What Can Buddha Outdoor Statues Do for Your Garden?

The Great Buddha Garden Sanctuary SculptureStatues of the Buddha are a common sight in places like Thailand, Vietnam, and Nepal. Visit those and other predominantly Buddhist countries and you will be hard-pressed not to visit temples with huge, gilded sculptures of the Buddha. As awe-inspiring as those statues are, most of the Buddha sculptures in those and other places come in much smaller proportions. These are the statues that people place in their homes, businesses, and gardens to be reminded of spiritual quests and needs.

Statues of the Buddha can also be seen in many gardens in Europe, the USA, and Canada. Those sculptures find a place in those backyards sometimes because the owners subscribe to the Buddhist faith but most place them in the garden either because they have an Asian-themed backyard or because resin garden statues of the Buddha seem to fit in with just about any garden. Like many garden angel statues, sculptures of the Buddha are often depicted with a face that exudes tranquility. With closed eyes and a peaceful, gentle smile, the Buddha appears to be enjoying the most peaceful of dreams and plain happiness. No matter what sort of decorating theme is followed, a statue of the Buddha helps turn it into a place of sanctuary and peaceful retreat.

Find beautiful sculptures of the Buddha and dozens of other quality religious outdoor statues at Design Toscano today.

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The Relaxing Beauty of the Seated Stone Garden Angel

Resting Grace Sitting Angel SculptureAngels have been a common, recurring theme in gardens and cemeteries for centuries. Meant to bring peace to the garden or express a sense of mourning over a lost, loved one, angels have been shown in a variety of poses. They can be tall and intimidating as they tower above the garden with large, outstretched wings, look to the heavens with joy, or  they can be beautifully sad as they lower their head in a sign of mourning. Angels can also be seated as they ponder their surroundings in relaxed contemplation.

The Resting Grace Sitting Angel Sculpture captures the appearance and demeanor of the seated angel perfectly. With head resting on her hand, she contemplates your garden with a peaceful expression on her youthful face while the detailed folds of her long gown and feathered wings are a sight to behold.

For an even more relaxed look, you can't go wrong with the Afternoon Nap Angel Sculpture. This cute little cherub felt so at home in your garden that it fell fast asleep in a flower basket. With head resting on one of its wings, this baby angel is a perfect inspiration to take your own backyard nap.

Find these high quality resin garden statues, beautiful religious outdoor statues, and the best in animal garden sculptures at Design Toscano today.

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How to Get a Discount on Religious Outdoor Statues

Nature's Nurturer: St. Francis SculptureStatues have been used for religious purposes since people first learned to carve. They help remind us of ideals and philosophies to live by and for many people, give form to faith. They represent some of the earliest pieces of art, sculpted masterpieces that take center stage in some of the most prestigious museums, and beautify gardens around the globe.

Religious statues also fit into just about any decorating theme and when you order them from Design Toscano through today, September 4th, you can get 20% off the regular price as part of our Labor Day Sale. Animal lovers can save on the beautiful Nature's Nurturer: St. Francis Sculpture. The bird bath in this statue makes it possible for Saint Francis to show his love for animals in real time as sparrows, goldfinches, doves, and other birds come to perch on his shoulders and splash in the basin.

People who appreciate classic Renaissance-themed art and the sacred union of the family will love The Holy Family Sculpture. Detailed, lifelike, and sculpted in classic Italian sculpting traditions that have been passed down for centuries from generation to generation, this work of art has the elegance of an heirloom piece.

Save 20% on these excellent statues, Buddha outdoor statues, and everything on our site when ordered by today, September 4th.

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Which Gothic Décor is the Fairest of Them All?

