Top Rated Statues Now On Sale!

It can be so difficult to find the perfect gift for your favorite gardener.  As everybody has their own tastes and preferences, getting the perfect item can be a challenge.  We can help you take out that guesswork by showing you our Top Rated garden pieces or statues for the home.  An outdoor garden sculpture or indoor statue makes for a perfect gift, and if you are included in our Friends and Family, they’re on sale now too!

A meerkat statue is one that is as adorable as it is different.  This is the perfect gift for the animal lover on your list.  Our beloved Meerkat Gang Sculpture comes in a variety of sizes to meet every budget and will offer a beloved sense of character to any gardener’s space.

Fernando the Chihuahua Dog StatueIf you have an animal lover on your list, our list of Top Rated animal garden sculptures will leave you with indecision on which one is cuter.  Hollywood’s “top dog” can be brought right into the home of your favorite dog lover with this adorable Fernando the Chihuahua statue.  Fernando is also available in a variety of sizes and budgets, so you may even want to get one for yourself!

As well, not only are these ideas among our Top Rated customer favorites, but if you join our Friends and Family list you get an additional $25% off EVERYTHING until Thursday!

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Unique Gifts and Bestsellers

If you have been looking for that perfect gift and are wanting to take advantage of our The Holy Spirit Replica Stained Glass WindowFriends and Family sale, our huge selection can make for a very difficult choice.  One place we suggest you start is browsing our selection of bestsellers.  This huge selection will be a great place to start looking for a truly unique gift, as these bestsellers have already pleased many all over the globe. 

The meerkat is a unique animal that became famous in presentations such as The Lion King.  Both outdoor and budget friendly, our Into the Hole Meerkat sculpture is one that is sure to delight guests of all ages.

Religious outdoor statues
make for great holiday gifts as well.  But if you want to add the gift of spirituality, without going as extravagant as an outdoor sculpture, you can accomplish the same goal with a piece that is as stunning as it is affordable.  The Holy Spirit Replica Stained Glass Window is a piece for either outdoors or indoors, and for under $40 it fits every holiday budget.

Garden gargoyle statues come in all shapes and budget sizes as well. Whether you go with some of our unique figurines, or choose an adorable piece like our wall climbing Gaston the gift of gargoyle is the gift of protection for anyone on your list.

Whether it is a gothic theme that you are interested in, or are looking for that perfect outdoor piece, there’s something in our bestseller list for everyone during our Friends and Family sale!
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Holiday Gifts under $50

If you have been thinking that a garden sculpture might make the perfect gift for the gardener on your list, you’re right!  Many people however don’t think to buy sculptures as gifts, thinking that they are going to cost a fortune.  At Design Toscano, our sculptures come in all shapes and sizes to fit every space and budget.  Here are some ideas for garden sculptures that all come in under $50.

Garden fairies are a delight in any outdoor space, with each one offering their own unique and mystical meaning.  Our Ocean’s Little Treasure fairy mermaid is just one example of an outdoor sculpture that adds a sense of magic to any outdoor pond or garden.  Add an omen of good luck to your gift giving this year with this stunning fairy that is less than $30.

The Meerkat Clan StatueAnimal garden sculptures are also very popular, and anyone that tends to their garden fastidiously will love the addition of a new fur creature to their outdoor space.  The Meerkat Clan Statue is just one example from our huge selection of animal sculptures for the outdoors.

No matter what theme your favorite gardener has in their outdoor space, we have a huge selection of sculptures to match any design.  Whether it is a garden gargoyle statue or a whimsical fairy, we have the selection to meet both your style and your budget under $50.

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What is a Meerkat?

When it comes to choosing outdoor animal statues, you want to choose animals that will not be found in every garden space.  There are a number of animals to choose from, depending The Meerkat Menagerie Welcome Sculptureon the theme you choose.  One furry creature that is seen often enough is the meerkat.  But not many people know its true meaning.  Meerkats are used in a variety of settings, and have been seen as characters in everything from The Lion King to fantasy novels.  A meerkat statue in your home is a way of implementing a wild animal theme, without going as fierce as say, a tiger.  Here are some ways to do so.

