The Season for Outdoor Animal Statues is Not Yet Over!

It's not too late to add animal garden statues to your garden or lawn! Though winter is just around the corner, a nice tiger sculpture or decorative meerkat sculptures may be exactly what your garden needs!
Shadowed Predator Black Panther Statue
Design Toscano's exclusive Shadowed Predator Black Panther Statue is a favorite among customers. Your leafy summer garden will be labeled an exotic getaway when this sleek cat steps out to greet your visitors! The heart of African wildlife is captured in our more than two-foot-long, quality designer resin sculpture, hand-painted to herald the dark side of the jungle. This Toscano exclusive is on the prowl!

The Meerkat Gang Sculpture is a group of three cute and curious meerkats that will lighten up your garden, even in the coldest winter weather. We've little doubt why meerkats recently became beloved screen stars - they're adorable! This gang of meerkats were sculpted at over two feet tall, from their characteristic meerkat sentry stance to their long thin tails, this charming Toscano-exclusive meerkat statue is sure to turn heads in your home or garden! 

To view more inexpensive animal yard statues, browse through Design Toscano's new collection Top 50 Gifts Under $100 online today!
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Prepare Your Home For The Holidays!

Prepare your home for the Holidays with our beautiful, seasonal home decor pieces! Design Toscano has a lot to offer in terms of Christmas and Hanukkah decorations to spice up your home and make it more festive! Move your focus from garden statuary and your outdoor garden sculptures to indoor decorations and statues.

The Trumpeting Angels of St. Peter’s Square is a beautiful and festive piece that will add some Holiday spirit to your home!
We were so taken by artist Gian Lorenzo Bernini's angel statues at the Borghese Gallery in Rome that we had these finely detailed pair-a boy and a girl cherub-sculpted in the Italian Baroque style. With gracefully tapered horns and sophisticated faux gold finish, these quality designer resin Italian-style putti sculptures bring instant refinement to any home. These baby cherub works of art are awe-inspiring gifts to yourself or other angel statue collectors!

The Merry Meerkat Holiday Ornament is a 2010 Toscano exclusive for your holiday collection! Meerkats aren't just adorable - they're also party animals! Designed exclusively for Toscano, our collectible, 2010-edition holiday ornament makes a one-of-a-kind tree ornament, exotic stocking stuffer, charming package tie-on, or a creative addition to your meerkat collection.Cast in hand-painted quality designer resin.

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Decorate Your Garden With Realistic Forest Animals!

Delight visitors to your garden, pool, or patio with our outdoor animal statues. Whether your style leans toward wild meerkats, horse statues, or the legendary Bigfoot, the lifelike appearance and fine detail of these garden sculptures are found only at Design Toscano! Search our vast kingdom for the animal statue you seek!

Our forest animals are particularly realistic-looking, and will cause your neighbors and passer-by to do a double take once they see them!

Yonva, the Climbing Bear Sculpture is named for the first bears of Cherokee legend. Was that a real bear you just saw scampering up that tree?! It’s actually our Toscano-exclusive cub, over a foot tall and so realistically hand-painted that your guests will think the forest is springing to life. Cast in quality designer resin, “Yonva” will happily climb a garden fence or an indoor den wall or a garden fence to add the charm of the wild to any setting!

Simon the Fox Garden Statue is another realistic animal yard statue in Toscano's possession! Simon's so sly that he's managed to escape the traditional British fox hunt to vie for a place in your home or garden! At a foot-and-a-half tall, our Toscano-exclusive statue is cast in quality designer resin and authentically hand-painted with characteristic markings including lush red fur and a bushy, white-tipped tail.
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Explore Our Newest and Bestselling Garden Statues!

