An Extraordinary Statue and Cute Kittens

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Kitten Kaboodle Cat Welcome SignWe have a section called “extraordinary” garden statues wherein we have such pieces as the Big Foot garden statue, the dinosaur statues and several other outdoor statues that defy definition.  An interesting piece in this collection is the Harvest of Evil Garden Scarecrow Statue.  As harvest time is coming up and we have our free delivery sale, now is the time to take a look at this scarecrow with a skull for a head and something of a lizard, zombie-like body.  He is dressed like any scarecrow and is sculpted in haunting detail and hand painted.

You know that you have wanted to pick up some of our reptile sculpture such as our tortoise statue and now is the perfect time to add something slimy and cute to your garden.  Our Stacked Frogs Cast Iron Statue is just the thing.  These adorable four frogs of cast iron are stacked one upon the other making the statue 10” high.  They are finished in a green patina and are an exclusive.

So many of our little animals are so cute and have so much personality such as our popular Meerkat sculpture.  Many people love kittens and we have the purrfect welcome sign for them.  The Kitten Kaboodle Cat Welcome Sign is a sculpture of five adorable kittens done in the fine animal sculpture detail that our artists are known for and are hand painted.  This is a 360 sculpture and when looking at them from behind you can see their tails a wagging.  They are peeking over the top of a handsome WELCOME sign.

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More Meerkats, Bigfoot and a Crazy Parrot

The Meerkat Clan StatueSome of our most popular and playful pieces are those of Meerkat sculpture.  There is just something about the way these joyful animals are sculpted that just make you want to take them home and give them a place of honor in your yard.  A very popular piece is The Meerkat Clan Statue.  Here are three members of the clan posing on a large piece of tree branch as if they were posing for a family portrait.  They are lovingly hand painted and totally adorable.

In many of our blog posts we have mentioned the Big Foot garden statue in relation to other extraordinary statues that we have, but this one is all about him.  Our piece, Big Foot, the Garden Yeti Statue: Large, is a Design Toscano exclusive and this is the only place you will find him.  While the rest of the world goes searching for the Yeti, you can have a sculpture of him in your yard that is over 2 ft. tall.  Like all of our exclusives he is finely detailed and of course, hand painted.
When we say we have sculptures for outside don’t think that it just means the average Greek gods and wonderful fountains (although we have many of these).  We also like to think a little bit out of the box and so we bring to you our Polly in Paradise Parrot Sculpture on Ring Perch: Large.  If you want to give a tropical touch to your yard or patio, Polly is just the thing.  She is 17 ½ in. tall and swings from her own perch.  Finely detailed in designer resin, she is hand painted in all the tropical colors.

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A Life Sized Knight

Medieval Knight of the Round Table Life-Size StatueFrom gargoyles, dragons, Gothic creatures and knight statues, we have an extensive collection of items in the medieval theme.  We have small knights that can play chess and for something just a bit larger we have the Medieval Knight of the Round Table Life-size Statue.  That’s right this six foot knight might even be taller than you are.  Wearing 16th Century Italian armor and chain mail and of course, carrying a large sword, he will protect you against anyone in your castle.

The Asian collection at Design Toscano is comparable to none with beautiful Japanese garden statue and pagoda shaped sculpture to depictions of Asian gods.  A beautiful bust for a home with Asian décor is The Asian Goddess Yuan-Yin Sculptural Bust.  This peaceful and finely detailed sculpture depicts Yuan-Yin with a serene and tranquil facial expression and would be a great addition to a mediation area or perhaps a yoga room.

Our animal statues vary from the serene mother lion with her cub to the quirky and fun Meerkat statue that are always playing and goofing around.  If you think your yard is more fun than a barrel of monkeys you definitely need the Hanging Jungle Monkey Statue.  This monkey is 37” from his fingertips to his toes.  He is swaying on one arm and is so realistic you’ll want to hide your bananas.

