Up to 70% off Garden Statues!

Windblown SculptureAncient rituals in both the Biblical era and in other religious constructs suggest to us that the birthplace of the human species was in the garden.    Some believe that occurred with Adam and Eve, while other belief systems simply imply that a majestic garden was the first place where all living creatures began.  As such, creating your own backyard garden is a ritual enjoyed by many, and there are many ways to make your garden as majestic as that of the first birthplace.  Adding statues to the garden are the perfect way to do so.  And now, with many of our statues at 70% off, there can’t be a better time to create that perfect mystical garden.

Religious outdoor statues such as our Giant Buddha are a perfect way to create a mystical birthplace in your own backyard.  This tranquil fellow has just been reduced to less than $600 making it even more magical than ever.

Garden fairies are a great addition to any outdoor space.  If magic and mystery are what you seek in your garden, a fairy like our Windblown Sculpture will do just the trick.
Animal garden statues are also perfect additions to any gardener looking to recreate the Garden of Eden.  This In for a Swim Elephant Garden Structure is the perfect way to embody just that tone in your outdoor Eden for less than $30.

If you want to embody tradition and magic from days gone by or from the Garden of Eden into your garden, there are a number of ways to do so.  And with statues at these prices, you can pick as many as you like!

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FREE Shipping Today Only!

There are still a few more days left to do your holiday shopping at Design Toscano and still have your unique gifts arrive on time.  If you have been wondering what to get someone on your list, you may want to browse our unique selection of gifts under $100.  This huge Painted Pachyderms African Elephant Statuesselection has something for everyone, whether you want to give them the Egyptian touch, or outdoor animal statues to add to their garden decor.  Here are a few ideas to get you started!

For the Sultan on your list, you may want to try one of our unique Egyptian tables that come in a variety of themes.  This stunning Sultans Elephant Table makes for a truly unique and exotic gift for the person on your list with a wild side and a taste for unique home decor.

Egyptian decorations are also a personal favorite here, and among our customer’s top rated items.  Elephant statues are as symbolic as they are stunning, and our Painted Pachyderms African Elephant Statues are unique accent pieces that add a royal touch to any home.

Even better, our FREE SHIPPING offer is back but back for TODAY ONLY.  Shop now and maybe even get an item for yourself!

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Animal Garden Statues Will Bring Out the Wild In You

Tiny the Elephant Lawn Sculpture and Garden SprinklerIf you have started planning your garden theme for next year, you may be thinking about injecting a little extra something to it but aren’t quite sure what.  With all of our garden statues on sale right now, you can truly let your imagination go wild.  One theme that you can work with that will surely not be replicated elsewhere on the block is the theme of the wild.  Our animal garden statues will not only bring out the wild in you, but they are as adorable as they are fierce.

Who doesn’t love an elephant?  Choose an outdoor elephant statue or outdoor garden water fountains featuring your favourite character.  Whether you are using Tiny as an outdoor sculpture or as a sprinkler system won’t matter, he will capture anyone’s attention.

You also don’t have to go extreme if you are bringing the wild into your outdoor space with an outdoor animal statue.  All you need to do is think of your favourite animal, and browse from our huge selection.  You can create an entire zooland if you want, or simply just add an adorable face peeking around from one of your treasured bushes or shrubs.  No matter how wild or tame you go, any animal brought into your garden is going to add an element of personality that nothing else will.

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Why Garden Statues Make Great Holiday Gifts

Whether you are thinking of a gift for your favorite gardener, or are a gardener yourself and just want to treat yourself to something this holiday season, you may want to take advantage of our holiday garden statues sale.  This is the perfect time to get a little something extra for yourself or for someone else in a gift that you, or they, may not otherwise purchase.  With an abundance of styles to choose from in this affordable sale, your only limit is your imagination.

Pagoda Lantern SculpturesGarden statues are often considered an “extra” of sorts, a luxury item that many don’t purchase until their garden is complete and only if they have extra room in the budget.  Whether that is you or someone else, when they go on sale is the perfect time to purchase.  Japanese garden statues are a beautiful way to add an exotic element into any garden, and an affordable way to do so as well.  When you gift the gift of Japanese gardens, you do so with the intention to add peace and serenity to any home.

