Add a Dash of Color to the Yard with This Enchanting Garden Fairy Statue

Pondering Pixie Stained Glass SculptureGarden fairies are one of the more exquisite types of outdoor statues. Sculpted with graceful lines, curves, and beautiful details, they can punctuate the backyard with elegance in a distinctly magical way. Although there are some fairy statues that show a bit of color, most are painted in classic, faux stone hues. There's nothing wrong with that classical look but it's still nice to have a few fairy statues that are painted in some of the same bright colors as the flower patches where they "live".

Folks hoping to combine bright colors with the elegance and magic of the fairy statue will be happy to know about the Pondering Pixie Stained Glass Sculpture. This wonderful work of art is one of the most colorful fairy sculptures you will ever see. Our happy little pixie is brought to life with delicate flesh tines, pink lips, and tousled brown hair. She also sports a beautiful green leaf dress with a reddish waist band but her colors truly show when the sun hits her sparkling stained glass wings. Inspired by the orange and pale blue shades shown by a Monarch Butterfly, her wings are made of 75 different, copper-foiled, hand cut pieces of stained glass. This pixie shines with color both inside the home and when placed outdoors and will become a bright spot in any garden.

Find the beautiful Pondering Pixie Stained Glass Sculpture, realistic animal garden sculptures, and hundreds of other enchanting garden decor items at Design Toscano. 

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What is Outdoor Garden Statuary Made Of?

Catch of the Day Grand Bear SculptureThe garden is meant to be decorated with statuary. Whether the backyard is used to grow vegetables, for dinner parties, or for playing badminton, it's also the perfect place for displaying a stone garden angel or a collection of classic Greek garden statues. Sculptures give your place a regal touch, allow you to express feelings about your faith, and can be used to add both drama and peace to the backyard. The fact that statues aren't carved from slabs of marble also make them much more affordable than the sculptures that graced Roman villas and Victorian era gardens. Although you could certainly find sculptors who are willing to create a marble statue for thousands of dollars,nowadays, it's far easier to buy garden statues that are made from quality resin.

Resins are used as the medium of choice for high quality statues because this material is much more affordable and weighs much less than granite or marble. The fact that it's also much more pliable than natural stone means that it can be used to create incredibly realistic animal garden sculptures such as the Catch of the Day Grand Bear Sculpture, or Zarien the Zebra. Although resins can be used to make beautifully delicate garden fairies, they are also engineered to last for decades (and should last for centuries with proper care).

Find hundreds of fantastic, high quality resin statues for the garden at Design Toscano today.

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Outdoor Animal Statues that Make a Big Impression on Guests and Clients

Mombasa, the Garden Giraffe StatueThe animal yard statue makes a beautiful, naturally-inspired addition to any backyard. Although there are plenty of small animal sculptures that bring wild, dramatic beauty to the garden, the ones that make the biggest impression are grand scale, life-size statues like Mombasa the Garden Giraffe. Mombasa thrills with an eight foot height and life-like details that will make neighbors wonder if you have a backyard zoo. Put this beautiful sculpture in the patio of a hotel, restaurant, or other business and people will walk through your doors just to get a look at your unique garden statuary.

The Walking Crocodile statue is another item that will make your place of business or backyard the talk of the town. Crocodiles don't just swim, they also walk and can even run when the need arises.This life-like sculpture of a walking croc entertains with scaly hide and an all too realistic toothy grin. Put it on display near a backyard pond or in the garden of your business to give guests and customers an experience they will never forget.

Every visitor will be amazed by the incredibly realistic Galapagos Tortoise Statue. This huge, detailed tortoise looks so much like the real thing that you might get people asking if you actually have a stuffed tortoise on display.

Browse our grand-scale collection of animal sculptures to add thrilling, unforgettable statues to the garden.

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Celebrate Daylight Savings with Fun Garden Statuary

Pink Flamingo Garden Statues: Luau Larry & Flamingo FrankDaylight savings begins today. If this were Monday, losing that extra hour of sleep would put a damper on any festivities but since it falls on the weekend, it's a cause for celebration. You might "lose" an hour today but we get used to the time change quickly enough and it helps us take advantage of that extra amount of daylight during the summer months. Celebrate the day with an impromptu party and if you live in a place with a warm climate, you might as well celebrate outdoors and show off your favorite animal garden sculptures. Thrill and entertain guests with the the realism of the Snapping Swamp Gator Statue and have fun with the Pink Flamingo Garden Statues known as Luau Larry and Flamingo Frank.

