Garden Statuary for a Spa

The Goddess Harmonia: Stone Finish Contemporary Nude Life-Size StatueThe spa is a place we escape to for rejuvenation and regeneration. The stress free nature and relaxing activities of a spa are just as healing for the mind as they are for the body and for many of us they can represent a little piece of Shangri-La before we head back to the work and toil of our everyday lives. For these reasons, the decor used in a spa is just as important as the massages and other healing processes that take place. In a sense, they are a bit like a well maintained and decorated garden only much more extensive in nature.

Those people who own a spa are certainly aware of this and most make efforts to endow their business with appropriate decor. Statues usually take the form of graceful, relaxing pieces that add to the peaceful, pleasant atmosphere. These are sculptures like the lifesize and lifelike Goddess Harmonia sculpture. This five and a half foot statue is lifecast and shows why the human body can be the most beautiful and graceful of works of art.

The peace and reenergizing nature of flowing water also makes it a common component of spas. Outdoor garden water fountains are therefore an important aspect of spa decor and sculptural fonts like our stunning Hebe, the Goddess of Youth Garden Fountain are frequently seen.

Find the best in resin garden statues and decor for the spa at Design Toscano today!.

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Contemporary Resin Garden Statues

Maiden of Peace Sitting Woman SculptureStone garden angels and Greek garden statues add a classic touch to any backyard but they don't have a monopoly on the much desired combination of quality and beauty. Many sculptures with a more modern look are just what a garden needs.

The Maiden of Peace Sitting Woman Sculpture is an expression of freedom, joy, and carefree beauty. With one arm reaching to the sky as she releases a dove and the other outstretched behind her, she makes an unfettered, fearless pose. Put this beautiful, inspirational sculpture in the garden, on a window ledge, or in the office to be reminded of happy, peaceful thoughts during stressful times.

One contemporary piece of decor that looks right at home next to the pool or near one of your outdoor garden water fountains is our modern water nymph statue. This flowing sculpture takes a page from ancient Greece and adapts it to modern times. This lovely faux bronze statue has a graceful liquid appearance that blends the female figure with water and myth.

For a beautiful, unique welcome sign, use the Garden Iris Cast Stone Obelisk. This solid, cast stone sculpture gives a peaceful welcome in the form of a scene showing a dragonfly hovering over an Iris patch.

Bring modern artistic beauty to the garden with these and other sculptures from Design Toscano.

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Garden Statuary and Other Gift Ideas for Her

Fanny & Frank Farmer Garden StatueThe search is on for holiday gifts and for the most special people in your life, that translates to a search for the perfect gift. For the ladies in your life, the following ideas will surprise and please the most discerning of tastes:

  • The Fanny and Frank Farmer Garden Statue: These adorable, hand-painted statues will be cherished by anyone who enjoys spending time in the backyard or garden. The details on these sculptures are so beautiful that they also look just as nice inside the home.
  • Mademoiselle Cezanne's French Slipper Chair: This wooden, hand-carved replica of an 18th century French chair is an exquisite work of art. Painted with faux gold leaf and beautifully upholstered, this elegant piece of unique furniture is truly fit for a queen.
  • Lady Astor Demi-Lune Stained Glass Window: The beauty and artistic quality of this gorgeous Victorian-inspired stained glass window make it an ideal gift for that special person in your life. Every glass piece in this window is hand cut and their pale blue, gold, and amethyst colors provide a jewel-like touch to any room.
  • The Heavenly Moments Angel Sculptural Fountain: Anyone who enjoys spending time in the backyard and appreciates classic sculptures will like this beautiful fountain depicting an angel and cherub.

Get 20% off other outdoor garden water fountains, garden fairies, and everything else on the Design Toscano site until the end of today, December 4th.

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Which Meerkat Sculpture for the Garden?