The Dordogne MirrorGothic decorations might not be everyone's cup of tea but even people who would prefer religious outdoor statues have to admit that a lot of Gothic decor looks just downright stunning. The thing about Gothic items is that many pieces are replicas of decor that were used in Europe during the Middle Ages and thus harbor a certain degree of romanticism. Suits of armor can remind us of dragons, chivalry, and heroes. Gothic tables make us and our guests feel like kings and queens as we sit down at them to enjoy platters of roasted turkey and duck. Gothic chairs and other excellent replicas of antique furniture are simply beautiful, functional works of art and that reflects the purpose of the original items.

The woodcarvers who made them were artists and masters of their trade. While they had to create items for nobility and the rich, being commissioned to make that chair or table also gave them a chance to show off their skills. That trend continued on into the eighteenth century and is demonstrated by items like the stunning Dordogne Mirror and Princess Caroline Vanity Table. Whether you feel like talking into these beautiful mirrors or not, both are fit for a queen.

Find savings on these and other furniture items at Design Toscano. Sale ends today!

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Make a Statement with Gothic Tables

Effingham Gryphon Library TableJust as decor in the backyard says something about your garden, interior decor can speak volumes about your personality and tastes. It of course doesn't give the entire picture but it's probably safe to say that people who use more animal garden statues have a strong appreciation for wildlife. Folks who display statues of Greek deities probably enjoy classic works of art more than contemporary pieces. If religious outdoor statues are shown in the garden, they very likely reflect the belief system of the people who live there. However, statues aren't the only types of decor that offer a glimpse into the personality of the home owner. Furniture can also be used to show who you are are and what you stand for.

Use Gothic pieces like the Effingham Gryphon Library Table and guests won't fail to be impressed by the beauty of solid, carved mahogany. Its intricately carved legs and strong, enduring look will tell them that the owner of the home may have attributes that are just as distinguished and noble.

Serve tea or coffee to your guests on the Lord Raffle Lion Tea Table and they will realize that they are dealing with someone who believes in elegance and class.

Save on these and certain other pieces of furniture today and tomorrow at Design Toscano!

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Demonstrate the Sanctity of the Garden with Religious Outdoor Statues

Ascension: Grande Scale Christ SculptureThe backyard is a special place. Even if it is only used as a play space for the kids or an area for the family dog, the backyard is still your own private green space. You can use it as a place to cultivate plants for food and beauty, a place for hosting summer parties, swimming in the pool, or dining outdoors. However, perhaps most importantly, the garden can be used as a place for meditation and prayer. It can act as your very own sacred place and sanctuary from the stresses in life.

No matter what your belief system, you can also cultivate and show the sacred aspect of your garden with certain resin garden statues. Folks who meditate may feel inspired by the serene, peaceful look on the face of a large Buddha statue. The Grand Scale Christ Sculpture that shows Jesus ascending from the cross will remind Christians of hope and faith. The  Holy Family Sculpture will have the same effect with its classical beauty and peaceful appearance. The sanctity of the garden will also be demonstrated by the presence of beautiful, inspirational angel statues.

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How to be Reminded of the Ten Commandments with Garden Statuary

Ten Commandments Sculptural TabletIn this modern, hectic world, it's good to be reminded of basic rules to live by. Some of the oldest were written down several thousand years ago by a leader of a tribe in the Middle East. He no doubt grew up surrounded by exquisite Egyptian art but ended up leading his people out of slavery and into new lands. On that trying journey through the desert, Moses came down from a mountain with some important rules to follow. They were inscribed on two, big stone tablets and told his people what they should and should not do if they wanted to please their God.

For untold millions of people, those basic rules have withstood the test of time. Although it's easy to look up and read the ten commandments in several religious texts, you can also remind yourself of that story and the rules with your own set of faux stone tablets. This sculpture is perfect for the gardens of places of worship that follow the ten commandments as well as individuals who appreciate the wisdom of those rules. One side of this stone garden sculpture gives the ten commandments in English while the other side of the tablets show them in an ancient Hebrew dialect.

Order this timeless sculpture and other religious outdoor statues from Design Toscano today!