Who didn’t fall in love with Timon the Meerkat in The Lion King series?  You can bring Timon right into your own back yard with a meerkat sculpture that creates the scene just perfectly.  If you are looking for something a little more whimsical, Meerkats that hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no evil as you welcome your guests will be a delight for anyone you invite to your home.

For those that don’t know what a Meerkat is, it is easy to shy away from something that looks a little pesky.  However, these adorable fur creatures while they are known for their peskiness, it is this very quality that endears them to all ages.  Invite a Meerkat into your home or garden and create a whimsical enchanting place by doing so.
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A Greenman, a Peacock and a Fawn

Home décor means all parts of the home to Design Toscano and we have beautiful sculptures of greenmen that can be placed throughout your yard and in your home.  A very unusual item is the Greenman Iron Door Plate which was intended to protect a heavily used interior door, perhaps a swinging one.  The solid cast iron plate is 10 1/2” tall and sports a carved greenman face surrounded by multiple swirls, leaves and birds. 

Greenman Iron Door PlateThere is no place better to browse for gift giving this season than through our many varied collections of statues, wall art, reproductions and other unique things.  The peacock is an elaborate bird and certainly makes a great subject for an artist to sculpt.  A glorious statue is The Peacock’s Sanctuary Sculpture which is over a foot tall and hand painted in colorful tones.  He is perched on a small bird bath and watching the world go by with his marvelous tail trailing behind.

We have wonderful and adorable animals that our artists have created of designer resin and hand painted to be as realistic as possible, such as our Meerkat sculpture.  Now we have another adorable animal, but this one is cast in foundry iron and aged.  This unique piece is The Deer Fawn Sculpture and depicts a cute fawn intricately sculpted and standing over a foot tall.

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A Magic Wand, Gothic Temptress and a Zombie

There are many great things about our marble busts for sale collection; one thing is that it is filled with many unusual items that you won’t find anywhere else and the other thing is that they’re all on sale.  What says “Halloween” better than a magic wand and the Mystic Destiny Hand Turned Wand is exquisite and on sale.  The wooden wand is turned by hand and perfect for any ceremony.  We also include a black felt bag to keep this lovely piece protected. 

Impaled Zombie Desk Accessory
This is not the time of year for sweet little garden fairies.  Instead we have a wonderful winged temptress for your pleasure.  This is The Gothic Temptress of Time Perpetual Calendar Statue who is as useful as she is “bad girl” lovely.  The lady is wearing only well detailed wings and thigh high boots.  She is kneeling on a perpetual calendar which will help you keep up to date and makes a great gift.

Fun is just another word for many of our Design Toscano exclusive sculptures like our Meerkat statue.  Nothing says fun at Halloween time like the Impaled Zombie Desk Accessory. A 7” long, incredibly detailed Zombie is just lying around waiting for someone to impale him with a pen, pencil or other instrument of torture.  This is a great gift for your boss don’t you think?

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An Elephant, Fox and Saber Tooth


Ernest the Lounging Elephant Sitting StatueWhile there is nothing really scary about our outdoor elephant statues or the wonderful indoor statues that we have, Halloween brings to mind gift shopping season and you may well have some elephant lovers on your list.  A great gift for the elephant collector is Ernest the Lounging Elephant Sitting Statue.  This stately elephant in a faux bronze finish has decided take a break and sprawl just anywhere you want to put him. 

Our adorable animals are more likely to be fun, like our Meerkat sculpture, than they are to be threatening or scary.  We do have an adorable animal though that might make the scene at Halloween and that is Simon the Fox Garden Statue.  Simon is exquisitely hand painted in red and white fur and a sharp foxy face.  You just know that he looking for someone’s hen house to pillage.

Design Toscano tiger sculpture is absolutely beautiful with its brightly hand painted striped tigers doing anything from napping to prowling.  Now if you want some tiger genre sculpture for Halloween, we present the Saber-toothed Tiger Skull Artifact which is an amazing replica of the skull discovered at the La Brea Tar Pits.  It has a bone finish, is almost 2 ft. tall and would make a great man cave decoration.

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Wall Sculpture: Egyptian, Witches and Tigers

Our Egyptian home décor items are simply marvelous and also are well priced.  You can easily fulfill your love of this décor with furniture, statues, wall sculptures and much more here and stay on budget.  A piece of wall sculpture that is also a practical piece is the Egyptian Winged Caryatid Wall Shelf hand painted in ebony and faux gold.  The Caryatid is carved in delicious detail with wide wings holding up the shelf on top; it stands over a foot tall.  You can buy this impressive shelf as a single piece or save more and buy a set of them.