For those of us who live in places where the weather is still a bit too chilly for backyard soirees, host the party indoors and entertain with fun indoor statues. Serve drinks with Coco the Parisian Poodle Statue. The curled locks, pink bow, and cute smile on this unique, three foot tall indoor sculpture are painted by hand, and she carries a removable serving tray that is perfect for sharing gourmet snacks and glasses of champagne.

Save on the best in unique, fun decor for the backyard and home interior at Design Toscano.

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Sculptures for Outside that Make an Extraordinary Impression

Hanging Jungle Monkey StatueThe backyard is a place that can be used for a wide variety of activities. During the summer months, depending on the size of the backyard, it can play host to everything from badminton games to neighborhood volleyball championships. It also acts as a fine locale for evening meals, outdoor parties, or trying your hand at gardening. When you have guests, you also make an impression with backyard garden statuary.

The bigger the statues the bigger the impression and certain extraordinary sculptures will make your garden the talk of the town. Put a giant Easter Island Ahu Akivi Moai Monolith Statue in the backyard to amaze and entertain guests. This faux stone sculpture was carefully designed and crafted to look just like the actual signature stone head statues that dot the barren Easter Island landscape.

If you have a tree or two, decorate one of them with the realistic Hanging Jungle Monkey statue. Kids of all ages will love this detailed Chimpanzee animal yard statue and neighbors will wonder if you have a pet primate on the premises.

Of course, no extraordinary backyard decor is complete without one of our exclusive Bigfoot statues. Decorate the yard with a giant, Life-size Yeti Statue for full effect and put a Bashful Bigfoot behind a tree.

Shop at the online Design Toscano store for the best in unique and extraordinary backyard decor.

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Outdoor Garden Water Fountains with a Natural Touch

Ridge Point Garden Fountain SculptureThe main goal of most gardens is growing various types of greenery. The garden acts as a private sanctuary where we can tend and show off beautiful flowerbeds, carefully pruned hedges, and stately trees. Nevertheless, the backyard always looks better with a bit of garden statuary. The right type of animal garden statues can give the yard a natural touch of drama and beauty, and garden fairies provide a mystical, magical touch. However, even if a garden is decorated with the best and most beautiful of sculptures, the decorating isn't truly complete until a water feature has been installed.

This can take the form of a small pond although most people settle for the beauty and natural grace of a fountain. A fountain takes still water and brings it to life. It gives it voice in the form of bubbling laughter and when you listen to that refreshing sound, it cleanses the worries and stress from the soul. It's an invaluable, natural form of therapy that can be expressed by any type of fountain. The Alpine Approach Garden Fountain has an impressive natural appearance that resembles steadfast Alpine granite being washed by clear, cold streams of water. Counter its impressive faux stone appearance with the weathered wood and stone look of the Ridge Point Garden Fountain Sculpture.

Order any of these sculptures along with anything else on our site between now and February 14th and get 20% off the regular price.

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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An Outdoor Garden Statue that Brings the Call of the Wild into Your Backyard

Howling Lone Wolf Garden StatueWild places remind us of the power and mystery associated with the primal side of nature. While many of our natural instincts might be stowed away when walking to a supermarket or a favorite restaurant in the city, they come back out to play on camping trips in wilderness areas. Those feelings seem to be truly expressed once the sun goes down and the peaceful forest of the day turns into a pitch black place of foreboding menace. Every little sound can put you on edge and the imagination runs wild as owls begin to hoot and shadows seem to come to life. The hair on the back of your neck can seem to stand up for no reason and you don't dare put out the campfire. Once wolves start to howl, the experience gets kicked up a notch and you might be tempted to get in the car and drive back to civilization.

