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FLicka from Gardnerville, NV, USA reviewed the Merry Meerkat Holiday Greeter Statue

Bottomline: No, would not recommend to a friend.


Comments: I have bought almost every Meerkat you sell and have an area outside with the many Meerkats all over. They are all so cute and this new one is just as well made and fits in beautifully.

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Which Garden Statuary Works Best with a Meerkat Sculpture?

Meerkats are one of the cutest animals on the planet. The black markings around their eyes and on their paws make them look like little bandits and when they stand on their hind legs, Meerkats look absolutely adorable. Given their charismatic attributes, it's no wonder that Meerkats are excellent inspiration for animal garden statues. Sculptures of these confiding little animals are a wonderful, seriously cute addition to any garden but they complement some garden decorating themes better than others.

Meerkat Clan StatueFor example, although you could put the Meerkat Clan Statue and a classic stone garden angel next to each other, that's not going to look nearly as good as pairing Meerkat sculptures with other African animals. Meerkats are native to the arid plains of southern Africa so they look much better when they share a garden with sculptures like the Lioness with Cub or Gigi, the Garden Giraffe Statue. Both of these sculptures are as representative of dramatic, amazing African wildlife as statues of Meerkats.

Meerkats also work very will with garden fairies. They have a similar mischievous appearance, are small, crafty creatures, and are right at home in flower beds and vegetable patches. They will look right at home when sharing a backyard with the Fairies of the Meadow and just about any garden gnome statues.

Find quality Meerkat Sculptures and hundreds of other unique items for the garden at Design Toscano today.

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Which Meerkat Sculpture Is the Most Adorable?

The Meerkat Family SculptureAfrica is famous for its amazing animals. Charismatic megafauna roam its plains and savannahs and thousands of tourists make safaris to such places as the Serengeti and Kruger National Park to see zebras, lions, and elephants in the wild. The large animals may take center stage but they aren't the most adorable animals in Africa. That title could probably be given to a small species of mongoose known as the Meerkat. Large family groups of these feisty little animals occur in arid environments of southern Africa.

Their dark paws, nose, and eye patches give them a mischievous look that adds to their already cute appearance and when they stand on two legs, Meerkats are downright adorable. It's hard not to be a fan of the Meerkat and we pay them homage with detailed, realistic garden statuary. The Meerkat Family Sculpture depicts a trio of these cute creatures as they are typically seen in the wilds of Africa. As one Meerkat rests on its haunches, another adult stands high up on two legs to peer around while a baby Meerkat follows suit.

Meerkats also live in burrows and the Out of the Hole Meerkat Sculpture captures this behavior with adorable realism. Combine it with the Into Hole Meerkat Sculpture for a clever pair of cute animal garden statues.

Enjoy 20% off the regular price of cute Meerkat Sculptures and anything else on our site until January 2nd as part of our End of the Year Sale!

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Which Meerkat Sculpture for the Garden?

Kalahari Meerkat Statue: Out of HoleHow can you not like Meerkats? Animated and entertaining, they stand on their hind legs to scan their surroundings for both friend and foe. Their black-tipped fingers and dark markings around the eyes give them a wonderfully mischievous, cartoon-like appearance. It's too bad that these beautiful little animals only naturally occur in southern Africa but at least you can add them to your yard in the form of realistic, detailed animal garden statues. The main question is which one to put in the garden?

The Meerkat Gang Sculpture is a classic depiction of these noble little creatures and looks beautiful in any yard.Try putting it near the flowers so the Meerkats can guard them with bright, watchful eyes.

You can also mix Meerkats with outdoor garden water fountains when you buy the Meerkat Family at the Watering Hole Sculpture. Just as they would do in their dry Kalahari Desert homeland, a family of Meerkats hangs out at a precious watering hole and stand on their hind legs to get a better view of their surroundings.

For one of the cutest of Meerkat statues, see the Kalahari Meerkat Statue: Out of Hole. Just as the name of the statue implies, a cute Meerkat peeks its adorable head out of its burrow to inspect your garden.

Find the best in Meerkat items and other high quality garden sculptures at Design Toscano.

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Animal Garden Sculptures for Both Home and Business

Prowling Spotted Jaguar StatueThe animal yard statue can demonstrate your love for all things wild and free, an appreciation for certain types of animals, or that you recognize the inherent artistry found in nature. Whether your backyard receives visits from deer or nothing bigger than a squirrel, animal sculptures help turn it into a wilder place. Statues of felines like the Shadowed Predator Black Panther remind us of the dangerous beauty shown by the cold, green eyes of a cat ready to pounce on its prey. The Prowling Spotted Jaguar statue demonstrates the intricate, almost hypnotic pattern found on their coats.

