A Magic Wand, Gothic Temptress and a Zombie

There are many great things about our marble busts for sale collection; one thing is that it is filled with many unusual items that you won’t find anywhere else and the other thing is that they’re all on sale.  What says “Halloween” better than a magic wand and the Mystic Destiny Hand Turned Wand is exquisite and on sale.  The wooden wand is turned by hand and perfect for any ceremony.  We also include a black felt bag to keep this lovely piece protected. 

Impaled Zombie Desk Accessory
This is not the time of year for sweet little garden fairies.  Instead we have a wonderful winged temptress for your pleasure.  This is The Gothic Temptress of Time Perpetual Calendar Statue who is as useful as she is “bad girl” lovely.  The lady is wearing only well detailed wings and thigh high boots.  She is kneeling on a perpetual calendar which will help you keep up to date and makes a great gift.

Fun is just another word for many of our Design Toscano exclusive sculptures like our Meerkat statue.  Nothing says fun at Halloween time like the Impaled Zombie Desk Accessory. A 7” long, incredibly detailed Zombie is just lying around waiting for someone to impale him with a pen, pencil or other instrument of torture.  This is a great gift for your boss don’t you think?

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A Drink with the Devil and Mystic Dragons


Devilish Ceramic Face Tankard Mug: The Count Vampire & Beelzebub the DevilAs you plan your Halloween party or other gatherings during this season, you should definitely take time to browse our marble busts for sale collection.  This collection holds a lot more than just marble busts and there are plenty of unique items for entertaining in it.  One example is the Devilish Ceramic Face Tankard Mug: The Count Vampire & Beelzebub the Devil.  These ceramic mugs are just the thing for hot cider in October, the Vampire holds 20 oz. and Beelzebub holds 16 oz. of whatever you’re serving your ghosts. 

Not only does this time of year bring to mind Hallows Eve, but also all other things mystic some of which date back to medieval times.  Just like our knight statues, we have extraordinary dragon collections.  A beautiful piece is the Dragons of the Four Winds Statue with Glass Mystical Power Orb.  The glass orb is encircled by hand painted dragons of blue, green and purple above a castle.  The artist created a small masterpiece here.

We have dragons that are an excellent addition to your garden and are created with the same painstaking detail as our stone garden angel.  A great statue for your yard is the Mystic Dragon Avenger Statue another Design Toscano exclusive by artist Liam Manchester.  The dragon has wrapped his scaly body around an orb and stands over a foot tall from exquisite wings to pointed tail.

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Painted Elephants, a Buddha Bust and a Bank

Many of our customers are elephant collectors and want to have all things elephant in their yards, like our outdoor elephant statues, and in parts of their homes, like our elephant sculpture.  An item that would be a great gift for any elephant collector is our Painted Pachyderms African Elephants Statues: Medium and Large.  What makes these statues so special is not the sculpting (although that is beautiful), it is the African tribal colors that have been hand painted onto each piece.  The medium elephant is 11 ½” tall and the large pachyderm is 16 ½” tall; they can be bought separately or as a set.

Sukhothai Buddha Asian Sculptural BustSculptures of the Buddha, such as our large Buddha statue, are crafted with such spirituality by our talented artists that they create a haven of peace in your home or garden.  One such piece that can sit anywhere indoors or out is the Sukhothai Buddha Asian Sculptural Bust which is over two feet tall.  The artist has recreated this Sri Lankan Buddha in a finely detailed bust of designer resin upon which he has placed a verdigris finish. This would be perfect for a yoga room.

Everyone is beginning to think about the upcoming gift giving season and if you are looking for an intriguing gift at a wonderful price you need to browse our marble busts for sale collection.  For any friend, coworker or relative that is an Anglophile the British Post Box Bank Statue would make a great “Secret Santa” gift.  This small yet detailed replica of a British post box stands 8” tall and is a bank.  It is hand painted in bright red with faux gold trimming, pefect for anyone who collects all things from the UK.

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Greek God Pan and Statue of Liberty

Pan, Greek God of the Forest Statue: SmallDesign Toscano likes nothing more than to bring fun to your décor, be it outdoors like our entertaining Meerkat statue, or the many unique and different statues we have for indoors.  One particularly fun item for any room is Pan, Greek God of the Forest Statue: Small.  Of course, this detailed statue of Pan playing his flute and flitting through the forest is an exclusive and done in high quality bronze.  At about 10” tall, he can play on any table or desk and add a spark of music to a room.

