Interesting Animal Sculpture from Gators to Skunks

Fearless Floating Gator SculptureAt Design Toscano, you can find every animal and reptile that you would like to place in an outdoor space or in a fountain pool or koi pond.  Our tortoise statue is a great one to place roaming the yard and another that might scare your neighbors is our Fearless Floating Gator Sculpture.  Yes, this lively looking gator actually floats and you can place him in any water structure.  He is over 3 ft. long has sharp teeth glistening in his open mouth, perhaps looking for some lunch.  He will cause comment.

Our animals from Africa are like no other in size, detail and realism, a fine example of which is our popular outdoor elephant statues.  Another statue that would look great in a garden with the elephants is our South African Rhino Garden Sculpture.  As with all our animal sculpture this great guy is hand painted and looks like he just walked into your yard.  He has gleaming horns and even the wrinkling on his legs look real.
Not all of our animals are large or dangerous looking, some are just extraordinarily cute.  The popular Meerkat sculpture is one of the cutest and now there is a new guy in town, Stinky the Striped Skunk Statue.  You may ask how a skunk can be cute, but one look at the adorable face on this well detailed statue will win your heart.  Fortunately, he also does not spray anything stinky in your yard.

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Water Fountain and Beautiful Religious Sculpture

The Hartwig Walking Stick/Umbrella StandIn the Gothic and medieval theme our wonderful greenmen have everything from talking trees to beautifully carved furniture.  Something that is very useful, but many of us don’t think of putting in our home is an umbrella stand.  When it comes from the greenmen collection like the Hartwig Walking Stick/Umbrella Stand it is too beautiful to ignore.  This stand is created out of foundry iron and weighs 16 pounds.  It features detailed scrollwork and of course, a Greenman in the center. 

Your garden should be a peaceful place, but sometimes it is nice to have the sound of one of our outdoor water fountains to add some serenity to the space.  One of our more beautiful fountains is the Toscana Three Urn Garden Fountain.  Three urns sculpted to replicate pottery urns pour water into a pool which is illuminated.  The urns are placed on pieces of wood sculpted extremely realistically.  This is one of our exclusives.

Religious outdoor statues are certainly one of our most popular items and we have a great variety to choose from.  One of our most colorful religious statues is The Virgin of Guadalupe Religious Statue.  This statue depicts the Blessed Mother as she appeared to a peasant in the desert.  She is hand painted in the bright colors of the desert and is reverently blessing the people around her.

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From Tutankhamen’s Shroud to Splashing Tortoises

If you have not been browsing the Design Toscano marble busts for sale collection, you have been missing out on some wonderful things.  These are not just the typical busts of Greeks and Romans, but something from every different culture.  Here you will find The Golden Shroud of Tutankhamen Egyptian Bust Statue.  This large bust is 27” high and is a Design The Golden Shroud of Tutankhamen Egyptian Bust StatueToscano exclusive.  It is easily recognizable as the golden mask so often representing Tutankhamen exquisitely hand painted.

Many people collect elephant statues, elephant designs and artists’ renderings, such as our wonderful collection of outdoor elephant statues.  Some elephant design is very different and inspired from the continent of Africa such as The Serengeti Wall Mask: Elephant.  This wall mask done by a Nigerian artist has a tribal design and is marvelously carved.  It is, of course, hand painted and features faux gems in the design.

There is something soothing yet incredibly cute about a tortoise statue, be it named tortoise or turtle.  We have a very cute water fountain named Three Turtles on a Coral Reef Solid Bronze Garden Sculpture.  This adorable fountain depicts the turtles spitting water out of their mouths as they rest on a piece of coral reef, finely detailed in solid bronze.

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Japanese Sculpture: Different Statues

Lady with Crane Porcelain SculptureDesign Toscano has many very different statues and décor in the Asian theme which is so popular now.  If you like our Japanese garden statues, you may be interested in some Asian porcelain figures that are unusual and now on sale.  A fine example of these lovely ladies done by artist Lin Wei Dung is the Lady with Crane Porcelain Sculpture.  This sculpture is of a Chinese lady by a pond with a lovely crane beside her.  The artist uses a soft color glaze and the detail in the porcelain is amazing.