However, once you realize that the sounds of the night are just chipmunks and other small creatures, and that wolves are much more afraid of you than you are of them, their haunting calls become an enchanting reminder that wild places still exist on this Earth. Pay homage to the beauty and mystery of the wilderness with the Howling Lone Wolf Sculpture. With its muzzle raised to the sky, this highly detailed animal yard statue of a beautiful, wild wolf couldn't be more realistic.

Find the most realistic of animal garden sculptures at Design Toscano and when you order any on sale item from now until February 1st, take 20% off the price as part of our Mid-Winter Clearance Sale!

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Beautiful Bronze Asian Garden Statues

The Asian-themed garden often plays host to bamboo (both living and sculpted forms), Koi ponds, and Buddha outdoor statues. There might also be a stunning Panda animal yard statue or even a Ninja Gnome but the most spectacular of Asian gardens usually showcase a bronze sculpture or two. Asian-themed sculptures tend to look more impressive and authentic when depicted in bronze because sculptures crafted from that ancient medium have adorned Chinese gardens for more than two thousand years.

Asian Dragon with Power Orb Solid Bronze Garden SculptureThe solid bronze Asian Dragon with Power Orb is one such spectacular sculpture. This writhing Asian water dragon is sculpted in the same style as classic dragons that adorn Chinese temples. The power orb is a modern touch but gives this beautiful bronze sculpture a magical, captivating appearance. Although it can be shown on its own, this fantastic, piped bronze sculpture is at its best when placed in a pond or fountain.

The Tranquil Buddha Statue is another stunning Asian-themed bronze sculpture. Carefully crafted in the traditional lost wax method, this Buddha statue is beautifully detailed and resembles many Buddha sculptures that grace temple grounds in Thailand and China. The peaceful, contented look on the face of this Buddha is timeless and inspirational.

Save on these fantastic bronze sculptures and hundreds of other statues for the backyard and the interior of your home and business at Design Toscano.

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Ring in the New Year with New Garden Statuary

Muiredach High Celtic Cross Grand Scale StatueHappy New Year from all of us at Design Toscano! The start of a new year is a useful incentive to get a fresh start on new exercise regimens, healthier diets, and other positive projects such as giving the backyard a fresh look with beautiful outdoor decor. Whether you have a backyard that hosts a stunning set of Greek garden statues or nary a sculpture, it could probably use a change of scenery. Fortunately, our newest set of sculptures provides plenty of exciting opportunities to add elegant and exciting beauty to your yard in 2013.

Make a statement with the Grand Scale Muiredach High Celtic Cross. Standing over seven feet in height and decorated with ornamental carvings, this replica of a tenth century Irish work of art will be a dominant feature in the backyard of any home or church.

If your garden could go for a touch of joy, garden statues of children will do the trick. The Little Girl and Boy Dancing Statue captures the innocent, unadulterated joy of two children lost in play and is just about guaranteed to provoke nostalgic reminders of younger days. The same can be said about the tender Love's First Kiss statue.

Animal garden statues can also do wonders for any backyard. Get the realistic White Swan Statue to give the garden a touch of enchanted elegance.

Find these items and hundreds of other beautiful statues for the interior and exterior of your home and business at Design Toscano.

Enjoy our End of the Year Sale and get 20% off until tomorrow, January 2nd!

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Garden Statuary Memorials for Pets

Anyone who has ever owned a beloved pet knows that those animals are more than just a cat or dog. They I Thought of You Personalized Cast Stone Pet Memorial Statuebecome part of the family and when they pass away, we miss them dearly. Every cherished cat, dog, or bird deserves its own memorial and there's no better place to put it than in your own, peaceful garden.

The "I Thought of You" personalized cast stone pet memorial statue reflects the deep feelings that we have for dearly departed pets. It comes with an ebony plaque that can be engraved with your pet's name and lifespan, and the sculpture has an inscription that reveals what most of us feel about beloved, deceased pets. Although this weatherproof, cast stone monument will last for years in the outdoors, it can also be displayed as a wall sculpture inside the home.

The Heart-Shaped, Cast Stone Pet Memorial is another tender means of remembering that departed best friend. It can be personalized with up to six lines of text and makes for an emotional addition to the garden and the walls of your home. The solid marble garden memorial can also be personalized and works as a beautiful reminder of your dearly departed pet.

