Deck the Halls with Gothic Décor!

Decorating for the holiday season is in full swing but you don't have to stick to traditional decor. Whether Emmett the Gargoyle Sculptureinterested in giving your decorations some Egyptian flavor or decking the halls with Medieval home decor, we make those and other creative decorating themes possible with high quality, unique items and objets d'art.

This holiday season, get several sets of three Skelly Claus II Ornaments to hang up on the tree, on the front door, and over thresholds. Use this combination of modern Gothic decor and Christmas as a replacement for mistletoe and to show guests that you aren't going to be throwing any ordinary old holiday party!

Buy wall decor like the Celtic Warriors Sculptural Wall Shield. This beautiful, captivating item makes a statement any time of the year but looks simply wonderful when surrounded by garland and other winter holiday decor.

No Gothic theme would be complete without a gargoyle statue or a dragon sculpture. Why not get both for this holiday season? They also look great during every month but make for fun seasonal decor when topped with an elf hat, crown of mistletoe, or draped with lights. Most gargoyles will play the part but cute little Emmet the Gargoyle will be a hit at any party! As for dragons, try dressing up Desmond the Dragon Statue as one of Santa's tiny reindeer.

Find the best in Gothic and Medieval decor for the lowest prices at Design Toscano.

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How to Find Great Savings on Gothic Tables and Other Quality Furniture Items

Furniture items lend themselves to being functional works of art and this tendency was often shown in Medieval home decor. European royalty and artistocrats dined at beautifully carved wooden tables and Victorian Rococo Faux Leather Wing Chair and Ottomansat on ornately carved chairs that could have just as easily been put on display in an art museum (exactly where many of those original pieces are found today). Although museums are the rightful homes of true antiques from European castles and keeps, artfully crafted replicas add a beautiful royal touch to any home.

To find the best prices on quality Gothic and Medieval inspired furniture this holiday season, go shopping at our furniture blowout page. You will find fantastic discounts on quality furniture like the Victorian Rococo Faux Leather Wing Chair and Ottoman and the Victorian Style Gossip Bench. Both of these stunning items are hand carved from solid mahogany and would look right at home in a stately Victorian mansion.

Save on a set of Toulon French Rococo Armchairs to accompany the Lord Raffles Lion Table for a dining room fit for royalty. These masterpieces of carved mahogany furniture command attention and look almost too good to use!

Shop at Design Toscano for the holidays and find the best savings on high quality Medieval home decor and furniture.

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Egyptian Decorations and Other Unique Ornaments for the Christmas Tree!

The Christmas tree has been a tradition for millions of American and Canadian families for well over a Dragon with a Sweet Tooth Holiday Ornamenthundred years and for much longer in Germany. Originally decorated with apples, nuts, and other small edible items, ornaments on present-day trees can include everything from tinsel and blinking lights to exquisite works of art. At Design Toscano, we take the Christmas tree ornament a step further with truly unique, collectible items that will match rooms decorated with Egyptian Art, Medieval home decor, and more.

Add a Gothic touch to your tree with the Dragon with a Sweet Tooth holiday ornament and the Twist and Twirl Dragon Ornament. Both of these unique collectible ornaments do a wonderful job at blending the mystery of dragons with the spirit of the holiday season. Humdinger the Bell Ringer Gothic Dragon ornament is another fantastic holiday dragon ornament and Skelly Claus will be a hit with your holiday party guests!

To infuse the tree with the beauty of Egyptian decor, get the Icons of Ancient Egypt Holiday Ornament collection. These ornaments are hand painted in the rich colors of the ancient Egyptian tradition and will add to the unique beauty of your tree. Bastet the Egyptian Holiday Ornament also adds elegance to any tree and is a perfect little gift for cat lovers.

Order these unique ornaments and anything else on the Design Toscano site until tomorrow, December 4th and get 20% off!

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Give Your Place a Medieval Touch with Gothic Décor

The Lord Raffles Grand Hall Lion Leg Coffee TableMedieval castles and keeps were decorated with some of the more interesting art and decor. Wall tapestries told stories in beautiful woven form. Paintings were commissioned along with sculptures of angels and other religious outdoor statues. Gargoyles perched on the tall stone walls and beautifully carved furniture contributed to the atmosphere of the castle.