As well, animal statues such as a tortoise statue or outdoor elephant statues are unique outdoor items that aren’t often first on the gardener’s to do list.  There is no better time than right before the holidays to purchase the gift of outdoor decor for you or for someone else that would otherwise never buy these little statues of magic, hope, and serenity for the garden.

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Give an Animal Sculpture to Your Favorite Survivor Fan

The popular CBS television show has created quite the kingdom of Survivor lovers all over the world.  Many fans of this show have attempted to recreate their own world of Survivor through their home décor.  If you have a Survivor fan on your gift giving list this holiday season, there are ways that you can honor that for them by giving them a gift that is sure not to be replicated by someone else.  Here are some suggestions!

Prowling Tiger StatueThe African themed season of Survivor is one that is loved and remembered well by most fans.  The livestock shown in that season is one of the most symbolic and memorable components of that season.  What better way to put a little bit of Survivor Africa into the home of a recipient than through a gift such as a tiger sculpture or outdoor animal statues?

Outdoor elephant statues for a Survivor fan will serve many purposes as well, especially if they are also a gardener!  Elephants are not just symbolic to Africa, but symbolic of hope and wellness upon a home as well, and the perfect and affordable gift for the Survivor fan on your list.

If you want to give a gift that will truly be remembered, not just through the holiday season, but all year long as well, animal statues or gifts will be cherished by any Survivor fan on your list.  Make a wild statement without using a wild budget and give the perfect gift at the same time!

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The Meaning Behind Religious Statues

Good Fortune Elephant Sculptural Garden ChairFor those that are considering adding a unique element to their home or garden decor, you may want to consider adding the elegant touch of a statue.  A religious statue in any decor theme whether that is a contemporary theme or one of an ancient era can add an entirely new tone to your room or garden that sets the stage of the theme you are considering. 

An outdoor elephant statue for example is one that in some cultures embodies wisdom and fertility from the Greek gods, or good fortune as well.  Elephants are religious symbols used by a variety of ancient traditions to embody these qualities.  If you want a design piece that relates religious significance without being over the top, an elephant statue is a very elegant way to do so.

There are few religious statues more symbolic than a large Buddha statue.  The Buddha statue can serve as a symbol of allowing a Hindu god into your living space, or it can simply serve as a lucky charm that brings balance and harmony into your design theme.  Harmony is the religious significance behind the Buddha statue, and you do not need to be a Hindu follower to appreciate the balance it provides to your home.

If you want your room or garden to make a statement of significance, religious outdoor statues or an interior religious statue can be all you need to create just that significant statement.

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The Meaning of Animal Symbolism in Feng Shui Principles

If you are designing your home or garden around Feng Shui principles, you may have heard that the addition of animals into your theme will help your Feng Shui.  Here we discuss the importance of the animal symbolism in Feng Shui design, to help you better choose what animals you would like to invite into your home decor. 

The elephant is a sacred creature in many cultures, and in Feng Shui is known to symbolize wisdom.  Many cultures also consider decor such as outdoor elephant statues to symbolize other things such as fertility, fidelity, longevity, and good luck.

The lion is a symbol used in Feng Shui and many Egyptian decorations to embody bravado and courage.  It is said that when a pair of lions are facing an entry point with both of their front feet touching the ground they are protecting your home or business wealth.

The Tranquil Tortoise Garden Sculpture - LargeA tortoise statue is another famous Feng Shui symbol that embodies endurance, wealth, longevity, good luck, and a happy family.  Slow and steady wins the race is the symbolism you will add to your home with a Feng Shui tortoise.

If you want to attract money to your home, it is said that a frog is the way to do it.  Legend has it that a frog will visit a home during a full moon when the home is expected to receive good fortune or news pertaining to wealth.

When you want to add a little extra wish into your home, doing so with Feng Shui animals is a clever and very symbolic way to do so.

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Fall Is The Best Time to Update Your Garden Theme

If you are waiting until the next Spring season to start changing the look of your outdoor living space, you may want to reconsider.  When you are designing your outdoor space, you want to take your vision and make it come to life with your budget.  As such, there is no better time to do that than in the Fall, when garden furniture and decoration costs come down considerably.  Here we talk about ways to spice up your garden theme and take advantage of Fall garden sales.