Witch's Cat Spell-Casting Wall SculptureHalloween season will soon be upon us and now is the time to browse Design Toscano to see what we’ve come up with.  You know we love to have fun with our animals, like the adorable Meerkat sculpture, now find out what we do with ghosts and goblins.  A great sculpture is the Witch’s Cat Spell Casting Wall Sculpture which warns people that a witch is now casting spells.  The witch’s cat wearing the witch’s hat is sitting atop a sign with a spider in a web.  Of course it is hand painted in green, silver and a little red spider.

Our wall sculpture collection has grown and in addition to many pieces that are complementary  all  imaginable décor possibilities, we also have tiger sculpture.  The tiger in question is the beautiful Indochinese Tiger Wall Sculpture.  Like our many other animals, this tiger head is sculpted of designer resin and hand painted with strong stripes and a gold and white mane.  He will cause comment on your wall.

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Greek God Pan and Statue of Liberty

Pan, Greek God of the Forest Statue: SmallDesign Toscano likes nothing more than to bring fun to your décor, be it outdoors like our entertaining Meerkat statue, or the many unique and different statues we have for indoors.  One particularly fun item for any room is Pan, Greek God of the Forest Statue: Small.  Of course, this detailed statue of Pan playing his flute and flitting through the forest is an exclusive and done in high quality bronze.  At about 10” tall, he can play on any table or desk and add a spark of music to a room.

Many of our thoughts are turning toward New York City this week and our marble busts for sale collection has just the right item to remember our country with.  This is the extraordinarily detailed Liberty Enlightening the World Sculpture, a desk sized sculpture of the Statue of Liberty now on sale.  She is over one foot tall, sculpted in marble and makes an excellent reminder of the freedom and liberty that we will never take for granted.

Regular shoppers at Design Toscano know that they can find exquisite, museum quality items in the Basil Street Gallery, but they may not have noticed some of the joyful and fun things in the Gallery as well.  One such item is the Juggling Time Harlequin Jester Sculptural Clock which puts a new twist on the phrase “juggling for time”.  The quartz movement clock sits atop the feet of a joyous harlequin in black and white checked tights, standing on his head upon which sits his fool’s hat.  This would be an unusual gift.

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African Animals, Dinosaurs and an Alien

All of the three items described below are part of our GARDEN SALE

Zairen, the Zebra SculptureWe are pleased to have a large collection of African animal statues that range from our popular outdoor elephant statues to giraffes and hippopotamus.   A wonderfully different animal for your backyard is Zairen the Zebra Sculpture.  Like all of our animals, Zairen is hand painted with his distinctive black and white stripes and of course created in great anatomical detail.  He is almost three feet tall and is a Design Toscano exclusive and part of our GARDEN SALE.

The garden animal collection has many different sections from tropical animals, domestic animals and zoo animals.  However, we are especially proud of our collection of “extraordinary” animals led by our Bigfoot statue.  Dinosaurs are part of this group and a favorite is Boris the Brontosaurus Roswell, the Alien SculptureGarden Dinosaur Statue.  This large, but gentle guy stands approximately 84” tall and is 153” long, so you neighbors will surely believe that your yard has gone way back in time.  This big guy eats leaves and grass and loves your yard; you will love his lower price in the GARDEN SALE.

Our collections are always full of unusual, fun and slightly skewed statues.  Our famous Meerkat sculpture is known for its fun and now we have another statue that will become known for being very different.  How many of your neighbors can say that they have Roswell, the Alien Sculpture in their backyards?  This alien is almost 2 ft. tall and was created by Liam Manchester, one of our artists.  We don’t know if he was created from imagination or actual contact.

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Fun with Animal and Lizard Statues

Sun Bathing Lizard Cast Iron Garden StatueEverything that is a little creepy and crawly can be found in our animal and reptile collection, from the stately tortoise statue to leaping frogs and climbing lizards.  Now is a great time to pick up one of the crawlies in our DOG DAYS OF SUMMER SALE running from August 16th through August 20th. .  One great little guy for your patio or deck might be our Sun Bathing Lizard Cast Iron Garden Statue.  He is done in strong cast iron and sits on a lovely light rock, just sunning away and having a lazy time.