Antique statues and tables that used to grace European castles and manors have become items for display in museums rather than for practical use. Nevertheless, you can still find fantastic Gothic tables, chairs, and even gargoyles on the Design Toscano site.

Get the gorgeous Raffle's Lion Leg Coffee Table to impress guests and live in Gothic splendor. Carved from Mahogany, this beautiful table is distressed just enough to resemble antique furniture. The lion paw legs and carvings of lions and heraldic crests on the sides of this table will make it one of the centerpiece items in any room.

For a truly Gothic touch, put a sculpture of a Raven on the wall of your den. Ravens have been honored for their intelligence and clever antics for centuries and became symbols of the Gothic genre after being immortalized by Edgar Allen Poe. The Raven's Perch Wall Sculpture captures the foreboding, cunning look of this bird in realistic detail.

Get 20% off the finest Gothic items and everything else on the Design Toscano site through Sunday, November 25th as part of our Black Friday Weekend sale!

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Not Sure Which Gifts to Buy? Check Out the Basil Street Gallery!

It's that time of year again when we have to shop for presents and have no idea what to get! It would The Sultans Elephant Sculptural Side Tableprobably be better if our family and friends could just post a list of possible gift items than having us go on an annual quest to find the gifts that they might appreciate. This year, instead of pulling your hair in frustration, save yourself time and money by shopping at Basil Street. To get to Basil Street, you don't need to go any further than the link on our website to this fantastic selection of unique decor and objets d'art.

At Basil Street, you will find everything from beautiful furniture to stunning wall art. Family and friends who have a penchant for sculptural furniture will love the Entwined Mermaids Floor Lamp and the Sultan's Elephant Sculptural Side Table. Both are functional works of art that will provide any room with a fantastic, unique touch.

For people who enjoy religious art, try giving the Saint Michael the Archangel Sculptural Wall Frieze. Modeled after a seventeenth century painting by Guido Reni, this sculpted work of art depicts the famous archangel triumphing over the master of evil.

If by some chance, you don't find fitting gift items in our Basil Street collection, you might find that special gift among our wide selection of animal garden statues and Medieval home decor.

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Gothic Tables for Winter Holiday Parties

Lord Raffles Lion Leg Side TableGetting ready for those holiday festivities that take place in December and January is more than just buying strings of lights and decorations for a Christmas tree. You also need to buy plenty of food and beverages along with appropriately decorated cups and dinnerware. To throw a truly memorable holiday party, though, raise the level of your decor and buy quality, creative furniture. We aren't talking about seats that look like reindeer and tables that look as if they came from the North Pole.

No, the tables that will make an impression on holiday guests and act as treasured items for decades to come are furniture like the fantastic  Lord Raffle's Lion Table. This stunning table is carved from gorgeous Mahogany and at seven feet long, can comfortably provide places for six people. Use it to serve a holiday-inspired repast at your Christmas dinner parties. It can also be used as a desk or artistic furniture that imparts a regal, noble feel to any room in the house.

Match this big table with Lord Raffle's Lion Leg Side Table and Lord Raffle's Lion Leg Tea Table and holiday guests will feel as if they are being treated like royalty.

Find great prices on high quality furniture, Medieval home decor, and garden statuary for the holidays at Design Toscano.

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Gargolye Gifts for the Holidays

It's time to start thinking about gifts for family and friends and for some people, this represents an annual Beware of Gargoyles Garden Plaque with Stakechallenge. While one friend might like everything from furniture to a stone garden angel, there are always one or two people who have much more restricted tastes. If you happened to see Medieval home decor in their place, they might be the perfect candidate for gargoyles. Although that might sound like some odd Medieval curse, it actually refers to one of the most unique and enduring sculptural items in history.

Gargoyle statues aren't just meant to frighten evil away from the thresholds of cathedrals and castles, they also make for excellent backyard sculptures, some of which are downright cute. Take the Picc-a-Dilly Gargoyles Sculpture set for example. This little trio of easy-going, comical gargoyles aren't likely to scare anything out of the backyard but they will put a smile on the face of the grumpiest of holiday visitors.

