Holiday Gifts under $100

Jesus, The Good Shepherd Garden StatueIf you are looking for something truly unique this holiday season, there are a number of gifts that you can purchase that will offer both the love of the holiday season, as well as the spiritual sentimentality that goes along with it.  Your gift recipient does not need to be religious themselves to truly appreciate the serenity that comes with a thoughtfully selected gift.  Whether you choose something that embodies the times of Pharaoh in our selection of Egyptian home decor, or go with something a little more symbolic, the choices are endless.  And, with many of our spiritual scenes coming in under $100, you can offer the true spirit of the season in a very affordable way as well.

There simply is no symbol more spiritual this time of year than religious outdoor statues that embody the vision of Christ.   Our Good Shepherd Statue is one that is both reverent and symbolic and the perfect icon for any religious person on your list.  This unique piece comes in a variety of sizes and prices to meet every budget as well.

And if you have someone on your list that adores the spirit of the goddess, but is not so religious, you may want to consider Greek garden statues such as our Contemporary Venus.  This gorgeous goddess of love and beauty will be the perfect touch for the outdoor space of the gardener on your list.

No matter what your budget, if a spiritual or symbolic piece is what you are after for someone special on your list, our Friends and Family sale going on right now is sure to please both your wallet, AND your gift recipient!

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Holiday Gifts under $25

Cat Memorial Angel Pet StatueHoliday gift giving can certainly bring its share of stress, with budgets stretched in every direction.  It can seem next to impossible to buy the right gift at the right price.  With Design Toscano, we take that stress out and offer you a huge gift selection for every budget.  Here we have some ideas for holiday gifts lower than $25!

Animal garden statues will always delight no matter who you give one to on your gift list.  If you have someone on your list that has lost a loved pet this year, our adorable cat memorial statue will be the perfect gift for them to cherish the memory of their loved one.

Summertime Fairy on a Swing StatueA garden fairy statue is another gift that many people think will break the budget. It doesn’t have to be that way at Design Toscano.  Check out our huge selection of fairies in all shapes, sizes, and budgets.  Our Summertime Fairy on a Swing for example is a stunning fairy that will delight both the recipient and the budget in just under $25.

Religious outdoor statues also make for perfect gifts this holiday season.  Again it can be easy to assume these gifts must be expensive.  Take advantage of our Friends and Family sale and receive 25% off of any religious statue of your choice.

For holiday gift giving, we make it easy AND affordable. Shop right from the comfort of your own home without worrying about traffic, weather, and holiday crowds.  All on your schedule and your budget.

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Religious Statues Add Ceremony to Outdoor Holiday Space

St. Francis's Garden Blessing SculptureIf you are looking to add something ceremonial to your outdoor holiday space, or want to give this gift to someone else, there are a number of ways you can do so.  You don’t have to practise or follow any religion to appreciate the symbolism of the holiday season.  As well, an outdoor garden sculpture that carries a symbolic meaning can give the gift of love and peace to any outdoor space all year round.  Here are a few ways that you can do just that.
Religious outdoor statues such as our St. Francis’s Garden Blessing will add an instant touch of peace no matter where it is placed.  This monument has the addition of a darling birdbath, as it beckons blessings from afar, while imparting them on your garden as well.  For under $40, it is a blessing to you in more ways than one.

An Asian garden sculpture may be more up your alley if you aren’t a religious buff. There is nothing that brings more harmony and peace to a garden space than a garden statue that beckons spiritual enlightenment.   Our Goddess Guan Yin sits atop a stunning lotus and welcomes all in need of comfort for less than $25.

Whether you are looking for a last minute add on to your holiday decor, or simply want something new for your garden space, it’s not too late to take advantage of our 20% off sale and add a symbolic blessing to your garden this year.

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Choosing Outdoor Water Fountains

Nature's Blessed Prayer St. Francis Sculptural FountainIf you are thinking of mixing up your garden theme this year, or adding something that you always thought was a luxury item and just never got around to doing it, you may want to consider adding outdoor garden water fountains to your outdoor space this year.  The reason is simple.  No matter how big or small a space you have to work with, fountains elevate the tone of your garden very quickly.  Many people don’t want to go to the trouble or expense of a fountain, but the truth is, they are easier and more affordable to implement than you might think.