Enjoy 20% off quality garden pet memorials, all of our resin garden statues, sculptures for outside, and everything on our site until January 2nd as part of our End of the Year Sale.

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Find That Special Outdoor Garden Statue at Design Toscano

Every backyard looks better with a bit of decor. Whether the size of a postage stamp or an acre of green, animal garden statues and various types of garden statuary help to give it character and turn it into your own personal green space. The type of statuary used in the backyard depends on your likes and what you Silas the Sentry Gargoyle Sculpturemight want to portray. You don't need to settle on any old statuary either. Go for unique, quality items that will make a statement and compliment the beauty of your backyard.

These are items such as the exquisite Fairy of the West Wind Sitting Statue or even detailed gargoyle figurines like the Silas the Gargoyle Sentry. Each of these is essentially a beautiful work of art that adds a huge amount of character to any garden and are a tiny sampling of the huge array of fairy and gargoyle sculptures we carry.

Animal statues help to give your garden a wild look with natural beauty. The success of animal sculptures depends on their realism and this is why we offer items that stand out for their lifelike details such as the Shadowed Predator Black Panther Statue

Shop at Design Toscano to find the decor and objets d'art that will turn your garden and home into an enchanted realm or peaceful escape.

Get 20% off sales items until today, December 26th as part of our Christmas Clearance sale!

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A Few Animal Garden Sculptures for the Trees

Out on a Limb Hanging Brown Bear Cub StatueStatues for the backyard don't just have to be placed on the ground or even on a plinth. Some, like the Dragon of Falkenberg Castle Moat Lawn Statue seem to come right out of the ground, while items like the Bigfoot Statue seem to lope through the yard and statues such as the Black Panther stalk the flowerbeds. Others find their home in the trees and make for a naturally beautiful addition to outdoor holiday decor.

Animal garden statues like Simone, the Squirrel Hanging Sculpture are so realistic that you can expect the live, bushy-tailed, inquisitive variety to come and scold it on more than a few occasions. Birds may keep their distance and neighbors will wonder why you have a pet squirrel until you put a little Santa Claus hat on its head.

Yonva, the Climbing Bear Sculpture is another animal statue meant for the trees. Modeled after a real bear cub, Yonva plays the role perfectly with its adorable face and highly detailed, furry appearance. Black Bears like Yonva are naturally good climbers and they often sleep in nests high up in a tree. Larger and bulkier Brown Bears usually stick to the ground because they don't climb trees nearly as well. This is demonstrated by the oh so cute Out on a Limb Hanging Brown Bear Statue!

Order these and other high quality animal statues as holiday gifts from Design Toscano.

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Save 25% on Garden Statuary during Our Halloween Happy Hour Sale!

Harvest of Evil Garden Scarecrow StatueHappy Halloween! Today is one of our favorite holidays and we are celebrating it with a a Halloween Happy Hour sale that takes 25% off of everything on our site! Order anything on the Design Toscano site from 2pm to 7pm CST today only (October 31st) and you get a 25% discount. That includes unique spooky decor like our  Gothic Zombie Wall Sculpture, and the terrifying Harvest of Evil Garden Scarecrow Statue.

Shop during the Halloween Happy Hour sale and save big on gifts for the winter holidays. Friends and family who enjoy Medieval home decor will love items like the Gothic Greenman Cast Iron Door Knocker or a detailed statue of a full suit of beautiful, sixteenth century Italian armor.

Get high quality, realistic animal garden statues for folks who appreciate nature and the great outdoors. The Catch of the Day Bear Sculpture captures the hunting technique of a bear with incredibly realistic detail. Put it next to your Koi pond to heighten its realism.

The dog lovers in the family will get a kick out of Buster the Bulldog Sculpture. A must for any English Bulldog owner, his hoard of dog biscuits makes this adorable statue realistic both in terms of appearance and setting.

Order these unique items and anything else on our site from 2pm to 7pm CST on October 31st and enjoy 25% off the regular price!

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A Peaceful Trio of Religious Outdoor Statues Plus 25% Sale Extended!