Match that little trio of imps with your very own gargoyle warning sign and Oscar, the Gargoyle with Attitude statue. Unlike his much more threatening, clawed brethren, it looks as if Oscar might have given up on being scary. The look on his face shows that he makes no excuses for his lazy, carefree attitude.

Find these and dozens of fantastic gargoyle statues at Design Toscano today.


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Twelve Hours to Get 20% Off Garden Statuary Today!

Now that October is over and done with, it's time to start thinking about the winter holidays. Christmas is just Royal Egyptian Cheetahs Sculptural Glass-Topped Console50 days away so it's definitely not too early to start the shopping and making preparations for holiday festivities. Do a little bit each day and take advantage of sales and you should find yourself sitting down with a mug of spiced eggnog instead of doing last minute errands on December 24th. For shoppers at Design Toscano, today happens to be one of those days that should be taken advantage of.

For just 12 hours, everything on our site gets a 20% discount. Why wait to buy stunning Egyptian tables and enchanting medieval home decor when you can get 20% off the regular price today? Get the beautiful Royal Egyptian Cheetahs Sculptural Glass-topped Console for friends or family interested in Egyptian art, animals, or unique sculpted furniture. Finished with faux gold leaf, the cheetahs in this sculptural table are a work of art all on their own.

Order today and save on classy, elegant furniture like the Neoclassical Egyptian Revival Chair or the beautiful Saint Thomas Aquinas Gothic Wooden Bookend. You could also get 20% off an actual, functional Celtic Rosewood Heather Harp.

Find the best in unique decor for any decorating theme as well as unique objets d'art, and animal statues at Design Toscano. Place your order today, November 5th, because this sale only last for 12 hours!

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Last Chance to Get 20% Off New Holiday Gothic Décor

The 20% discount sale on new holiday arrivals only started yesterday but ends today at midnight CST. Don't wait to order any of the beautiful new holiday bonded marble resin garden statuary or unique holiday gift items after today if you don't want to pay full price. Although there are enough items on sale to fit every taste "Death's Door" Dragon Sandtimer Hourglass: Set of Twoand decorating theme, if you have friends or family with a penchant for Gothic items, this is one sale you don't want to miss!

You can save 20% on several Gothic decorations suitable for both the winter holidays and throughout the year. To decorate your desk or mantel with one of the more dramatic and colorful dragon statues, see the Red Devil Dragon Sculpture. Painted with striking blood red and pinks hues, this classic, formidable dragon is a perfect expression of the original fire-breathing, evil scaled monster. Look underneath its clawed feet to see the remains of knights bested by this beast.

Gothic dragons also adorn the exquisite Death's Door Sandtimer Hourglass. Black sand inside this Gothic timepiece empties after five minutes and makes for a magical means of counting out the time while playing card games with friends or cooking a five-minute meal.

For the ultimate in Gothic holiday decorations, get "Skelly Claus II" to hang from the tree! This faux bone skull ornament topped with a Santa hat will be one of the most original tree decorations on the block.

Find the best in resin garden statues and medieval home decor at Design Toscano. Order any of the new holiday items until midnight CST, November 2nd, and get 20% off the regular price!



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Save 25% on Garden Statuary during Our Halloween Happy Hour Sale!

Harvest of Evil Garden Scarecrow StatueHappy Halloween! Today is one of our favorite holidays and we are celebrating it with a a Halloween Happy Hour sale that takes 25% off of everything on our site! Order anything on the Design Toscano site from 2pm to 7pm CST today only (October 31st) and you get a 25% discount. That includes unique spooky decor like our  Gothic Zombie Wall Sculpture, and the terrifying Harvest of Evil Garden Scarecrow Statue.

Shop during the Halloween Happy Hour sale and save big on gifts for the winter holidays. Friends and family who enjoy Medieval home decor will love items like the Gothic Greenman Cast Iron Door Knocker or a detailed statue of a full suit of beautiful, sixteenth century Italian armor.

Get high quality, realistic animal garden statues for folks who appreciate nature and the great outdoors. The Catch of the Day Bear Sculpture captures the hunting technique of a bear with incredibly realistic detail. Put it next to your Koi pond to heighten its realism.