Kalahari Meerkat Statue: Out of HoleHow can you not like Meerkats? Animated and entertaining, they stand on their hind legs to scan their surroundings for both friend and foe. Their black-tipped fingers and dark markings around the eyes give them a wonderfully mischievous, cartoon-like appearance. It's too bad that these beautiful little animals only naturally occur in southern Africa but at least you can add them to your yard in the form of realistic, detailed animal garden statues. The main question is which one to put in the garden?

The Meerkat Gang Sculpture is a classic depiction of these noble little creatures and looks beautiful in any yard.Try putting it near the flowers so the Meerkats can guard them with bright, watchful eyes.

You can also mix Meerkats with outdoor garden water fountains when you buy the Meerkat Family at the Watering Hole Sculpture. Just as they would do in their dry Kalahari Desert homeland, a family of Meerkats hangs out at a precious watering hole and stand on their hind legs to get a better view of their surroundings.

For one of the cutest of Meerkat statues, see the Kalahari Meerkat Statue: Out of Hole. Just as the name of the statue implies, a cute Meerkat peeks its adorable head out of its burrow to inspect your garden.

Find the best in Meerkat items and other high quality garden sculptures at Design Toscano.

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Make Your Backyard Sing with Outdoor Garden Water Fountains

Heavenly Moments Angel Sculptural FountainThe garden should be a quiet, relaxing place but it doesn't need to be absent of sound. In fact, it can't and shouldn't be absolutely silent because the subtle sounds of nature are one of the benefits of any backyard. Birds sing from the tops of trees in spring and early summer, and chirp and chatter at other times of the year. On warm summer evenings, crickets and other insect sounds can act as natural lullabies. Even during the dead of winter, sound is still present as wind blows through the trees. The natural sounds should be there but you do yourself and the garden a favor by installing water fountains to add to the backyard symphony .

Fountains have played important roles in European plazas for hundreds of years. Locals came to them to fill their water buckets but they also enjoyed the sights and sounds of beautiful sculptures that blended water and stone. The water in a good fountain gurgles but the splashing and flow of a great fountain positively sings. These are pieces like the Cherubs at Play Sculptural fountain and the Heavenly Moments Angel Sculptural fountain. Both are as beautiful for the ears as they are for the eyes and will fill any garden with the happy sounds of laughing water.

Find unique garden statuary like these items and the best in animal garden statues at Design Toscano.


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Garden Statuary for Enchanting Backyard Soirees

Mystical Unicorn of Avalon SculptureThe summer winds down in August and those dog days make more than a few of us ready for the refreshing winds of autumn. Even the trees seem ready to change the color of their leaves as you stroll through the backyard. Birds spend most of their time splashing around in one of your outdoor garden water fountains and you find yourself spending just as much time in the pool. However, despite the lazy, tired atmosphere so common during the last days of August, evenings can be downright enchanting.

As the sun once again turns the reins over to the dark skies of night, the shadows lengthen and the backyard takes on a different personality. Garden fairies seem ready to spring into action and animal garden statues like the Mystical Unicorn of Avalon turn the backyard into a place where magic still exists.

It's the perfect time for throwing enchanting backyard parties and the garden will reveal its true sylvan character with detailed sculptures like Simon the Fox or the Spitting Asian Dragon Bronze Garden Statue. These and other unique Design Toscano sculptures will turn your late summer backyard soirees into unforgettable evenings for all of your guests.

Save on these and other unique garden sculptures at Design Toscano.

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Summer is the Time for Outdoor Garden Water Fountains

Pondering Cupid Garden FountainThere are decorations for every season. Garland around the windows and pumpkins on the porch are unheard of during the warm, lazy days of June whereas fountains are usually turned off as soon as the weather starts to dip into the 60's. After the water is turned off, their basins fill with the detritus of autumn and it's as if fountains go to sleep for the winter. They can still act as beautiful resin garden statues but they become that and nothing more. However, when the temperature start to rise again, fountains come back to life as centerpieces for gardens across Canada and the USA.

No longer the inanimate statue of winter, fountains laugh with bubbling water as it rushes through the veins of the sculpture. Birds visit to splash and cool off in the basin and the sound of the water becomes as soothing as the sight is refreshing.

