A Cat Birdhouse and Beautiful Religious Statue

Cat-Astrophe Sculptural BirdhouseBROWSE NOW TO PREPARE FOR THE BIG LABOR DAY SALE, SEPT. 1-6, 2011, 20% OFF ENTIRE SITE!

Design Toscano is known for its realistic animal sculpture of all types such as our lifelike tiger sculpture.  Every now and then though we love to have fun with our animals and a fine example of this is the Cat-Astrophe Sculptural Birdhouse arriving just in time for the birds that don’t fly south.  This goofy cat has bulging green eyes that are staring at the birds that land on its tongue hanging out.  Once the birds get over the sculpture of a crazy cat they will appreciate the place to rest.

The Risen Jesus Christ SculptureWe have spiritual and beautiful angels in our stone garden angel collection, but we also have some adorable renderings of baby angels that just must be seen.  A really cute example is the Angel Play Hanging Sculpture: Medium.  A well carved and detailed baby angel is hanging from a carved ribbon, just dropping in from heaven.  This angel is a wonderful example of playful spirituality.

Nothing can quite create a sense of serenity and heavenly peace in a garden as does one of our religious outdoor statues.  For a yard in which you want to place the peace of Christ, there is no better statue than The Risen Jesus Christ Sculpture.  Artist Carlo Bronti exquisitely captures the essence of Jesus as He stands at the door of the tomb, now arisen to bring peace to all mankind. 

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Medieval Saints, Warriors and Knights

Baby Saint Francis SculptureDesign Toscano is known for its spiritually created religious outdoor statues from many major faiths.  In the Christian faith we have many statues of the Madonna and the various saints depicting various times in their lives.  One intriguing statue is the Baby St. Francis Sculpture.  This unusual statue is one of our exclusives and done by artist Carlos Bronti.  He has captured St. Francis as a young boy, dressed in monastery robes and as always surrounded by animals.  Look for this item and many others in our GARDEN SALE.

Medieval and Gothic themes are very popular for both indoor and outdoor décor and we have a great collection of these items including knight statues and warrior swords and shields.  A popular piece for any Medieval Shields Silk Tieindoor space is the Celtic Warriors Sculptural Wall Shield.  The shield is cast in designer resin and hand painted with a green background on which a Celtic cross is emblazoned in faux metallic finish.

Gifts will soon be on everyone’s mind as the traditional December gift giving season draws close and closer.  We have many wonderful medieval and gargoyle gifts for your friends and relatives that take a fancy to that period of history.  For a gentleman who is intrigued by medieval times, what better gift than the Medieval Shields Silk Tie.  This lovely tie is graced with several of the shields from the medieval time which are all very colorful and authentic.

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Religious Statues of All Types

St. Francis Feeds the Animals Garden StatueDesign Toscano is known for its varied collection of religious outdoor statues from many different faiths and beliefs.  Our line of Christian statues is second to none and a great favorite is the wonderful St. Francis Feeds the Animals Garden Statue.  The patron saint of Italy is sculpted surrounded by deer and rabbits and is holding a bowl from which to feed them.  The artist created the feeling of love and caring on the aspect of his face and he is wearing the robes of a monk.

Many people with large outdoor space have long admired our larger religious statues such as the large Buddha statue which, as big as he is can cast a feeling of peace throughout the entire area.  Another similarly large statue is the Easter Island Ahu Akivi Moai Monolith Statue: Giant which everyone will recognize at first glance.  This statue is 6 ft. tall and is a replica of the renderings of King Moai from Easter Island in 380 A.D. cast in designer resin and covered with a faux stone finish. 

Weeping Angel Wall PedimentWe have a large inspirational collection of stone garden angel which have always been very popular and some of which you might have seen in your neighborhood.  A slightly different, yet incredibly sensitive rendering of an angel is the Weeping Angel Wall Pediment replicated from a 19th century English antique piece.  The angel appears to be saddened and her head is bowed onto the top of a vessel with her vestments carved in great detail.  The wings are creating protection over her and the entire sculpture resonates of serenity and caring.

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Angels, Dragons and Greenmen Furniture

The Jacobean Court Cupboard BuffetA stone garden angel can add  spiritual peace to a space in your garden and all of our collection is sculpted in exquisite detail.  A popular figure is An Angel’s Offering Religious Statue which is cast from an Italian statue of the 19th century.  The statue and mount are 61” tall and finely done with great detail to her face and wings and the exquisite shell that she is offering up.  She will bring serenity to any garden.

