a room, we’ve got a huge selection available with your budget in mind.

For those that have been waiting for the perfect time to purchase Buddha outdoor statues, there has never been a better time.  This Lord Buddha Meditation Altar Statue serves as an altar with candleholder so that you can create the perfect meditation space in your home. 
Outdoor elephant statues have long been used as symbols of hope and prosperity wherever they dwell, and we offer a huge selection of these symbols.  The Herd Elephant Sculpture is just one example of our selection of elephants that can fit well into any room or gallery. 

If you have been looking for the best time to add symbolic pieces such as this to your home, there is no better time than in our Mid Winter Clearance Sale where everything reduced is reduced even more. Hurry, ends in just two days on January 31st!

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Get These Pieces Before They Are Gone

If you are the type that likes collectibles, then you know the importance of procuring them before they become a rare item.  At Design Toscano, we offer a number of items from busts to sculptures for outside that will please the fancy of every collector. Even better, everything on sale has been reduced yet again!

President Barack Obama Gothic Dragon StatueMarble busts for sale are always unique pieces that will one day mean more from a historical perspective than they already do today.  Something such as our George Washington Sculpture is just one such item.  This piece is not only historical, but Neoclassical as well, and will work in any room of your choice.  As well, it has recently been reduced so this historical marker can work well in any budget for less than $40.

And while we are speaking of Presidents, you may not have considered that gothic decor and Presidents go hand in hand.  But they do at Design Toscano.  This piece of President Barack Obama Gothic Dragon Statue will work in any gothic theme, and also serve as a historical symbol that will mean more after his Presidency.  It has been reduced to clear as it is almost gone, so get it now while it is still less than $10!

Hurry! Our Mid Winter Clearance Sale is starting today, which means an additional 20% off ALL SALE ITEMS!  You can grab more than one with these prices, so hurry now, before they are ALL GONE. Sale runs from January 27th to January 31st!

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Statues Make a Statement Without Saying a Word

Many people go to great lengths when designing rooms in their home to show off their Zephyrus and Flora Natural Bonded Marble Sculpturepersonality.  When it comes to making a statement in your home, you would be surprised how a simple statue cleverly placed can accomplish this task without going into budget overload.  If you are looking for the right statue for the right space, browse our Basil Street Gallery to find the perfect statue that you will feel is made just for your home.

There is no better way to bring a touch of elegance into your home than through memoirs of the Paris Opera House.  Browsing our huge selection of marble busts for sale will give you some ideas if you are looking for ways to show off your Renaissance flair.  This exquisite Mademoiselle de la Danse Sculpture is just one item that will do just that.  Sculpted to reminisce the Paris Opera House, this enchanting piece will certainly make a bold statement in any room she dwells.

Greek garden statues are another way to embody your inner god or goddess.  Whether they are placed indoors or out, those you choose to entertain will certainly be enlightened to a different side of you.  This Zephyrus and Flora Natural Bonded Marble Sculpture is a gorgeous rendition of the celebration of spring that you can enjoy in your home all year long.

Hurry and snap these pieces up now while our 20% off our entire New Basil Collection sale is still on! Ends tonight January 25th at midnight!

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Change the Look of a Room With an Indoor Statue

While you may be happy with the furniture you already have on hand, one way to change the The Veiled Maiden Sculptural Bustlook of a room is with an indoor statue.  An indoor statue doesn’t need to be as bulky as it may sound to you.  Browse our huge selection of indoor statues and you will likely find at least one, if not two that inspire you to change the look of an entire room with just one piece.  We have some in every size to fit every budget as well.  Here are some ideas.

Knight statues to some may sound like something gothic and dark, but you can add a knight to any room and change the tone instantly.  Life sized or table sized, something as simple as a Gallant Knight on Horse Statue will make  bold statement in any room.

A garden angel statue is another way to make a room go from traditional to serene.  Most of our garden sculptures can be used either indoor or out, and are beautiful ways to showcase your more spiritual side.  St. Michael the Archangel Statue will fit perfectly in any space, and create just the tranquility you are looking for. 

This breathtaking Veiled Maiden Sculptural Bust is one of our marble busts for sale that is not an overly religious symbol, but still offers a serene appeal in a very affordable way.

This is just a start to getting your imagination in gear for changing the look of your favorite room.  Stay tuned for more ideas on how to decorate with indoor statues!

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Nothing Says Romance More Than Cupid!

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, there is no symbol more romantic than the symbol of Cupid.  So if you are looking for a way to send a Valentine with a symbolic message that goes beyond the standard Hallmark token, look through the Cupid collection at Design Toscano to get your imagination started.  We have a stunning collection of Cupid accessories that can send a very elegant Valentine’s statement.  Here are some ideas!

Cupid and Psyche: Little Lovers Bonded Marble Resin StatueAn outdoor garden sculpture is one way to send a bold statement on the most romantic day of the year.  Our Cupid & Psyche Grande Sculpture will certainly not leave your Valentine guessing on just how much they mean to you!

Greek garden statues as well are an exquisite way to make the same statement.  Whether you go big or small with your Greek selection, Cupid says it all without saying a word in our Cupid and Psyche Little Lovers Bonded Marble Resin Statue There is nothing more romantic than watching the greek goddess Psyche alight on her fairy wings whilst her angel Cupid hovers by her side.