We have many different sumo wrestlers from our magnificent outdoor statues to the crazy sumo gnomes.  However if you are looking for a totally different table, still in a Japanese theme, look no further than our Basil Street Gallery for Basho the Sumo Wrestler Sculpture Glass-Topped Table.  Here we have a lifelike sculpture of a sumo wrestler crouching down, with his hair tied back and his wrestling belt on.  He is 18” tall and on his back there is a 3/8” thick glass table top.  This piece will cause constant comment.

Basho the Sumo Wrestler Sculpture Glass-Topped TableFor something that matches all outdoor design themes, you need to browse our outdoor water garden fountains where we have everything from classic Greek fountains to fun fountains to contemporary design.  The Five Spilling Broken Urns Sculptural Cast Stone Fountain is so special that it is custom made for you when you order it.  The water flows from one cast stone urn to another in this distinctive fountain that will complement any outdoor space.

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Religious Outdoor Statues and Meerkats

Jesus Loves the Little Children Garden Sculpture: The Smiling Christ StatueWe have so many serene and beautiful religious outdoor statues that you must browse them all and you will surely find something to suit you.  If you are looking for something that represents a family image, the Jesus Loves the Little Children Garden Sculpture: The Smiling Christ Statue is just the right item.  The artist depicts Jesus holding young children from the scripture calling the little children to Him.  The statue is 2 feet tall and done in a stone finish in exquisite detail.

Design Toscano has angels in all shapes and sizes and the especially wonderful stone garden angel is that done of children.  Every child has a picture in their mind of their guardian angel and we have a sculpture that just might match that piece of imagination.  This is the Guardian Angel Child’s Prayer Garden Statue which is a 34” high with beautiful angel looking at the praying child and Guardian Angel Child's Prayer Garden Statuepointing to heaven.  This is a lovely piece if you have children who wonder what their guardian angel looks like.

We have many families in our collections from mischievous children to adorable animals and there is none as popular as our Meerkat sculpture.  The Meerkat family is depicted many different ways, but they are all together in the Meerkat Family at the Waterhole Garden Fountain.  This wonderful fountain is set in a rocky area with water cascading from the top to the waterhole below and surrounded by Meerkats, the family together on one side and some adventurous fellows on the other side. 

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Great Outdoor Statuary

When is a bird bath more than just a plain old bird bath?  When you get it from Design Toscano, of course.  Here is where a bird bath is one of our gorgeous Greek garden statues.  The Column of Maenads Pedestal Font is almost too beautiful for birds to play in, yet it has a wide area of water for them to do so.  The font is above a sculpture of three of the Maenads who were worshipers of the god of wine, Dionysus.  They’re ready for a party.

Thoughts of an Angel Sculptural Wall RoundelWe have many angels that are serene and lovely and create an area of peace in any location.  Part of our stone garden angel collection is an amazing wall plaque, Thoughts of an Angel Sculptural Wall Rondel which is lovely on a patio or garden wall.  This thoughtful angel is sculpted in relief style which shows off her great wings and sensitive face. 

If your garden needs more than a font of standing water, then please browse through our outdoor garden water fountains.  We have these in many themes from Greek to Asian to Contemporary.  The Contemporary Garden Orb on Pedestal Sculptural Cast Stone Fountain is a piece that will fit into any décor theme.  This tremendous orb fountain comes in a variety of colors and is custom made just for you. 

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From a Large Buddha Statue to a Bunny Rabbit.

Grand Buddha Meditation FountainDesign Toscano has something for everyone, no matter what they might be looking for.  Many customers love our large Buddha statue and have one in a meditation garden for peace and serenity.  To add another element to this serenity, we have the Grand Buddha Meditation Fountain adding the sound of water to your peaceful space.  This fountain is 38 ½ inches tall and has water cascading over a figure of the meditative Buddha.  The pool at the bottom of the fountain is lit so that it can be appreciated on a warm summer’s evening.