The Pondering Cupid Garden Fountain demonstrates why fountains are more than either art or function. That blend is beautifully shown in this classical replica of an eighteenth century fountain.

Fountains that follow nature-inspired themes also work well in just about any backyard. The Rocky Mountain Splash Black Bears Garden Fountain will be a reminder that animals enjoy the summer months just as much as people.

Find exquisite fountains such as these and a host of beautiful animal garden statues at Design Toscano.


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The Elegance of Japanese Garden Statues

The Nara Temple: Asian Garden Pagoda SculptureGardens are an essential part of Japanese culture. While people from just about every culture plant and care for vegetables and other plants near their homes, the Japanese garden is in a class of its own. A high population density, Shinto philosophies, the challenge posed by the elements, and other factors have worked together to turn the Japanese garden into a veritable artform.

Gardens of course vary by owner and circumstance but in general, every statue, outdoor garden sculpture, rock, and bush seems to have been situated in the garden as part of the overall design. Each plant is trimmed in a manner than accentuates the beauty of the garden, and sculptures incorporated into the green space are nothing short of exquisite.

Sculptures like the Nara Temple Pagoda are an ideal choice for Japanese gardens given the caliber of details and quality that they demand. As graceful as it is elegant, this statue will be one of the highlights of any Japanese garden.

Water is elegance all on its own and is probably why liquid H2O is incorporated into most Japanese gardens. One fountain in particular that works well for even the most detailed of these gardens is the Cascading Bamboo Sculptural Fountain. It's height (nearly four feet) and ability to create natural "music" earn it a coveted spot in any Asian-themed backyard.

Find these and other elegant resin garden statues at Design Toscano today.


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Garden Statuary for the Backyard Naturalist

Mother Nature: Maiden of the Forest StatueGardens are places to grow plants that help feed the family and add beauty to your backyard. We plant, clip, and manage the vegetation that shoots up out of the ground but it's also worth it to let some parts of a big backyard grow wild. While many would refer to certain species of fast-growing plants as "weeds", botanists and nature lovers might call them, "early successional plants". Let those grow in the corner of a backyard and you might be surprised at the birds that show up. Letting the trees grow large and wild will also attract different types of birds and provides homes for squirrels and, sometimes, bats (easy, natural insect control).

Put up bird boxes and they will be used. Set up outdoor garden water fountains and you will be amazed at the numbers and types of birds that show up for a bath. Sculptures that help wildlife are always appreciated by those who love a natural backyard, but animal garden statues also work as exciting, detailed decor.

Another statue that is perfect for every nature lover is Mother Nature: Maiden of the Forest. Holding doves of peace and wearing a berry and ivy decorated gown, she is a representation of the enchanting, magical side of nature.

Find these and objets d'art for every backyard at Design Toscano.



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Last Day to Get 20% off Outdoor Garden Water Fountains

Saint Remy Lion Corner FountainFountains are an essential piece for any garden. You can have the most realistic of animal yard statues and breathtaking statues in your garden but  the backyard won't be complete without the soothing sound of flowing water associated with a true work of art. These functional sculptures have been used for ages in most parts of the world. In many parts of southern Europe, communal fountains in plazas still provide flowing water for residents just as they have been doing for centuries. If you don't have a fountain in the garden of your home or business, today is the perfect day to start a fountain tradition of your own.

Today, May 22nd, marks the second and final day for the Design Toscano 2 day fountain sale. Whether buying beautiful bronze garden sculptures that also act as fountains or going for sculptural fountains that incorporate cherubs and animals, you get 20% off the regular price when buying them today! Don't wait until tomorrow to order the Saint Remy Lion Corner Fountain or the L'Acqua di Vita Sculptural Fountain unless you want to pay full price for these and other beautiful fountains.

Buy fountains for your home, family, friends, and business today from Design Toscano and get 20% off the regular price!

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20% Off All Outdoor Garden Water Fountains Today and Tomorrow Only!