A water fountain only needs to be as expensive as your budget will allow.  If you like the religious theme, religious outdoor statues that couple as a fountain will make just the statement you are looking for. Our Nature’s Blessed Prayer fountain will offer you all that you need in a religious sentiment with the calming effects of a water fountain, without crunching the wallet. 

If animals are more your thing, our adorable little sea otters garden fountain offers you the same effect of adding the ambience of a fountain on a very small budget.  If your space is small, this one tucks away beautifully with very little cramping on either style or budget.
An outdoor garden sculpture that also works as a garden fountain will accomplish two goals in any garden space no how big or how small an area OR budget you are working with.

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Egyptian Decor Celebrates the Holiday in Style

Grand Stone Egyptian Sphinx StatueThere are many people who like to embody the era of a religious holiday, even if they are not religious.  If you would like to capture this in your outdoor decor, but do not subscribe to any one faith, one way you can do so is with Egyptian home decor.  This is a way that you can capture the setting of the holiday season, without making an overt religious statement.  The days of Pharaoh are also known as the days of Christ, and adding these elements into your home or exterior decorations will embody this sentiment, without making a religious statement.

Our resin garden statues are now on sale, and are an affordable way to add the touch of Pharaoh into your outdoor holiday decor. The beauty of a piece such as a Grand Stone Phinx is that it makes a very regal and symbolic holiday statement, without the religious connotations.  Another way to accomplish the same task is with some Egyptian wall art that you can use either outdoors or indoors to make the same statement without saying a word.

If you want to truly stand out from your neighbors during the holiday season by adding a hint of Egypt into your home, another option you have is by adding a touch of the wild.  Our gorgeous tiger sculpture will make a stunning statement that embodies a true African motif symbolic to the Egyptian era of Pharaohs. 

Decorating for the holidays is never easy, particularly if you want to stand out. Stand out and stay on budget by enjoying Egyptian pieces that are now on sale, and add that symbolic element to your holiday decor at the same time.

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Many Ways to Decorate Outside for the Holidays

Jolly Hotei Buddha StatueWe have been discussing many ways to add to your outdoor holiday decor.  Many people don’t think to spruce up their garden when it comes time for holiday decorating, but the truth is, there is no better time to do it.  You can decorate your outdoors this year with elements such as religious outdoor statues that symbolize and honor the religious nature of the season.  No matter what your religion is, there are garden statues for many faiths and for every holiday budget.

A large Buddha statue is a beautiful way to add to your outdoor holiday theme if you are not of the Christian faith.  As well, this unique item will be a sign of welcome to anyone visiting your home that practices the Buddhist faith.  Additionally, if there is a Buddhist on your gift giving list this year, a priceless statue such as this would honor them in a way that likely nobody else will.

There is no religious element in your outdoor holiday decor that is more symbolic than a stone garden angel. Our statues are made of high quality resin to ensure they stand the test of time, and embody the same luxurious look that any stone statue can provide.  One look at our Angel of Patience will bring the intended harmony and peace you seek from your guests and family during the hectic and stressful holiday season.

When it comes to decorating outside this year, if you want to stand out from the rest in your community, outdoor religious statues are a unique way to do just that.

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Unique Gifts to Celebrate the Religion in Your Favorite Holidays

Resting Grace Sitting Angel SculptureWhen it comes to the holidays, religious sentiments abound.  If you are looking for the perfect gift for someone that incorporates religious ceremony into their holiday season, you will not be short of choices if you shop with us, no matter what religion they honor.  Whether you are looking for a large Buddha statue for the Buddhist on your list, or religious statues for the Catholic on your list, we have something for everyone.  And if you want to inject some religious sentiment into your own home during the holidays, we have something for you too!

For the gardener on your list that worships God and Mother Nature alike, we have an abundance of religious outdoor statues that create both beauty and worship into any outdoor space.  Our precious basking in God’s glory sculpture is a breathtaking way to add symbolic ambience into any garden or home decor.