Many of our customers are owners of our slow moving guy, the tortoise statue.  Now you can own the crazy rabbit that he raced against.  Carotene, the Bunny Rabbit Garden Statue is a T-Rex Dinosaur Garden Sculpturefabulous rabbit that stands a foot and a half tall.  He is hand painted in white and has a carrot in his mouth and in case he eats that one he is carrying some for later.  Like all of our animal statues, he is done in great detail and is incredibly cute.

We have many statues of large animals like our outdoor elephant statues and our tall giraffe statues; these are all great representations of living animals.  If, however, you would like something not as ordinary in your yard take a look at the T-Rex Dinosaur Garden Sculpture.  Just like all our other animals, he is lifelike and seems to be living in your garden today.  Won’t your neighbors be surprised.

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Asian Sculptures and Fountain

Pagoda Lantern SculpturesYou’re not too late, the Fourth of July 20% off Sale continues through July 5, 2011!

You should take this opportunity to spark up the Asian creations in your yard.  We have many items in that décor including our Japanese garden statues.   Some of the most popular of our Asian décor statues are the Pagoda Lantern Sculpture:  Medium and Large.   These sculptures will bring the charm and serenity of the Orient to your garden.  They are pagoda shaped with windows on the top level, the large size being about one and a half feet tall and the medium is approximately 10”.  These lovely statues can be bought separately or in sets of the same or different sizes.

The Asian décor can become a meditative garden with the addition of a large Buddha statue of which we have several at Design Toscano.  A popular statue for the larger yard is The Great Buddha Garden Sanctuary Statue.  This is a statue of the peaceful and gentle Buddha set in a stone finished background.  The entire piece is almost two feet tall and depicts the calm Buddha looking out over the garden.

Plan to browse through our large selection of outdoor water garden fountains as this sale is a great time to get just the right fountain to match your décor.  If you are using the Asian theme, a beautiful fountain is the Cascading Bamboo Sculptural Fountain.  This fountain is four feet tall and features a UL pump to bring the water cascading gently throughout the sculpted bamboo stalks.

Fourth of July Sale
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Beautiful Asian

Shou Xin Gong: Chinese God of Longevity StatueMany people like to use themes in the outdoor gardens or patios and even on porches.  There are all types of themes of course, from Greek to animal to quirky.  If you are interested in creating an Asian theme in your garden here are some suggestions from Design Toscano.  We have wonderful Buddha outdoor statues that range from the serene to the joyful and we also have a very serene and well sculpted Chinese statue.  This is Shou Xin Gong: God of Longevity Statue.  Shou Xin Gong is a statue of an old Asian man with a long beard (showing his longevity) carrying the "peach of immortality" and the "staff of longevity". 

To perk up your Asian theme and add some joy, you should look at our Japanese garden statues.  One of the more interesting of these is our Dancing Asian Fish Spitting Garden Statue Collection.  These fish come in four different sizes and are depicted standing on their tails dancing with their mouths wide open.  They are piped if at any time you would want to use them as a small fountain spitting water.

We have many extraordinary statues like our big foot garden statue which is quite amazing.  In the Asian theme a similarly large and spectacular statue is our Asian Dragon with Power Orb Solid Bronze Garden Sculpture.  He spouts water, so no fear of fire from him, and he is holding an orb in one of his claws.  He is large and beautiful.
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Statues with a Smile

Mrs. Bloom Solid Bronze Wall PlaqueMany of our outdoor statues bring a smile to those seeing them and many have smiles of their own.  The greenman collection always has the unusual wall fixtures that just brighten up any area.  Our Mrs. Bloom Solid Bronze Wall Plaque is beautiful in her own way and is sporting a little smile not unlike the Mona Lisa.  She will keep her eye on your garden and on everything else going on and bring a little joy to the outdoor area.

Our Greek garden statues are certainly not all male but include some of the most beautiful women in the world.  One statue that is guaranteed to get a lot of attention in your yard or patio is Lyre's Siren Harp Player.  A devastating beauty of ancient Greece is playing the harp bringing cheer and serenity to all around her.  She is a Design Toscano exclusive.