Many of our thoughts are turning toward New York City this week and our marble busts for sale collection has just the right item to remember our country with.  This is the extraordinarily detailed Liberty Enlightening the World Sculpture, a desk sized sculpture of the Statue of Liberty now on sale.  She is over one foot tall, sculpted in marble and makes an excellent reminder of the freedom and liberty that we will never take for granted.

Regular shoppers at Design Toscano know that they can find exquisite, museum quality items in the Basil Street Gallery, but they may not have noticed some of the joyful and fun things in the Gallery as well.  One such item is the Juggling Time Harlequin Jester Sculptural Clock which puts a new twist on the phrase “juggling for time”.  The quartz movement clock sits atop the feet of a joyous harlequin in black and white checked tights, standing on his head upon which sits his fool’s hat.  This would be an unusual gift.

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Beautiful Statues for Indoors and Outdoors

Design Toscano is the place for beautiful statues, many of bonded marble and also many fit Tattoo Temptation Wall Sculpture Collection: Asian Beauty & Floral Seductionfor a desk or study area.  You need to browse our marble busts for sale section to find excellent bargains on a wide selection of statues.  A statue that is at a good price is Themis, Blind Justice Bonded Marble Statue which would make an excellent for someone in the legal profession.  This statue of Themis holding the scales of justice stands 13” high is cast in bonded marble with faux gold highlights hand painted on her sword, scales, blindfold and belt.  It is a piece that would be a lovely addition to any room.

Many of our customers are very fond of our Japanese garden statues, but might not realize that we have a large collection of indoor Japanese and Asian décor as well.  A wall hanging that is sure to create a stir is the Tattoo Temptation Wall Sculpture Collection: Asian Beauty and Floral Seduction.   This works consists of two marvelous female nude wall hangings, one facing front and the other with her back to the room.  Both statues are exquisitely “tattooed” by the artist, one to represent Asian Beauty and the other Floral Seduction.  These pieces may be bought separately or as a set.

Anyone who is even remotely familiar with Design Toscano knows that we have a huge collection of statues for the outside, from our many animals to our spiritual religious pieces.  One large and lovely statue is the Glory Del Cielo Sculptural Angel.  Here is one of our most fabulous replicas; this one is of the statue in Cimitero di Ferrera, Italy.  As the name suggest, this four foot angel is celebrating the glory of heaven and she seems to be communicating directly with God.

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Wall Street Bookends and a Garden Gnome


The Bull and Bear of Wall Street SculpturesThe Design Toscano marble busts for sale section is always chock full of marvelous items of all types and at great prices.  Two timely sculptures now on sale are The Bull and Bear of Wall Street Sculptures.  Wall Street is on everyone’s mind these days and what better gift for an investor than these well detailed depictions of the symbols of the rise and fall of the stock market.  They are done in iron foundry casting, stand on a solid marble base and are each 8” tall.

A popular group of statues are the many various depictions of Buddha we have such as our  popular large Buddha statue.  A relatively new piece to our collection of this spiritual being is the Buddha Reclining Entering Nirvana Statue.  The reclining Buddha is created here hand painted in ebony and faux antique gold.  His glorious robe is accentuated with faux jewels and there is peace surrounding him as he enters Nirvana.

Now is certainly the time to browse through our extensive collection of garden statue gnomes to find just the right one for your yard at a sale price.  While most of our garden gnomes are very busy fellows performing all sorts of domestic and gardening task, one guy is the idea man for the group and this is Einstein the Thinker Garden Gnome.  Well detailed and dressed in traditional gnome fashion with tall red hat and long white beard, this gnome is sitting on a tree stump, next to a toadstool and coming up with amazing thoughts. 

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Sirens, Angel Statues and Gargoyles

Browse the Design Toscano Basil Street Gallery for statues, artwork, wall pieces and more that are of museum quality and in many cases exclusive.  A popular figure is the Baroque Seraphim Angel Statue a replica of an angel from the period of Enlightenment.  The artist, Gian Lorenzo Bemini, was known for creating drama in his statues and this lovely angel is pointing directly to heaven with her eyes focused below.  The piece is finished in verdigis bronze.

