Garden Statuary for Enchanting Backyard Soirees

Mystical Unicorn of Avalon SculptureThe summer winds down in August and those dog days make more than a few of us ready for the refreshing winds of autumn. Even the trees seem ready to change the color of their leaves as you stroll through the backyard. Birds spend most of their time splashing around in one of your outdoor garden water fountains and you find yourself spending just as much time in the pool. However, despite the lazy, tired atmosphere so common during the last days of August, evenings can be downright enchanting.

As the sun once again turns the reins over to the dark skies of night, the shadows lengthen and the backyard takes on a different personality. Garden fairies seem ready to spring into action and animal garden statues like the Mystical Unicorn of Avalon turn the backyard into a place where magic still exists.

It's the perfect time for throwing enchanting backyard parties and the garden will reveal its true sylvan character with detailed sculptures like Simon the Fox or the Spitting Asian Dragon Bronze Garden Statue. These and other unique Design Toscano sculptures will turn your late summer backyard soirees into unforgettable evenings for all of your guests.

Save on these and other unique garden sculptures at Design Toscano.

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Garden Cherub Statues for Lazy August Days

Afternoon Nap Angel SculptureJuly is coming to an end and this summer has certainly been a hot one! In fact, meteorologists are saying that it may be the hottest summer on record and although it's not over yet, let's all hope that the heat waves are behind us as we head into the home stretch to autumn. August isn't autumn by any means but it reminds us that the days of cooler weather, crisp nights, and fall foliage are fast approaching. August represents the end of those summer days and for whatever reason, this time of the year always seems to be "lazier" than months like February,  May, or October.

Whether it's because of the humid, dusky evenings or because we are just getting tired of summer, we often refer to August as the "dog days" of the season. It's a time to sit out on the porch and sip Mojitos, Mint Juleps, or some other tangy, refreshing drink. It's a time for admiring your garden statuary from the cool recesses of the pool or from a well-worn chair in the shade. Fitting decor for this time of the year are cherub statues like the Afternoon Nap Angel Sculpture or the Summertime Reflections Cherub Garden Statue. With their wonderfully relaxed and lazy looks, these beautiful little statues will be the perfect addition to any August garden.

Find these cherub sculptures, beautiful garden fairies, and the best in outdoor animal statues at Design Toscano.

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Make a Statement with Gothic Tables

Effingham Gryphon Library TableJust as decor in the backyard says something about your garden, interior decor can speak volumes about your personality and tastes. It of course doesn't give the entire picture but it's probably safe to say that people who use more animal garden statues have a strong appreciation for wildlife. Folks who display statues of Greek deities probably enjoy classic works of art more than contemporary pieces. If religious outdoor statues are shown in the garden, they very likely reflect the belief system of the people who live there. However, statues aren't the only types of decor that offer a glimpse into the personality of the home owner. Furniture can also be used to show who you are are and what you stand for.

Use Gothic pieces like the Effingham Gryphon Library Table and guests won't fail to be impressed by the beauty of solid, carved mahogany. Its intricately carved legs and strong, enduring look will tell them that the owner of the home may have attributes that are just as distinguished and noble.

Serve tea or coffee to your guests on the Lord Raffle Lion Tea Table and they will realize that they are dealing with someone who believes in elegance and class.

Save on these and certain other pieces of furniture today and tomorrow at Design Toscano!

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Resin Garden Statues

Terrence the Terrier Digging Pet Dog Statue Animal garden statues, beautiful sculptures for the backyard, objets d'art, and the most unique decor on Earth.

Even if you already think you have enough sculptures for your garden, it's still worth your while to browse through the collection of classic sculptures, fairies for the flowerbeds, bronze heirloom pieces, and stunning items like the Lioness with Cub Statue.

Today is a good day to think of friends and family who have birthdays in the coming months. Whether they enjoy spending time in the backyard, reading in the den, or playing billiards in the basement, you are going to find fantastic gifts for everyone at Design Toscano. Dog lovers will adore the Puppy Parade Welcome Sign and Terrence the Terrier Digging Pet Dog Statue. If that special person loves the outdoors, take their breath away with statues like the Catch of the Day Grand Bear Sculpture or the Mischievous Bear Cub statue.


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Happy Fourth of July from Design Toscano! Celebrate with Savings on Resin Garden Statues!