Another way to make the same statement with Cupid for Valentine’s Day is by purchasing one of our marble busts for sale.  The infamous duo of Cupid and Psyche is beautifully handcrafted in this Cupid and Psyche Bonded Marble Bust

No matter how you choose to shoot Cupid’s arrow this Valentine’s, do so today with our Valentine’s Sale!  Today is our LAST DAY to take advantage of 20% off our entire Valentine’s Collection!  Hurry! Sale ends today at midnight January 21st! 

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What’s New In Our Furniture Selection Besides 20% Off?

If you are in the mood to change your interior design while you are waiting for the temps to warm up to redesign your garden, now is the perfect time to do so.  At Design Toscano not only do we have a huge selection of furniture to help you with your decor, but we are also holding a 20% off sale off all furniture!  With these prices, you can probably pick up a few of your favorite things at once!  Here are some ideas.

Elephant's Majesty Glass-Topped Cocktail TableOutdoor elephant statues don’t have to be restricted to the outdoors.  If you want to bring the wild in during the winter months, you can.  Some of our adorable elephant sculptures double as tables making for not only a decorative piece, but a practical one as well.  As well, elephants symbolize hope and prosperity, and are always a great symbol to have in any home.  This darling Elephant's Majesty Glass-Topped Cocktail Table will make for a great addition to any home.

Nothing adds royalty to any room besides one of our marble busts for sale.  If you have already picked one up but are not sure what to do with it, something practical such as our Tapered Tower Pedestal is the perfect way to showcase your marble bust.

Gothic tables
are also a big hit at Design Toscano, but many people forego these unique pieces because they don’t fit in their budget.  They will now that all of our furniture is on sale for 20% off!

Hurry and grab these or a few of your other favorite pieces now! Sale ends January 15th!

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Why Marble Busts Make Perfect Gifts

When it comes to gift giving, purchasing a marble bust may be the last thing on your list. Cupid and Psyche Bonded Marble BustNobody ever thinks to buy one, as they seem for some a dated concept not applicable to contemporary décor.  The truth is, there could not be anything further from the truth, as marble busts for sale will not only keep your holiday budget on track, but make a gift giving statement that nobody else will.  Here are some excellent reasons why you should consider this unique gift item.

A marble bust seems like an expensive and outlandish thing to buy, but they are much more affordable than you might think.  As well, for those that like the artistic period of the renaissance, a marble bust will make a very elite statement in décor that you can rest assured will not be given by anybody else.

For the romantic on your list, greek garden statues or religious outdoor statues that symbolize love and harmony in a home will be cherished.  These are marble busts that would not likely be a first purchase of a homeowner, due to their extravagant look.  Take the onus on yourself to purchase a romantic gift that your recipient wouldn’t think to purchase for themselves.  Nothing is more romantic than a marble bust like our Cupid and Psyche marble statue

Marble busts are not the most contemporary gift, and that’s exactly what makes them perfect holiday items.  They will add ambience and elegance to any décor, whether that is traditional or contemporary.
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What Is The Neoclassic Design?

The term neoclassic can be confusing to many considering theme selections for their interior design.  There is nothing to be confused about the neoclassic era however, and it is very easy to incorporate some neoclassic elements into any design theme.  Whether you want to go entirely neoclassic, or simple add a touch of neoclassic here or there, it can be very easy to do and will add an instant touch of elegance to any room.

Quai Voltaire Neoclassical BenchThe neoclassic era dates to 1765 French, and is closely connected with the Baroque era.  In this era you can vision sweeping skirts and details in the environment that capture the essence of elegance from this era.  The neoclassic look then is about accomplishing the perspective of purity in clean lines that have roots in the Greece.  An accent piece through a marble busts for sale find is one way to begin with the clean lines of the neoclassic look.

The clean lines of a neoclassic piece or Egyptian tables are not as present in the neoclassic look, as simplicity is what neoclassic uses to achieve its elegant effect.

When you are considering the incorporation of neoclassic into your design theme, you can do so with one or two statement pieces, or create an entire room around it.  The end result is only limited by your imagination.

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Heraldic Lion, Playful Knight and Fairy Mirror

Now that you have begun your gift shopping, you need to carefully browse our marble busts for sale collection for something unique yet surprisingly affordable.  One such item that is just perfect for your friends or relatives that love heraldry and medieval décor, this is the Heraldic Lion of Chiminees Iron Statue.  The statue created from foundry iron is of the lion of heraldry that appears on so many knights’ shields.  He has a bronze finish and is rearing up on a white marble stand over a foot tall.  This is a beautiful and very affordable gift for anyone.

Twin Fairies Mirrored Wall SculptueWe have more items done in foundry iron that would make wonderful gifts for anyone that loves knight statues.  Right now at a great sale price we have a humorous knight called Elmo the Scowling Italian Knight Authentic Foundry Iron Casting.  Initially he sits on your desk rather like a knight paperweight full of himself and then when you lift his face shield, he gives you a nasty look and has great storage space for your pencils and other desk items.  Have you gotten your boss anything yet?

There are more pieces of wall sculpture on sale now, especially for all the fans of our garden fairy statue.  We have brought some fairies inside and infused them with wonderful colorful wings to create the Twin Fairies Mirrored Wall Sculpture.  The mirror is about 17” tall and is surrounded by two gorgeous intricate fairies on either side.  These fairies have fiery wings that spread out in a glorious frame.  This is a great gift, not too large for anyone and now at just the right price.

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