Interesting Animal Sculpture from Gators to Skunks

Fearless Floating Gator SculptureAt Design Toscano, you can find every animal and reptile that you would like to place in an outdoor space or in a fountain pool or koi pond.  Our tortoise statue is a great one to place roaming the yard and another that might scare your neighbors is our Fearless Floating Gator Sculpture.  Yes, this lively looking gator actually floats and you can place him in any water structure.  He is over 3 ft. long has sharp teeth glistening in his open mouth, perhaps looking for some lunch.  He will cause comment.

Our animals from Africa are like no other in size, detail and realism, a fine example of which is our popular outdoor elephant statues.  Another statue that would look great in a garden with the elephants is our South African Rhino Garden Sculpture.  As with all our animal sculpture this great guy is hand painted and looks like he just walked into your yard.  He has gleaming horns and even the wrinkling on his legs look real.
Not all of our animals are large or dangerous looking, some are just extraordinarily cute.  The popular Meerkat sculpture is one of the cutest and now there is a new guy in town, Stinky the Striped Skunk Statue.  You may ask how a skunk can be cute, but one look at the adorable face on this well detailed statue will win your heart.  Fortunately, he also does not spray anything stinky in your yard.

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From a Surprised Ent to Cute Bear Cubs

Bark, the Black Forest Ent Tree Statue
There is always something unique and surprising in our greenmen collection from faces in leaves to finely carved furniture.  A garden sculpture with something different is our Bark, the Black Forest Ent Tree Statue. This surprised looking tree stump has a grimace on his mouth and large bulging eyes.  His hands are tree branches and he stands two feet tall.  This is, of course, an exclusive.

We love to create large sculpture that will give your garden character such as the large Buddha statue which creates an atmosphere of serenity and peace.  If, however, you are looking to create an atmosphere of a bit of fun scariness then Sinister Simon Giant Skull Sculpture is the piece for you.  This 15” tall skull is just a bit larger than average and has a sinister looking grin on his so-called face.  He is fun for the summer and just right for Halloween.

Our animals just love to roam your outdoor garden space and many of you have made room for our giraffes and outdoor elephant statues.  We now have another realistic animal sculpture that is so incredibly cute you will want one right away.  This is our Black Bear Cubs Up a Tree Sculpture.  Here are three black bear cubs, hand painted and realistically sculpted, climbing a tree for a better look at your guests.  They are adorable and great fun.

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Zombie, Elephant and Dog Statues

Zombies at the Door Wall SculptureThe variety of items at Design Toscano is amazing.  You need to browse our catalog and see all the great things we have and also check out what we’ve got in our new Fall items for 2011.  If you are a fan of some of our weirder items like our Bigfoot statue, you might really enjoy the Zombies at the Door Wall Sculpture. Done with the same detail that our more “classical” sculpture displays, this Zombie appears to be coming right through your wall like the “Night of the Living Dead”. 

We love animals of all kinds and our artists make them look so real it is like they are living in your backyard even if they are giraffes, hippos or our outdoor elephant statues.  Now if you want to take exotic animal sculpture inside, look no further than the Elephant’s Majesty Glass-Topped Cocktail Table.  The base of this table is a sculpture of a mother and baby elephant, with the baby lifting up his trunk up to mom. This sweet sculpture is topped with a sturdy glass top showing the piece in all its beauty.

Highland Terrier Digging Dog StatueDesign Toscano has so many wonderful outdoor animal statues that show our animals in many different poses like our tortoise statue that spits and the shark coming out of the pool.  Some of the cutest poses are when our animals are digging like the Highland Terrier Digging Dog Statue.   All the artist shows is the bum, tail and back legs of this terrier who has his head in a hole after something.

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Up to 70% Off Sale

Every item featured in this blog post is in our 70% off sale collection. 

Spice Islands Sculptural King Crab ChairDesign Toscano is famous for its sculptures for outside.  Many of these are beautiful statues and cute statues and some are very functional like our benches.  One item that is functional as well as interesting and beautiful is our Spice Island Sculptural Crab Chair.  This chair is of course the epitome of a great crab with its legs and pinchers and yet when open it is a very comfortable arm chair.  This is an exclusive and is on sale now.