A medieval décor is not complete without something from our greenmen collection.  Many of our outdoor greenmen are somewhat scary and intriguing, while the furniture of the collection is carved in great detail and are beautiful pieces.  The Jacobean Court Cupboard Buffet is carved in solid mahogany and is now at a reduced price.  This outstanding piece has plenty of storage with cabinets at top and bottom and drawers.  The carvings are from the Jacobean era and this item can only be found at Design Toscano.

A great piece for a desktop or a gift to a friend comes from our collection of gargoyle figurines which include not only gargoyles but dragons as well.  The Deadly Venom Whiptail Dragon Statue stands 9” tall and depicts this exciting dragon climbing over castle walls.  He is hand painted done in faux gold and white in contrast to the gray castle walls.  He would be an intriguing piece on any desk.

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Gnome Sumo, the Good Shepard and a Squirrel for Your Garden

Far East Garden Fighters Gnome Statue: SumoEven as the summer season is beginning to close, there is still time to put great items in your garden.  Our garden statues gnomes are always the right thing for any garden and now we have a couple of international fellows.  One that is a standout is our Far East Garden Fighters Gnome Statue: Sumo.  This little fellow has the face and beard of a gnome, but his hair is in the sumo topknot and his body is all sumo.  Perhaps he can wrestle your other garden gnomes.

Design Toscano has a wide selection of religious outdoor statues which are extremely popular due to the loving detail put into each one. A classic in this collection is Jesus, the Good Shepherd Garden Statue which is 40” high and done in beautiful detail.  It depicts Jesus with a shepherd’s staff and a sheep in the front.  He is gently carrying a baby lamb and his face is full of love.

Of course you want one of our realistic animals in your yard, they are all sculpted in great detail and hand painted like our beautiful and ferocious tiger sculpture.  As if you didn’t have enough squirrels in your yard already, you can now confuse them all with Simone, the Squirrel Hanging Sculpture.  This adorable little squirrel looks just like the ones that climb all over your trees, however, but she is stationary.  This Design Toscano exclusive is so much like the real thing that the other squirrels will try to chase her. 

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Unique Statuary

Nature's Nurturer: St. Francis SculptureDesign Toscano has garden statues for every taste and décor from our little gnomes to our Japanese garden statues.  We now have some wonderful statues on a contemporary theme done in solid bronze.  This is our Modern Man Solid Bronze Garden Statue: Urn on Shoulder piece.  This sculpture is done in a primitive style of solid bronze cast in the lost wax method.  He holds a flower pot in which you can place any plant that will enhance your garden.  This statue is over two feet tall and the flower pot can be ordered in different colors.

As always we implore you to shop through our marble busts for sale section to find many beautiful items for your home or garden at fantastic prices.  One such item is the lovely bust called The Cathedral Statue.  This is a replica gallery quality of the Rodin statue of two hands meeting in a union.  It is foundry iron casting with a solid black marble base.

In our collection of stone garden angel and religious figures are some of the most wonderful statues that create an atmosphere of love and serenity in your garden.  A fine example of this collection is Nature’s Nurturer: St. Francis Sculpture.  This incredibly detailed sculpture of St. Francis stands over 3 feet tall and depicts the animal lover surrounded with many animals of the forest while holding a basin of water.  This is a perfect addition to any outdoor space.

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Water Fountain and Beautiful Religious Sculpture

The Hartwig Walking Stick/Umbrella StandIn the Gothic and medieval theme our wonderful greenmen have everything from talking trees to beautifully carved furniture.  Something that is very useful, but many of us don’t think of putting in our home is an umbrella stand.  When it comes from the greenmen collection like the Hartwig Walking Stick/Umbrella Stand it is too beautiful to ignore.  This stand is created out of foundry iron and weighs 16 pounds.  It features detailed scrollwork and of course, a Greenman in the center. 

Your garden should be a peaceful place, but sometimes it is nice to have the sound of one of our outdoor water fountains to add some serenity to the space.  One of our more beautiful fountains is the Toscana Three Urn Garden Fountain.  Three urns sculpted to replicate pottery urns pour water into a pool which is illuminated.  The urns are placed on pieces of wood sculpted extremely realistically.  This is one of our exclusives.

Religious outdoor statues are certainly one of our most popular items and we have a great variety to choose from.  One of our most colorful religious statues is The Virgin of Guadalupe Religious Statue.  This statue depicts the Blessed Mother as she appeared to a peasant in the desert.  She is hand painted in the bright colors of the desert and is reverently blessing the people around her.