The dog lovers in the family will get a kick out of Buster the Bulldog Sculpture. A must for any English Bulldog owner, his hoard of dog biscuits makes this adorable statue realistic both in terms of appearance and setting.

Order these unique items and anything else on our site from 2pm to 7pm CST on October 31st and enjoy 25% off the regular price!

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25% Off of Garden Statuary for the Next 15 Hours!

Nunsmere Hall 16th-Century Battle Armor CollectionThere are some good reasons for following our blog. One is that you get to hear about Medieval home decor and exquisite items that you may not have been aware of before. The other main reason is because you get to hear about our sales, some of which last for a few days or less. The best sales only last for 15 hours and there happens to be one of those going on today! For October 26th only, you can enjoy 25% off the regular price of anything on the Design Toscano site!

Yes, a whopping quarter of the regular price is removed from the bill towards anything on our site when you place your order during this fifteen hour sale. That includes the captivating Nunsmere Hall 16th-Century Battle Armor collection. Wealthy families and knights of the Middle Ages put armor and valuable weapons on display as symbols of their success and influence. Now you can do the same with this authentic replica of Italian battle armor and swords.

The big discount also turns these twelve hours into the best time to order impressive resin garden statues like the Garden Yeti, Mombasa the Garden Giraffe, or heirloom bronze garden statues such as the beautiful Sunshine Delight bronze statue that shows an innocent little girl reaching to the sky.

Save 25% on these unique items and everything on our site for just 15 hours on October 26th!



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Gargoyle Gifts for Gothic Friends

Emmett the Gargoyle SculptureSome people with friends or family who enjoy all things Gothic have a hard time finding gifts for them. They shop in average stores and the closest thing they find to Medieval home decor are a few old chairs or Halloween decorations. To truly find Gothic gifts, you can't look for them in an average store. You need to shop at a place that excels in unique decor and that's why Design Toscano is the absolute best place for buying gifts with Gothic flair.

If your acquaintances who enjoy all things Gothic are like other people who collect decor that can be categorized as such, they probably love gargoyles. Perhaps the most signature of Gothic decor, their fanged, clawed, intimidating appearance makes for an excellent addition to any Gothic-themed backyard.

You will find one of the cutest, most nonchalant gargoyles in the form of Emmet the Gargoyle Sculpture. Available only from Design Toscano, this little gargoyle is modeled after similar small gargoyles found on Gothic style churches in France.

For a much more frightening display of gargoyle prowess, buy Talysus the Terrible! The outstretched, bat-like wings and sneering grin of this beast make it look ready to pounce at any moment!

Find these excellent sculptures, dozens of other high quality gargoyle statues, and the best in Gothic-themed gifts at Design Toscano.

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Get an Extra 15% Off of On Sale Medieval Home Decor

The Grand Occasion Hand-Carved Heraldic Arm ChairThe kings and queens of Medieval Europe decorated their castles and keeps with ornately carved tables, beautiful chairs, tapestries, and other hand-crafted decor. Many such items are presently put on display in various museums not only because of their value as antiques, but also because they have always been veritable works of art. The nobility of Medieval times could afford to commission works of art and they did so when needing furniture, mirrors, or other decor for the home.

Although the actual items from those days can only be seen in museums, we make it possible to sit in your own Medieval throne and dine at striking, beautifully carved Gothic tables. The Grand Occasion Heraldic Arm Chair looks so absolutely stunning that you might want to just show it rather than sit in it! Be assured, though, that if you feel like resting in this ornate seat, it's just as comfortable as it is intricately carved.

The same can be said about the gorgeous, hand-carved Effingham Gryphon Library Table and the Lord Raffles Lion Leg Coffee Table. Both are true works of art fit to be heirloom furniture.

Save an extra 15% on these beautiful items and every on sale item at the Design
Toscano site from now until Thursday, October 18th!