Mermaid of Magellan's Cove Glass-Topped Sculptural TableHappy Fourth of July! Independence Day is here again and with it comes the best excuse for spending most of your day in the backyard. Don't do any work in the garden or elsewhere because the Fourth is all about relaxation, fun and games in the outdoors, and spending time with loved ones. Of course it's also about finding the best spot to take in the fireworks display but since that doesn't happen until nightfall, you can easily pass the earlier parts of this holiday in the comfort of your backyard.

Hopefully, this special day will see every American enjoying it with family or friends. Go for a swim in the pool followed up by cold drinks served on your Mermaid's Cove Glass-topped Sculptural Table.  Play a game of horseshoes under the careful, curious watch of a beautiful Meerkat Sculpture. Show your menagerie of detailed, breathtaking animal garden statues to guests as you give them a tour of the backyard.

Enjoy the day whatever you end up doing but  don't forget that you will also enjoy savings with a 20% discount off of any item in our catalog when ordered today or tomorrow!

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Every Backyard Has Room for Adorable Outdoor Animal Statues

Mischievous Bear Cubs SculptureWild animals are as fascinating as they are beautiful. From squirrels in the backyard to Bighorn Sheep in the mountains, wildlife hold a special place in the hearts of millions of people. While some animals can be intimidating and downright dangerous (given the right situation), most prefer to stay away from people. A lot of animals are also adorable and young bears are some of the cutest animals in the country. If you are lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a bear cub or two, unfortunately, they should only ever be watched from a safe distance because their mother won't trust your intentions. Nevertheless, you can still admire the adorable nature of bear cubs in the safety and comfort of your backyard when you buy the Mischievous Bear Cubs Sculpture.

Among the cutest of animal garden statues, this sculpture is both adorable and realistic on several levels. Just like the statue shows, young bears are always ready to play with driftwood and each other. They are constantly tumbling around and pawing at each other and seem to take pride in being mischievous. The looks on the faces of the cubs in this adorable outdoor garden sculpture are just priceless!

Find this beautiful, detailed animal sculpture and other fantastic garden decor at Design Toscano.

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Summer is the Time for Outdoor Garden Water Fountains

Pondering Cupid Garden FountainThere are decorations for every season. Garland around the windows and pumpkins on the porch are unheard of during the warm, lazy days of June whereas fountains are usually turned off as soon as the weather starts to dip into the 60's. After the water is turned off, their basins fill with the detritus of autumn and it's as if fountains go to sleep for the winter. They can still act as beautiful resin garden statues but they become that and nothing more. However, when the temperature start to rise again, fountains come back to life as centerpieces for gardens across Canada and the USA.

No longer the inanimate statue of winter, fountains laugh with bubbling water as it rushes through the veins of the sculpture. Birds visit to splash and cool off in the basin and the sound of the water becomes as soothing as the sight is refreshing.

The Pondering Cupid Garden Fountain demonstrates why fountains are more than either art or function. That blend is beautifully shown in this classical replica of an eighteenth century fountain.

Fountains that follow nature-inspired themes also work well in just about any backyard. The Rocky Mountain Splash Black Bears Garden Fountain will be a reminder that animals enjoy the summer months just as much as people.

Find exquisite fountains such as these and a host of beautiful animal garden statues at Design Toscano.


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Save Even More on Fantastic Garden Statuary This Weekend at Design Toscano

Angel of Patience SculptureThe first weekend of June is one of the more beautiful times of the year in Canada and the United States of America. Summer is just starting, all of the lawns look green and fresh, the birds are singing, and the outdoors beckon. It's warm but not too hot and everyone seems to be soaking up the wonderful weather in their backyards.

This weekend, when you are weeding your garden, cutting the grass, or enjoying a cold drink under the shade of your favorite tree, take a look around and imagine how much better that personal green space would look with animal garden statues or a stone garden angel. With those images in mind, go online, head to the Design Toscano website, and buy enough to place an order of $75 or more. The reason for that is because not only will you be aquiring high quality, beautiful sculptures and objets d'art for your garden, but you will also save on shipping and handling.

From Friday, June first to Sunday, June third, all purchases of $75 or more from Design Toscano enjoy free shipping and handling. The first weekend in June is the best time to buy and beautify your garden with fantastic sculptures from Design Toscano.