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Religious Outdoor Statues and Meerkats

Jesus Loves the Little Children Garden Sculpture: The Smiling Christ StatueWe have so many serene and beautiful religious outdoor statues that you must browse them all and you will surely find something to suit you.  If you are looking for something that represents a family image, the Jesus Loves the Little Children Garden Sculpture: The Smiling Christ Statue is just the right item.  The artist depicts Jesus holding young children from the scripture calling the little children to Him.  The statue is 2 feet tall and done in a stone finish in exquisite detail.

Design Toscano has angels in all shapes and sizes and the especially wonderful stone garden angel is that done of children.  Every child has a picture in their mind of their guardian angel and we have a sculpture that just might match that piece of imagination.  This is the Guardian Angel Child’s Prayer Garden Statue which is a 34” high with beautiful angel looking at the praying child and Guardian Angel Child's Prayer Garden Statuepointing to heaven.  This is a lovely piece if you have children who wonder what their guardian angel looks like.

We have many families in our collections from mischievous children to adorable animals and there is none as popular as our Meerkat sculpture.  The Meerkat family is depicted many different ways, but they are all together in the Meerkat Family at the Waterhole Garden Fountain.  This wonderful fountain is set in a rocky area with water cascading from the top to the waterhole below and surrounded by Meerkats, the family together on one side and some adventurous fellows on the other side. 

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Religious Outdoor Statues and More

Madonna, the Blessed Mother Quality Lost Wax Bronze StatueRemember  the Fourth of July Sale-20% off EVERYTHING-continues through July FIFTH
Now is the time to browse through the most popular of the Design Toscano collection and get a great bargain.  Our religious outdoor statues are incredibly popular and for good reason, they are done respectfully in great detail and help create a peaceful spot in your garden.  The Miraculous Medal Madonna Sacred Garden Statue is a replica of the Italian statue and a Design Toscano exclusive.  She is beautifully hand painted in the traditional blue and white robe and is exquisitely detailed.   The statue stands almost 2 feet tall.

In our marble busts for sale section, we have many more religious statues that would be just the thing for a meditative prayer area in your home.  The Madonna, the Blessed Mother Quality Lost Wax Bronze Statue depicts the Blessed Mother bowing her head in prayer and has an incredibly peaceful feel. 

This glorious bust is cast in the lost wax method and is standing on a beautiful marble base.
Animals are a great part of the heavenly plan for us even if some, such as a tortoise statue, are not as graceful and beautiful as swifter animals.  Another pair of animals that could use a little love in your garden is our Guinea Birds Solid Bronze Garden Sculptures.  These birds are another sculpture done in the lost wax method and are finely detailed.  They have a lovely antique verdignis patina and can be bought separately or as a pair.
Religious Outdoor Statues and More

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Does Your Yard Have Enough Busts?

Augustus Inlaid Marble ColumnAny outdoor space of any size can use another bust or two especially when we have marble busts for sale.  What is a bust?  Not an unusual question, these are skillfully carved sculptures of the heads of famous people, often people of the ancient times such as Greek or Roman and religious figures done in beautiful marble.  These sculptures often are accompanied by a marble or stone pillar such as the Augustus Marble Column with the sculpted head of Caesar Augustus on a marble stand which is now on sale. 

The amazing sculptured busts of our greenmen collection can find a place in any outdoor space. They like to attach to wall spaces and trees and have a great overview of the whole party.  Some are quirky and fun like the Oakman Greenman Wall Sculpture.  Others are just charming and endearing like the Bashful Wood Sprite Wood Sculpture, this and others are waiting to find a place in your yard.

Oakman Greenman Wall SculptureLife is stressful these days and many people like to create a peaceful and tranquil area in their yard to just be quiet in.  Often these meditation gardens will have an oriental theme.  We have Buddha outdoor statues that will fit nicely with this thematic.  One of the best is the Tranquil Buddha Solid Bronze Garden Statue which would make a wonderful centerpiece for this type of garden space.
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Welcome the Spring Season With Our Original Religious Statues

Spring is officially here, and it's time to give it a warm welcome. Celebrate and honor this season of renewal and rebirth with Design Toscano's breathtaking religious outdoor statues, some of which are brand new, and featured in our Spring 2011 collection!
Guardian Angel Child's Prayer Garden Statue
The Guardian Angel Child's Prayer Garden Statue is a truly inspiring piece for your garden or home. All things point heavenward in this exquisitely beautiful, classic churchyard statue resculpted from an 18th-century original French antique we discovered while traveling through France. Almost three feet tall, our commanding angel figurine holds the rapt attention of the cherubic child clenching his hands in prayer. Even if the sheer beauty of this quality designer resin garden angel statue doesn't immediately captivate you, its faux stone finish will. This Design Toscano-exclusive heirloom angel sculpture is a serene presence for home or garden. 