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Sit Like Royalty in Medieval Home Decor

San Lorenzo Renaissance Cross-Frame ChairChairs can be simple, wooden, seats sans frills or they can be regal, sculpted thrones. Both types of chairs were used during Medieval times but only the royalty could afford thrones and chairs that doubled as sculpted works of art. In modern times, the average person can afford to sit in royal splendor at gorgeous Gothic tables. No need to rest in simple uncomfortable chairs when you can lounge in luxury in the beautiful San Lorenzo Renaissance Cross-Frame Chair. Modeled after chairs that were reserved for nobility and other members of the ruling class in medieval Italy, this striking piece of furniture is made of polished hardwood and shows sculpted lion's heads on its arms. Use it as a throne when watching your favorite shows, playing cards, or entertaining guests.

You can treat your guests like royalty with this authentic replica of the  Lord Cumberland Throne. This solid, wide cushioned seat is regally carved in the Georgian style and has a comfortable, hand-tacked leather cushion. Since Lord Cumberland needed a chair that was equally fit for both visiting kings and queens, he had one spindle carved in the likeness of a king's head and the other depicting a queen.

Buy these high-quality replicas of antique furniture and Egyptian tables between today and Thursday, October 4th, and get 20% off the regular price!

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Dragon Garden Statues or Grim Reapers for Halloween?

Mystic Dragon Avenger StatueHalloween decor can come in many shapes and sizes. In addition to the usual cut-outs of ghosts, spiders, and other scary creatures, zombie sculptures and certain animal yard statues can help transform an average looking house into a lair of horrors. Although many people put dragon statues on display as part of a general Gothic or Medieval theme, they also make for great Halloween decor.

There's no denying the potential for terror with the Mystic Dragon Avenger Statue. Curling around a stone orb as it readies itself to pounce, this dragon displays furious eyes and open toothy maw for a truly menacing look.

The remains of dragons look just as frightening and your Halloween party guests will wonder what you have been up to when they come across the Stoker's Moors Dragon Skull while taking a pleasant stroll in your garden.

While many dragons are scary, most are also mystical and not nearly as terrifying as the very persona of death. Grim reapers take the prize when it comes to terrifying decor and the Ultimate Destiny Gothic Grim Reaper Statue is one of the most disturbing! Guests will also love it when you "welcome" them with a "no trespassing" sign flanked by Grim Reapers.

Order these spooky items, fantastic gargoyle figurines, and resin garden statues by midnight tonight and get them shipped for free!

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Show Your Appreciation for Fantasy with Medieval Home Decor

Horned Dragon Skull Wall TrophyThe fantasy genre has been one of the most popular fiction genres since writers first started penning literature. Beowolf, possibly the oldest known work of English literature, is classic fantasy still taught in modern day English classes. Millions of children listen to stories by the Brothers Grimm in dozens of languages every day of the year. Some of the biggest movies of all time also bear witness to the power and popularity of fantasy.

Many of the fantasy genre works have similar themes and attest to the enduring draw of dragons, magical creatures, and wizards. Perhaps it's because we wish those enchanting, amazing stories were real or because they bring us to another, much more exciting world. Whatever the reason may be for enjoying fantasy films and books, items like gargoyle figurines, dragon garden statues, and Medieval decor aid in bringing those tales to life and help us personify the heroes we read about.

Hanging a Horned Dragon Skull Wall Trophy in the den tells guests what you really hunt for when you go hiking in the dark, piney woods. Display the Sword of Richard the Lionhearted  in a Claw Sword Hanger and they can see the weapon used to "slay" the dragon.

Not to worry if you don't want to be known as a dragonslayer. There are plenty of beautiful Gothic tables and a number of Medieval collectibles to choose from too.

Find the very best in fantasy decor at Design Toscano.

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How to Get $100 off Quality Garden Statuary

Divine Guidance: Praying Angel Garden StatueBackyards look better when they play host to quality sculptures. Just one beautiful stone garden angel can turn the plainest backyard into a place of enchanting peace. Animal statues can bring the dramatic wild side of nature to gardens in the middle of the city and sculptures are an essential part of every decorating theme. Many of our customers already realize this and is why they purchase statuary to add to their garden collection along with giving sculptures to friends and family. If you have ordered decor and sculptures from us in the past, you also know that we like to hold sales and offer our unique items at discounted prices.