Our catalog is full of adorable things for the garden like our garden statues gnomes and also many statues of children doing what they do best, A Memory Captured in Time Sculptureplaying. Part of the sale collection is an exquisite statue called A Memory Captured in Time Sculpture.  This sculpture is of a little girl done in excellent detail, jumping rope.  She is sculpted in designer resin and finished in a faux bronze patina.

We have several outdoor elephant statues doing many different things, raising their trunks, carrying royalty or just forming a line.  We only have one; however, that is also a very effective lawn sprinkler.  This is our Tiny the Elephant Lawn Sculpture and Garden Sprinkler.  What fun it will be for the kids and adults to play around this adorable guy on a hot summer’s day.

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From Tutankhamen’s Shroud to Splashing Tortoises

If you have not been browsing the Design Toscano marble busts for sale collection, you have been missing out on some wonderful things.  These are not just the typical busts of Greeks and Romans, but something from every different culture.  Here you will find The Golden Shroud of Tutankhamen Egyptian Bust Statue.  This large bust is 27” high and is a Design The Golden Shroud of Tutankhamen Egyptian Bust StatueToscano exclusive.  It is easily recognizable as the golden mask so often representing Tutankhamen exquisitely hand painted.

Many people collect elephant statues, elephant designs and artists’ renderings, such as our wonderful collection of outdoor elephant statues.  Some elephant design is very different and inspired from the continent of Africa such as The Serengeti Wall Mask: Elephant.  This wall mask done by a Nigerian artist has a tribal design and is marvelously carved.  It is, of course, hand painted and features faux gems in the design.

There is something soothing yet incredibly cute about a tortoise statue, be it named tortoise or turtle.  We have a very cute water fountain named Three Turtles on a Coral Reef Solid Bronze Garden Sculpture.  This adorable fountain depicts the turtles spitting water out of their mouths as they rest on a piece of coral reef, finely detailed in solid bronze.

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From a Large Buddha Statue to a Bunny Rabbit.

Grand Buddha Meditation FountainDesign Toscano has something for everyone, no matter what they might be looking for.  Many customers love our large Buddha statue and have one in a meditation garden for peace and serenity.  To add another element to this serenity, we have the Grand Buddha Meditation Fountain adding the sound of water to your peaceful space.  This fountain is 38 ½ inches tall and has water cascading over a figure of the meditative Buddha.  The pool at the bottom of the fountain is lit so that it can be appreciated on a warm summer’s evening.

Many of our customers are owners of our slow moving guy, the tortoise statue.  Now you can own the crazy rabbit that he raced against.  Carotene, the Bunny Rabbit Garden Statue is a T-Rex Dinosaur Garden Sculpturefabulous rabbit that stands a foot and a half tall.  He is hand painted in white and has a carrot in his mouth and in case he eats that one he is carrying some for later.  Like all of our animal statues, he is done in great detail and is incredibly cute.

We have many statues of large animals like our outdoor elephant statues and our tall giraffe statues; these are all great representations of living animals.  If, however, you would like something not as ordinary in your yard take a look at the T-Rex Dinosaur Garden Sculpture.  Just like all our other animals, he is lifelike and seems to be living in your garden today.  Won’t your neighbors be surprised.

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Large Animal Statues

Mombasa, the Garden Giraffe StatueOur amazing Fourth of July Sale, 20% off everything continues until July Fifth.

Sale time is a great time to explore our large outdoor statues.  We have a section called “Extraordinary Statues” where we have our Bigfoot statu  and it also contains some wonderful large African animals such as Mombasa, the Garden Giraffe Statue.   This statue is nearly 8 feet tall and is one of the tallest statues in the Design Toscano collection.  Like all of our beautiful realistic animals, Mombasa is totally hand painted and can peer in your neighbors’ windows.

Lioness of Namibia StatueOur other outdoor animal statues are also very realistic like our tiger sculpture and lion statues.  A statue that depicts a lioness just relaxing in a tree is our Lioness of Nambia Statue.  This wonderfully hand painted, natural appearing lioness can rest in your garden or even on your mantel.  The statue comes with two keyhole slots so that she can be securely placed anywhere that the queen of the jungle belongs.

Design Toscano large animals are not only from Africa like our outdoor elephant sculpture, but we also have some great pieces from the Americas.  One such grand piece is The Great White Buffalo Sculpture by artist Samuel Lightfoot.  This is the sacred buffalo of the Sioux nation done in great detail in a hand painted two toned finish.  The artist was inspired by Native American art to create this wonderful representation of the sacred symbol of harmony.