People are always talking about our cute and lifelike animal sculptures which are done in realistic detail and all hand painted, like our Meerkat statue.  We now have a new collection of marvelous puppies in various breeds and one of the cutest is our Dalmation Puppy Dog Statue.  He is hand painted and shows his spots, but the really interesting element is his eyes, they actually seem to be looking back at you.  You can pick up this cute puppy and many other things at our DOG DAYS OF SUMMER SALE running from August 16th through August 20th.

Large animals are certainly a Design Toscano forte such as our giraffes, dinosaurs and outdoor elephant statues.  We also have one that perhaps is not quite as majestic, but extremely eye catching.  This is our Bad Intentions Giant Warthog Garden Statue who stands 27” tall and has the eyes of a gargoyle.  He has a long snout and great horns and while not the prettiest thing in the garden, he’ll be the most discussed.  Get him at our DOG DAYS OF SUMMER SALE running from August 16th through August 20th.

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A Dachshund, a Monkey and a Castle Lion Sculpture

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Black Dachshund Puppy Dog StatueAnimals, animals and more animals, that’s what we have at Design Toscano and they are incredibly realistically sculpted, painted and fun, like all of our Meerkat sculpture.  We now have a great collection of various breeds of dogs and one of the cutest is the Black Dachshund Puppy Statue.  The black dachshund is one of the most attractive of the breed and the artist has done him justice with his hand painted black coat and adorable tan face and feet.  He is so detailed and cute that you expect him to wag his tail and give a little bark.

Beaumaris Castle Lion SculptureAnimals of the jungle and of Africa are not usually seen in the suburban back yard, but many happy customers have found a home for our outdoor elephant statues.  Like these authentic statues we have also created Makokou the Climbing Monkey Statue, who is climbing a 21” hemp rope and hanging on with his marvelously lifelike carved hands and feet.  Of course, not only is he hand-painted, he’s also an exclusive.

Another popular collection of animals, dragons and gargoyles are those that are in our medieval section with tall standing knight statues and wonderfully decorated shields.  A statue that is a standout in medieval style is the Beaumaris Castle Lion Sculpture now on sale.  This statuesque lion stands over 31 inches tall and is holding a shield with the crest of (what else) a lion.  The lion figure is finished in a light tan and his shield and stand are done in a stone gray.  Let him guard your castle.
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Interesting Animal Sculpture from Gators to Skunks

Fearless Floating Gator SculptureAt Design Toscano, you can find every animal and reptile that you would like to place in an outdoor space or in a fountain pool or koi pond.  Our tortoise statue is a great one to place roaming the yard and another that might scare your neighbors is our Fearless Floating Gator Sculpture.  Yes, this lively looking gator actually floats and you can place him in any water structure.  He is over 3 ft. long has sharp teeth glistening in his open mouth, perhaps looking for some lunch.  He will cause comment.

Our animals from Africa are like no other in size, detail and realism, a fine example of which is our popular outdoor elephant statues.  Another statue that would look great in a garden with the elephants is our South African Rhino Garden Sculpture.  As with all our animal sculpture this great guy is hand painted and looks like he just walked into your yard.  He has gleaming horns and even the wrinkling on his legs look real.
Not all of our animals are large or dangerous looking, some are just extraordinarily cute.  The popular Meerkat sculpture is one of the cutest and now there is a new guy in town, Stinky the Striped Skunk Statue.  You may ask how a skunk can be cute, but one look at the adorable face on this well detailed statue will win your heart.  Fortunately, he also does not spray anything stinky in your yard.

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An Extraordinary Statue and Cute Kittens

This weekend starting August 5th through the August 7th , we have a Free Shipping Weekend of anything over $75.00. Make this the time to get those items you’ve been wanting.

Kitten Kaboodle Cat Welcome SignWe have a section called “extraordinary” garden statues wherein we have such pieces as the Big Foot garden statue, the dinosaur statues and several other outdoor statues that defy definition.  An interesting piece in this collection is the Harvest of Evil Garden Scarecrow Statue.  As harvest time is coming up and we have our free delivery sale, now is the time to take a look at this scarecrow with a skull for a head and something of a lizard, zombie-like body.  He is dressed like any scarecrow and is sculpted in haunting detail and hand painted.