Another charming girl with a smile is part of our collection of outdoor garden water fountains.  This is Abigail's Bountiful Apron Fountain.  Abigail is a child of the Victorian era catching water in her lifted apron from which the water flows off.  She'll bring a smile to everyone.
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Fairies for Good Luck

Butterfly Fairy Garden StatueMany cultures have considered it very good luck to have fairies in your garden.  They can encourage your flowers and vegetables to grow and bring joy to all in your garden. Design Toscano has many outdoor water garden fountains and one of them is a charming fairy.  This is Peyton the Bronze Fairy Garden Statue, a beautiful girl fairy with wide wings, who carries a watering can.  She can be piped to have water pour out of her watering can which makes her a wonderful fountain.

Certainly the more fairies you have it could be assumed that your garden luck will increase.  We have almost every garden fairy statue imaginable.  One of our more unusual fairy statues is the Butterfly Fairy Garden Statue. This wonderful bronze statue is posed like a classical dancer and has the wings of a butterfly in place of the more usual fairy wings.

Pixie Meadow Fairy Tiffany-Style Stained Glass Illuminated SculptureThe best known garden statues of the past several years are the garden statues gnomes of which we have several.  We also have some not so well known statues that perhaps might be better placed within your indoor plants.  The most beautiful of these is Pixie Meadow Fairy Tiffany-Style Stained Glass Illuminated Sculpture. This gorgeous fairy can bring the luck indoors as her wings light up in Tiffany lamp style around her perfectly sculpted bronze body.
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Create a Different World

Outdoor décor can create a certain thematic charm for your patio, yard or outdoor space.  Many people like our Japanese garden statues when setting an Asian theme to their space with our big Sumo wrestler.  There is nothing cuter yet more Asian than the panda and like all of our animal statues this guy is lifelike in every way.  It's Tian Shan, the Asian Panda Sculpture, sitting on a rock enjoying a nice snack of bamboo.

Fiona, the Flower Fairy SculptureNo matter what the theme of your outdoor décor is, we have outdoor garden water fountains that will fit right in.  If your décor scheme is less classical and more fun our wonderful Quenching a Big Thirst Sculptural Fountain would be just the perfect item.  Here is a very large, but charming Saint Bernard standing up and taking a drink from a bubbling fountain. 

For many the mystical theme is one that they would like to portray in their décor and there is no better way than with a garden fairy statue.  Design Toscano has several outdoor fairy statues and it may be tough to choose which of these lovely fairies will fit your space.  If you have a flower garden, you could do no better than include our Fiona, the Flower Fairy Sculpture who will watch over  your flowers and guide them to beauty with her fragile butterfly wings.

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Ideal Sculpture

Vitruvian Man Bonded Marble StatueEvery person has their own opinion  as to what an ideal sculpture is.  Some look for straight modernistic lines, others like classical figures sculpted in detail and still others love the lifelike sculptures our artists create of animals.  All of these types of sculpture and much, much more can be seen in our Basil Street Gallery.  A piece that everyone will recognize is the Vitruvian Man Bonded Marble Statue.  This exquisite sculpture of DaVinci's forms of the human body is done in a somewhat classical style with a marble border.

A popular item is always a piece of Meerkat sculpture in the yard or patio.  These are happy little animals, always looking upward and sometimes sculpted as going into and coming out of a hole in the ground.  Among our many garden Meerkat Family at the Watering Hole Garden Fountainfountains we have the adorable Meerkat Family at the Watering Hole Garden Fountain.  This piece depicts the Meerkats getting ready to enjoy the water that is tumbling from the top of the fountain.

One of the most familiar of all outdoor sculpture is the garden statues gnomes.  They are even now traveling and doing TV ads about their travels.  We have many gnomes of course and all of them are adorable and durable.  If you want to jazz up your outdoor space a bit you might be interested in The Jazz Man Garden Gnome Statue.  This guy is playing away on his saxophone and just jamming out with the other gnomes in your yard.
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The Best in Outdoor Décor

Siamese Fighting Fish Asian Bronze Garden StatueDesign Toscano has the best in outdoor décor.  Not only are the pieces sculpted well by excellent artists, they maintain a wide selection to offer the shopper plenty of options for their outdoor space.  In the area of Japanese garden statues of course there is our large sumo wrestler.  We have many Asian themed statues and one of the most interesting is the Siamese Fighting Fish Asian Bronze Garden Statue.  This fighting fish, sculpted in great detail in bronze, is a wonderful garden piece even if you don't have a pond.