The St. Francis Feeds the Animals Garden Statue is a beautiful depiction of the patron saint of Italy, a man of exceptional spiritual insight identified by his expressions of love for nature. Our Saint Francis garden statue is dressed in the robes of a monk, kneeling to affectionately offer nourishment to forest animals. Our Design Toscano-exclusive is cast in quality designer resin with a faux stone finish that captures every detail, from wide-eyed forest animals to pious expression, our exclusive Saint Francis garden sculpture serves as a reminder that all creatures, big and small, are a blessing from God.
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Bring The Orient To Your Backyard

Design Toscano is now offering various Asian garden sculptures, all exclusive to Toscano! Browse our brand new Spring 2011 collection for Buddha outdoor statues, and more Asian-inspired pieces.
Baby Buddha Studying the Five Precepts (Virtues) Statue
The Baby Buddha Studying the Five Precepts (Virtues) Statue is a unique and original depiction of this religious idol.

Opening the book that reveals specific admonitions for ethical transgressions, the young scholar, Buddha, bows his head in peaceful meditation on the virtues said to bring welfare and true happiness. Our Design Toscano-exclusive quality designer resin Asian statue with faux stone finish captures the peaceful Oriental Buddhist nature and lends its quiet countenance to home or garden sanctuary.

Shou Xin Gong: Chinese God of Longevity Statue is another breathtaking Asian garden statuary piece from Toscano!
Shou Xin Gong: Chinese God of Longevity Statue
Offering the staff of longevity and the peach of immortality that blooms once every 3,000 years, the Asian god Shou Xin Gong bestows long life on those who pay their respects via Oriental statues of his likeness. Our Design Toscano-exclusive is cast in quality designer resin to capture his characteristic high forehead (representing wisdom) and his extended beard (representing long life), our Asian Chinese sculpture will instantly create a peaceful spot in your Oriental meditation garden.

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Welcome The Spring Season With Our Holy Pieces!

Design Toscano's brand new Spring 2011 collection includes a number of religious outdoor statues that will add a holy and peaceful air to your garden. Our Madonna of Bruges Statue is a brand new garden statuary piece that your neighbors and visitors will absolutely love. 
Madonna of Bruges Statue
Considered by some scholars to be the most approachable Virgin Mary sculpture, this replica of Michelangelo's elegant 15th-century sculpture embodies the High Renaissance. Our Design Toscano-exclusive 2½-foot-tall religious garden sculpture, cast in quality designer resin, captures the sweet Christ Child quietly ready to step into the grandeur of his mission. A classic religious garden statue, this enthroned Madonna creates a spiritual sanctuary nestled beneath your favorite tree or awarded a place of honor in a spot for indoor meditation.

The Resting Grace Angel Garden Fountain will automatically sooth you, both in sight and in sound.
You won't be able to stop yourself from joining this absolutely peaceful angel sculpture in contemplating the sparkling sound of sweet water music that cascades from our most coveted garden fountain. Resting head-in-hand as she listens to the cascading waters, our Design Toscano-exclusive angel statue fountain is easy to admire, from her feathered wings to the dainty toes peeking from beneath the folds of her exquisitely sculpted gown. Cast in quality designer resin and hand-finished to replicate fine stonework, this stylish garden angel statue fountain features a durable, weather-resistant, integrated, UL-listed, indoor/outdoor pump. 
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Grace Your Garden With The Presence of an Angel

Design Toscano's exclusive collection of outdoor Religious Statues is filled with beautiful ways to enhance your garden with unique, inspirational reminders of your faith. From simple to sacred, our Design Toscano exclusives exude compassion and serenity, as subtle reminders of your Christian faith. 
Miraculous Medal Madonna Sacred Garden Statue
The Miraculous Medal Madonna Sacred Garden Statue is a beautiful and compassionate depiction of the Virgin Mary.  Create a spot for meditation with this sacred garden statue of the Virgin Mary, a Toscano-exclusive replica celebrating the centerpiece of the Immaculate Conception. Our fully hand-painted designer resin religious lawn ornament has been sought by collectors of turn-of-the-century Italian images for more than a hundred years. Pair the Blessed Mother and her miraculous medals with our Meditation Grotto of Sorrento for a uniquely spiritual garden.