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Religious Outdoor Statues and Meerkats

Jesus Loves the Little Children Garden Sculpture: The Smiling Christ StatueWe have so many serene and beautiful religious outdoor statues that you must browse them all and you will surely find something to suit you.  If you are looking for something that represents a family image, the Jesus Loves the Little Children Garden Sculpture: The Smiling Christ Statue is just the right item.  The artist depicts Jesus holding young children from the scripture calling the little children to Him.  The statue is 2 feet tall and done in a stone finish in exquisite detail.

Design Toscano has angels in all shapes and sizes and the especially wonderful stone garden angel is that done of children.  Every child has a picture in their mind of their guardian angel and we have a sculpture that just might match that piece of imagination.  This is the Guardian Angel Child’s Prayer Garden Statue which is a 34” high with beautiful angel looking at the praying child and Guardian Angel Child's Prayer Garden Statuepointing to heaven.  This is a lovely piece if you have children who wonder what their guardian angel looks like.

We have many families in our collections from mischievous children to adorable animals and there is none as popular as our Meerkat sculpture.  The Meerkat family is depicted many different ways, but they are all together in the Meerkat Family at the Waterhole Garden Fountain.  This wonderful fountain is set in a rocky area with water cascading from the top to the waterhole below and surrounded by Meerkats, the family together on one side and some adventurous fellows on the other side. 

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For Fun in Your Garden: Gnomes and Cubs

Your garden should have some element of fun and cuteness in it and we can supply that for you in spades.  Our garden statue gnomes are great fun and are always doing something different, but usually useful.  We have the gnome cook in our What’s for Dinner? Garden Gnome Statue.  As we all know, gnomes love to eat and here is the guy that puts the food on the table.  He is a typical gnome with a pointed red hat and long beard, but he is wearing an apron and holding a picture of tonight’s dinner.  It looks good to his puppy friend.

Lioness with Cub StatueSome of our animals are cute whether they are adult or babies, like our Meerkat sculpture.  When it comes to the lion in the jungle, however, we don’t often see them in a cute or sentimental pose.  We do have one here in the Lioness with Cub Statue.  The mother lioness is taking her wayward cub home where he will be safe and can get his dinner, just like any thoughtful mom.  The lioness and cub are well detailed in sculpture and realistically hand painted.  The cub is cute as can be.

The Design Toscano wild animal statue collection is second to none and some of the most beautiful of them all are our tiger sculpture.  The Grand-Scale Wildlife Animal Collection: Sitting Tiger Cub Statue is tall and brave, but also unbelievably cute with his hand painted coat and lovely face.

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Fun Statues: Bigfoot and Meerkats

Bigfoot, the Bashful Yeti Tree SculptureRemember the Fourth of July 20% off everything Sale continues until July 5

Every yard needs a bit of fun and if you are a Design Toscano fan you know that we have the statues that provide that.  One of our most unusual and talked about statues is Bigfoot, the Bashful Yeti Tree Sculpture.  This sculpture is a Design Toscano exclusive representation of Bigfoot created to appear is if he is hiding behind a tree in your yard.  Imagine what your neighbors might think if they look out onto your yard at night.  He is fun.

Gone Fishing Garden Gnome StatueSome of our garden statues gnomes are mystical and serene, but most of them are just plain fun and a great addition to any yard no matter what the theme.  Just right for the summertime is the Gone Fishing Garden Gnome Statue, who is a gnome with the usual pointed red hat and long white beard; he is holding a fishing rod and pulling up his catch with his dog beside him to help.  He would look great near a little koi pond.

Everything is fun about a Meerkat statue as our artists depict their cute faces and adorable antics. A great statue is the Kalahari Meerkat Statue:  Out of the Hole in which a cute Meerkat is poking his head out of the hole that he has just dug in your garden.  Like all of our animal statues, he is exquisitely hand painted.
Fourth of July Sale
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Cute Bear Cubs and Elephant Sculpture

Many people have collections of elephant statues and those who feel they bring good luck gather all sizes, from outdoor elephant statues to smaller pieces in their indoor décor.  To be sure of good luck, we present our Elephants of Fortune Sculpture which are shown in a golden finish with raised trunks for good luck.  These three elephants are sculpted in great detail and stand about a foot and a half stacked upon each other.