Garden statuary of non-predatory animals are just as beautiful. A statue of a mother doe and fawn make for a realistic, very tender addition to the garden while Meerkat and Ring-tailed Lemur sculptures can't help but be the most charming statuary in the yard.

Realistic animal sculptures are a beautiful addition to any backyard but many look just as nice in a business. Those same Meerkat and Ring-tailed Lemur sculptures will be adored by clients no matter what type of business you own. Put them in a small rock garden or display them on a stand to entertain and charm every customer that walks through the front doors.

Save on these and other quality sculptures from Design Toscano today.

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Happy Fourth of July from Design Toscano! Celebrate with Savings on Resin Garden Statues!

Mermaid of Magellan's Cove Glass-Topped Sculptural TableHappy Fourth of July! Independence Day is here again and with it comes the best excuse for spending most of your day in the backyard. Don't do any work in the garden or elsewhere because the Fourth is all about relaxation, fun and games in the outdoors, and spending time with loved ones. Of course it's also about finding the best spot to take in the fireworks display but since that doesn't happen until nightfall, you can easily pass the earlier parts of this holiday in the comfort of your backyard.

Hopefully, this special day will see every American enjoying it with family or friends. Go for a swim in the pool followed up by cold drinks served on your Mermaid's Cove Glass-topped Sculptural Table.  Play a game of horseshoes under the careful, curious watch of a beautiful Meerkat Sculpture. Show your menagerie of detailed, breathtaking animal garden statues to guests as you give them a tour of the backyard.

Enjoy the day whatever you end up doing but  don't forget that you will also enjoy savings with a 20% discount off of any item in our catalog when ordered today or tomorrow!

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Horse Statues Are Classic Animal Garden Sculptures

Majestic Mustang Horse SculptureThe animal yard statue has been around a lot longer than most people realize. Although the gardens of the ancient Greeks and Egyptians weren't exactly replete with detailed depictions of Meerkats, they did showcase sculptures of other animals. Sculptures of lions were found in many gardens but horses were probably the most popular animal to be immortalized in stone.

The horse is still admired for its combination of grace and speed but before the car was invented, this animal was vital for everything from farming to travel and war. Its noble bearing was captured by countless artists over the centuries and this tradition continues with sculptures such as the Majestic Mustang. The wild, unfettered nature of the mustang is captured in this dramatic statue as the horse rears up and batters the air with its forelegs.

Horses have been so revered that they have also been used to create mythical creatures. The Greeks combined the wings of an eagle and the beauty of a horse to come up with the Pegasus. This amazing mythical animal combines the best of both worlds to prance through the skies with amazing speed. A symbol of creativity, the Grand Pegasus Winged Horse will add a touch of magical beauty to every backyard.

Buy these animal garden statues and other beautiful garden statuary from Design Toscano today until July 5th and get 20% off the regular price!

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A New Sculpture to Accompany Your Meerkat Statue

The Meerkat Clan StatueMeerkats are some of the cutest animals around. With their large, dark eyes and penchant for standing on their hind legs, these little relatives of the mongoose are just too easy to adore. In the wild, they live in large family groups on the African plains and make their home in a complex system of burrows that they run to at the sign of predators such as eagles or leopards. Sculptures of Meerkats from Design Toscano let you add that same cheerful charisma to your backyard or garden. It's hard for any animal to compete with the adorable appearance and behavior of the Meerkat but a new arrival at Design Toscano just might give them a run for their money.

While Meerkats enliven the African plains with their actions, Ring-tailed Lemurs ham it up on the island nation of Madagascar. Found nowhere else, these primates also move around in large family groups and have a masked appearance somewhat similar to that of the Meerkat. However, they have much longer tails and instead of standing on their hind legs, sometimes crawl all over each other to get a better look at their surroundings. This animal yard statue will make for the perfect complement to any of your garden Meerkats.

Buy the Ring-tailed Lemur Family Statue from now until Thursday, May 17th and get 15% off the regular price!


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Last Day to Get 20% off Animal Garden Statues

Catch of the Day Grand Bear SculptureToday is April 25th and that date marks the last day for getting 20% off any of the fantastic animal garden sculptures from Design Toscano. If you haven’t ordered one of the detailed, life-like, animal statues from Design Toscano yet, don’t wait until tomorrow or next week unless you want to pay more.