Fourth of July Sale
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Lucky Elephants, Balinese Figures and more in the 4th of July Sale

The Design Toscano Fourth of July Sale will continue from June 28th until July 5th featuring 20% off the entire site, so come in and pick up that extra piece that will make your decor come together.

Perhaps you may want to browse our outdoor elephant statues for the pachyderm that will find a perfect spot in your yard.  The Good Luck Trunk Up Baby Elephant Statue is always perfect in almost any spot. Even though this is a “baby” elephant, the sculpture still stands over five feet tall from toe to trunk tip.  This cute guy shows just a bit of tusk growing and has the sweet face of a young animal. 

Authentic Foundry Iron Balinese Yogi: Meditation Iron SculptureTo complete your Asian theme, we have Japanese garden statues, Buddha statues and many other Far Eastern pieces of décor.  Yoga is so popular now you might be interested in the Authentic Foundry Iron Balinese Yogi: Meditation Iron Sculpture.  This sculpture will fit in any Asian or Contemporary décor and while only 7 inches high, the sculpture is so detailed that you can check your own yoga stance against this figure. 

Knights of Blenheim Palace: Red KnightDuring this sale is a great time to pick any of our knight statues.  We have several standing knights and also a few riding on horseback.  The Knights of Blenheim Palace:  Red Knight Sculpture is part of this series and is over a foot tall, riding a horse whose armor is finished in reddish metallic tone.  The knight is in full armor, elaborately detailed with his sword drawn. 

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Cute Bear Cubs and Elephant Sculpture

Many people have collections of elephant statues and those who feel they bring good luck gather all sizes, from outdoor elephant statues to smaller pieces in their indoor décor.  To be sure of good luck, we present our Elephants of Fortune Sculpture which are shown in a golden finish with raised trunks for good luck.  These three elephants are sculpted in great detail and stand about a foot and a half stacked upon each other.

Ragnar: Garden Dancer Troll StatueWe pride ourselves on having unusual statues such as our Big Foot sculpture and prehistoric animal sculpture.  One that you won’t see in every garden is the Rangar: Garden Dancer Troll Statue.  This big bellied troll is having a good time dancing in the garden and looking as different as anything.  He’s over a foot tall, is beautifully hand painted and is a Design Toscano exclusive, of course.

Cute animals have a place in every yard and garden.  Certainly our popular Meerkat sculpture always has a home in someone’s yard as do our silly gophers and adorable tiger cubs.  Now welcome another cute animal to the group, this is our Mischievous Bear Cubs Sculpture.  These two little bear cubs are trying to find their balance on a log and holding on with bear claws.  They are well detailed and as always, beautifully hand painted. 

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Marble Busts for Sale and Elephant Sculpture

Nubian Kandake Sculptural BustWhen browsing in Design Toscano, you should never leave without looking at all the exciting items that are on sale in our large marble busts for sale section; it’s not just busts anymore.  One of the most exquisite is a bust though and that is the Nubian Kandake Sculptural Bust.  A “kandake” is a queen and this Nubian queen is cast in designer resin and has been marvelously hand painted in excellent detail for any African décor.

The Herd Elephant SculptureOther African and also Indian statues that add delight to that décor in the yard are our outdoor elephant statues.  One of the favorites of the statues is The Herd Elephant Sculpture.   These are three triumphant elephants standing on garden stones and adding a touch of Africa to your garden.

Everyone loves the Design Toscano Meerkat sculpture of those fun little kats that like to dig around the yard.  So we now have some new little friends to join the kats in your yard and these are our Burrowing Buddies Garden Gophers Sculpture.  These gophers may just take the cuteness award away from the Meerkats as they stick their little heads out of the garden.  This sculpture is two feet long and they are hand painted.

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A Swimming Elephant Statue Plus Sweet Lambs

in For a Swim Elephant Lawn SculptureWhen you picture large or small outdoor elephant statues, you would generally picture an elephant with his trunk raised high and in a walking stance.  Even our wonderful outdoor elephant table has that stance.  However, the In For a Swim Elephant Lawn Sculpture is actually three pieces of beautifully hand painted designer resin sculpture.  When placed in your yard, it shows the rear, back and head of the elephant with tusks and trunk and looks as though the rest is underwater.  This is an exclusive and great fun.