Ragnar: Garden Dancer Troll StatueWe pride ourselves on having unusual statues such as our Big Foot sculpture and prehistoric animal sculpture.  One that you won’t see in every garden is the Rangar: Garden Dancer Troll Statue.  This big bellied troll is having a good time dancing in the garden and looking as different as anything.  He’s over a foot tall, is beautifully hand painted and is a Design Toscano exclusive, of course.

Cute animals have a place in every yard and garden.  Certainly our popular Meerkat sculpture always has a home in someone’s yard as do our silly gophers and adorable tiger cubs.  Now welcome another cute animal to the group, this is our Mischievous Bear Cubs Sculpture.  These two little bear cubs are trying to find their balance on a log and holding on with bear claws.  They are well detailed and as always, beautifully hand painted. 

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Marble Busts for Sale and Elephant Sculpture

Nubian Kandake Sculptural BustWhen browsing in Design Toscano, you should never leave without looking at all the exciting items that are on sale in our large marble busts for sale section; it’s not just busts anymore.  One of the most exquisite is a bust though and that is the Nubian Kandake Sculptural Bust.  A “kandake” is a queen and this Nubian queen is cast in designer resin and has been marvelously hand painted in excellent detail for any African décor.

The Herd Elephant SculptureOther African and also Indian statues that add delight to that décor in the yard are our outdoor elephant statues.  One of the favorites of the statues is The Herd Elephant Sculpture.   These are three triumphant elephants standing on garden stones and adding a touch of Africa to your garden.

Everyone loves the Design Toscano Meerkat sculpture of those fun little kats that like to dig around the yard.  So we now have some new little friends to join the kats in your yard and these are our Burrowing Buddies Garden Gophers Sculpture.  These gophers may just take the cuteness award away from the Meerkats as they stick their little heads out of the garden.  This sculpture is two feet long and they are hand painted.

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Animal and Reptile Sculpture

Vanishing Vision Cheetah SculptureWe are known for own our incredible lifelike animal sculptures like our tiger sculpture which are done in dynamic detail showing all the animalistic musculature.  One of our animal sculptures is done three dimensionally with a faux bronze finish and that is the Vanishing Vision Cheetah Sculpture.  The artist has sculpted an image that captures the speed of the cheetah and shows wonderful detail of his body.  This marvelous sculpture is now on sale and would make a great gift.

Parade of Pachyderms SculptureYou should never skip our Basil Street Gallery when looking for interesting and well-designed items to accessorize your home décor.  Among the sculpture that would dress up a table nicely, y take a look at the Parade of Pachyderms Sculpture.  This sculpture of five elephants, one large one and four smaller one, depicts the elephants scampering a little with their trunks raised.  Every piece was hand painted and creates the true look of the African elephant.

One of the favorites of Design Toscano is our Meerkat sculpture of these playful cats in many interesting poses.  Another sculpture that we have that may soon also become a favorite is  Iggy is hand painted in several iguana colors that highlight his changeability and he has been extraordinarily well detailed such that people looking at him will be waiting for him to move.

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Greenmen, Meerkats, and Turtles: All So Cute

Forest Spirits Greenmen Goblet Collection: Grendel the Green and Lady of LeafThere is always something new and fun in our greenmen collection.  This collection is inspired by the trees and leaves all around us.  If you are in the market for a nice gift, the Forest Spirits Greenmen Goblet Collection: Grendel the Green and Lady of Leaf is a beautiful set of goblets that would suit any gift giving moment.   The sculptural work is done in detailed designer resin, but it surrounds stainless steel removable dishwasher safe inserts.

The Meerkats are always popular because they are so cute and charming.  They always seem to be enjoying themselves at whatever they do.  A very nice example of this is the Meerkat statue entitled Mother and Pup Meerkat Sculpture.  This sculpture is done with our usual lifelike animal sculpture style in quality resin with hand painted fur and facial details.

Sea Turtles Bronze Garden SculptureAmong our wonderful animal statues we have a nice collection of turtles and tortoise statue.  One of the cutest is done in bronze and is piped for use as a fountain or in a pond.  These are the Sea Turtles Bronze Garden Sculpture depicting two swimming turtles cast in solid bronze and spouting water.