Lord Earl Houghton's Elephant Wall SculptureNo matter what area of the country you live in, most furniture and garden outlets start bringing their prices down on major pieces in the Fall or harvest season.  If you have been considering adding outdoor water garden fountains but have hesitated in the past due to budget, the Fall may be the perfect time to do so.  Garden fountains are typically an investment piece, but require less maintenance in the Fall and are easy to install even when the temperatures start to dip.

Statues are typically another investment piece into outdoor garden decoration themes. The Fall is a great time to invest into garden statues that are being reduced prior to the next season.  You can change your entire outdoor space with the implementation of some ethereal greek garden statues, or add some wisdom to your garden with some outdoor elephant statues or wall sculpture

When you want to add some more expensive pieces to your garden or outdoor space, the Fall is the best time to do so. 

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Creating Serenity in Your Garden With Accent Pieces

Many people that embark on a landscape design adventure do so with the intention of creating an outdoor space that is something they can escape to, or entertain in with tranquility.  If this is your vision for your outdoor living space, there are a number of ways to do so with the addition of a simple accent piece.  Whether your outdoor theme is Egyptian, Greek, or a simple garden plan, an accent piece can transform any outdoor space into an outdoor oasis.  Here is how to create the serenity in the garden of your dreams.

The Tranquil Tortoise Garden Sculpture - GiantThere is nothing more serene than the beauty of a Greek goddess, and this is making Greek garden statues very popular right now. Tuck away the birth of Venus in one of your landscape corners and enjoy her calming effects as she watches over your gardens.

Animals are revered in many cultures and design motifs and are a stunning way to create a retreat in your backyard.  The tranquil tortoise statue is a symbol of good fortune that reportedly will bring you and your outdoor space years of happiness. Elephant pieces in your outdoor space are also symbolic for imparting wisdom and serenity and have been used to create this ambience in centuries old cultures.

Whether you choose to create serenity subtly through one of these accent pieces, or in a broader statement through religious outdoor statues will depend entirely on your garden theme and personality. 

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A Snake, Iguana and Elephant

Giant Burmese Python Snake StatueWhen one thinks of an extraordinary type statue what comes to mind?  Perhaps our Big Foot garden statue or even an alien statue, but what if you were thinking of an animal that actually exists in some part of the world, what would that statue be like?  Well it certainly might be like the Giant Burmese Python Snake Statue which is eight feet of colorfully and authentically sculpted, hand painted python.  We think that this lovely python will make people walk a little bit away from your yard.

We love our reptiles here at Design Toscano and naturally we make them as lifelike as possible, an example being our tortoise sculpture.  While tortoises and turtles are actually seen every now and then, how would you like a reptile that would bring the tropical rain forest to your yard.  This exotic guy is the Tropical Iguana Sculpture who stands over a foot tall and is now on sale.  He is hand painted in the greens, yellows and a little pink of the reptile of the rain forest and he sports a pouched chin and is sculpted in excellent detail.

If you know someone who absolutely loves our great outdoor elephant statues and collects every elephant they see, then we have the perfect gift for them.  A very dignified and lovely walking stick called the Elephant Pewter Walking Stick because the handle is an elephant head elaborately sculpted out of solid pewter.  The stick itself is polished hardwood and would make an excellent collectible.

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An Evil Scarecrow, Elephant Wall Sculpture and Drago

Harvest of Evil Garden Scarecrow StatueDesign Toscano is the place for extraordinary statues, like our popular Bigfoot statue.  We have just the perfect extraordinary statue for Halloween and fall and that is our Harvest of Evil Garden Scarecrow Statue. Crows will not be the only things frightened when this skeletal guy is raised in your garden.  Standing over 2 ft. tall this scarecrow seems to be a cross between a zombie and a skeleton and he’s never been down the Yellow Brick Road.

There are so many elephant collectors around that we have increased our collection from outdoor elephant statues to some very intriguing indoor statues and wonderful wall sculptures, all celebrating the elephant.  If you have an elephant lover on your gift list they might enjoy the Elephant Sculptural Wall Sconce.  This one foot wide sconce is a well detailed sculpture of an elephant head with his big floppy ears holding a candle sconce in his trunk.  This is perfect for someone who enjoys something different, but it is not exceptionally large as a wall sculpture.