Artists have been sculpting statues of deities and other religious inspired themes since people first Madonna of Notre Dame Garden Statuestarted making statues. Uses for worship, inspiration, reminders, and intrinsic beauty, they can also help to make the backyard a more peaceful place. Three of the most peaceful resin garden statues in our collection are:

  • Madonna of Notre Dame Statue: This statue of the Madonna gives an open, peaceful welcome with outstretched arms and loving look on her face. This simple yet beautiful sculpture of the Madonna is based on similar statues that adorn French churches. 
  • Nature's Nurturer Saint Francis Sculpture: One of the most peaceful and beloved of Catholic saints, Saint Francis shows his humble nature and devotion by renouncing everything and befriending all of God's creation. Offering food to the squirrels and birds that flock to him, this wonderfully detailed statue captures his love for the animal kingdom.
  • Giant Buddha Monument-Sized Garden Sculpture: This large Buddha statue is four feet tall and depicts the enlightened one in the serene depths of meditation. Modeled after Buddha statues from southern Asia, this beautiful sculpture will help bring peace and tranquility to any type of garden.

Save on these religious sculptures, the most peaceful of stone garden angels, and dozens of other beautiful, spiritual statues at Design Toscano. Our 25% Off Sitewide Sale has been Extended thru 10pm tonight!

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Which Meerkat Sculpture for the Garden?

Kalahari Meerkat Statue: Out of HoleHow can you not like Meerkats? Animated and entertaining, they stand on their hind legs to scan their surroundings for both friend and foe. Their black-tipped fingers and dark markings around the eyes give them a wonderfully mischievous, cartoon-like appearance. It's too bad that these beautiful little animals only naturally occur in southern Africa but at least you can add them to your yard in the form of realistic, detailed animal garden statues. The main question is which one to put in the garden?

The Meerkat Gang Sculpture is a classic depiction of these noble little creatures and looks beautiful in any yard.Try putting it near the flowers so the Meerkats can guard them with bright, watchful eyes.

You can also mix Meerkats with outdoor garden water fountains when you buy the Meerkat Family at the Watering Hole Sculpture. Just as they would do in their dry Kalahari Desert homeland, a family of Meerkats hangs out at a precious watering hole and stand on their hind legs to get a better view of their surroundings.

For one of the cutest of Meerkat statues, see the Kalahari Meerkat Statue: Out of Hole. Just as the name of the statue implies, a cute Meerkat peeks its adorable head out of its burrow to inspect your garden.

Find the best in Meerkat items and other high quality garden sculptures at Design Toscano.

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Animal Garden Statues, Tables, or Both?

Out on a Limb Bear Cub Sculptural TableThe animal yard statue is a classic addition to any backyard. Sculptures of animals like lions, horses, and even turtles bring elegance to the garden by showcasing their natural beauty. They can look stunning all on their own but some animal statues also combine beauty with utility in the form of tables.

The Out on a Limb Bear Cub Sculptural Table is a fine example of one such table and the sculptured table column is so detailed and realistic, you might be tempted to just put it on display for that reason alone. However, if you opt for also using it as a table, the thick glass top will act as a solid support for a cold drink, favorite books, or displaying exquisite objets d'art.

While that sculptural table can be used in the garden, it works better inside the home. The Black Forest Bear Pedestal Table, though, is an excellent item for outdoor garden parties. This bear is happy to make sure that your favorite drink and snacks are within reach!

For a more colorful approach, try the beautiful Great Barrier Reef Glass-topped Table! Sculpted with detailed depictions of stunning reef fish and bright corals that are topped with a round glass top, it's the perfect place for a poolside drink.

Find these and other stunning animal garden sculptures and gorgeous Gothic tables at Design Toscano.

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The Relaxing Beauty of the Seated Stone Garden Angel

Resting Grace Sitting Angel SculptureAngels have been a common, recurring theme in gardens and cemeteries for centuries. Meant to bring peace to the garden or express a sense of mourning over a lost, loved one, angels have been shown in a variety of poses. They can be tall and intimidating as they tower above the garden with large, outstretched wings, look to the heavens with joy, or  they can be beautifully sad as they lower their head in a sign of mourning. Angels can also be seated as they ponder their surroundings in relaxed contemplation.