Nothing says the holiday like an angel from heaven, and even those that aren’t religious can appreciate the beauty and serenity that come from an angel in their home.  Give the gift of precious slumber in our darling little angel sculpture that won’t break the bank, but will break the hearts with love of your intended recipient.  If you are looking for an outdoor angel, our stone garden angel selection will certainly create appreciation and gratitude from anyone you give this to.

When it comes to religious sentiment, there are a number of ways that you can incorporate this into your home during the holidays, or into someone else’s home through the selection of a carefully thought out gift.  These gifts are truly unique that are sure not to be replicated and will always be cherished and symbolic for your recipient.

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Why Marble Busts Make Perfect Gifts

When it comes to gift giving, purchasing a marble bust may be the last thing on your list. Cupid and Psyche Bonded Marble BustNobody ever thinks to buy one, as they seem for some a dated concept not applicable to contemporary décor.  The truth is, there could not be anything further from the truth, as marble busts for sale will not only keep your holiday budget on track, but make a gift giving statement that nobody else will.  Here are some excellent reasons why you should consider this unique gift item.

A marble bust seems like an expensive and outlandish thing to buy, but they are much more affordable than you might think.  As well, for those that like the artistic period of the renaissance, a marble bust will make a very elite statement in décor that you can rest assured will not be given by anybody else.

For the romantic on your list, greek garden statues or religious outdoor statues that symbolize love and harmony in a home will be cherished.  These are marble busts that would not likely be a first purchase of a homeowner, due to their extravagant look.  Take the onus on yourself to purchase a romantic gift that your recipient wouldn’t think to purchase for themselves.  Nothing is more romantic than a marble bust like our Cupid and Psyche marble statue

Marble busts are not the most contemporary gift, and that’s exactly what makes them perfect holiday items.  They will add ambience and elegance to any décor, whether that is traditional or contemporary.
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Why Garden Fairies Make Great Holiday Gifts

Summertime Fairy on a Swing StatueIf you have a gardener on your list of gift giving this year, now is the best time to help them prepare for the upcoming gardening season.  Many gardeners start planning their garden themes months ahead of time, sometimes as soon as the first frost occurs in colder climates.  While many others may give practical garden gifts, you may want to stand out from the crowd and consider a gift for your favorite gardener that is as unique as a garden fairy statue.  Garden fairies make ethereal statements that will certainly delight during the holiday season.

A garden fairy statue such as a simple summertime fairy on a swing will make the gardener on your list feel like the gardening season is just around the corner, rather than months away.  When the weather outside is frightful, breath a breath of fresh summer air into your gift that will delight any gardener.

Garden cherub statues serve the same purpose, but can also add a touch of religious sentiment to a holiday gift.  A holiday gift that comes in the form of cherubs at play will certainly add an angelic ambience to any season of gift giving.

When you are doing your holiday shopping, you don’t have to leave garden gifts to the gardening months.  Whether your favorite gardener is religious, or simply loves mystical outdoor pieces, this is the perfect time of year to purchase a holiday gift that your gardener may never purchase for themselves.

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The Meaning Behind Religious Statues

Good Fortune Elephant Sculptural Garden ChairFor those that are considering adding a unique element to their home or garden decor, you may want to consider adding the elegant touch of a statue.  A religious statue in any decor theme whether that is a contemporary theme or one of an ancient era can add an entirely new tone to your room or garden that sets the stage of the theme you are considering. 

An outdoor elephant statue for example is one that in some cultures embodies wisdom and fertility from the Greek gods, or good fortune as well.  Elephants are religious symbols used by a variety of ancient traditions to embody these qualities.  If you want a design piece that relates religious significance without being over the top, an elephant statue is a very elegant way to do so.

There are few religious statues more symbolic than a large Buddha statue.  The Buddha statue can serve as a symbol of allowing a Hindu god into your living space, or it can simply serve as a lucky charm that brings balance and harmony into your design theme.  Harmony is the religious significance behind the Buddha statue, and you do not need to be a Hindu follower to appreciate the balance it provides to your home.

If you want your room or garden to make a statement of significance, religious outdoor statues or an interior religious statue can be all you need to create just that significant statement.