Getting twenty and even twenty-five percent off the regular price of unique decor is great but how does getting a gift certificate for $100 sound? Although we can't give them away like candy on Halloween, when you write a review of any Design Toscano item, you might win that gift certificate. All you need to do is write a review about any of the statuary, unique decor, gorgeous Medieval home decor, or other Design Toscano item purchased from us and we enter you into a drawing for a $100 gift certificate. You never know, getting a $100 off a Bigfoot statue might be as easy as writing about your favorite piece of decor.

Find the best in decor for every decorating theme at Design Toscano.

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It's Time to Get 20% Savings on Items from the Basil Street Gallery!

Madame Antoinette Wall Console Table and Salon MirrorThe finest of home decor is found in our Basil Street Collection and starting today and lasting until Thursday, September 13th, everything in this exquisite collection is 20% off! That includes unique decor like the Gears of Time Sculptural Wall Clock. Is it a clock? A work of art? This Steampunk-inspired piece is both and destined to fascinate anyone who glances at it in search of the time.

Basil Street is also the place to find stunning tables, chairs, and furniture fit for a queen. Marie Antoinette probably applied make-up while sitting at consoles similar to the appropriately named Madame Antoinette Wall Console Table and Salon Mirror. The appearance of this ornate, breathtaking piece of furniture is based on antique, French consoles that date back to the seventeenth century.

To accompany that gorgeous console, you could also get the stunning Chateau Chambord Clock. Although it actually does have a quality time piece, you may find yourself spending more time admiring the water maidens, griffins, and other ornate embellishments on this work of art.

Wall sculptures, garden statuary, and home decor destined to become prized parts of any decorating theme are also found in the Basil Street Collection. Buy these unique items, Medieval home decor in the collection, and anything else from the Basil Street Collection from now until September 13th and get a 20% discount!

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Last Day to Receive 20% Off Gothic Tables

Sir Benedict's Library TableThe role of the table is one of basic importance. Like its smaller accompaniment, the chair, tables make it easier for people to reach food, books, and other items. They keep you from bending down to lift those same things off the floor and are a basic furniture item for most American homes. However, tables aren't just limited to providing an easy place for taking drinks and meals. In acting as one of the centerpiece furniture items for a room, they also make statements and can add a big touch of beauty to a home.

Gothic style tables in particular stand out for their beauty. While their modern and minimalist counterparts can highlight a room with delicate elegance, tables a la Gothic look ready to come to life with their big, bold statements. Carved from heavy, everlasting mahogany, they demand attention and guarantee performance for centuries. The carved appearance of the legs, feet, and sides are reminiscent of noble furniture that garnishes the keeps and castles of Medieval Europe. Stunning and beautiful, their rich, royal look tells guests that they have walked into the abode of people with noble bearing.

Find the best in gargoyle figurines and Medieval home decor for the best prices at Design Toscano. Buy furniture today and you can get 20% off the regular price. Sale ends today, August 27th!

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Have You Checked Out the New Gothic Décor?

Yorkshire Hinged Lid Gothic Stool and Accent TableGothic items are truly one of a kind. Replicas of beautiful antique furniture that graced  the halls of Medieval castles, menacing gargoyles, mystical dragons, and stately suits of armor all fall into this category. While some people have this idea that Gothic decorations are a little too dark and macabre to hold a place in their home, they probably haven't seen the dozens of exquisite, classic, and breathtaking pieces found in our catalog.

Take the following new items for example:

  • Yorkshire Hinged Lid Gothic Stool and Accent Table: This beautiful replica of antique 17th century furniture is wonderful to both behold and use. Guests will wonder if you managed to find a yard sale at a Medieval castle on your latest trip to Europe. Use it for writing your memoires, for displaying a gorgeous Tiffany lamp, or for simply demonstrating your appreciation for classic, antique furniture.
  • Beardsley Faux Leather Lion Chair: While this solid mahogany chair isn't a true throne, it's pretty close to being one. The rich, reddish mahogany and jet black faux leather give it a striking appearance and the lion's heads on the arms bestow a proud, royal bearing on this beautiful piece of furniture.
Find the best in Medieval home decor and Gothic tables at Design Toscano. Save 20% on furniture when ordered until Monday, August 27th.
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