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Garden Statuary for the Backyard Naturalist

Mother Nature: Maiden of the Forest StatueGardens are places to grow plants that help feed the family and add beauty to your backyard. We plant, clip, and manage the vegetation that shoots up out of the ground but it's also worth it to let some parts of a big backyard grow wild. While many would refer to certain species of fast-growing plants as "weeds", botanists and nature lovers might call them, "early successional plants". Let those grow in the corner of a backyard and you might be surprised at the birds that show up. Letting the trees grow large and wild will also attract different types of birds and provides homes for squirrels and, sometimes, bats (easy, natural insect control).

Put up bird boxes and they will be used. Set up outdoor garden water fountains and you will be amazed at the numbers and types of birds that show up for a bath. Sculptures that help wildlife are always appreciated by those who love a natural backyard, but animal garden statues also work as exciting, detailed decor.

Another statue that is perfect for every nature lover is Mother Nature: Maiden of the Forest. Holding doves of peace and wearing a berry and ivy decorated gown, she is a representation of the enchanting, magical side of nature.

Find these and objets d'art for every backyard at Design Toscano.



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Last Day to Get 20% off Outdoor Garden Water Fountains

Saint Remy Lion Corner FountainFountains are an essential piece for any garden. You can have the most realistic of animal yard statues and breathtaking statues in your garden but  the backyard won't be complete without the soothing sound of flowing water associated with a true work of art. These functional sculptures have been used for ages in most parts of the world. In many parts of southern Europe, communal fountains in plazas still provide flowing water for residents just as they have been doing for centuries. If you don't have a fountain in the garden of your home or business, today is the perfect day to start a fountain tradition of your own.

Today, May 22nd, marks the second and final day for the Design Toscano 2 day fountain sale. Whether buying beautiful bronze garden sculptures that also act as fountains or going for sculptural fountains that incorporate cherubs and animals, you get 20% off the regular price when buying them today! Don't wait until tomorrow to order the Saint Remy Lion Corner Fountain or the L'Acqua di Vita Sculptural Fountain unless you want to pay full price for these and other beautiful fountains.

Buy fountains for your home, family, friends, and business today from Design Toscano and get 20% off the regular price!

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An Animal Yard Statue at Home in the Trees

Not all garden statuary needs to be placed in flowerbeds or near the pool. While it is true that there are animal garden sculptures that add action and fun to those parts of the backyard, the ground isn't the only place where you can put statues. Although the weight of heavy, marble sculptures placed limits on where Hanging Jungle Monkey Statuethey could be shown, modern-day resin sculptures are light enough in weight to be placed on walls and can even be hung from the trees.

One such action-packed sculpture is the Hanging Jungle Monkey Statue. Crafted with the same realistic detail that goes into every Design Toscano statue, this Chimpanzee looks as if it might swing right out of the tree. From its long, strong arms to the curious smile on its face, the realism of this mischeivous monkey statue is perfect for entertaining guests at backyard parties or patrons of outdoor restaurants. It also makes for an excellent addition to planted trees in hotel restaurants or lobbies and will keep guests talking about their stay long after they have returned home.

Get the Hanging Jungle Monkey statue for your backyard or business and see it entertain all of your guests and clients.

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Last Day to get 20% off of Garden Statuary

Young Girl with her Horse Bronze Garden StatueToday is a great day for ordering animal garden statues and other outdoor sculptures for the backyard. The warm weather means that you and your guests will be spending more time in the garden so you might as well order new decor for the backyard now to ready your place for those Summer parties. Today is also the best time to order statues for the backyard because you will get 20% off the regular price. Yes, April 12th has arrived and that means that you have until midnight to get a 20% discount on all garden statues and sculptures from Design Toscano.

The 20% discount means that this is the best time to place orders for larger items such as the Leap Froggin Playing Boys Bronze Garden Statue or the Young Girl with her Horse Bronze Garden Statue. Both are beautiful solid bronze sculptures destined to be incredible additions to your garden. The quality and timeless nature of these works of art also makes them heirlooms to be cherished by future generations of loved ones. Buy them today and the 20% discount turns into serious savings.

Buy statues and sculptures for the backyard from Design Toscano and get 20% off the regular price until midnight, April 12th!

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Serve Snacks and Drinks with this Outdoor Garden Sculpture

The warm weather turns many a backyard into the most popular "room" in the house. Why dine indoors Black Forest Bear Pedestal Tablewhen you can enjoy creative meals surrounded by the beauty of your garden? Accompany the daily paper or a book with your favorite drink in the lovely outdoors right behind your home. It becomes that much more appealing and fun when decorated with animal garden sculptures or statuary that follows a theme. The right garden decor can also provide a fun, exciting atmosphere for another Spring and Summer essential: the backyard party.