Merciless, the Gargoyle Lighted Wall SculptureOur marble busts for sale collection is very large and has items from all different periods and decors.  Naturally these are now all at great prices.  A wonderfully useful and beautiful piece in this collection is the Sirens of the Deep Bonded Natural Marble Urn.  This urn stands almost a foot tall and is created out of bonded natural marble.  The sculpture is of a group of beautiful mermaids living in the deep sea with intricately detailed coral and sea creatures surrounding them.

The collection that we have of gargoyle figurines is at times comic, often scary and always done in exquisite detail.  Gargoyles are posed doing many useful things and  Merciless, the Gargoyle Lighted Wall Sculpture, has one of our most ferocious gargoyles is lighting your way while he guards your castle.  The artist has given us a muscular, fierce faced gargoyle with large wings carrying an orb of light.  A little creepy and yet fun.

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Medieval Sculptures and Furniture

Poison Oak: Greenman Tree SculptureThe Design Toscano medieval décor collection is large and varied, so of course it has something for everyone and is well worth browsing.  The greenmen collection is unusual and intriguing at all times from their fine furniture to the faces in the trees.  One tree face that is a lot of fun is the Poison Oak Greenman Tree Sculpture.  This exclusive by artist Liam Manchester fits right on your tree.  He stares out with a frightening grin on his face that is over a foot tall.  He is all gnarly and twisted and a great conversation piece.  Get him now during our DOG DAYS OF SUMMER SALE running from August 16th through August 20th.

Delving further into our medieval collection, you will find castle walls, dragons, gargoyles and naturally knight statues and other knightly objects.  For those of you who are fans of the Arthurian tales we have the exquisite King Arthur’s Golden Chalice Gothic Sculpture which is depicted in extraordinary detail out of designer resin.  The cup is painted with a metallic gold tone and while it is not for use as a cup, it is an unusual display piece.  You can get one or a set of two maybe at the DOG DAYS OF SUMMER SALE running from August 16th through August 20th.

Our marble busts for sale section of course has items that are already on sale and yet you might get a further bargain on one of those pieces at our DOG DAYS OF SUMMER SALE running from August 16th through August 20th.  One piece that you will want to have in your recreation room or family room is The Lion & Rose Marble-Topped  English Bar Pub.   This comfortably sized replica of an Edwardian style bar has a cushioned rest for your arm and seven panels of mahogany wood finish.  The storage has double doors with two shelves and stemware racks.

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A Black-Backed Gorilla and a Marble Topped Table

Black-back Western Lowland Gorilla Giant Great Ape StatueWe are famous for our extraordinary statues which are not only unusual, but marvelously large pieces for your outdoor space such as the Big Foot Statue.  If you would like a large unusual animal for your yard, look no further than the Black-backed Western Lowland Gorilla Great Age Statue.  Your neighbors will think that this 45” high sitting gorilla is alive sitting in your yard as our artist has made him so realistic and detailed. 
The local zoo might wonder if they lost him.
There is always something that is of museum quality and lovely in our Basil Street Gallery from fine statuary to wall hangings and unique stained glass. 

Market Woman with Basket Yoke StatueAn item that is sure to become one of our most popular is the Market Woman with Basket Yoke Statue.  This statue done by a Ghanian artist stands over a foot tall and is an elongated depiction of an African woman carrying baskets hanging from a yoke on her shoulder.  She is marvelously hand painted and would be a distinguished addition to any collection.

We always encourage you to check out our section called “marble busts for sale” due the amazing amount of beautiful items at great discount prices.  It is not often that you can pick up an item like the Voltaire Marble-Topped Bombe Chest at a sale price.   This outstanding four drawer chest is a replica of a Louis XV antique, carved in exquisite detail out of solid hardwood.  It is accessorized with French style legs and handles.  The verdigris marble top is exquisite.

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From a Lovely Mermaid to a Bust of Shakespeare

Daydreaming Mermaid of Langeline Cove StatueIn our garden statue section we have a collection called “extraordinary” and here is where our exclusive Big Foot garden statue can be found among many other large and very different sculptures.  A sculpture that is truly extraordinary and beautiful at the same time is the Daydreaming Mermaid of Langeline Cove Statue and she is at a sale price. This delicately rendered mermaid is 35” tall and appears to be sunbathing with her hand on her great tail and a peaceful gaze around the landscape.  She is not wearing a bathing suit.