Now with the summer ending and the fall beginning many of our glorious sculptures for outside are on sale.  For the medievalist, we have many dragon statues and one of them is Sir Gawain’s Dragon Sculpture.  Sir Gawain was one of the Knights of the Round Table and this fierce dragon looks like he has been captured and chained up by the knight.  He is perfect protection for any house or even castle.

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A Dragon for the Computer and a Space Alien

This is not only Halloween season, but it is also the beginning of the gift buying season and we have some wonderful items, such as our great knight statues, which are appropriate for both seasons.  The tradition of a small “secret Santa” gift is popular in workplaces and the Dungeon Dragon Computer Companion is the perfect item for the dragon fantasy lover at work.  This little dragon is sculpted with his usual sense of detail and precision by artist Liam Manchester.  He is hand painted green, yellow and some purple scales; as with all dragons he likes shiny things and has possession of an orb.  The best part is that his price is just right.

Roswell, the Alien Butler Pedestal Sculptural TableDelving once again into the collections that make great gifts, we have some special items for those who love our outdoor elephant statues and all elephants in general.  The Anjan the Elephant Jali Sculpture is exquisitely detailed in the “Jali” style of colonial India.  It is 10” high and can only be found at Design Toscano.

Now is the time to decorate your yard for Halloween in the same perfect manner that you did for summer season.  This time though instead of our lovely stone garden angel you need to search for something perhaps a little stranger or “alien”.  That’s right we have Roswell the Alien Sculpture ready to land in your yard.  Once again artist Liam Manchester designs the bizarre and this little alien stands almost 2 ft. tall.  He’s done with great detail and we’re not quite sure exactly where the artist saw him.

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An Elephant, Fox and Saber Tooth


Ernest the Lounging Elephant Sitting StatueWhile there is nothing really scary about our outdoor elephant statues or the wonderful indoor statues that we have, Halloween brings to mind gift shopping season and you may well have some elephant lovers on your list.  A great gift for the elephant collector is Ernest the Lounging Elephant Sitting Statue.  This stately elephant in a faux bronze finish has decided take a break and sprawl just anywhere you want to put him. 

Our adorable animals are more likely to be fun, like our Meerkat sculpture, than they are to be threatening or scary.  We do have an adorable animal though that might make the scene at Halloween and that is Simon the Fox Garden Statue.  Simon is exquisitely hand painted in red and white fur and a sharp foxy face.  You just know that he looking for someone’s hen house to pillage.

Design Toscano tiger sculpture is absolutely beautiful with its brightly hand painted striped tigers doing anything from napping to prowling.  Now if you want some tiger genre sculpture for Halloween, we present the Saber-toothed Tiger Skull Artifact which is an amazing replica of the skull discovered at the La Brea Tar Pits.  It has a bone finish, is almost 2 ft. tall and would make a great man cave decoration.

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Painted Elephants, a Buddha Bust and a Bank

Many of our customers are elephant collectors and want to have all things elephant in their yards, like our outdoor elephant statues, and in parts of their homes, like our elephant sculpture.  An item that would be a great gift for any elephant collector is our Painted Pachyderms African Elephants Statues: Medium and Large.  What makes these statues so special is not the sculpting (although that is beautiful), it is the African tribal colors that have been hand painted onto each piece.  The medium elephant is 11 ½” tall and the large pachyderm is 16 ½” tall; they can be bought separately or as a set.

Sukhothai Buddha Asian Sculptural BustSculptures of the Buddha, such as our large Buddha statue, are crafted with such spirituality by our talented artists that they create a haven of peace in your home or garden.  One such piece that can sit anywhere indoors or out is the Sukhothai Buddha Asian Sculptural Bust which is over two feet tall.  The artist has recreated this Sri Lankan Buddha in a finely detailed bust of designer resin upon which he has placed a verdigris finish. This would be perfect for a yoga room.