You know that you have wanted to pick up some of our reptile sculpture such as our tortoise statue and now is the perfect time to add something slimy and cute to your garden.  Our Stacked Frogs Cast Iron Statue is just the thing.  These adorable four frogs of cast iron are stacked one upon the other making the statue 10” high.  They are finished in a green patina and are an exclusive.

So many of our little animals are so cute and have so much personality such as our popular Meerkat sculpture.  Many people love kittens and we have the purrfect welcome sign for them.  The Kitten Kaboodle Cat Welcome Sign is a sculpture of five adorable kittens done in the fine animal sculpture detail that our artists are known for and are hand painted.  This is a 360 sculpture and when looking at them from behind you can see their tails a wagging.  They are peeking over the top of a handsome WELCOME sign.

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More Meerkats, Bigfoot and a Crazy Parrot

The Meerkat Clan StatueSome of our most popular and playful pieces are those of Meerkat sculpture.  There is just something about the way these joyful animals are sculpted that just make you want to take them home and give them a place of honor in your yard.  A very popular piece is The Meerkat Clan Statue.  Here are three members of the clan posing on a large piece of tree branch as if they were posing for a family portrait.  They are lovingly hand painted and totally adorable.

In many of our blog posts we have mentioned the Big Foot garden statue in relation to other extraordinary statues that we have, but this one is all about him.  Our piece, Big Foot, the Garden Yeti Statue: Large, is a Design Toscano exclusive and this is the only place you will find him.  While the rest of the world goes searching for the Yeti, you can have a sculpture of him in your yard that is over 2 ft. tall.  Like all of our exclusives he is finely detailed and of course, hand painted.
When we say we have sculptures for outside don’t think that it just means the average Greek gods and wonderful fountains (although we have many of these).  We also like to think a little bit out of the box and so we bring to you our Polly in Paradise Parrot Sculpture on Ring Perch: Large.  If you want to give a tropical touch to your yard or patio, Polly is just the thing.  She is 17 ½ in. tall and swings from her own perch.  Finely detailed in designer resin, she is hand painted in all the tropical colors.

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A Life Sized Knight

Medieval Knight of the Round Table Life-Size StatueFrom gargoyles, dragons, Gothic creatures and knight statues, we have an extensive collection of items in the medieval theme.  We have small knights that can play chess and for something just a bit larger we have the Medieval Knight of the Round Table Life-size Statue.  That’s right this six foot knight might even be taller than you are.  Wearing 16th Century Italian armor and chain mail and of course, carrying a large sword, he will protect you against anyone in your castle.

The Asian collection at Design Toscano is comparable to none with beautiful Japanese garden statue and pagoda shaped sculpture to depictions of Asian gods.  A beautiful bust for a home with Asian décor is The Asian Goddess Yuan-Yin Sculptural Bust.  This peaceful and finely detailed sculpture depicts Yuan-Yin with a serene and tranquil facial expression and would be a great addition to a mediation area or perhaps a yoga room.

Our animal statues vary from the serene mother lion with her cub to the quirky and fun Meerkat statue that are always playing and goofing around.  If you think your yard is more fun than a barrel of monkeys you definitely need the Hanging Jungle Monkey Statue.  This monkey is 37” from his fingertips to his toes.  He is swaying on one arm and is so realistic you’ll want to hide your bananas.

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Religious Outdoor Statues and Meerkats

Jesus Loves the Little Children Garden Sculpture: The Smiling Christ StatueWe have so many serene and beautiful religious outdoor statues that you must browse them all and you will surely find something to suit you.  If you are looking for something that represents a family image, the Jesus Loves the Little Children Garden Sculpture: The Smiling Christ Statue is just the right item.  The artist depicts Jesus holding young children from the scripture calling the little children to Him.  The statue is 2 feet tall and done in a stone finish in exquisite detail.

Design Toscano has angels in all shapes and sizes and the especially wonderful stone garden angel is that done of children.  Every child has a picture in their mind of their guardian angel and we have a sculpture that just might match that piece of imagination.  This is the Guardian Angel Child’s Prayer Garden Statue which is a 34” high with beautiful angel looking at the praying child and Guardian Angel Child's Prayer Garden Statuepointing to heaven.  This is a lovely piece if you have children who wonder what their guardian angel looks like.