Many people dread Mondays. In representing the start of the work week, Mondays are a reminder of the Curious Sea Otters Garden Fountaintasks and the stress that wait in the wing during the days that follow. Nevertheless, this day can also be one to look forward to. You don't know what's in store at the start of each work week but if you keep an eye open for opportunities, they will reveal themselves. One such opportunity is happening Monday, May 21st at Design Toscano. Just for the dates of May 21st and May 22nd, all fountains are on sale! Buy any fountain from Design Toscano on these dates and you get 20% off the regular price!

That includes classic bronze garden sculptures like the Man with Shell Bronze Sculpture and the beautiful Grand Herons solid bronze garden sculpture. These heirloom pieces are of the highest quality and fit for fountains in zoos, hotels, and any garden.

You will also save on beautiful animal-themed fountains like the Curious Sea Otters Garden Fountain and the Bright Waters Otters Garden Fountain. Both of these fine sculptures depict the cute curiosity of otters in a functional fountain.

Get 20% off these and all fountains from Design Toscano until tomorrow, May 21st!

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Outdoor Garden Water Fountains Can Also Be Fine Wall Decorations

House of York Lion Sculptural FountainThe sound of falling water ranks among the most popular of natural soundscapes. When you listen to the gentle bubbling laughter of water in a stream or fountain, it's easy to imagine why ancient cultures believed such places to be the abodes of beautiful nymphs and water deities. Primeval, soothing and meditative, the eternal sounds of water are excellent, easy therapy for cleansing the mind of worries. For this reason, the garden acts as a perfect place for hosting a pond or a fountain. Blend the cleansing function of a fountain with a beautiful sculpture and it becomes a  fantastic backyard centerpiece. Nevertheless, fountains for the backyard don't have to be put in the middle of a Koi pond, nor do they need to be placed on the ground.

There are also fountains that can be hung on walls and they bring a unique, powerful look to any backyard that hosts them. Take for example the House of York Lion Sculptural Fountain. Over three feet in height, this beautiful objet d'art will dominate walls in the garden and the home. Its beautiful sculpted details depict roses, cherubs, and the fierce head of a lion that lords over a big, shell catch basin. However, stocks of this unique fountain sculpture are going fast so buy one today before they sell out!

Get 20% off this excellent piece from now until Friday, May 11th. As part of the virtual warehouse sale at Design Toscano, all sale gargoyle figurines, garden statuary, and other items are 20% off until May 11th!

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Save on Garden Statuary with the Spring Blowout Sale

As April comes to an end, the tail end of Spring has also arrived. The warm weather came into town a few weeks ago in many parts of the United States and has just arrived in the northeast and southern Canada. It's safe to say that Winter is officially gone for yet another year and this is always cause for celebration. It's Far East Garden Fighters Gnome Statue: Ninjathe perfect excuse for throwing a backyard barbecue or wine-tasting party in the garden and is also why Design Toscano is holding a Spring blowout sale! Check the early Summer catalog and watch the website to see what's being sold at discounted prices.

You might find that large Buddha statue you have always wanted for your Asian-themed backyard at the type of price you have been waiting for. Complement it with a light-hearted Ninja Gnome statue or a beautiful Panda sculpture.

You might also find sales on beautiful outdoor garden water fountains such as Hebe, the Goddess of Youth Garden Fountain or a quality, detailed replica of the famous, cheeky Peeing boy of Brussels sculptural fountain.

There are also dozens of other garden decor pieces to choose from. Just remember to keep an eye out for the Spring blowout insert that comes with the early Summer catalog and browse the Design Toscano website for sales!

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Dragon Garden Statues for the Asian-themed Backyard

The classic, exotic beauty of an Asian-themed garden is a sight to behold. Carefully tended gardens have been an important part of east-Asian cultures for more than two thousand years. Trees can be tended for generations in the hope of attaining an exquisite, sculptured appearance. Beautiful wooden or stone bridges cross small streams and Koi ponds. Miniature pagodas, Buddha outdoor statues, and other sculptures are common features of Asian gardens. Dragon sculptures in particular are especially Benevolent Asian Dragon Statueimportant for adding a touch of authenticity and mysticism.