William Shakespeare Sculptural BustMuch in the style and serenity of our large Buddha statue, we have another wonderful statue of peace that will fit in any garden.  She is Mother Nature: Maiden of the Forest Statue rendered in a bronze hue created with style and grace out of designer resin.  This mother nature goddess has feathers in her hair, surrounded by the doves of peace and perfect for a meditation garden.

When you shop Design Toscano you must always check out our marble busts for sale section which is filled with marvelous items at unbelievable prices.  A popular bust at a great price is our William Shakespeare Sculptural Bust: Desktop which would make a great gift for the lovers of the Bard among your friends.  Sculpted in designer resin, this 12” highly detailed bust would look wonderful on a bookshelf or a desk.  Be the first to get this bust and start your Christmas shopping early.

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Unique Statuary

Nature's Nurturer: St. Francis SculptureDesign Toscano has garden statues for every taste and décor from our little gnomes to our Japanese garden statues.  We now have some wonderful statues on a contemporary theme done in solid bronze.  This is our Modern Man Solid Bronze Garden Statue: Urn on Shoulder piece.  This sculpture is done in a primitive style of solid bronze cast in the lost wax method.  He holds a flower pot in which you can place any plant that will enhance your garden.  This statue is over two feet tall and the flower pot can be ordered in different colors.

As always we implore you to shop through our marble busts for sale section to find many beautiful items for your home or garden at fantastic prices.  One such item is the lovely bust called The Cathedral Statue.  This is a replica gallery quality of the Rodin statue of two hands meeting in a union.  It is foundry iron casting with a solid black marble base.

In our collection of stone garden angel and religious figures are some of the most wonderful statues that create an atmosphere of love and serenity in your garden.  A fine example of this collection is Nature’s Nurturer: St. Francis Sculpture.  This incredibly detailed sculpture of St. Francis stands over 3 feet tall and depicts the animal lover surrounded with many animals of the forest while holding a basin of water.  This is a perfect addition to any outdoor space.

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The Ten Commandments, Fighting Gnome and Stained Glass

Ten Commandments Sculptural TabletSome of our most popular statues are those that depict religious figures such as our large Buddha statue.  Part of their popularity is that there is something for everyone, no matter what theme they would like to use.  For those who are interested in a biblical theme, a great item is the Ten Commandments Sculptural Tablets which are now on sale.  These faux stone carved tablets stand 18” tall and have the scripture inscribed in English on one side and ancient Hebrew on the other. 

We have so many garden statue gnomes that there will be room for one in your yard no matter what your décor.  If you have committed to an Asian décor, we have just the right gnome for you, our Far East Garden Fighters Gnome Statue: Ninja.   This adorable, but tough ninja gnome stands 10” high and is armed with a sword and wearing a traditional ninja outfit.  Underneath the mask, though shows part of the traditional gnome face.

When browsing the Design Toscano website make sure to look at all the wonderful things that are available in our marble busts for sale section.  Naturally we have many busts in that section, but also have beautiful furniture to place them on like the Peacock Stained Glassed Illuminated Hand-Carved Pedestal.  The pedestal stands over 3 ft. tall and is beautifully hand carved wood, which surrounds a stained glass rendition of a lovely peacock illuminated from the interior.

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From Tutankhamen’s Shroud to Splashing Tortoises

If you have not been browsing the Design Toscano marble busts for sale collection, you have been missing out on some wonderful things.  These are not just the typical busts of Greeks and Romans, but something from every different culture.  Here you will find The Golden Shroud of Tutankhamen Egyptian Bust Statue.  This large bust is 27” high and is a Design The Golden Shroud of Tutankhamen Egyptian Bust StatueToscano exclusive.  It is easily recognizable as the golden mask so often representing Tutankhamen exquisitely hand painted.

Many people collect elephant statues, elephant designs and artists’ renderings, such as our wonderful collection of outdoor elephant statues.  Some elephant design is very different and inspired from the continent of Africa such as The Serengeti Wall Mask: Elephant.  This wall mask done by a Nigerian artist has a tribal design and is marvelously carved.  It is, of course, hand painted and features faux gems in the design.

There is something soothing yet incredibly cute about a tortoise statue, be it named tortoise or turtle.  We have a very cute water fountain named Three Turtles on a Coral Reef Solid Bronze Garden Sculpture.  This adorable fountain depicts the turtles spitting water out of their mouths as they rest on a piece of coral reef, finely detailed in solid bronze.