For more excellent outdoor décor, please look at our marble busts for sale.  These articles can be used indoors also and sometimes the patio in between is just the place for a lovely statue.  One of the nicest ones is The Pieta Bonded Marble Statue now on sale is at a wonderful price.  This sorrowful, yet beautiful statue can lend peace to any area of your home.

We can't talk enough about our outdoor garden water fountains because there are such a variety of them.  Many people picture outdoor fountains being done in marble or stone, but Design Toscano has a nice collection of bronze outdoor fountains also.  A nice addition to the pond or pool area are The Duck Pond Family Spitting Duck Bronze Statues which depicts two cute ducks with water flowing from their beaks.

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Watery Fun in the Garden

Spitting Asian Dragon Bronze StatueWe offer so many outdoor water fountains that it is hard to preview them all.  There are dogs drinking from water fountains and young cherubs playing in the water.  Our fountains come in all sizes and are sculpted out of many different materials with great style and detail. One of the most unusual and one of the larger of our water fountains is the Spitting Asian Dragon Bronze Statue.  He's a very detailed Asian dragon sculpted in bronze and pours water out of his mouth.

In continuation of the Asian theme, there are several small and large Buddha outdoor statues in our collection for you to choose from.  Many are quiet tranquil depictions of the Buddha and The Laughing Maitreya Buddha Statueothers show the happy cheerful Buddha.  One of our larger happy Buddha statues is The Laughing Maitreya Buddha Statue. This statues smiles down at you and your garden and wishes all good luck.

While we have many a tortoise statue, not all of them are outdoor water fountains which seems a natural place for thing for them to be.   One of the cutest and prettiest of these turtle fountains is the Undersea Turtle Solid Bronze garden sculpture which depicts turtles swimming and playing underseas.

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Great Outdoor Sculpture

T-Rex Dinosaur Trophy Wall SculptureYour property may be pretty large or you may just love large statues.  We have the wonderful Big Foot garden statue which is so lifelike your neighbors will be calling the local paper about a Big Foot sighting.  Another fun big sculpture although an indoor one is the T-Rex Dinosaur Trophy Wall Sculpture which shows off the head of the dinosaur that you just bagged on your last hunting trip.

Another one of our sizable statues is the large Buddha statue which is sculpted in great detail and yet even with his monumental size he casts a serene feeling all around the area.  This is the Giant Buddha Monument-Sized Garden Sculpture and the extra good news is that he is on sale now just in time to enjoy spring in your outdoor space.

Giant Buddha Monument-Sized Garden SculptureWe can't talk enough about our outdoor garden water fountains as there is such a great selection and some are even on sale.  The Nature's Blessed Prayer St. Francis Sculptural Fountain is at a great sale price now and is just wonderfully done with the bird on the saint's shoulder and the fountain falls as a river from the side of the display.
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Cheerful Ornamentals

Seven Musical Cherubs of FlorenceSpring, summer and fall in the outdoor garden are usually a joyful time.  Toscano has many ornaments that bring out the joy and the beauty of these three seasons and even winter in some climates.  The garden cherub statues delight all that see them.  They're scampering in water fountains, having peaceful sleeping moments, praying or just discovering the fun things around them.  An interesting outdoor wall sculpture is the Seven Musical Cherubs of Florence beautifully chiseled with great detail singing away.

Meerkat sculptures are always cheerful as Meerkats always seem to be getting into something and our expert artists do a wonderful job of capturing all their antics.  We have Meerkats going underground, playing with their families, and just looking up and around to catch Meerkat Menagerie the action in the yard.  A nice welcome sculpture is the Meerkat Menagerie capturing the Meerkats in a "hear no evil, see no evil" scenario on a large welcome log.