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What You Need to Create Japanese Landscape Design

Cascading Bamboo Sculptural FountainJapanese landscape design has become one of the most popular exterior design themes of contemporary day.  There is something about a Japanese garden that invites peace and tranquility in your outdoor space.  To create a Japanese landscape design, you will use the elements in nature you are provided with, and arrange them to reflect the peaceful reality you seek.  Whereas Western gardens use more flora and fauna to create this harmony, a Japanese garden will use them in more natural and subtle ways.

For example, a tortoise statue believe it or not is a Japanese symbol that can add an incredible omen to your outdoor space.  The tortoise is believed to be a symbol of immortality in the Eastern world, and when incorporated into a garden, provides support, good luck, and longevity to its owner.

Ponds and hills are also a common theme in Eastern gardens, as these represent tranquil elements of nature.  You can use an Asian inspired outdoor garden water fountain to accomplish this goal, or create a pond in your outdoor area if you have the space.  As well, religious outdoor statues are symbols of significance in Japan, and are used frequently for dwellers to invite blessings from the heavens into their indoor or outdoor space.  A religious statue outside near your entrance will beckon the gods of your choice to bless peace on your garden and home.

When it comes to Japanese landscape design, Japanese principles and your imagination are all you need to incorporate the peace of mind you seek into your garden. 
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How to Create a Buddhist Garden

Implementing Buddha into an exterior decor is a desire for many seeking tranquility and relaxation in their garden space.  If you are creating an outdoor space that you will use for meditation or relaxation purposes, a Buddhist garden is an excellent way to do so.  But if you want to create a Buddhist garden, follow the tips from the experts, as there is a way to do a Buddhist garden the Buddhist way.

Giant Buddha Monument-Sized Garden SculptureA large Buddha statue or the addition of the religious outdoor statues of your choice  are standard elements if you desire to bring the religious and harmonious balance you seek into any outdoor decor.  But this is not enough, you will want to use authentic Buddhist principles to accomplish this goal.

Elements of a Zen Buddhist garden include a quiet place for sitting, numerous paths for walking meditation, and a body of water such as outdoor garden water fountains or a running pond.  A place for feeding birds, fish, and other animals is also conducive to respecting the harmony and balance in nature, a key principle in Zen Buddhism.

These are simple Buddhist principles that you can easily incorporate into any outdoor living space.  When you add these basic elements, you combine the harmony and balance of nature with the inner peace you wish to seek.

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How to Buy Wall Sculptures

Egyptian Cobra Goddess Wall SculptureWhen you are thinking about adding some wall sculptures to either your interior or outdoor design, there are a few things to take into consideration.  As easy as it is to change the look of your entire space through one piece of Egyptian art or religious symbol, you want to make your selection being as informed as possible.  A dramatic statement is sure to be made by any piece of wall art you choose, but you can be dramatic and subtle at the same time if you do it right.  Here’s how to do it.

The first thing to consider is the space of your wall where you want your sculpture to go.  It is better to choose the space before you choose the sculpture, as it will be easier to accommodate the sculpture to your space than vice versa.  Knowing how much space you have will dictate whether you are going for something simple, or something extravagant.
Next you will need to determine what color theme to use.  You can go with an Art Nouveau look such as a neutral tone on a neutral wall as seen in these lovely French Greenmen wall sculptures.  For a more dramatic statement, use a dark sculpture against a neutral wall, or a lighter sculpture against a darker wall such as this rendition of Venus, a contemporary twist from more traditional Greek garden statues.

No matter how dramatic or how subtle your desired effect is, wall size and shade are your two most important considerations when choosing wall sculptures.

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The History of the Garden Statue

Grand Basilica Praying Angel Garden StatueMany people looking for a statue in their garden do not consider the significance that comes with a statue selection. When you know the importance of garden statues, it is easier to pick one that best suits your personality.  Here we talk about the history of the garden statue, and how it can be used to create the significance you are seeking in your outdoor space.

Ancient Egyptian eras and centuries old Greek times would thrive on creating places of worship known as temples. These temples, both inside and outside would be decorated and ornamented with the most beautiful statues to give praise and respect for the gods that were being worshiped.  Through the Renaissance era, this tradition was maintained by the French who brought statues to dominate similar themes in garden settings.  The religious outdoor statues you see today are symbolic replicas of the very statues used in these times to create serenity and worship.