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The Statues and Furniture of Egypt

The Egyptian theme for décor is very popular and we have many exclusive pieces of Egyptian art for you to consider in your search for just the perfect item for your home.  Statues of Egyptian women are very beautiful and you might like the Egyptian Harem Consort Statue.  This exquisite lady of the harem is reposing on a long chaise and has a black panther at her feet.  Like most Design Toscano exclusives, she is hand painted.

Royal Egyptian Cheetahs Sculptural Glass-Topped ConsoleUnusual console tables often seem hard to find until you step into our collection of Egyptian tables.  In this collection you will find tables of all sizes, but especially those of a console size in an Egyptian theme.  As the Egyptians adored cats it should be no surprise that this table is the Royal Egyptian Cheetahs Sculptural Glass-Topped Console.  The two detailed sculpted cheetahs, which serve as the legs of the table, are over 4 ½ feet tall.  Their spots and other detail are gorgeously hand painted and they hold up a ¼ inch thick glass top.

Our marble busts for sale section carries many things, but first and foremost it is your place to find busts at a great price.  If you are working on an Egyptian theme, we have several busts that are just right in that décor.  One of these is the Queen Cleopatra Neoclassical Sculptural Bust which is 21 inches high and shows the queen with her cobra headdress.  It is, of course, hand painted and in a basalt and faux gold finish.

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Religious Outdoor Statues and More

Madonna, the Blessed Mother Quality Lost Wax Bronze StatueRemember  the Fourth of July Sale-20% off EVERYTHING-continues through July FIFTH
Now is the time to browse through the most popular of the Design Toscano collection and get a great bargain.  Our religious outdoor statues are incredibly popular and for good reason, they are done respectfully in great detail and help create a peaceful spot in your garden.  The Miraculous Medal Madonna Sacred Garden Statue is a replica of the Italian statue and a Design Toscano exclusive.  She is beautifully hand painted in the traditional blue and white robe and is exquisitely detailed.   The statue stands almost 2 feet tall.

In our marble busts for sale section, we have many more religious statues that would be just the thing for a meditative prayer area in your home.  The Madonna, the Blessed Mother Quality Lost Wax Bronze Statue depicts the Blessed Mother bowing her head in prayer and has an incredibly peaceful feel. 

This glorious bust is cast in the lost wax method and is standing on a beautiful marble base.
Animals are a great part of the heavenly plan for us even if some, such as a tortoise statue, are not as graceful and beautiful as swifter animals.  Another pair of animals that could use a little love in your garden is our Guinea Birds Solid Bronze Garden Sculptures.  These birds are another sculpture done in the lost wax method and are finely detailed.  They have a lovely antique verdignis patina and can be bought separately or as a pair.
Religious Outdoor Statues and More

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Tables: Gothic, Egyptian and More

The Fourth of July Sale (June 28th through July 5th) is a great time to pick up some Design Toscano furniture at 20% off.

 We have furniture of all types and sizes and certainly some of very different décor as always.   In our marble busts for sale section, already on sale, we present the Griffin of Hanover Pedestal with Marble Top.   The base of the pedestal is a hand carved Griffin in solid mahogany with beautifully detailed wings that stands almost four feet tall.   The top is a 1 ½ inch gorgeous piece of marble that can hold almost anything.

Gothic Revival Octagonal Side TableThe Gothic table is always a wonderful piece for any room because it can blend in or stand out depending upon the piece you choose.  The Gothic Revival Octagonal Side Table is a replica of the octagonal tables of hundreds of years ago and is hand carved in hard wood which will blend with any design in your home.  The carving is of cloverleaf tracery arches known in cathedrals in the time period and this table is as strong as it is beautiful.

King of the Nile Occasional TableOur Egyptian tables are sometimes very unusual and almost always very beautiful.   One of the most beautiful in the collection is the King of the Nile Occasional Table.  This table has a base of three legs that boast three different carved images of King Tut and are spaced with a pyramid in the center.  Cast in designer resin and painted in the colors of Egypt, this table adds style wherever it is placed.

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Japanese Cranes, Evil Skull and a Gothic Knight

Outdoor Garden Water FountainsWhen looking for an Asian décor scheme for your yard, the art of the many Asian countries can be mixed to create a wonderful look.  We have Japanese garden statues, Asian gods and many other items from the Far East.  A special look for an oriental theme might be the Large Bronze Crane: Set.  These large cranes are the Asian symbol of peace and can be bought as a set or separately.   The curved neck crane is a little over 3 feet tall and the straight neck crane is three and a half feet tall.  They are both piped to be fountains and are just lovely pieces for a peaceful garden.