The Meditation Grotto of Sorrento can complement your religious outdoor statues, while also protecting them from the elements. Add one of your own garden stataury pieces, or one of Design Toscano's pieces to this grotto.
This timeless, European-style grotto creates an instant, “destination spot” for meditation. At 10" deep and nearly a yard tall , our substantial Toscano exclusive is cast in 42 lbs. of quality designer resin with a textured faux stone finish, promising to showcase any sculpture’s true beauty. 

Take advantage of Toscano's pre-garden season sale and take 20% off these religious statues, and all other garden statues! But hurry and shop, as the sale ends next Monday.
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New Indoor Statues During This Winter Weather!

Because most of your garden statuary and outdoor garden sculptures might be covered in snow or ice during this cold season, Design Toscano allows for you to bring the beauty of our art indoors! With everyone cozy indoors, take advantage of our extensive indoor collection! Your guests, visitors and family members will be in awe over your elegant home decor.

An elegantly placed indoor statue adds style and substance to a gallery wall, formal hallway or table. Classic museum replica sculptures, dramatic religious statues, as well as distinctive Egyptian, African and Asian statues bring exotic art to home. With thematic variety, Toscano indoor statues make stunning statements.
Pray for Peace Bonded Marble Angel Statue
The Pray for Peace Bonded Marble Angel Statue by artist Evelyn Myers Hartley is an exquisite, yet inexpensive addition to your home decor.
With a full nine-inch wingspan, this mesmerizing angel kneels to worship with outstretched arms. Exquisitely sculpted, then cast in bonded natural marble to detail the feathers on her delicate wings and her wondrously rapt expression, this collectible angel figurine makes a beautiful gallery work and a comforting gift of spiritual encouragement.

To shop more of Design Toscano's indoor statues, visit us online today! And to keep up with our new products and sales, follow this blog, and Like us on Facebook!
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Buddha In Your Garden Will Add Peace and Serenity To Your Outdoors!

Jolly Hotei and Laughing Buddha Sanctuary Statue SetThe Buddha was a spiritual teacher from ancient India who founded the ideology Buddhism. In most Buddhist traditions, he is regarded as the Supreme Buddha of our age, "Buddha" meaning "awakened one" or "the enlightened one."

Adding a beautiful commemoration to this ideological savior to your garden, and create a serene, peaceful environment where you can escape, to medidate, to read, or simply to appreciate the outdoors.

The Jolly Hotel and Laughing Buddha Outdoor Statues will both add a sense of peace and joy to your garden! These traditional Asian spiritual images bring wealth and prosperity and welcome love and laughter to life. Our gallery-quality renditions are cast in quality designer resin with a finish well-suited to any home or garden meditation space.

The Lord Buddha Meditation Altar Statue is another one of our religious outdoor statues that you can meditate to when feeling upset or stressed.  Place this stone garden sculpture in your garden and it will instantly be transformed into a place of reflection and medidation. In a classic meditation pose exuding peace and deep spirituality, our Lord Buddha is holding the candle that illuminates the path to enlightenment. Cast in quality designer resin, this replica fragment from an ancient Buddhist temple boasts an aged finish highlighted with faux gold leaf and a glass votive candle.

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Hero Dick Winters Will Be Remembered

Dick Winters, the hero who led the 506th regiment of the 101st Airborn Division during World War II, and who was commemorated for his service in the HBO miniseries "Band of Brothers," died Jan. 2 at the age of 92.

A memorial service, headed up by retired Col. Cole C. Kingseed, who co-authored Winters’ autobiography, “Beyond Band of Brothers: The War Memoirs of Maj. Dick Winters,” will be scheduled.

Winters also had a book written after him, "Band of Brothers," by Stephen Ambrose.
Freedom's Pride American Eagle Wall Sculpture
Mr. Winters was a hero indeed, and to commemorate his courage and bravery during the Second World War, Design Toscano made Winters the first recipient of our Freedom's Pride American Eagle Wall Sculpture.

Toscano's Design Team was touched by Mr. Winter's service to our country and, as the sculpture was being finished, Toscano's design team felt that it would be appropriate to gift the first version to Mr. Winters, a true American Hero.

Mr. Winters and his wife thanked Toscano and placed it in his den flanked by two portraits of Mr Winters during World War II.

To support the Toscano team, browse through our collection of garden statuary, patriotic pieces, religious outdoor statues and more, like the piece hung in the late hero's home.