Everyone is beginning to think about the upcoming gift giving season and if you are looking for an intriguing gift at a wonderful price you need to browse our marble busts for sale collection.  For any friend, coworker or relative that is an Anglophile the British Post Box Bank Statue would make a great “Secret Santa” gift.  This small yet detailed replica of a British post box stands 8” tall and is a bank.  It is hand painted in bright red with faux gold trimming, pefect for anyone who collects all things from the UK.

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Triumphant Elephants, a Crocodile and a Witch

Triumphant Entry Elephant SculptureWe have featured many an outdoor elephant statue in our blog, but here is one that is worth repeating and he’s on sale.  That’s right, our Triumphant Entry Elephant Statue is now $100 off.  He has his trunk raised for good luck and appears to be striding onto your patio.  He is of course hand painted in wonderful color which contrasts with the brightness of his tusks. 

Many people have browsed with wonder at our “extraordinary” animal collection; these large and wonderful animals, some like our Big Foot garden statue which may or may not be real, others taken directly from nature.  A statue that is just right for your garden may be the Grandscale Wildlife Animal Collection: The Walking Crocodile Statue.  The incredibly statue depicts a crocodile looking for his next meal; he is large at more the 4 ft. long and so detailed that you’ll think he just dropped in from the swamp.

While cruising through all of our many sculptures for outside, some customers might have missed our intriguing weather vanes and garden stakes.  As you all know, Halloween is just around the corner and you might want to pick up this lovely Windblown Wicked Witch Metal Weathervane Garden Stake.  This fearsome witch which is a little bit over 5 ft. tall, will keep your garden safe from other haunters this season.
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A Unicorn and a Red-Eyed Frog

We have several statues of mythical legend such as our Bigfoot statue and, who knows that one might not be mythical.  A beautiful statue is The Enchanted Unicorn Sculpture celebrating the mystical creature well beloved by all.  This Design Toscano exclusive statue is over a foot tall, sculpted in extraordinary detail and hand painted in pastels.

http://www.designtoscano.com/product/code/BB262038.doWe have many sculptures of reptiles, like lizards and other small creatures like our popular tortoise statue.  A new guy on the block is this adorable and intriguing Red-Eyed Tree Frog Statue.  The frog with bulging red eyes has traveled from the Amazon rainforest and is distinctively hand painted in bright green and yellow colors.  He can be fitted anywhere, but will find a place in your heart.

Our animals are very often hand painted in the colors of nature, like our outdoor elephant statues in gray with large white tusks.  However we do have several sculptures done in bronze that show off the incredible detail that the artist put into creating the animal.  One of these detailed and also fun animals is the Long Necked Goose Solid Bronze Garden Sculpture.  The goose’s long neck gives it a feel of high fashion and at the same time the detailed webbed feet are ready for a splash.  You even have the option of having it flow water from its beak.
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Large and Very Different Sculpture


Authentic Replica British Telephone BoothWe are very proud of our collection of "extraordinary" statues which includes many dinosaurs and of course our marvelous Big Foot Garden Statue.  However, the collection is not just about animals, it is also about great statues and replicas that you won’t see anywhere else like the Authentic Replica British Telephone Booth.  The booth is created out of solid pine wood and has the royal crown displayed at the top.  There are 72 hand crafted windows and the booth is hand painted in British red.  This is a great conversation piece for your home.

Another of our “extraordinary” statues is a tortoise statue, but not just any tortoise; it is The Grand-Scale Wildlife Animal Collection: The Galapagos Tortoise Statue.  This amazing statue is over five feet long and is incredibly realistically sculpted.  He is depicted lifting his head and looking around your yard, possibly wondering where he is. 

Our grand animals are incredibly amazing and many, like our outdoor elephant statues, are very realistic.  Some, however, are created in a solid tone which accentuates the careful sculpting of the animal’s musculature and pose.  One such statue is the Majestic Horse Sculpture which is four feet long and four feet tall.  He is cast in designer resin and his beautiful body is covered in bronze patina.  This statue is a must have for all horse lovers.

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African Animals, Dinosaurs and an Alien

All of the three items described below are part of our GARDEN SALE

Zairen, the Zebra SculptureWe are pleased to have a large collection of African animal statues that range from our popular outdoor elephant statues to giraffes and hippopotamus.   A wonderfully different animal for your backyard is Zairen the Zebra Sculpture.  Like all of our animals, Zairen is hand painted with his distinctive black and white stripes and of course created in great anatomical detail.  He is almost three feet tall and is a Design Toscano exclusive and part of our GARDEN SALE.