Now through June 4 is our Fountain Sale!  Take advantage of great savings!

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Quirky Animal Statues

Three's a Crowd Stacked Turtle StatueDesign Toscano is proud of its fun Meerkat sculpture and now we have one that brings the fun inside your home as well as in the yard.  Our Meerkat Clan Sculptural Glass-Topped side table is absolutely the best piece to bring the Meerkat joy indoors.  This table has our favorite well sculpted Meerkat clan, two standing and one lying down, under a tree on which a 18 ½" beveled glass top rests.  A great place for cocktails and snacks and hopefully the Kats won't grab any.

A tortoise statue is usually a sedate item as tortoises and turtles tend to do everything at a pretty slow pace.  However, we do have a statue where the turtles decided to have a little fun.  This is our Three's a Crowd Stacked Turtle Statue.  It appears that the big man of this turtle family has gained some baggage with two smaller turtles riding on his back in a turtle stack.  These guys are so lifelike you will expect them to move at any moment and the wonderful hand painted design on their shells will definitely cause comment.

The Hear-No, See-No, Speak-No Evil ElephantsOur outdoor elephant statues are second to none and designers are creating new and playful ideas for these pachyderms.  A great one is The Hear-No, See-No, Speak-No Evil Elephants another stack of outdoor animals from Design Toscano.  These are the lucky elephants with their trunks up, piled upon one another covering their eyes or ears or mouth.

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The X Factor in Décor

Décor at Design Toscano can be simple and elegant but it can also be a little on the quirky side of decoration.  Our crazy meerkat sculpture is a fine example of the different side of outdoor décor.  We believe that you will find The Raven's Perch Zombie Statue to be a bit out of the ordinary, but perhaps ideally suited for your home.  This nightmare in your yard was hand painted by artist Gary Chang to depict a zombie hand rising from underground.  A strikingly realistic raven has found this hand to be a perfect place to perch.  Of course, this is a Design Toscano exclusive.

Perseus Beheading Medusa Bonded Marble StatueSince you know you would never find this anywhere else, this entry in our gargoyle figurines is a Design Toscano exclusive.  He is the Legend of the Cambridge Hopping Gargoyle Sculpture.  The mystery story to this figure is that there was a "hopping creature" that left gargoyle tracks (if we know what those are) outside Cambridge, England.  He was never seen, but our artist, Richard Warsin, designed this wonderful figure with a smirky smile and glint in his eye as what he imagined the Cambridge gargoyle would look like.

We have some many interesting items in our marble busts for sale section that it is hard to highlight just one.  However, if any statue ever had the X factor it is the Perseus Beheading Medusa Bonded Marble Statue. When looking for a beheading statue, nothing is cleaner and more realistically sculpted than this table top conversation piece now on sale.

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Tables: Just a Little Bit Different

The Kasbah Camel Sculptural Side TableTables are necessary in all parts of the home, inside and outside and also come in many different designs.  There are simple tables which are just wood or acrylic with four legs and a top, but for a unique table you need to come to Design Toscano.  In our Egyptian tables collection, we have many diverse tables such as the Kabash Camel Sculptural Side Table.  This sculpture of a kneeling camel with his saddle used as a table top or even a footstool is well detailed and a colorful addition to any room.

The medieval theme has taken over the movies and TV and why not your living room or den as well.  We have many outstanding knights and medieval artifacts that would make a great theme room.  In the gothic tables area there is nothing more interesting than our Battle-Worthy Knight Sculptural Table.  Here is a knight in full battle dress with his sword drawn and his arm held high so that an 18 inch glass table top is balanced on it and his head.  He gives the impression of being ready to fight at any moment.