These mythical winged beasts have played an important role in many east-Asian cultures and are typically viewed as harbingers of good luck. Few dragon sculptures embody this belief better than the Benevolent Asian Dragon Statue. Sculpted by Chinese master artist Gary Chang, this wonderfully ornate dragon has an open, smiling mouth and appears ready to proclaim your good fortune and prosperity.

Another dragon for the garden that is more mystical in character is the Asian Dragon with Power Orb Solid Bronze Garden Sculpture. This serpentine dragon of water and wind demonstrates its magical prowess by clutching a power orb. This beautiful solid bronze sculpture comes in three different sizes and is also piped for use as a fountain.

Get 20% off these and all garden statuary until Thursday, April 12th!

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Blend Function and Action with These Outdoor Garden Water Fountains

Quenching a Big Thirst Sculptural FountainGardens and backyards deserve more than carefully trimmed hedges, flourishing rose bushes, and a healthy variety of trees. Your personal green space always looks better when there are statues of garden fairies in the flowerbeds, greenmen on the oaks, and animal sculptures in the yard. However, no matter how many statues are in your beautiful backyard, it will always look better with a fountain or two. The sound and sight of bubbling water is just as refreshing to listen to and watch as a glass of ice cold H2O on a hot day in July.  Fountains also make for wonderful sculptures and are the perfect centerpieces for every garden.

The artistic themes of some fountains also add action to the backyard. The "Quenching a Big Thirst Sculptural Fountain" is one of the more popular fountains available from Design Toscano. Saint Bernards are big dogs with an even bigger thirst on hot summer days. It is a good thing that this fountain has a generous basin because the adorable Saint Bernard trying to get a drink is determined to quench its thirst.

The "Guzzling Gulp BlackBear Garden Fountain" is another hit for every backyard. The detail and colors on the tree stump and cute Black Bear are so realistic that backyard birds might never be too afraid to visit this fountain for a drink!

Get 20% off these items and all garden statues until Thursday, April 12th!


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The Cutest of Garden Statues

There's so much that can be done with a backyard for decorating that it can be hard to know where to even start. Animal garden sculptures give a unique, wild touch to any backyard. Garden fairies are right at home in flowerbeds, hanging from trees, and frolicking next to fountains. You could also get a couple of Fanny & Frank Farmer Garden StatueBuddha outdoor statues for an Asian-themed garden or put a dragon or two in the backyard. Or, you could just go for the cutest statues to make your personal green space absolutely adorable.

Most of the fairy and animal statues are cute as can be but it's hard not to give the cutest award to the Fanny and Frank Farmer statues. These sculptures of young child farmers are as realistic as they are beautiful. Fanny is ready to water the vegetables with a watering pot adorned with a pink heart. With sporty outdoor footwear, a garden dress, and floppy hat, she's more than ready to take care of the garden.

Frank is just as adorable with his straw hat and cute farming outfit. One foot crossed in front of the other, he contemplates where to plant the tomatoes.

Get 20% off these cute garden statues and everything else from Design Toscano until Friday, March 30th!

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Garden Statuary for a Backyard Fountain

Every garden deserves a fountain. There is something about bubbling water that soothes the mind and The Baby Fur Seal Statuespeaks of peace eternal. Such ingredients are perfect for meditation, relieving stress, and reading a great book in your favorite backyard chair. Fountains are sculptures all on their own but  they look even better when complemented with the right type of garden statues. Animal garden sculptures in particular can create fun, backyard scenes when paired with artistic fountains.

The Masked Fisherman Raccoon from Design Toscano is one such statue. In nature, raccoons love to catch fish and crustaceans in wetland habitats but none have mastered the art of fishing like this clever bandit. Pole in hand and wicker creel waiting at its feet, it eyes the fish it has caught with determined, hungry eyes.