Design Toscano is known especially for its extensive collection of statues for garden and home! Visit Toscano online to browse through our newest and bestselling garden statuary

Iggy the Iguana Statue is our bestselling outdoor garden sculpture at the moment! Known for its ability to adapt to most any environment, this exotic, Toscano-exclusive iguana is ready to enthusiastically leap, feet-first, into your garden or patio setting. Realistically cast in almost two feet of quality designer resin and meticulously hand-painted in colorful hues, Iggy elicits startled gasps from even the most seasoned reptile lover!

The Meerkat Clan Statue is another Design Toscano bestseller. Toscano has seen a lot of success and popularity surrounding our exclusive meerkat sculptures and meerkat statues. Perched atop a log crossing a sunny stream, our exclusive meerkat parents and their adorable pup will delight your guests with their masked eyes and fawn-hued fur. Our no-maintenance pets are actually an impressive work of decorative art that's sculpted 360-degrees, cast in quality designer resin, and hand-painted to replicate the meerkats' glistening eyes and fun-loving expressions.

For more meerkat sculptures and other animal resin garden statues, visit our online collection of animal garden sculptures
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Celebrate Your Love For Animals With Design Toscano's Garden Sculptures!

From meerkats to eagles to bulldogs, Design Toscano offers an extensive collection of wildlife statues and other decorative art for your garden!

Celebrate your love for all things furry with Design Toscano's animal collection, featuring an impressive selection of outdoor animal statues and animal garden sculptures!

Toscano's animal yard statues collection include a variety of creatures from the animal kingdom. Our most popular pieces in our personal animal kingdom collection include the wild beasts- lions, tigers, zebras, giraffes, elephants and more! 

Gerard the Giraffe Sculpture is one of our most popular and beloved wild animal garden statues in the collection.  At a full yard tall, our statuesque garden giraffe cranes his slender neck to grab a leaf from your favorite tree! Replete with lifelike detail from gentle eyes to pert ears, our realistically hand-painted, quality designer resin work of decorative art transports garden guests to an instant safari. Our elegant Toscano exclusive will lend an exotic flair as a decor centerpiece or as the focal point of a blooming garden.

The King of Beasts Lion Sculpture is another one of Toscano's resign garden statues that is a best-seller. Our regal lion with wind-blown mane will proclaim that your home is truly your castle! The artist has sculpted the animal king at over two feet high from his serene gaze to oversized paws, then cast him in quality designer resin and hand-painted him with realism. 
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Show Your Neighbors Your Wild Side!

Delight your guests and visitors of your garden, pool, or patio with our animal garden statues! The lifelike appearance and fine detail of these garden sculptures are found only at Toscano! Search our vast animal kingdom for the animal yard statue that you seek!

Choose whichever animal you desire from a vast and complete collection of animal garden sculptures! 

Design Toscano has an exclusive collection of wild animal statues, like our wild meerkats, lion and panther statues, monkeys, outdoor elephant statues, alligators to put in your outdoor garden water fountains, rhino sculptures and much, much more! Prepare to turn heads and be the subject of chatter around the neighborhood with these untamed creatures on your property! 

Toscano also has a large collection of exclusive farm animal statues! Whether your taste and style lie with horse statues, ducks and ducklings, pigs, sheep, or cows scultpures, we have it all! These garden statuary pieces go well in both a rural setting and an urban settings.

To receive regular updates from Design Toscano about new outdoor animal statues, both wild and domesticated, sign up for the Design Toscano e-mail list! You'll also receive information about new and exclusive sales, gift ideas, new product previews and more! 

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Turn Your Garden Into Meerkat Manor!

Put a gang in your garden! A gang of Meerkats that is! 

Meerkats are cute and small mammals that are members of the mongoose family! A group of meerkats, which can range from anywhere between 20 and 50 meerkats, are usually called mobs or gangs.  So put a gang of these furry friends in your garden! 

We've little doubt why meerkats recently became beloved screen stars - they're adorable creatures!

One meerkat sculpture in particular, the Meerkat Gang Sculpture, was one of this season's most popular product! So hurry up and purchase this Design Toscano exclusive before it's too late and they're all snatched up! And at an inexpensive price, who resist such a steal? 