Bring the wild into your backyard with items like the Catch of the Day Grand Bear Sculpture. Crafted by artist Samuel Lightfoot, this depiction of a bear fishing for its lunch is probably one of the most realistic animals statues you will ever lay eyes on. The life-like fur, posture, and behavior of this statue show that artist Lightfoot has observed and studied bears in the wild. He has truly captured the wild essence of the bear with this work of art and it will be a highlight of any backyard.

You can also bring beauty and personality into the garden with one of the most endearing wildlife statues. The Meerkat Gang Sculpture pay homage to these crafty, furred sprites of the African plains. This realistic sculpture depicts these masked bandits as they are usually seen, watching for predators as they stand on their hind feet.

Get 20% off these and other statues of animals until the end of today, April 25th.

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Add Personality to your Garden with a Meerkat Sculpture!

The savannas of Africa are filled with wildlife. Herds of Zebras, Wildebeest, Gazelles, and Giraffes roam and graze the plains. Lions, Hyenas, and other predators stalk them and the deadly drama played out between predator and prey unfolds on a nightly basis. Among the larger animals are a cadre of smaller creatures that also make their home on the plains. They tend to be ignored and overlooked when Meerkat Family at the Watering Hole Garden Fountaincharismatic megafauna like rhinos and elephants come onto the scene but many of the smaller animals are just as interesting as the big ones.

Meerkats in particular are filled with personality and are incredibly endearing. Small, weasel-like animals that look as if they applied a bit too much eye liner, Meerkats spend much of their time with their huge extended family. As some of the family rests inside and forages near their burrows, others act as sentinels to watch for eagles and other larger animals that would prey upon them. As they keep an eye out for their enemies, the Meerkats stand on their hind legs and peer into the distance with bright eyes. If a jackal, eagle, or other predator is sighted, the sentinels give the alarm and the rest of the Meerkat family zips into their underground burrow.

Although you would need to have a backyard in an expansive African savanna to play host to wild Meerkats, you can still bring the personality of these  little characters into your garden with a Meerkat statue fountain. This realistic fountain shows several Meerkats of all ages as they hold vigil over the garden and is an excellent accompaniment to a backyard with greenmen and other animal garden statues such as a tiger sculpture.

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Framed Art for an African-Themed Room

Africa is a huge continent filled with a multitude of interesting cultures (many of them thousands of years old) and amazing megafauna. Adventure abounds and there are fantastic sights to behold in many of the African countries. Ernest Hemmingway was enthralled with Africa and spent some years there as a big Makulu Replica Printgame guide. Many an international tourist hopes to experience the wild plains of the Serengeti at least once during their lives and with such exotic colorful appeal, it's easy to see why Africa is also an excellent theme for decorating.

In the garden, outdoor elephant statues are essentials for any African theme. They conjure up images of gray behemoths marching across dusty African plains as lions roar in the distance and herds of Wildebeest and Zebras graze the savanna grasses. Off to the side, a Meerkat statue or two can be included to further authenticate and solidify that African feeling. Inside the home, there are also plenty of decorations that can be employed to pay homage to Africa. In addition to Egyptian decorations, the Makulu replica print in particular is one of the most evocative and beautiful, framed, African-themed works of art. The depiction of a mother giraffe kissing the head of her baby is absolutely priceless by merit of the naturally artistic poses the giraffes make and the endearing subject matter.

In addition to outdoor animal statues, heighten your African theme with framed paintings. Framed works of art are 25% off from February 22nd to February 27th!

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Last Minute Gifts Under $50

If your budget hasn’t allowed you to do too much holiday shopping yet, it’s not too late to squeeze in some last minute shopping at some very affordable prices.  Whether you are looking for an animal lover or someone with a little knight in them, we have a huge selection of unique gifts that are still available to ensure they arrive on time.  Here are some ideas for gifts under $50 that will be sure to get your gift giving inspiration rolling.

The Meerkat Clan StatueOur Meerkat statue selection is adored by all of our customers and you can see why these cute creatures are among our top rated ones as well.  You may want to get the animal lover on your list something as unique as the Meerkat Clan Statue.  These creatures will delight any indoor or outdoor space and will be cherished by any family on your list.

Gothic decor can be a truly inspirational gift as well, and whether you are thinking of knight statues or something more gargoyle, your imagination is your only limit with our huge selection.  Our Arthurian Knight Bookends will be the perfect gift for the booklover on your list that already has everything!

These last minute gifts are just a few ideas to get you started.  Browse our huge selection of medieval and Egyptian decor or garden statues in our gift categories under $50 for every budget!