Our animal sculpture is all wonderfully hand painted with the animal musculature sculpted in great detail, such as our tiger sculpture.  We have lions and tigers and bears plus more.  There are several enjoyable farm animals in our collection such as Yorkshire Lambs Garden Statues: Sitting Lamb & Standing Lamb.  These are baby lambs, hand painted in our excellent detailed tradition and look like they are part of a wooly herd in your yard.  Again these are Design Toscano exclusives.

We have a penchant for producing wonderful large statues that have the same fine sculptural details of our smaller statues.  Certainly our large Buddha statues are an example of that.  For the many gargoyle lovers out there, we now present a large gargoyle statue.  This is Beelzebub, the Prince of Demons Gargoyle Statue and he is not for the faint of heart.  He sits on a great plinth and stares with scorn at the world around him.  Do you dare put him in your yard?

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Outdoor Elephants and Rainy Day Gnomes

Raised Expectations Elephant Wall SculptureDesign Toscano has many beautiful outdoor elephant statues, some wonderfully sculpted like the lucky elephant with his trunk held high and some that can be used as tables or chairs.  One of the most unusual is the Raised Expectations Elephant Wall Sculpture depicting three elephants with tusks raising their trunks coming out of a garden wall.  This would great in a space with an African theme.

Our adorable garden statues gnomes are always doing something in the garden, but every day is not a sunny day so our gnomes have to seek Rodin’s The Cathedrasome shelter from the rain.  This adorable statue is called Rainy Day Gnomes: Under an Umbrella Garden Statue and shows a man and a lady gnome, each with their red hats, and he with his long white beard, seeking shelter under an umbrella.  This cute statue would look great in any flower garden.

In our marble busts for sale section we have many sculptures by our artists and also some wonderful reproductions of famous pieces of sculpture.  Our replica of Rodin’s The Cathedral is done in quality foundry iron casting of the “hands of love” and is on a solid black marble base for a very classic look.

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Quirky Animal Statues

Three's a Crowd Stacked Turtle StatueDesign Toscano is proud of its fun Meerkat sculpture and now we have one that brings the fun inside your home as well as in the yard.  Our Meerkat Clan Sculptural Glass-Topped side table is absolutely the best piece to bring the Meerkat joy indoors.  This table has our favorite well sculpted Meerkat clan, two standing and one lying down, under a tree on which a 18 ½" beveled glass top rests.  A great place for cocktails and snacks and hopefully the Kats won't grab any.

A tortoise statue is usually a sedate item as tortoises and turtles tend to do everything at a pretty slow pace.  However, we do have a statue where the turtles decided to have a little fun.  This is our Three's a Crowd Stacked Turtle Statue.  It appears that the big man of this turtle family has gained some baggage with two smaller turtles riding on his back in a turtle stack.  These guys are so lifelike you will expect them to move at any moment and the wonderful hand painted design on their shells will definitely cause comment.

The Hear-No, See-No, Speak-No Evil ElephantsOur outdoor elephant statues are second to none and designers are creating new and playful ideas for these pachyderms.  A great one is The Hear-No, See-No, Speak-No Evil Elephants another stack of outdoor animals from Design Toscano.  These are the lucky elephants with their trunks up, piled upon one another covering their eyes or ears or mouth.

Love deals?  Then now is the time to shop Design Toscano because we are having our Memorial Day Sale!  20% off Everything until 5/31/11!

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Mystical and Prehistoric

Gigantic Dinosaur Bone SculptureThere have been at least two television series and more than one movie this year concerning the time of King Arthur.  This rise in interest has made our knight statues more popular than ever.  We always want to bring you what you are looking for and now in the King Arthur Avalon theme we have the Mystical Unicorn of Avalon Sculpture.  This wonderful example of our animal sculpture shows all his musculature and lies on the ground at one yard long.  This exclusive unicorn has a marvelous horn and is perfect for the garden.

We like to do statues and other sculpture in a big way for the outside as we have done so successfully with our bigfoot garden statue.  What child or adult would not want to visit your yard if you had a Gigantic Dinosaur Bone Sculpture there.  This Design Toscano Exclusive sculpture is of a huge dinosaur bone and lies over three and a half feet long.  You'll be the first in the neighborhood to have one.