The garden animal collection has many different sections from tropical animals, domestic animals and zoo animals.  However, we are especially proud of our collection of “extraordinary” animals led by our Bigfoot statue.  Dinosaurs are part of this group and a favorite is Boris the Brontosaurus Roswell, the Alien SculptureGarden Dinosaur Statue.  This large, but gentle guy stands approximately 84” tall and is 153” long, so you neighbors will surely believe that your yard has gone way back in time.  This big guy eats leaves and grass and loves your yard; you will love his lower price in the GARDEN SALE.

Our collections are always full of unusual, fun and slightly skewed statues.  Our famous Meerkat sculpture is known for its fun and now we have another statue that will become known for being very different.  How many of your neighbors can say that they have Roswell, the Alien Sculpture in their backyards?  This alien is almost 2 ft. tall and was created by Liam Manchester, one of our artists.  We don’t know if he was created from imagination or actual contact.

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Fun with Animal and Lizard Statues

Sun Bathing Lizard Cast Iron Garden StatueEverything that is a little creepy and crawly can be found in our animal and reptile collection, from the stately tortoise statue to leaping frogs and climbing lizards.  Now is a great time to pick up one of the crawlies in our DOG DAYS OF SUMMER SALE running from August 16th through August 20th. .  One great little guy for your patio or deck might be our Sun Bathing Lizard Cast Iron Garden Statue.  He is done in strong cast iron and sits on a lovely light rock, just sunning away and having a lazy time.

People are always talking about our cute and lifelike animal sculptures which are done in realistic detail and all hand painted, like our Meerkat statue.  We now have a new collection of marvelous puppies in various breeds and one of the cutest is our Dalmation Puppy Dog Statue.  He is hand painted and shows his spots, but the really interesting element is his eyes, they actually seem to be looking back at you.  You can pick up this cute puppy and many other things at our DOG DAYS OF SUMMER SALE running from August 16th through August 20th.

Large animals are certainly a Design Toscano forte such as our giraffes, dinosaurs and outdoor elephant statues.  We also have one that perhaps is not quite as majestic, but extremely eye catching.  This is our Bad Intentions Giant Warthog Garden Statue who stands 27” tall and has the eyes of a gargoyle.  He has a long snout and great horns and while not the prettiest thing in the garden, he’ll be the most discussed.  Get him at our DOG DAYS OF SUMMER SALE running from August 16th through August 20th.

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A Dachshund, a Monkey and a Castle Lion Sculpture

Take Advantage of our Dog Days of Summer Deals! 
  • Save $10 on $75
  • Save $20 on $100
  • Save $50 on $200
  • Save $100 on $400
Hurry!  They End Saturday, August 20!

Black Dachshund Puppy Dog StatueAnimals, animals and more animals, that’s what we have at Design Toscano and they are incredibly realistically sculpted, painted and fun, like all of our Meerkat sculpture.  We now have a great collection of various breeds of dogs and one of the cutest is the Black Dachshund Puppy Statue.  The black dachshund is one of the most attractive of the breed and the artist has done him justice with his hand painted black coat and adorable tan face and feet.  He is so detailed and cute that you expect him to wag his tail and give a little bark.

Beaumaris Castle Lion SculptureAnimals of the jungle and of Africa are not usually seen in the suburban back yard, but many happy customers have found a home for our outdoor elephant statues.  Like these authentic statues we have also created Makokou the Climbing Monkey Statue, who is climbing a 21” hemp rope and hanging on with his marvelously lifelike carved hands and feet.  Of course, not only is he hand-painted, he’s also an exclusive.

Another popular collection of animals, dragons and gargoyles are those that are in our medieval section with tall standing knight statues and wonderfully decorated shields.  A statue that is a standout in medieval style is the Beaumaris Castle Lion Sculpture now on sale.  This statuesque lion stands over 31 inches tall and is holding a shield with the crest of (what else) a lion.  The lion figure is finished in a light tan and his shield and stand are done in a stone gray.  Let him guard your castle.
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