Greek garden statues that embody the gods that were worshiped in days gone by are another stunning way to recreate the history of the garden statue.  Another way to create the same effect but from a different era would be the introduction of Egyptian decorations to transform your outdoor space into an outdoor temple.  However you choose to incorporate statues into your garden, when you understand the history behind them it makes your statue selection all that much more significant.

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Using Japanese Principles to Create a Garden Retreat

A design theme that is cropping up in many outdoor landscapes today is the design theme centered around Japanese principles.  How far you want to go with this theme will depend on your personal preferences.  Japanese principles in the outdoor space are becoming more common as they are well known to create stunning retreats that you can literally escape to.  You can incorporate Japanese principles into every element of your outdoor design, or you can do so through simple accents such as Japanese garden statues for the same effect.  Here are some tips on incorporating Japanese principles into your garden to accomplish that retreat like effect.

Cherubs at Play Sculptural FountainRunning water is a common Japanese principle seen in outdoor spaces.  Most commonly you will see this in outdoor garden water fountains in a Japanese designed garden.  Water is a symbol of life, and running water through a fountain or garden brook will bring tranquility to your space almost instantly.  Your fountain does not need to be Japan themed to incorporate this symbol of Japanese principles.

Religious outdoor statues are another way to incorporate Japanese elements into your outdoor design.  Religious statues carry symbolic significance and the simple addition of an outdoor Buddha to your outdoor space can instantly provide an effect of harmony and balance into your garden.

Japanese monks would use their gardens are religious retreats to meditate and seek wisdom. You can use your garden for the same effect to seek tranquility in your desired way using these Japanese principles.

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Creating Serenity in Your Garden With Accent Pieces

Many people that embark on a landscape design adventure do so with the intention of creating an outdoor space that is something they can escape to, or entertain in with tranquility.  If this is your vision for your outdoor living space, there are a number of ways to do so with the addition of a simple accent piece.  Whether your outdoor theme is Egyptian, Greek, or a simple garden plan, an accent piece can transform any outdoor space into an outdoor oasis.  Here is how to create the serenity in the garden of your dreams.

The Tranquil Tortoise Garden Sculpture - GiantThere is nothing more serene than the beauty of a Greek goddess, and this is making Greek garden statues very popular right now. Tuck away the birth of Venus in one of your landscape corners and enjoy her calming effects as she watches over your gardens.

Animals are revered in many cultures and design motifs and are a stunning way to create a retreat in your backyard.  The tranquil tortoise statue is a symbol of good fortune that reportedly will bring you and your outdoor space years of happiness. Elephant pieces in your outdoor space are also symbolic for imparting wisdom and serenity and have been used to create this ambience in centuries old cultures.

Whether you choose to create serenity subtly through one of these accent pieces, or in a broader statement through religious outdoor statues will depend entirely on your garden theme and personality. 

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Garden of Gethsemane, Sundial Cherub and Angels

Design Toscano has religious outdoor statues for all faiths, but probably our largest and most popular collection is Christian statues.  Our artists recreate scenes from the life of Jesus with superb detail and great reverence like the Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane Statue.  Artist Carlo Bronti has created the full emotional impact of Jesus praying about the difficult task that is in front of him during that first Holy Week.  This will become a treasured item in your family.

Sun's Rays Sundial Cherub Garden StatueSome of the most spiritually fulfilling and yet totally adorable pieces are our garden cherub statues.  The cherubs are caught napping, playing in fountains and very often praying.  One lovely piece is the Sun’s Rays Sundial Cherub Garden Statue.  This cute young cherub is 2 ft. tall and is prancing in the garden.  He wants to know the time so he lifts his sundial to the sun and the heavens.  He is a Design Toscano exclusive.