We have many families in our collections from mischievous children to adorable animals and there is none as popular as our Meerkat sculpture.  The Meerkat family is depicted many different ways, but they are all together in the Meerkat Family at the Waterhole Garden Fountain.  This wonderful fountain is set in a rocky area with water cascading from the top to the waterhole below and surrounded by Meerkats, the family together on one side and some adventurous fellows on the other side. 

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For Fun in Your Garden: Gnomes and Cubs

Your garden should have some element of fun and cuteness in it and we can supply that for you in spades.  Our garden statue gnomes are great fun and are always doing something different, but usually useful.  We have the gnome cook in our What’s for Dinner? Garden Gnome Statue.  As we all know, gnomes love to eat and here is the guy that puts the food on the table.  He is a typical gnome with a pointed red hat and long beard, but he is wearing an apron and holding a picture of tonight’s dinner.  It looks good to his puppy friend.

Lioness with Cub StatueSome of our animals are cute whether they are adult or babies, like our Meerkat sculpture.  When it comes to the lion in the jungle, however, we don’t often see them in a cute or sentimental pose.  We do have one here in the Lioness with Cub Statue.  The mother lioness is taking her wayward cub home where he will be safe and can get his dinner, just like any thoughtful mom.  The lioness and cub are well detailed in sculpture and realistically hand painted.  The cub is cute as can be.

The Design Toscano wild animal statue collection is second to none and some of the most beautiful of them all are our tiger sculpture.  The Grand-Scale Wildlife Animal Collection: Sitting Tiger Cub Statue is tall and brave, but also unbelievably cute with his hand painted coat and lovely face.

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Fun Statues: Bigfoot and Meerkats

Bigfoot, the Bashful Yeti Tree SculptureRemember the Fourth of July 20% off everything Sale continues until July 5

Every yard needs a bit of fun and if you are a Design Toscano fan you know that we have the statues that provide that.  One of our most unusual and talked about statues is Bigfoot, the Bashful Yeti Tree Sculpture.  This sculpture is a Design Toscano exclusive representation of Bigfoot created to appear is if he is hiding behind a tree in your yard.  Imagine what your neighbors might think if they look out onto your yard at night.  He is fun.

Gone Fishing Garden Gnome StatueSome of our garden statues gnomes are mystical and serene, but most of them are just plain fun and a great addition to any yard no matter what the theme.  Just right for the summertime is the Gone Fishing Garden Gnome Statue, who is a gnome with the usual pointed red hat and long white beard; he is holding a fishing rod and pulling up his catch with his dog beside him to help.  He would look great near a little koi pond.

Everything is fun about a Meerkat statue as our artists depict their cute faces and adorable antics. A great statue is the Kalahari Meerkat Statue:  Out of the Hole in which a cute Meerkat is poking his head out of the hole that he has just dug in your garden.  Like all of our animal statues, he is exquisitely hand painted.
Fourth of July Sale
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Cute Bear Cubs and Elephant Sculpture

Many people have collections of elephant statues and those who feel they bring good luck gather all sizes, from outdoor elephant statues to smaller pieces in their indoor décor.  To be sure of good luck, we present our Elephants of Fortune Sculpture which are shown in a golden finish with raised trunks for good luck.  These three elephants are sculpted in great detail and stand about a foot and a half stacked upon each other.

Ragnar: Garden Dancer Troll StatueWe pride ourselves on having unusual statues such as our Big Foot sculpture and prehistoric animal sculpture.  One that you won’t see in every garden is the Rangar: Garden Dancer Troll Statue.  This big bellied troll is having a good time dancing in the garden and looking as different as anything.  He’s over a foot tall, is beautifully hand painted and is a Design Toscano exclusive, of course.

Cute animals have a place in every yard and garden.  Certainly our popular Meerkat sculpture always has a home in someone’s yard as do our silly gophers and adorable tiger cubs.  Now welcome another cute animal to the group, this is our Mischievous Bear Cubs Sculpture.  These two little bear cubs are trying to find their balance on a log and holding on with bear claws.  They are well detailed and as always, beautifully hand painted. 

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