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Unique Gifts and Bestsellers

If you have been looking for that perfect gift and are wanting to take advantage of our The Holy Spirit Replica Stained Glass WindowFriends and Family sale, our huge selection can make for a very difficult choice.  One place we suggest you start is browsing our selection of bestsellers.  This huge selection will be a great place to start looking for a truly unique gift, as these bestsellers have already pleased many all over the globe. 

The meerkat is a unique animal that became famous in presentations such as The Lion King.  Both outdoor and budget friendly, our Into the Hole Meerkat sculpture is one that is sure to delight guests of all ages.

Religious outdoor statues
make for great holiday gifts as well.  But if you want to add the gift of spirituality, without going as extravagant as an outdoor sculpture, you can accomplish the same goal with a piece that is as stunning as it is affordable.  The Holy Spirit Replica Stained Glass Window is a piece for either outdoors or indoors, and for under $40 it fits every holiday budget.

Garden gargoyle statues come in all shapes and budget sizes as well. Whether you go with some of our unique figurines, or choose an adorable piece like our wall climbing Gaston the gift of gargoyle is the gift of protection for anyone on your list.

Whether it is a gothic theme that you are interested in, or are looking for that perfect outdoor piece, there’s something in our bestseller list for everyone during our Friends and Family sale!
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Top Rated Statues Now On Sale!

It can be so difficult to find the perfect gift for your favorite gardener.  As everybody has their own tastes and preferences, getting the perfect item can be a challenge.  We can help you take out that guesswork by showing you our Top Rated garden pieces or statues for the home.  An outdoor garden sculpture or indoor statue makes for a perfect gift, and if you are included in our Friends and Family, they’re on sale now too!

A meerkat statue is one that is as adorable as it is different.  This is the perfect gift for the animal lover on your list.  Our beloved Meerkat Gang Sculpture comes in a variety of sizes to meet every budget and will offer a beloved sense of character to any gardener’s space.

Fernando the Chihuahua Dog StatueIf you have an animal lover on your list, our list of Top Rated animal garden sculptures will leave you with indecision on which one is cuter.  Hollywood’s “top dog” can be brought right into the home of your favorite dog lover with this adorable Fernando the Chihuahua statue.  Fernando is also available in a variety of sizes and budgets, so you may even want to get one for yourself!

As well, not only are these ideas among our Top Rated customer favorites, but if you join our Friends and Family list you get an additional $25% off EVERYTHING until Thursday!

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Holiday Gifts under $50

If you have been thinking that a garden sculpture might make the perfect gift for the gardener on your list, you’re right!  Many people however don’t think to buy sculptures as gifts, thinking that they are going to cost a fortune.  At Design Toscano, our sculptures come in all shapes and sizes to fit every space and budget.  Here are some ideas for garden sculptures that all come in under $50.

Garden fairies are a delight in any outdoor space, with each one offering their own unique and mystical meaning.  Our Ocean’s Little Treasure fairy mermaid is just one example of an outdoor sculpture that adds a sense of magic to any outdoor pond or garden.  Add an omen of good luck to your gift giving this year with this stunning fairy that is less than $30.

The Meerkat Clan StatueAnimal garden sculptures are also very popular, and anyone that tends to their garden fastidiously will love the addition of a new fur creature to their outdoor space.  The Meerkat Clan Statue is just one example from our huge selection of animal sculptures for the outdoors.

No matter what theme your favorite gardener has in their outdoor space, we have a huge selection of sculptures to match any design.  Whether it is a garden gargoyle statue or a whimsical fairy, we have the selection to meet both your style and your budget under $50.

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What is a Meerkat?

When it comes to choosing outdoor animal statues, you want to choose animals that will not be found in every garden space.  There are a number of animals to choose from, depending The Meerkat Menagerie Welcome Sculptureon the theme you choose.  One furry creature that is seen often enough is the meerkat.  But not many people know its true meaning.  Meerkats are used in a variety of settings, and have been seen as characters in everything from The Lion King to fantasy novels.  A meerkat statue in your home is a way of implementing a wild animal theme, without going as fierce as say, a tiger.  Here are some ways to do so.

Who didn’t fall in love with Timon the Meerkat in The Lion King series?  You can bring Timon right into your own back yard with a meerkat sculpture that creates the scene just perfectly.  If you are looking for something a little more whimsical, Meerkats that hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no evil as you welcome your guests will be a delight for anyone you invite to your home.