The pleasant temperatures make it all too easy to throw wonderful soirees in your garden. Show guests the Egyptian decorations inside your home but make the backyard the focus of the party. Adorn the garden with unique items from Design Toscano and guests will marvel over your decorations. While admiring your beautiful, detailed lion statues, you can also serve them snacks and drinks with the Black Forest Bear Pedestal Table. The bear's comical expression on this realistic sculpture will make it a hit at all of your garden parties. With outstretched arms holding a table top above its head, it serves your favorite drinks and Summer snacks.

Get 20% off this table sculpture and all garden statues until Thursday, April 12th!


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Blend Function and Action with These Outdoor Garden Water Fountains

Quenching a Big Thirst Sculptural FountainGardens and backyards deserve more than carefully trimmed hedges, flourishing rose bushes, and a healthy variety of trees. Your personal green space always looks better when there are statues of garden fairies in the flowerbeds, greenmen on the oaks, and animal sculptures in the yard. However, no matter how many statues are in your beautiful backyard, it will always look better with a fountain or two. The sound and sight of bubbling water is just as refreshing to listen to and watch as a glass of ice cold H2O on a hot day in July.  Fountains also make for wonderful sculptures and are the perfect centerpieces for every garden.

The artistic themes of some fountains also add action to the backyard. The "Quenching a Big Thirst Sculptural Fountain" is one of the more popular fountains available from Design Toscano. Saint Bernards are big dogs with an even bigger thirst on hot summer days. It is a good thing that this fountain has a generous basin because the adorable Saint Bernard trying to get a drink is determined to quench its thirst.

The "Guzzling Gulp BlackBear Garden Fountain" is another hit for every backyard. The detail and colors on the tree stump and cute Black Bear are so realistic that backyard birds might never be too afraid to visit this fountain for a drink!

Get 20% off these items and all garden statues until Thursday, April 12th!


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Happiness is the Essence of This Outdoor Garden Sculpture

Basking in God's Glory Little Girl StatueEvery backyard should be a happy place. Gardens are personal sanctuaries from the stresses associated with work, life, and dealing with other people. The peaceful nature of backyards can help you refind yourself in a busy world and can also be a place for personal healing. Although the weeds in a flower bed and feeder raiding squirrels can be true sources of frustration, one should never allow them to cause too much worry. Put out certain garden statuary and you will always be reminded that your garden is a happy, peaceful place.

Animal garden sculptures add a nice, peaceful touch to every backyard because they remind you of the basic beauty showcased by all things wild and free. Although statues of bear cubs playing together is certainly a happy sight, the most joyous sculpture for any backyard theme has to be the Basking in God's Glory Little Girl Statue. With her arms outstretched and face raised to the heavens, this little girl has an expression of pure happiness. Small birds perch on her arms as she smiles with innocent, absolute joy. This wonderful sculpture comes in two sizes and is the happiest addition to every garden.

Get 20% off this and all garden statues until Thursday, April 12th at Design Toscano!

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The Cutest of Garden Statues

There's so much that can be done with a backyard for decorating that it can be hard to know where to even start. Animal garden sculptures give a unique, wild touch to any backyard. Garden fairies are right at home in flowerbeds, hanging from trees, and frolicking next to fountains. You could also get a couple of Fanny & Frank Farmer Garden StatueBuddha outdoor statues for an Asian-themed garden or put a dragon or two in the backyard. Or, you could just go for the cutest statues to make your personal green space absolutely adorable.

Most of the fairy and animal statues are cute as can be but it's hard not to give the cutest award to the Fanny and Frank Farmer statues. These sculptures of young child farmers are as realistic as they are beautiful. Fanny is ready to water the vegetables with a watering pot adorned with a pink heart. With sporty outdoor footwear, a garden dress, and floppy hat, she's more than ready to take care of the garden.

Frank is just as adorable with his straw hat and cute farming outfit. One foot crossed in front of the other, he contemplates where to plant the tomatoes.

Get 20% off these cute garden statues and everything else from Design Toscano until Friday, March 30th!