The Resting Grace Sitting Angel Sculpture captures the appearance and demeanor of the seated angel perfectly. With head resting on her hand, she contemplates your garden with a peaceful expression on her youthful face while the detailed folds of her long gown and feathered wings are a sight to behold.

For an even more relaxed look, you can't go wrong with the Afternoon Nap Angel Sculpture. This cute little cherub felt so at home in your garden that it fell fast asleep in a flower basket. With head resting on one of its wings, this baby angel is a perfect inspiration to take your own backyard nap.

Find these high quality resin garden statues, beautiful religious outdoor statues, and the best in animal garden sculptures at Design Toscano today.

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How to Get a Discount on Religious Outdoor Statues

Nature's Nurturer: St. Francis SculptureStatues have been used for religious purposes since people first learned to carve. They help remind us of ideals and philosophies to live by and for many people, give form to faith. They represent some of the earliest pieces of art, sculpted masterpieces that take center stage in some of the most prestigious museums, and beautify gardens around the globe.

Religious statues also fit into just about any decorating theme and when you order them from Design Toscano through today, September 4th, you can get 20% off the regular price as part of our Labor Day Sale. Animal lovers can save on the beautiful Nature's Nurturer: St. Francis Sculpture. The bird bath in this statue makes it possible for Saint Francis to show his love for animals in real time as sparrows, goldfinches, doves, and other birds come to perch on his shoulders and splash in the basin.

People who appreciate classic Renaissance-themed art and the sacred union of the family will love The Holy Family Sculpture. Detailed, lifelike, and sculpted in classic Italian sculpting traditions that have been passed down for centuries from generation to generation, this work of art has the elegance of an heirloom piece.

Save 20% on these excellent statues, Buddha outdoor statues, and everything on our site when ordered by today, September 4th.

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Celebrate Labor Day with 20% Off Unique Garden Statuary and Beautiful Decor

Grand Cathedral Angel SculptureThe end of summer is almost here and we Americans mark the occasion with Labor Day celebrations. Although the weather seems to be just as warm and trees have yet to drop their leaves, the first Monday in September is when we decide that another Summer has come to an end. This turns the Labor Day weekend into Summer's last hurrah and millions of Americans follow suit by heading to the outdoors. Pools get filled to capacity, state and national parks are busy, marching bands show their stuff on Main Streets, and grills are fired up across the nation.

Many of us also enjoy this holiday by hosting parties in the backyard. We invite friends and family to share great food, drink, and conversation, and give them a tour of our prized resin garden statues. At Design Toscano, in addition to celebrating Labor Day with backyard parties, we also offer a 20% discount on everything in our online catalog. From September 30th to August 4th, you get 20% off anything ordered on our site! That includes such classic, beautiful statues as the Grand Cathedral Angel Sculpture, and exquisite decor for the interior of your home or business.

Celebrate Labor Day with 20% savings on beautiful animal garden statues and every item from August 30th to September 4th!

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Bring Good Luck to Your Home with Outdoor Elephant Statues

Good Luck, Trunk-Up Baby Elephant StatueElephants are considered to be good luck in Thailand and other parts of southern Asia. Rumored to have excellent memories and known to be fiercely loyal to their herd and protective of their young, elephants embody a number of noble characteristics. To demonstrate reverence and appreciation for pachyderms, statues of these powerful, intelligent, and unmistakable animals can be seen in many hotels, restaurants, and shops in southern Asia. They also make for interesting garden statuary, especially when the sculptures are as realistic as the ones offered by Design Toscano.

Put the Trunk-Up Baby Elephant Statue in the yard and neighbors may wonder if you are harboring a private zoo or the most exotic of pets. This statue is about as realistic as you can get without having a real, live elephant roaming through the garden. Kids and adults alike will love the detailed wrinkles and playful features of this cute baby elephant.

The Triumphant Entry Elephant Statue might not be life-size but it makes up for that with highly detailed features and a proud, realistic appearance. Its three foot height and more than four foot length also make it big enough to impress and bestow good luck upon your guests.

Find these and other unique statuary at Design Toscano.


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