You know we have large animal sculptures that are wonderfully made, like our outdoor elephant statues, but did you know we have prehistoric animals as well.  These were probably not sculpted from life, but are still very lifelike and fun.  One of the largest is Boris the Brontosaurus Garden Dinosaur Statue, who is seven feet tall and obviously will stand out in any garden.  Take at look at Boris and our other large outdoor creatures.

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Interesting Variety - Good Fortune Elephant Sculptural Garden Chair and More!

Good Fortune Elephant Sculptural Garden ChairThe fact that we carry a large inventory of décor items and statuary gives Design Toscano the power to give you as much variety as you might desire in choosing items for your home.  Our outdoor elephant statues are second to none and we have some pretty unusual items in the elephant style such as our Good Fortune Elephant Sculptural Garden Chair.  This is a sculpture of the good fortune elephant, which is an elephant with its trunk raised, and his rear area has been made flat for use as a chair or even a table on the deck or patio. 

Our meerkat statue is one of the wonderful animal sculptures that we have, but if you are looking for a large cat that you might not see elsewhere look no further than our Shadowed Predator Black Panther Statue.  This great depiction of the Black Panther is lifelike, detailed and may make some of your garden guests jump as they seem him sneaking out of the garden.

For even more unusual variety, customers know to look toward our Basil Street Gallery for things that are just a bit different from the everyday.  In the area of animal sculpture in the Gallery, we have the Ahead of the Pack Greyhound Sculpture of two long lean greyhound dogs coming out of the brush, perhaps after a day of hunting.
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Outdoor and Indoor Unique Décor

The Renenutet Egyptian Cobra Goddess Glass-Topped TableBeing outdoors in the spring and summer is wonderful, but every now and then you have to come in out of the rain.  This is when you want your indoor décor to be as charming and unique as your outdoor décor has become.  We have several very interesting and unusual Egyptian tables in our collection many of them are glass topped.  The Renenutet Egyptian Cobra Goddess Glass-Topped Table is a Design Toscano exclusive item and defines the word "unique".

Our garden statues can be very classical and while beautiful, not unusual, however we do like to also carry the unusual in garden statues, like our Bigfoot garden statue.  Another of our very The Good Luck, Trunk Up Baby Elephant Statueunusual statues that might be fun in your yard is the playful piece of garden sculpture created by British artist, Liam Manchester, as his version of the boogeyman.  The Dweller Below Garden Sculpture depicts the boogey coming up through a manhole right in your yard.

The Design Toscano outdoor elephant statues are sculpted in great lifelike detail and add a piece of distinction to your outdoor space.  The Good Luck, Trunk Up Baby Elephant Statue is not really a "baby" in size and magnificent to behold and who doesn't need good luck.
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Triumphant Entry Elephant SculptureThat's right another great sale from Design Tocano which will have a 20% off all items in our Sale section.  Mark your calendars for Thursday, April 7 through Thursday, April 14 to pick up all those outdoor ornaments and garden decorations you need to give your yard a new Spring. 

Statuary is always fun and inviting in a yard of any size.  For a larger yard, we have two outdoor elephant statues on sale, the Tiny the Elephant Lawn Sculpture and Garden Sprinkler and Triumphant Entry Elephant Sculpture.  The sprinkler statue can cover a large area watering the lawn while looking like an elephant bathing in Africa.  The triumphant elephant entry statue is a strong, yet inviting animal form with his great tusks showing.

Hemera, the Goddess of Daylight StatueGreek garden statues always give a classical look to a property and these two are just a sample of many on sale, Hemera, the Goddess of Daylight Statue and Nike of Samothrace Statue.   Hermera the goddess of sunlight statue will hopefully bring all the sunlight needed to growing flower and vegetable gardens and look beautiful at the same time.  Nike of Samothrace brings the beauty of the Louvre to your steps literally and now at a sale price.

Finally for the smaller yard, there is the garden fairy statue.  Two of these are on sale also, The British Reading Fairy Garden Statue and Gossamer Garden Fairy Statue.  The British reading statue is so cute and yet so studious that children and adults will love it.  The gossamer garden statue is what every little girl and possibly her mom dreams of when thinking of wee fairies.
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Don't be a Fool - Take Advantage of Free Shipping!