Definitely it is time to look at all of our outdoor statues, such as a stone garden angel, because many of them are on sale.  We also some lovely wall sculptures depicting angels that are museum quality works of art.  One such item is the Angels of St. Petersburg Cathedral Wall Sculpture which is two feet wide and over a foot tall.  This is a graceful and spiritual replica of the carving on the cathedral in Russia with the cross in the center and well detailed angels looking toward it on a sculpted piece in an egg shape.
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Dancing Gnomes, Tiffany Fairy and Celtic Cross

Design Toscano has the most adorable collection of garden statues gnomes imaginable and many of them are hardworking folks in the garden or kitchen, but some just want to have fun.  A lovely and fun set are the Dancing Duo Garden Gnome Statues.  This adorable gentleman and lady gnome are twirling around wearing their red hats and he with a long gnome beard.  They are brightly hand painted and add joy to a garden.

Bannockburn Celtic Cross SculptureThis is the place to browse when you are looking for a garden fairy statue; we have very many lively ones, serene ones and just plain lovely ones.  A particular favorite is the Fairy of the West Wind Sitting Statue who is playing her lute and entertaining all around.  She is crafted of designer resin, exquisitely detailed with grand wings, and can be placed on any ledge, desk, windowsill, or anywhere else you might want some fairy joy. 

Well known for our outdoor religious statues, many people look here for items of sculpture for their meditation or prayer gardens.  A lovely piece that dates back beyond medieval times is the Brannockburn Celtic Cross Sculpture. This cross is not from Ireland, it is a replica of many seen in Scotland which has a great Celtic heritage.  The Celtic knots which are intricately carved on the design of this cross make it a gorgeous piece for a prayer garden.

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Beautiful Statues for Indoors and Outdoors

Design Toscano is the place for beautiful statues, many of bonded marble and also many fit Tattoo Temptation Wall Sculpture Collection: Asian Beauty & Floral Seductionfor a desk or study area.  You need to browse our marble busts for sale section to find excellent bargains on a wide selection of statues.  A statue that is at a good price is Themis, Blind Justice Bonded Marble Statue which would make an excellent for someone in the legal profession.  This statue of Themis holding the scales of justice stands 13” high is cast in bonded marble with faux gold highlights hand painted on her sword, scales, blindfold and belt.  It is a piece that would be a lovely addition to any room.

Many of our customers are very fond of our Japanese garden statues, but might not realize that we have a large collection of indoor Japanese and Asian décor as well.  A wall hanging that is sure to create a stir is the Tattoo Temptation Wall Sculpture Collection: Asian Beauty and Floral Seduction.   This works consists of two marvelous female nude wall hangings, one facing front and the other with her back to the room.  Both statues are exquisitely “tattooed” by the artist, one to represent Asian Beauty and the other Floral Seduction.  These pieces may be bought separately or as a set.

Anyone who is even remotely familiar with Design Toscano knows that we have a huge collection of statues for the outside, from our many animals to our spiritual religious pieces.  One large and lovely statue is the Glory Del Cielo Sculptural Angel.  Here is one of our most fabulous replicas; this one is of the statue in Cimitero di Ferrera, Italy.  As the name suggest, this four foot angel is celebrating the glory of heaven and she seems to be communicating directly with God.

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Fairies and Cherubs

We have several garden fairies and all of them brighten up your garden and are adorable.  Some people like to create a Victorian theme in their gardens and if that is the case then look no further than our lovely Ella, the Littlest Flower Fairy Statue.  Flower fairies are a tradition in Victorian gardens and Ella is a most adorable one standing over a foot tall.  She is hand painted by the artist in the paler colors of the Victorian time and is beautiful and cute at the same time.

Sacred Heart of Jesus Italian-Style Garden StatueOur garden cherub statues are also adorable, but they have a slightly more spiritual bent with a touch of heaven in their creation.  The Life’s Mysteries Cherub Statue invokes the wonder of all that is in the universe and heaven to be discovered.  The cherub is sculpted crouched down to inspect an interesting snail.  His wings are well detailed and he is a questioning spiritual being.

The Design Toscano collection of religious outdoor statues is large and from many different faiths.  Some of our most reverent statues are from the Christian faith and create a sense of love and peace in your yard.  One such is the Sacred Heart of Jesus Italian Style Garden Statue.  This statue is replica of one from Italy done at the turn of the century and is very well known to many around the world as the definitive representation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

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