This gang of meerkats were sculpted at over two feet tall. From their characteristic meerkat sentry stance to their long thin tails, this charming Toscano-exclusive meerkat statue is sure to turn heads in your home or garden!

Another popular and inexpensive meerkat statue is the Mother and Pup Meerkat Sculpture! Our sculptural meerkat duo is posed in a characteristic sentry stance, proving why these precious creatures are loved all over the world. From their long thin tails to alert ears, our meerkats are authentically sculpted to be nearly life size!

If you love these cute creatures as much as we do, shop Design Toscano's exclusive collection of meerkats online
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Design Toscano Top Best Sellers in Garden Statuary!

There is still plenty of time to stock up on the latest and greatest in Outdoor Garden Sculptures from Design Toscano!

So to help you make an educated decision about which product to choose from in Design Toscano's statue collection, here's a list of some of our best sellers in garden statuary:

  1. The Spirit of Nottingham Woods Greenmen Tree Sculpture is our number one best seller in garden statuary! British artist Liam Manchester created his own artistic creature, brimming with whimsical personality. The piece's middle-earth spirit springs to life in a pliable composite that wraps around your tree, adding mystical character and spirit to your very own forest.
  2. The Meerkat Gang Sculpture. This gang of adorable meerkats were sculpted at over two feet tall, making this statue just the right size for your garden.  From their characteristic meerkat sentry stance to their long thin tails, this charming Toscano-exclusive meerkat statue is sure to turn heads in your home or garden!
  3. The Zombie of Montclaire Moors Statue.  This gray-toned zombie from our garden statuary collection features the most zombie-like eyes you've ever seen. Captured in meticulous detail in quality designer resin, this zombie garden statue brings the flesh-hungry undead to your daffodil bed!
  4. Bigfoot, the Garden Yeti Sculpture
  5. Tropical Scarlet Macaws Wall Sculpture
  6. The Dragon of Falkenberg Castle Moat Lawn Sculpture
  7. Fairy of the Wast Wind Sitting Sculpture
  8. Freedom's Pride Wall Sculpture
  9. Emmett the Gargoyle Sculpture
  10. Frederic, the Little Fisherman of Avignon Sculpture
To keep up to date with new products from Design Toscano, sign up for our e-mail notification mailing list! 

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Unique Gifts for Everyone

Design Toscano is a great place to look for gifts for everyone in your family.  The variety of products from furniture to wall art to garden statues will amaze you.  There are products for the Religious person in your family with religious scupltures as the St. Francis Sculpture 
Nature’s Nurturer: St. Francis Sculpture
or the Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane Sculpture
Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane Sculpture 

Not sure what to get the animal lover that has everything how about an animal yard statue like The Meerkat Gang 
The Meerkat Gang Sculpture

 or The Tranquil Tortoise.
The Tranquil Tortoise Garden Sculpture - Large

 Design Toscano even carries products for the Gothic person in your life with gothic decor products like Vampire Bats

The Vampire Bats of Castle Barbarosa Wall Sculptures
or Legendary Dragon of Glenshire Lidded Box.

 Legendary Dragon of Glenshire Lidded Box

Or if you are looking for that hard to shop for person consider Basho the Sumo Wrestler 
Basho the Sumo Wrestler Sculpture

or Freedom's Pride Eagle.

 Freedom's Pride Eagle Wall Sculpture

There is really something for everyone here. 
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Meerkat Sculptures

Don't fret Meerkat Manor fans! 

The Meerkat Gang Sculpture
Animal Planet may have canceled your favorite show, but you can re-create the soap opera on the savanna with meerkat sculptures from Design Toscano.

We have meerkat statues to welcome you home,

The Meerkat Menagerie Welcome Sculpture
burrow through the hostas,
Meerkats into and out of Hole
or peek over the inpatients. 

The Meerkat Family SculptureMother and Pup Meerkat Sculpture

See our other animal yard statues for more fun ideas!

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