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The Most Popular Stone Garden Angel of All Time

Angels have been a common type of statue for hundreds of years. They were mostly used after the dawn of Christianity and probably reached their height during Middle Ages and Italian Renaissance. Statues of hundreds of saints and angels adorn Gothic structures such as the Notre Dame cathedral and angel sculptures eventually became common decor in Tuscan piazzas and courtyards throughout Europe. Monteverde Angel Statue (1882)During the Victorian era, angel sculptures became hugely popular for both cemeteries and the gardens of the well to do.

Among the multitudes of angel statues that were carved over the centuries, one statue in particular stands out for the fame it achieved. In 1882, the Italian sculptor Giulio Monteverde crafted an angel statue that became a veritable hit. Simply known as the "Monteverde Angel Statue", he sculpted it as a memorial for the Oneto family of Liguria, Italy. However, unlike other sculptures that he had done, this statue became so well known and liked that replicas of it showed up in cemeteries and gardens from Sicily to Scotland. When Giulio passed away in 1917, one was even made for his grave! The popularity of this intriguing, beautiful angel statue continues to this day.

Buy the beautiful Monteverde Angel Statue for your garden along with other sculptures for outside and religious outdoor statues from Design Toscano today.

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You Can Still get 20% off Outdoor Garden Statues

Velociraptor, Jurassic-sized Dinosaur StatueThe March into Spring sale at Design Toscano started earlier this week on Monday. To celebrate the season of renewal, you get 20% off of everything until Friday, March 30th. If you haven't placed your order yet, you still have until the end of that day to get 20% off beautiful garden statuary and the unique objets d'art only available from Design Toscano.

Don't wait until Saturday to order the new life-size Velociraptor sculpture. Made with the same detailed skill associated with all sculptures from Design Toscano, this incredibly realistic replica of the swift, deadly dinosaur will thrill guests of any hotel, restaurant, or home. Buy it today to get 20% off the regular price.

Since you get a 20% discount on everything at Design Toscano, why wait to buy those religious outdoor statues you have always wanted? A classical sculpture of the Holy Family will add a mystical, peaceful touch to your home and garden. If you would rather stay with an Asian theme for your garden, a monument-sized statue of the Buddha emanates peace and tranquility.

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Take an Additional 20% Off All Outdoor Statues on Sale!

A statue or piece of art is often the last thing people purchase when they are designing, as The Laughing Maitreya Buddha Statuethey want to see if they have room in the budget to do so.  If you have been waiting for the perfect time to add a statue to your garden design this year, here are some ideas to get you started!

Religious outdoor statues are always popular in a garden space, regardless of the religion of your choice.  Whether you are looking to create some tranquility with Buddha outdoor statues, or a life sized vision of Christ, there are a number of options available at Design Toscano.  You will smile every time you enter your garden if you add The Laughing Maitreya Buddha Statue to your favorite outdoor nook. Rub his belly for good luck, and your garden may make more wishes come true than you think!

If an outdoor animal playland is more your design in your outdoor living, there are a number of options to choose from in the way of animal garden statues.  You can choose the standard animals that embody every garden space, or go with something a little more unique such as our Gigi the Garden Giraffe Statue who will bring the wild into your garden and make you the envy of your community.

It’s never too early to start planning that garden, and with our Mid Winter Clearance Sale ending January 31st, the best time to act is now! Hurry, only one day left to get 20% off all reduced items!

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Sale on New Items at Basil Street!

One of the best things about waiting for spring to arrive is taking advantage of all of the winter Sukhothai Buddha Asian Sculptural Bustsales in most retail outlets.  The Basil Street Gallery is no exception, and we are now offering a huge sale on all of our newest items to Basil Street.  All of our Winter Arrivals are now on sale for an additional 20% off.  If you want to bring Basil Street into your home, there is no better time to do so.  Here are some ideas!