For something entirely different, you need only look as far as the large selection of items in our Marble Busts for Sale section.   There are, of course, many classic pieces of sculptural busts for sale, but also some of the more crazy selections.  An example of this is the Evil Skull Jester Wall Sculpture.  This charming fellow is a skull, who is grinning away and dressed in a medieval jester outfit.  He’s fun, but not for everyone.

Many people love the medieval theme, but perhaps without the skull and our beautiful knight statues are just the right thing for this theme.  We have the traditional knights in the usual armor and then we have knights from certain castles and different periods of history.  A very nice piece is the Royal Gothic Knight of Castel Tures.  This is a Gothic Italian knight sculpted with exquisite detail including the rams head helmet and his hand painted tunic in three colors. 

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Marble Busts for Sale and Elephant Sculpture

Nubian Kandake Sculptural BustWhen browsing in Design Toscano, you should never leave without looking at all the exciting items that are on sale in our large marble busts for sale section; it’s not just busts anymore.  One of the most exquisite is a bust though and that is the Nubian Kandake Sculptural Bust.  A “kandake” is a queen and this Nubian queen is cast in designer resin and has been marvelously hand painted in excellent detail for any African décor.

The Herd Elephant SculptureOther African and also Indian statues that add delight to that décor in the yard are our outdoor elephant statues.  One of the favorites of the statues is The Herd Elephant Sculpture.   These are three triumphant elephants standing on garden stones and adding a touch of Africa to your garden.

Everyone loves the Design Toscano Meerkat sculpture of those fun little kats that like to dig around the yard.  So we now have some new little friends to join the kats in your yard and these are our Burrowing Buddies Garden Gophers Sculpture.  These gophers may just take the cuteness award away from the Meerkats as they stick their little heads out of the garden.  This sculpture is two feet long and they are hand painted.

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Fairy, Angel and Dragon Statues

Prayers of an Angel Bonded Marble StatueOur marble busts for sale section is chock full of beautiful items at the best prices so you can decorate without taking out another mortgage.  A prayerful angel can always bring peace and serenity to a room and our Prayers of an Angel Bonded Marble Statue is a great design to do just that.  The sculpture depicts two hands open and within them an angel praying designed in marvelous detail.

Design Toscano’s garden fairy statues are some of the most beautifully detailed sculpture you are likely to see in any décor.  The fairy wings are finely detailed and the individual fairies are joyful and full of life.  One that stands out is the Dancing Fairy Solid Bronze Garden Statue.  This beautiful fairy is dancing on a rock with a scarf and a joyful expression.  She is of solid bronze and has wonderful color.

Benevolent Asian Dragon StatueWe are very proud of our Toscano exclusive pieces like some of our Buddha outdoor statues that shine with peace and grace.  We have other Asian exclusives that add another kind of touch to the garden.  The Benevolent Asian Dragon Statue is over two feet long and his scales and face are finely designed to give off  a lot of good luck as in the Asian tradition.

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Statues of Gods and Dinosaurs

Confucius Garden SculptureDesign Toscano has many statues of many different religions, such as our Buddha outdoor statues.  Many people like to create a meditation garden and these statues from many different religions add to the peace and spirituality of the space.  On such outdoor statue is the Confucius Garden Statue.  This statue is from the ancient Chinese religion of Confuscianism.  This is a two foot, well detailed statue of Confucius with a finish that has the look of ivory and is also a Design Toscano exclusive.

Browsing our marble busts for sale section, you will discover many wonderful statues, busts and other sculpture for great prices.  In keeping with the theme of the god or goddess statue, we have Themis, Blind Justice Bonded Marble Statue.  This is another one of our great exclusive sculptures and is the Greek goddess of justice done in bonded marble and holding the scales of justice made of faux gold.

We love to have fun with our sculptures and to have statues that will make your yard just a bit different from your neighbor’s.  Certainly our big foot statue and large dinosaur statues are a fine example of a little quirkiness for the yard.  If you would perhaps like a slightly smaller piece for a side garden with a little style, you might take a look at our Raptor Skeleton Garden Sculpture.  He is 2 feet long and has the look of an ancient dinosaur skeleton just recently excavated. 

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