With our gigantic April Fool's promotion there is no shipping charge on any articles over $75.00.  Spring is almost here and you have to plan your garden and that plan includes getting the right ornaments.  These are not always small and free shipping is not at all foolish. A big foot garden statue and outdoor elephant statues are nothing to fool around with when it comes to shipping and on April 1, 2011 it is FREE.

Palace of Ramses Egyptian Occasional TableThe weather might still be a little chilly in some areas but some people are seeing crocuses and other early flowers starting bloom and this is an alert to start mapping out your yard and garden plans.  Even the interior design could use some sprucing in the spring.  It would be nice to entertain using attractive and unusual Egyptian tables for drinks and snacks.  There may be things that you have hoped to add to your oriental décor, but the cost of shipping made you think twice about getting it.  Now is the time to take advantage of this one day free shipping promotion to get the items that have been on your wish list for a while.

Let's face it, statuary and ornaments are generally heavier to ship than clothing and other items that have free shipping offers.  That is what makes this a great offer and something you need to take advantage of right away.  Visit our website or go through our catalog to find those items you desire and order on April 1, for free shipping. Honestly, no fooling.
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Bring The Wilderness To Your Humble Abode!

Add a wild air to your estate with Design Toscano's exclusive animal yard statues! We have the latest and the greatest when it comes to outdoor animal statues, our most popular being our wild animal statues, like our outdoor elephant statues. 
Triumphant Entry Elephant Sculpture
The Triumphant Entry Elephant Sculpture is a beautiful impression of this large animal. At well over a yard tall and 4½ feet long, this 94 pound Toscano exclusive lends an exotic presence that reflects a long history of fine European sculpture in garden galleries. With its trunk raised for good luck, our substantial bull elephant with faux ivory tusks is a true-to-life investment trumpeting its exotic way into your garden. Cast in quality designer resin and hand-painted in nature’s own hues.

The Good Luck, Trunk-Up Baby Elephant Statue will add an exotic tone to any home or garden! This adorable baby elephant calf, realized in a subtle yet natural palette of smoky greys, touches the soul with the innocence of its youth. Elephant calves are the "pets" of the herd; they weigh between 200-250 pounds at birth and grow at the astonishing rate of about two pounds each day! At over five feet tall, our baby elephant statue is an amazingly detailed garden centerpiece with painstakingly sculpted authentic elephant hide, faux ivory tusks and a wrinkled trunk lifted in a traditional gesture of good luck. Anyone keen on wildlife will find our baby elephant garden sculpture irresistible! This large-scale, display-quality sculpture transforms any home, garden, restaurant or hotel into something truly magnificent!

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Elephant Statues in Your Garden Will Bring About Strength and Wisdom

For years the elephant has been known as a sacred animal in the East. As the largest animal to walk the Earth, the elephant is known as a symbol of strength and power. It also represents perseverance, in that it is an extremely hard working animal.  Elephants are also seen as symbols of wisdom and dignity, because of their incredible intelligence and very long life span.

Consider adding this symbol of wisdom and power to your garden statuary collection today! Design Toscano has several Outdoor Elephant Statues to offer, including the In For a Swim Elephant Lawn Sculpture
Your neighbors will be watching for the rest of the herd once they spy the visible two-and-a-half feet of our authentically sculpted elephant stretching out amidst your flowerbed! True garden art, this pachyderm sculpture is complete with rough hide, faux ivory tusks and a raised trunk. Hand-painted with realism, our Toscano exclusive arrives in three quality designer resin pieces.

The Design Toscano pick of the week also happens to be an elephant outdoor garden sculpture, the Good Luck, Trunk-Up Baby Elephant Statue.

This adorable baby elephant calf, realized in a subtle yet natural palette of smoky greys, touches the soul with the innocence of its youth. Elephant calves are the "pets" of the herd; they weigh between 200-250 pounds at birth and grow at the astonishing rate of about two pounds each day! At over five feet tall, our baby elephant statue is an amazingly detailed garden centerpiece with painstakingly sculpted authentic elephant hide, faux ivory tusks and a wrinkled trunk lifted in a traditional gesture of good luck. Anyone keen on wildlife will find our baby elephant garden sculpture irresistible! This large-scale, display-quality sculpture transforms any home, garden, restaurant or hotel into something truly magnificent!
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