We have some many cute animals doing all sorts of things like our meerkat sculpture.  For a little table we have the Black Forest Bear Pedestal Table which is a cute little black forest bear sitting up straight and tall so he can hold drinks and snacks on the piece of wood on balanced on his head. 
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Sculpted Animals

Design Toscano has a reputation for its lifelike and realistically sculpted animals.  Many of these animals, such as our tiger sculpture, can run in your garden and others may grace your indoor space.  One of our more unusual pieces is the Indonesian Tiger Wall Sculpture.  This large sculpture of a Indonesian Tiger head is another of our Design Toscano exclusives.  He is shown with great detail in the markings of his fur and face and you might get the impression that he has the power to jump right off your wall.

The Tranquil Tortoise Garden Sculpture - LargeDuring our 20% off Garden Sale, you will probably be trying to get as many of the things that make your garden fun and maybe a little quirky as possible.  There is nothing more quirky than our meerkat sculpture.  One of the best examples of these is our Meerkat Garden Stake Sets which come with either 3 or 6 Meerkat stakes.  These adorable stakes can be set anywhere in the garden, near each other or just a Meerkat popping up here or there around the yard.

Sometimes you want to take things slow and easy in the garden or patio, just kick back and chill.  There is nothing that inspires a slow and easy day like our Tranquil Tortoise Garden Sculpture.  This guy just appears to meander around the garden, poking his head out and observing all that is going on.
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Interesting Variety - Good Fortune Elephant Sculptural Garden Chair and More!

Good Fortune Elephant Sculptural Garden ChairThe fact that we carry a large inventory of décor items and statuary gives Design Toscano the power to give you as much variety as you might desire in choosing items for your home.  Our outdoor elephant statues are second to none and we have some pretty unusual items in the elephant style such as our Good Fortune Elephant Sculptural Garden Chair.  This is a sculpture of the good fortune elephant, which is an elephant with its trunk raised, and his rear area has been made flat for use as a chair or even a table on the deck or patio. 

Our meerkat statue is one of the wonderful animal sculptures that we have, but if you are looking for a large cat that you might not see elsewhere look no further than our Shadowed Predator Black Panther Statue.  This great depiction of the Black Panther is lifelike, detailed and may make some of your garden guests jump as they seem him sneaking out of the garden.

For even more unusual variety, customers know to look toward our Basil Street Gallery for things that are just a bit different from the everyday.  In the area of animal sculpture in the Gallery, we have the Ahead of the Pack Greyhound Sculpture of two long lean greyhound dogs coming out of the brush, perhaps after a day of hunting.
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Outdoor Animals in Bronze

Contemporary Lion Solid Bronze Garden StatueDesign Toscano is known for its lifelike animal statuary such as the tiger statue.  These statues look wonderful in a grassy yard or outdoor space.  One of our other outdoor animals might look good on a patio, but not too close to the grill.  This is our Contemporary Lion Solid Bronze Garden Statue.  This lion is so regal looking that you might want to build him a throne and so well sculpted that every muscle glistens.

We have popular playful animal sculptures like our Meerkat statue and the Meerkat families that romp in the yard.  You might, however, want something to guard the chickens like our Fanciful Fox Solid Bronze Garden Sculpture. The Fanciful Fox is well detailed and strong looking, yet you get the feel that he could be away in flash.

Many animals like to be in and out of water or near a water pond like our tortoise statue does.  If you don't have room for or don't really want a pond that needs a lot of maintenance, you can achieve the same feel with one of our small ponds with animals.  One the cutest of these vignettes is the Ducklings with Basin Bronze Garden Statue.  This is a wonderful little scene with the ducklings playing around and in the basin and looks great near a flower garden.
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Outdoor Planters

Flower gardens are wonderful nicely planted in a batch or border around the yard, but flowers in an outdoor planter look great in the summer too.  In our greenmen collection, we have many unique and sometimes bizarre items, but the French Greenmen Wall Sculpture Set is lovely on a corner with colorful flowers growing out the top.  The cute little greenmen faces give it a certain charm and feel of summer.

Pancho the Burro Planter SculptureAnimal sculpture is always popular as people love the lifelike artistry on our statues.  The Meerkat statue is always fun, but Meerkats don't carry plants.  A cute animal that will carry your plants is Pancho the Burro Planter Sculpture.  Pancho carries plants in baskets on both sides and is so cute wearing his little bronze hat.