For those that don’t know what a Meerkat is, it is easy to shy away from something that looks a little pesky.  However, these adorable fur creatures while they are known for their peskiness, it is this very quality that endears them to all ages.  Invite a Meerkat into your home or garden and create a whimsical enchanting place by doing so.
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How to Buy the Right Garden Statue for You

The Picc-a-Dilly Gargoyle Sculptures Set - MediumMany gardeners looking for that one extra touch to their landscape design often opt for accent pieces such as a statue.  When you are selecting a statue for your garden, the things to keep in mind are your garden theme, your budget, and the size of the area you want to place the statue.  If you don’t have a theme in mind, you may want to create one with the statue you choose.  Choosing a garden statue is not as simple as selecting a piece and placing it in an open spot, you want to choose one that matches your personality, and will add to the ambience of the outdoor space of your dreams.

You can select a statue that blends with your theme, or stands out from it to make a statement.  Small gargoyle figurines are a clever way to add some character to your garden without going overboard.  On the other hand, a large Buddha statue can create an entirely different tone to your overall landscape design.  To create a family friendly vibe in your garden, the whimsical touch of a Meerkat statue will be all you need to create a magical woodland in your own backyard.

Designer resin is a very popular choice of material for outdoor statues, as these will truly stand the test of time, even in seasonal climates.  If you need just that extra touch of personality outdoors, a simple statue placement can transform a stunning garden into a magical outdoor retreat.

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A Greenman, a Peacock and a Fawn

Home décor means all parts of the home to Design Toscano and we have beautiful sculptures of greenmen that can be placed throughout your yard and in your home.  A very unusual item is the Greenman Iron Door Plate which was intended to protect a heavily used interior door, perhaps a swinging one.  The solid cast iron plate is 10 1/2” tall and sports a carved greenman face surrounded by multiple swirls, leaves and birds. 

Greenman Iron Door PlateThere is no place better to browse for gift giving this season than through our many varied collections of statues, wall art, reproductions and other unique things.  The peacock is an elaborate bird and certainly makes a great subject for an artist to sculpt.  A glorious statue is The Peacock’s Sanctuary Sculpture which is over a foot tall and hand painted in colorful tones.  He is perched on a small bird bath and watching the world go by with his marvelous tail trailing behind.

We have wonderful and adorable animals that our artists have created of designer resin and hand painted to be as realistic as possible, such as our Meerkat sculpture.  Now we have another adorable animal, but this one is cast in foundry iron and aged.  This unique piece is The Deer Fawn Sculpture and depicts a cute fawn intricately sculpted and standing over a foot tall.

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A Magic Wand, Gothic Temptress and a Zombie

There are many great things about our marble busts for sale collection; one thing is that it is filled with many unusual items that you won’t find anywhere else and the other thing is that they’re all on sale.  What says “Halloween” better than a magic wand and the Mystic Destiny Hand Turned Wand is exquisite and on sale.  The wooden wand is turned by hand and perfect for any ceremony.  We also include a black felt bag to keep this lovely piece protected. 

Impaled Zombie Desk Accessory
This is not the time of year for sweet little garden fairies.  Instead we have a wonderful winged temptress for your pleasure.  This is The Gothic Temptress of Time Perpetual Calendar Statue who is as useful as she is “bad girl” lovely.  The lady is wearing only well detailed wings and thigh high boots.  She is kneeling on a perpetual calendar which will help you keep up to date and makes a great gift.

Fun is just another word for many of our Design Toscano exclusive sculptures like our Meerkat statue.  Nothing says fun at Halloween time like the Impaled Zombie Desk Accessory. A 7” long, incredibly detailed Zombie is just lying around waiting for someone to impale him with a pen, pencil or other instrument of torture.  This is a great gift for your boss don’t you think?

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An Elephant, Fox and Saber Tooth


Ernest the Lounging Elephant Sitting StatueWhile there is nothing really scary about our outdoor elephant statues or the wonderful indoor statues that we have, Halloween brings to mind gift shopping season and you may well have some elephant lovers on your list.  A great gift for the elephant collector is Ernest the Lounging Elephant Sitting Statue.  This stately elephant in a faux bronze finish has decided take a break and sprawl just anywhere you want to put him. 

Our adorable animals are more likely to be fun, like our Meerkat sculpture, than they are to be threatening or scary.  We do have an adorable animal though that might make the scene at Halloween and that is Simon the Fox Garden Statue.  Simon is exquisitely hand painted in red and white fur and a sharp foxy face.  You just know that he looking for someone’s hen house to pillage.

Design Toscano tiger sculpture is absolutely beautiful with its brightly hand painted striped tigers doing anything from napping to prowling.  Now if you want some tiger genre sculpture for Halloween, we present the Saber-toothed Tiger Skull Artifact which is an amazing replica of the skull discovered at the La Brea Tar Pits.  It has a bone finish, is almost 2 ft. tall and would make a great man cave decoration.

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