The Toscano family's  thoughts and prayers go out to the Winters  family.

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Religious Outdoor Statues Inspired By All Faiths

During this holiday season, worship and reflection are priority for many. Whether you identify as Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, or Hindu, Design Toscano offers a complete collection of Religious outdoor statues which includes garden statuary inspired by all faiths.
Our collection of Religious sculptures for outside is filled with beautiful ways to enhance your garden with unique, inspirational reminders of your faith. From simple to sacred, our Design Toscano exclusives exude compassion and serenity.
The Confucius Garden Sculpture
The Confucius Garden Sculpture is a depiction of Confucius, the Chinese thinker and social philosopher of the Spring and Autumn Period.  His philosophy emphasized personal and governmental morality, correctness of social relationships, justice and sincerity.
Confucius, the famous sage and social philosopher of China, stands in this serene, over two-foot-tall sculpture full of the mystical presence of Asia. Cast in quality designer resin and finished to replicate aged, golden ivory, our Toscano exclusive will lend characteristic harmony and Far Eastern culture to your home or garden gallery.

The Goddess Guan Yin Seated on a Lotus Statue is a peaceful statue, inspired by the East Asian Buddhist faith.
From atop a seat of fragrant lotus flowers, our legendary Asian bodhisattva in flowing white robe welcomes all in need of comfort. A serene work for home or garden, our Toscano exclusive in designer resin is awash in beautifully muted shades of green, lavender, faux bronze and stone.
To shop more of Design Toscano's exclusive statues for garden, visit our religious statues collection online today!
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'Tis the Season For Worship and Reflection

During this holiday season, worship and reflection are priority for many. Design Toscano offers a complete collection of Religious outdoor statues which includes garden statuary, many of which are inspired by the Christian faith.

Our collection of Christian sculptures for outside is filled with beautiful ways to enhance your garden with unique, inspirational reminders of your faith. From simple to sacred, our Design Toscano exclusives exude compassion and serenity.
The Baby Saint Francis Sculpture
The Baby Saint Francis Sculpture by artist Carlo Bronti is a sweet, serene piece that will add a calm and peaceful air to your garden.
Dressed in the robes of an Italian Franciscan monk, with a cross hanging at his waist and a wide-eyed fawn nestled at his feet, one of history’s most beloved saints is depicted here as a young child by artist Bronti. This quality designer resin sculpture is a hand-painted Toscano-exclusive for home or garden.

St. Michael the Archangel (1636) Garden Angel Statue is inspired by a painting by Guido Reni (1575-1642), which can be found in Santa Maria della Concezione, Rome.
One of the most popular images in European art, this St. Michael the Archangelgrand-scale, museum-quality sculpture pays homage to the Renaissance work by Reni. An astonishingly detailed image, our more than four-foot-tall "St. Michael" is cast in quality designer resin and finished to replicate fine marble. With outstretched wings and strong diagonal line indicated by the thrust of a sword, this investment in quality art depicts St. Michael defeating the devil. 

To shop more of Design Toscano's exclusive statues for garden, visit our religious statues collection online today!
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Design Toscano Exclusive Wall Decor For Your Home

Design Tosacno's wall decor creates stunning focal points for you to display fine wall sculptures with elegance and style. Add character and depth to any wall with our sculptures, authentic framed art replicas and architectural wall shelves. Here you will find Venetian wall masks, wall mounted swords and armor, tapestries, wall hangings, architectural sconces and dramatic wall mirrors, all of which are designed to give your home a unique look and style. We also offer vintage advertising tin signs, elegant stained glass windows and an extensive collection of outdoor wall decor and wall sculptures to transform your garden into an inviting gathering space.
The Adoration of the Child Roundel Wall Sculpture
The Adoration of the Child Roundel Wall Sculpture by Andrea della Robbia is one of our beautiful pieces in our collection of Religious Outdoor Statues. Our resin garden statues will even work well inside your homes as well!
Recognizable the world over, the work of the Renaissance-era della Robbia Workshop continues to be admired in our bas-relief replica of a 15th-century original. Heralded by a host of heavenly angels and framed with garlands of fruits and flowers, the traditional images of the Holy Mother and Child are cast in quality designer resin and hand-painted in an ancient stone finish accented with classic blues. This finely detailed, foot-wide-diameter, gallery-quality Toscano exclusive is a perfect housewarming gift to yourself or another lover of art or history.

For more home decor options that will complement your Medieval home decor, Egyptian home decor and gothic décor themes, visit Design Toscano's Wall Decor collection online today!
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