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Garden Statuary for a Backyard Fountain

Every garden deserves a fountain. There is something about bubbling water that soothes the mind and The Baby Fur Seal Statuespeaks of peace eternal. Such ingredients are perfect for meditation, relieving stress, and reading a great book in your favorite backyard chair. Fountains are sculptures all on their own but  they look even better when complemented with the right type of garden statues. Animal garden sculptures in particular can create fun, backyard scenes when paired with artistic fountains.

The Masked Fisherman Raccoon from Design Toscano is one such statue. In nature, raccoons love to catch fish and crustaceans in wetland habitats but none have mastered the art of fishing like this clever bandit. Pole in hand and wicker creel waiting at its feet, it eyes the fish it has caught with determined, hungry eyes.

Another animal yard statue that looks right at home next to a fountain or pool is the Baby Fur Seal statue. Walking along on its flippers, the innocent expression on the face of this very realistic sculpture will melt hearts and add a tender touch to every fountain scene. From its wet nose to the lifelike whiskers, the details of this resin statue are truly amazing.

Create the perfect fountain scene with these and other outdoor items from Design Toscano.



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An Animal Yard Statue for the Home and Garden

Some sculptures clearly do better in the garden while others are works of art no one would dream of Lion Head Gazing Globe Garden Pillar Statueputting outside. Both types of statues have their place and purpose and when used the right way, can accentuate any home. For example, the Lion Head Gazing Globe Pillar adds a classic touch of fantasy to every backyard but looks seriously out of place in the dining room. Likewise, a beautiful replica of knight's armor makes for a much better fit in a library or hallway.

However, there are some statues that look right at home in the garden and inside the house. The Peacock's Sanctuary Sculpture is one such objet d'art. Perched atop a white plinth with greenery coming out of it, a male Peafowl shows his iridescent plumage with a regal aloof attitude. The king of his domain, his long, spectacled train reaches the floor and shines in green, purple, and gold. The quality of this statue is such that you could display it inside the home or out it outside to vie with the live Peacocks in your garden. Guests won't help but be drawn to the intricate, realistic nature of this sculpture.

Find outdoor animal statues, Asian garden sculptures, and  other garden statuary at Design Toscano.

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End of Season Sale Starts Tomorrow at Design Toscano!

Tomorrow, March 6th is the start of yet another sale at Design Toscano! From March 6th until March 9th, you can get 20% off all items that are already on sale. It's hard to think of a time when you could save more on garden statuary, and other items that have already had their prices slashed. There are also Saber-toothed Tiger Skull Artifacthundreds of items to choose from that fit into every decorating theme.

Add a touch of museum-quality class to your office with the Saber-toothed Tiger Skull artifact and get 20% off when you buy it from March 6th to March 9th. Think ahead for the holidays and order the Trumpeting Angels of Saint Peter's Square to take advantage of this sale on items that are already on sale! Get Buddha outdoor statues to bring peace to your garden and animal garden sculptures to put some excitement into the backyard and save money at the same time.

There are also plenty of Egyptian-themed items, Gothic decorations, and elegant, hand-crafted furniture that are already on sale and thus eligible for a 20% discount! The next few days are definitely the time to explore and order from the all sale pages on the Design Toscano site.

Get 20% off all sale items from March 6th until March 9th!

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Bigfoot in The Garden

There is something mysterious about old, primeval forest. Massive trees stretch their way up into the sky to leave the forest floor in perpetual shade. The rustling of leaves in the undergroth reveals the presence of small animals that attempt to stay hidden from larger predators. Treetops are given voice by the wind and woodland birds enchant the forest with song. At night, however, the woods take on a different, more Bigfoot, the Garden Yeti Statuesinister appearance. The shadows grow long and dark and every sound sets your nerves on edge. Diurnal beings that we are, we can't see into the dim recesses and fear is quickly made tangible by repressed instinctive memories of predators lurking in the dark of the night.

Bigfoot might not be a predator but this legendary creature is every bit as scary and mysterious. People who have heard it howl in the night were petrified to the core. Those who have glimpsed this big, shaggy creature were both terrified and intrigued. Whether real or not, Sasquatch represents wilderness and the great unknown. Although a real Bigfoot isn't likely to turn up in your backyard (folks who reside in the Pacific Northwest might beg to differ), you can capture the essence of one of America's most persistent and fantastic folktales with the Bigfoot statue from Design Toscano. Hide it behind a tree decorated with greenmen to make its presence that much more realistic or let it walk among garden fairies and outdoor animal statues such as a tiger sculpture.

Buy that statue of Bigfoot today and get 25% off the regular price!


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