Another animal yard statue that looks right at home next to a fountain or pool is the Baby Fur Seal statue. Walking along on its flippers, the innocent expression on the face of this very realistic sculpture will melt hearts and add a tender touch to every fountain scene. From its wet nose to the lifelike whiskers, the details of this resin statue are truly amazing.

Create the perfect fountain scene with these and other outdoor items from Design Toscano.



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Add a Peaceful Touch to Your Garden with Buddha Outdoor Sculptures

Gardens are meant to be peaceful sanctuaries that take you away from the stress and worries Jolly Hotei Buddha Statueof life. When you enter your garden, leave your worries back at the door. There's no place for those turbulent thoughts in your personal green space because this is where you go to relax, rejuvenate, and re-energize. Although just walking into the backyard will start the stress-reduction process, it works best with the right type of atmosphere and decor.

Put in a fountain or a Koi pond and let the gentle, soothing whispers of running water refresh the mind. Highlight the scene with a large Buddha statue though and your garden will take on a whole new atmosphere of serenity. The tranquil, peaceful appearance of the Buddha's face will inspire you to clear your mind of all thoughts and encourage meditation. You could also put some classy garden furniture within sight of the garden sculpture to sit while you meditate or read a favorite book.

Off in another part of the garden, add to the scene with a jolly, Hotei Buddha statue. His smile won't fail to cheer you up and remind you of the good things in life, one of those being your Asian-themed garden.

Add peace and tranquility to your garden and save until Sunday, February 5th with 20% off Asian garden sculptures, Asian garden statues, and other Asian-themed decor!

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Get a Jump Start on Your Garden Shopping

If you are living in a seasonal climate where the frost has yet to thaw and you still have trouble seeing greenery outside, then you are probably counting the days until you can begin Jolly Hotei Buddha Statuesprouting new life in your outdoor domain again.  While you are ticking the days off the calendar, get a jump start on your outdoor seasonal shopping by stocking up on some garden items now.  Buying items such as your outdoor garden water fountains during the high season is going to be expensive.  At Design Toscano, we have these items and more garden pieces on sale all the time. There is simply no need to feel depressed about waiting for your garden when you can start planning it today, and score some great deals at the same time.

Greek garden statues are always a popular way to add a touch of magic too any outdoor domain.  If you bought these in season, you would pay a fortune.  Did you ever think you could have the Birth of Venus in your own backyard for less than $50?

Buddha outdoor statues are also a popular item, whether you are a Buddhist or not.  Who doesn’t love adding a touch of Zen to their outdoor space with a religious symbol.  Our Jolly Hotei Buddha will had a smile to your face as you plan your outdoor space this year, and will add a smile to others you entertain when your favorite season finally arrives!

In addition to these great deals, you still have a few hours left to get in on our 20% off EVERYTHING sale that ends tomorrow January 3rd!!  Hurry, the sale is minutes away from closing!!

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Garden Statues Now Reduced!!

Now that the busiest part of the holiday season is over, it’s time to take advantage of all of the great post-holiday sales.  If you are itching to get shopping again, we have a huge selection of many items that are already reduced, and a two day sale to help!  Today we will look at some of our best selling statues for garden that are now on sale.

If you have been thinking about adding outdoor garden water fountains to your outdoor space this year, the best time to make the purchase is in the off season when prices go down.  One of our best sellers is the Versailles Cherub Urn and Plinth, and this adds a unique touch to any outdoor space.  As well, these adorable cherubs come in a variety of sizes to accommodate the space you have and on your budget.

The Halfpence Cobblestone BridgeYou may also want to consider adding some furniture or structural pieces to your outdoor space this year.  An outdoor garden sculpture such as our Halfpence Cobblestone Bridge can transform your garden into an English Countryside in just minutes!

No matter what you are looking for for your garden this year, there is something reduced for everyone.  As well, we have an additional 20% off all items for just two days only, starting today December 26th and running through December 27th, so once you are done your garden shopping, you may want to take advantage fo those savings and browse our interior items for a few indoor pieces as well!

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