Design Toscano has many large outdoor sculptures like our large Buddha statue and other large animals and décor.  We also have a great large planter that will blend in nicely with large décor which is the Chateau Elaine Authentic Iron Urn.  This urn holds a nice array of flowering plants and is also at a great sale price right now.  This is the time to get a great large planter.


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Ideal Sculpture

Vitruvian Man Bonded Marble StatueEvery person has their own opinion  as to what an ideal sculpture is.  Some look for straight modernistic lines, others like classical figures sculpted in detail and still others love the lifelike sculptures our artists create of animals.  All of these types of sculpture and much, much more can be seen in our Basil Street Gallery.  A piece that everyone will recognize is the Vitruvian Man Bonded Marble Statue.  This exquisite sculpture of DaVinci's forms of the human body is done in a somewhat classical style with a marble border.

A popular item is always a piece of Meerkat sculpture in the yard or patio.  These are happy little animals, always looking upward and sometimes sculpted as going into and coming out of a hole in the ground.  Among our many garden Meerkat Family at the Watering Hole Garden Fountainfountains we have the adorable Meerkat Family at the Watering Hole Garden Fountain.  This piece depicts the Meerkats getting ready to enjoy the water that is tumbling from the top of the fountain.

One of the most familiar of all outdoor sculpture is the garden statues gnomes.  They are even now traveling and doing TV ads about their travels.  We have many gnomes of course and all of them are adorable and durable.  If you want to jazz up your outdoor space a bit you might be interested in The Jazz Man Garden Gnome Statue.  This guy is playing away on his saxophone and just jamming out with the other gnomes in your yard.
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Cheerful Ornamentals

Seven Musical Cherubs of FlorenceSpring, summer and fall in the outdoor garden are usually a joyful time.  Toscano has many ornaments that bring out the joy and the beauty of these three seasons and even winter in some climates.  The garden cherub statues delight all that see them.  They're scampering in water fountains, having peaceful sleeping moments, praying or just discovering the fun things around them.  An interesting outdoor wall sculpture is the Seven Musical Cherubs of Florence beautifully chiseled with great detail singing away.

Meerkat sculptures are always cheerful as Meerkats always seem to be getting into something and our expert artists do a wonderful job of capturing all their antics.  We have Meerkats going underground, playing with their families, and just looking up and around to catch Meerkat Menagerie the action in the yard.  A nice welcome sculpture is the Meerkat Menagerie capturing the Meerkats in a "hear no evil, see no evil" scenario on a large welcome log.

Our wonderful and always growing Basil Street Gallery has many, many cheerful ornaments both indoor and some that can be used outside as well.  In the animal gallery there is a colorful and rather stunning Peacock's Garden Stained Glass Window spreading cheer and color both indoors and out.
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Statues to Liven Up a Garden

Tortoise statueIn a bed of flowers, just in the grass or in a stone or tile yard section, a tortoise statue is a cute, creative addition to outdoor décor.  The very largest tortoise statue, the Galapagos Tortoise Statue, is more than five feet with incredibly lifelike features.  Children will love to play around and sit on this cute guy. Not everyone has enough space for him so there is our smallest tortoise, Aesop's Turtle Cast Iron Statue, only 10" long can easily fit into a restful Zen garden as an Asian symbol of longevity and peace.  Of course, there are several tortoises sized in between to suit every need.

Tiger sculpture is so charming and so unusual that it will always draw a compliment.  Whether you choose the totally adorable Tiger Cub, or a larger tiger such as the Sumatran Tiger, your Power and Grace Sumatran Tiger Sculptureoutdoor space will have a certain touch of India.  Your choice is unlimited from sleeping tigers to prancing cubs.
In continuation of an animal theme, take a look at the Meerkat statues. 

The Meerkat Clan Statue, is a wonderful family of meerkats that come with their own log, grass and stream.  They are just out for a playful romp.  The Kalahari Meerkat Statues: Into the Hole, and Out of the Hole, placed on opposing sides of the yard will never cease to surprise everyone.
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