Our wonderful and always growing Basil Street Gallery has many, many cheerful ornaments both indoor and some that can be used outside as well.  In the animal gallery there is a colorful and rather stunning Peacock's Garden Stained Glass Window spreading cheer and color both indoors and out.
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Outdoor Statues to Make a Garden Intriguing

Fairies of the Meadow Garden StatuesGreek garden statues add a bit of the classics to a yard.  Almost everyone knows some of the figures from the Greek myths and enjoy the artists' rendition of them.  A figure that is very familiar is the Grand Pegasus Winged Horse which is a delicate looking, but strong statue with the great wings of the horse stretching out.  Many of the gods and goddesses are depicted in our sculpture from the happy Bacchus, god of wine, to Poseidon, the sea god in a lovely fountain.  We have several great classics to choose from.

Myths, magic and fairies are very popular now and we have many different sizes and shapes of garden fairy statues for you to browse.  There are pensive fairies, dancing fairies and fairies that are riding on butterflies.  The Fairies of the Meadow are sculptures done in the colors of spring flowers which they are carrying joyfully on their way. 

Curious Sea Otters Garden FountainNothing is more inviting on a hot summer than a yard with working outdoor water fountains.  We have replicas of Italian fountains from Tuscany to the Cozensa sculptural fountain.  More modern meditative fountains with gently flowing water over stones are popular. A cute and different fountain is the Curious Sea Otters Fountain with the little otters happily splashing around on the rocks.  We have an fountain for every style and taste.
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Your Outdoor Paradise

Angel of Meditation StatueThis is the time to create your outdoor paradise for enjoyment throughout the whole summer.  Your first step is to check out Design Toscano and their many garden cherub statutes.  These adorable little cherubs are sometimes quiet and contemplative and others are playful and fun.  If you have a quiet spot in your garden for meditation and just quiet thoughts you might enjoy the Angel of Meditation Statue a sweet cherub sitting on any step or ledge with her legs crossed quietly thinking.  Another cherub that should add peace to your paradise is A Cherub's Prayer Statue. This young cherub is kneeling on a book with actual text and saying a prayer silently.

When you are creating your outdoor paradise do not forget the things that can hang from trees and walls that create humor and interest to your space, these are our Greenmen.

The Spirit of Nottingham Woods: Greenman Tree SculptureOne of the most popular sculpture in this line is The Spirit of Nottingham Woods which when attached to a tree gives that tree an interesting face and is a great conversation piece, making the tree come to life.  There is also Daphne: Greenwoman Wall Sculpture with her mischievous face and beautiful hair blowing in the wind who will add nice classic fun touch to the yard.
What would an outdoor paradise be without a beautiful outdoor garden water fountain.  We carry fountains for every style from Greek classics to modern meditation pools.  If you want to carry on the cherub theme, we have the wonderful Cherubs at Play Sculptural Fountain with the cherubs being joyful in the water.
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Welcome The Spring Season With Our Holy Pieces!

Design Toscano's brand new Spring 2011 collection includes a number of religious outdoor statues that will add a holy and peaceful air to your garden. Our Madonna of Bruges Statue is a brand new garden statuary piece that your neighbors and visitors will absolutely love. 
Madonna of Bruges Statue
Considered by some scholars to be the most approachable Virgin Mary sculpture, this replica of Michelangelo's elegant 15th-century sculpture embodies the High Renaissance. Our Design Toscano-exclusive 2½-foot-tall religious garden sculpture, cast in quality designer resin, captures the sweet Christ Child quietly ready to step into the grandeur of his mission. A classic religious garden statue, this enthroned Madonna creates a spiritual sanctuary nestled beneath your favorite tree or awarded a place of honor in a spot for indoor meditation.

The Resting Grace Angel Garden Fountain will automatically sooth you, both in sight and in sound.
You won't be able to stop yourself from joining this absolutely peaceful angel sculpture in contemplating the sparkling sound of sweet water music that cascades from our most coveted garden fountain. Resting head-in-hand as she listens to the cascading waters, our Design Toscano-exclusive angel statue fountain is easy to admire, from her feathered wings to the dainty toes peeking from beneath the folds of her exquisitely sculpted gown. Cast in quality designer resin and hand-finished to replicate fine stonework, this stylish garden angel statue fountain features a durable, weather-resistant, integrated, UL-listed, indoor/outdoor pump. 
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