Egyptian decorations are a popular item here, and it is easy to see why.  The simple touch of the Egyptian era will turn any home into a royal abode.  During this time, there were few symbols more revered than Cleopatra herself.  Bring this reverence into your own home with this stunning Queen Cleopatra VII: Last Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt Statue.
Religious outdoor statues are also a popular favorite at Basil Street.  No matter what your religion is, you can celebrate it with beauty and elegance with one of our busts or statues.  This gorgeous Sukhothai Buddha Asian Sculptural Bust will work well either indoors or out and captures the essence of the tranquility you seek in your living space.

No matter what look you are hoping to create in your home, the newest Basil Collection has something for everybody.  And with our sale starting January 24th through January 25th, you can take advantage of an additional 20% off all new arrivals!

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Up to 70% off Gothic Decor!

When someone is creating an outdoor theme for their garden, the terms mythical and magical Chained Cathedral Gargoyle Statuecome to mind.  While for some this means the addition of a religious element, or the recreation of a magical fairy land, others prefer a mystique that is all too different.  The mystique of the medieval era has become a very popular means of decoration, both in and outside the home.  And gargoyle gifts or medieval home decor are one way to add a touch of magic to your space in a very unique way.  And at Design Toscano, the best time to do it is when the favored pieces are on sale, like now!

A gargoyle sculpture such as our Chained Cathedral Gargoyle Statue is a way to bring the medieval into your garden in a truly authentic way.  This replica will make a statement about the intrigue and mystique you wish to create in your design theme for less than $40.  Perch him wherever you like and he will watch over your outdoor space with a vigilant eye.

You can add the touch of gargoyle inside as well!  Little accent pieces such as our Flush the Gargoyle Bathroom Tissue Holder will add the perfect medieval touch to one of your most royal rooms for less than $30.

When it comes to decorating medieval style, you have an abundance of ways to do so both inside and outside.  And with many of our medieval items now reduced, your only limit is your imagination!

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Up to 70% off Garden Statues!

Windblown SculptureAncient rituals in both the Biblical era and in other religious constructs suggest to us that the birthplace of the human species was in the garden.    Some believe that occurred with Adam and Eve, while other belief systems simply imply that a majestic garden was the first place where all living creatures began.  As such, creating your own backyard garden is a ritual enjoyed by many, and there are many ways to make your garden as majestic as that of the first birthplace.  Adding statues to the garden are the perfect way to do so.  And now, with many of our statues at 70% off, there can’t be a better time to create that perfect mystical garden.

Religious outdoor statues such as our Giant Buddha are a perfect way to create a mystical birthplace in your own backyard.  This tranquil fellow has just been reduced to less than $600 making it even more magical than ever.

Garden fairies are a great addition to any outdoor space.  If magic and mystery are what you seek in your garden, a fairy like our Windblown Sculpture will do just the trick.
Animal garden statues are also perfect additions to any gardener looking to recreate the Garden of Eden.  This In for a Swim Elephant Garden Structure is the perfect way to embody just that tone in your outdoor Eden for less than $30.

If you want to embody tradition and magic from days gone by or from the Garden of Eden into your garden, there are a number of ways to do so.  And with statues at these prices, you can pick as many as you like!

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Angel and Fairies Statues On Sale!

The British Reading Fairy Garden StatueWho wouldn’t love the whimsical and mythical touch of garden fairies in their outdoor space?   Whether religious statues are your thing or an ethereal fairy is more up your alley, the perfect time to buy an outdoor garden angel statue is when they are on sale.  Which just so happens to be now!  Many of our angel and fairies have just been reduced, which means your post holiday dollar will go an even farther way today!  Even better, at these prices you might even be able to pick up a few!  Here are some samples of just a few of the items that have just been reduced in the world of fairies and angels.

If you are a book lover, and love to enjoy your outdoor space with a book on a quiet summer afternoon, this British Reading Garden Fairy will be the perfect addition to your outdoor abode.  For less than $60, you can’t find a more darling fairy to join you on your fictional adventures this summer.

The simple addition of a garden cherub statue as well will change the entire tone of your garden in an instant.  This Balancing a Dream Cherub is a darling piece for less than $60 that will delight any children you may entertain in your backyard.

No matter what type of change you are looking for in your backyard or garden, or if you simply want to spruce up what you already have, the most magical way to do so is with an angel or fairy.  And there’s no better time to do so than when they are reduced!

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Get a Jump Start on Your Garden Shopping

If you are living in a seasonal climate where the frost has yet to thaw and you still have trouble seeing greenery outside, then you are probably counting the days until you can begin Jolly Hotei Buddha Statuesprouting new life in your outdoor domain again.  While you are ticking the days off the calendar, get a jump start on your outdoor seasonal shopping by stocking up on some garden items now.  Buying items such as your outdoor garden water fountains during the high season is going to be expensive.  At Design Toscano, we have these items and more garden pieces on sale all the time. There is simply no need to feel depressed about waiting for your garden when you can start planning it today, and score some great deals at the same time.

Greek garden statues are always a popular way to add a touch of magic too any outdoor domain.  If you bought these in season, you would pay a fortune.  Did you ever think you could have the Birth of Venus in your own backyard for less than $50?

Buddha outdoor statues are also a popular item, whether you are a Buddhist or not.  Who doesn’t love adding a touch of Zen to their outdoor space with a religious symbol.  Our Jolly Hotei Buddha will had a smile to your face as you plan your outdoor space this year, and will add a smile to others you entertain when your favorite season finally arrives!

In addition to these great deals, you still have a few hours left to get in on our 20% off EVERYTHING sale that ends tomorrow January 3rd!!  Hurry, the sale is minutes away from closing!!

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Last Day for Friends and Family Sale!

If you are still looking for that perfect gift in the right budget, today is the last day to take Greek Spartan Helmetadvantage of our Friends and Family sale.  If you are stuck on ideas, why not browse our category of Gifts Under $100, as with an additional 25% off, these gifts are as affordable as they are fun.  Whether you are thinking about religious outdoor statues or want something gothic and medieval, we have a huge selection to choose from when it comes to unique gifts.  Not sure where to start?  Here are some ideas.

Egyptian decorations make for great gifts, because you can rest assured that nobody else is going to replicate a gift as unique as this.  You may want to try something as regal looking as our Corinthian Pillar Collection.  This collection comes in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate every space and budget, and is the perfect and unique gift for the book lover on your list.

Medieval home decor is also a great gift for anybody. If you have someone with a Greek history on your list, you may consider something as unique as our Greek Spartan Helmet.  Anyone that participated in a fraternity will truly appreciate the symbolism that this unique piece will bring.

As well, these gifts are not just different, they are more affordable than ever.  Today December 15th is our last day to take advantage of our Friends and Family 25% off EVERYTHING sale, so hurry and buy now if you want to enjoy these savings today!

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Unique Gifts and Bestsellers

If you have been looking for that perfect gift and are wanting to take advantage of our The Holy Spirit Replica Stained Glass WindowFriends and Family sale, our huge selection can make for a very difficult choice.  One place we suggest you start is browsing our selection of bestsellers.  This huge selection will be a great place to start looking for a truly unique gift, as these bestsellers have already pleased many all over the globe. 

The meerkat is a unique animal that became famous in presentations such as The Lion King.  Both outdoor and budget friendly, our Into the Hole Meerkat sculpture is one that is sure to delight guests of all ages.

Religious outdoor statues
make for great holiday gifts as well.  But if you want to add the gift of spirituality, without going as extravagant as an outdoor sculpture, you can accomplish the same goal with a piece that is as stunning as it is affordable.  The Holy Spirit Replica Stained Glass Window is a piece for either outdoors or indoors, and for under $40 it fits every holiday budget.

Garden gargoyle statues come in all shapes and budget sizes as well. Whether you go with some of our unique figurines, or choose an adorable piece like our wall climbing Gaston the gift of gargoyle is the gift of protection for anyone on your list.

Whether it is a gothic theme that you are interested in, or are looking for that perfect outdoor piece, there’s something in our bestseller list for everyone during our Friends and Family sale!
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Last Chance for Free Shipping on $75 Purchase

When it comes to the purchase of an outdoor garden sculpture, they do make for the perfect gift.  However sometimes people don’t think they should buy a statue for someone because they aren’t too sure of their taste.  This is something you will never have to worry about at Design Toscano, as there is something here for every garden theme.  Whether you consider an animal yard statue for your favorite garden lover, or a religious sentiment for the Christian on your list, we have an outdoor garden sculpture for everyone on your list, and in every budget as well.

Jesus, The Good Shepherd Garden StatueThere is no better season to invest in religious outdoor statues than the holiday season, and there is sure to be someone on your list that would love one.  Our Jesus The Good Shepherd Statue is one that symbolizes the sentiment of the season in a very affordable way as it comes in a variety of sizes for every budget.

If you have someone on your list that worships the Greek or Roman gods, our Contemporary Venus makes just the most exquisite statement and will take the breath away of whomever you choose to give it to.

No matter what your budget, we have a huge selection of outdoor statues that will fit any garden theme or decor.  As well, today is our last day for our FREE SHIPPING with a $75 order.  With this kind of savings, you could get a few statues and cross more off your list today than you thought!

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Top Rated Gifts to Guarantee A Smile

If you haven’t yet been able to find that perfect something for that perfect someone, you may want to browse our huge selection of Top Rated Gifts.  These gifts whether they are dragon garden statues or religious outdoor statues are among our customer’s favorites, meaning they will be a favorite for someone on your list as well!  Here are some ideas that are sure to fit any taste and budget!

Apex, the Winged Dragon perches atop a rooftop to look over the home it resides in.  He offers a commanding presence to any passerby, and comes with a unique hinged mounting base that can accommodate most rooftop pitches.

The Daydream Fairy SculptureFor the dreamer on your list, a garden fairy statue such as our Daydream Fairy Sculpture offers a mythical and ethereal touch to any outdoor space.  Her intricate detailing and exquisite form will bring a smile to anyone that loves to daydream.

No matter what unique gift you are looking for, you can stop worrying about getting the perfect gift when you browse our selection of already top rated items.  As well, these items will fit into every budget if you take advantage of our 1 Day Sale at 20% off. That’s right, our 1 Day 20% off sale has been extended to today December 6th just to make sure you don’t miss out on that perfect gift, hurry, expires today!

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Last Minute Gifts From Our Best Seller List

It happens every year where you get a gift from somebody that you weren’t expecting, or Music from Heaven Angel Statuesomeone new comes into the family or neighborhood and you need a last minute gift.  Thank goodness it is still not too late to shop for last minute gifts and still make sure they arrive on time.  If you are wondering what to get someone that just made your gift list, you may want to look through our Best Seller List to see what will inspire you.  Outdoor animal statues or statues for the garden make for a perfect gift for someone that you just aren’t sure what their tastes are yet.

Our selection of garden fairies is extensive and affordable, and you can easily see why they are our customer favorites.  Celtic Fairy’s Perilous Perch is on our best seller list for a reason, everybody loves her! So if you aren’t sure what to get someone, you can rest assured that this mystical creature will be well appreciated.

Religious outdoor statues also make for perfect gifts this time of year.  There is nothing more festive than the song of an angel, and our Music From Heaven garden statue will certainly be adored by anyone lucky enough to receive this beautiful piece.

No matter what you are looking for and what budget you have, when it comes to last minute items, we have something for everybody!  And with these kinds of savings, it’s not too late to give yourself a gift this holiday season either!

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