Garden Statuary for an Animal Friendly Backyard

In Nature's Sanctuary St. Francis Garden SculptureBackyards and gardens act as valuable, personal green space in places where concrete and asphalt have replaced natural habitats. A bit of nature does wonders for the mind and body. Backyard greenery provides a breath of fresh air, a peaceful place to forget about and relieve stress, and a sanctuary for wildlife. Granted, for most people, the wildlife that visit the backyard come in the form of sparrows, pigeons, squirrels, and other common animals. Although people with backyards that abut national forests and large wild areas may see deer or even bears (!) behind the house, more commonly seen animals still count as wildlife and are just as pleasing to have in the backyard.

Although planting trees and bushes that provide shelter for animals are the best means of attracting them to your backyard, some sculptures for outside show that your garden is a sanctuary for wildlife. The statue that perhaps best demonstrates appreciation for animals is the In Nature's Sanctuary St. Francis Garden Sculpture. Flanked by doves, a squirrel, and with a lamb at his feet, the patron saint of all wild creatures has a peaceful, happy expression as he sits on a log in your backyard.

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Get 20% Off Large Animal Sculptures until Friday, March 30th

Any animal sculpture adds a wild touch to a garden. Depictions of nature in a natural setting remind The Grand-Scale Wildlife Animal Collection: The Komodo Dragon Statuepeople of the potential posed by green space. Although no one expects a tiger to come prowling through the backyard, a tiger sculpture does remind us that these beautiful creatures still exist in the wildest parts of Asia. Any size statue will have that effect but they look far more realistic as life-size sculptures.

The Grand Scale Bengal Tiger statue shows exactly why villagers take care to avoid these big cats at all costs! Nearly eight feet long, this detailed, beautiful depiction of a royal Bengal Tiger can be downright intimidating after putting it into the garden.

Likewise, when you put the life-size statue of a Komodo Dragon into the backyard, guests might run for the back door out of instinct. This ten foot sculpture is about as detailed as one can get outside of having a real Komodo Dragon creeping around the garden.

Another animal yard statue that will be the talk of every garden guest is the Gargantuan Garden Gator. More than six feet long, the straw hat in its toothy maw show why one should never get too close to these large predators!

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Indoor Sculptures for Spring

Les Filles Joyeuses Neoclassical Pedestal UrnSpring is noted for being that time of year when a collective sigh of relief is let out as winter loses its grasp upon the landscape. No more shoveling of snow, no more chipping ice off the car, and no more wearing of bulky winter coats. It's easier to spend more time outside and this translates to more time for the garden. Although this makes Spring the perfect time of year to buy new garden statuary, it doesn't mean that decor should be limited to the backyard.

Spring also represents an opportunity to change up decor inside the home. Start another season of warmth with new Egyptian decorations or refreshing works of art like the Embrace Sculpture. This artistic, endearing scene will touch the hearts of all who see it.

This is also the season for adding new plants to the inside of a home. The beauty of greenery is intensified when plants are placed in sculptured urns. The neoclassical "Filles Joyeuses" pedestal urn is one such functional sculpture. The two young maidens holding an urn with elegant, outstretched arms add magnificence to every plant. This and other urns can also be used in the garden but they look even better when displayed inside the home.

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New Garden Statuary to Liven up a Spring Barbeque

The Gator Gourmet StatueWith warm weather on the way, it's time to bring the grill out of storage and infuse your backyard with the aromas of barbeque ribs, grilled chicken, and marinated kabobs. Host a Spring barbeque and invite neighbors, family, and friends to celebrate the end of winter. It will also be the perfect occasion for displaying your favorite animal garden statues and other backyard decor. Make sure to clean off the statuary left outside during the winter months and dust off those items that were put into storage. You might also want to surprise old friends and guests with new Spring items from Design Toscano.

There are dozens of fantastic sculptures to choose from but for a barbecue, you can't go wrong with the Gator Gourmet Statue. This two foot tall resin sculpture is a backyard chef's best assistant. Standing on its hind legs, the gourmet gator waits for a snack with an open, toothy grin and is ready for gastronomic action with a knife and fork in hand. It also sports a red neckerchief to keep the barbecue sauce off of its green, scaly hide. It's perfect for any Cajun-themed party and is also at home in the kitchen.

Get the Gourmet Gator and other new Spring animal garden sculptures from Design Toscano today.

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An Animal Yard Statue for the Home and Garden

Some sculptures clearly do better in the garden while others are works of art no one would dream of Lion Head Gazing Globe Garden Pillar Statueputting outside. Both types of statues have their place and purpose and when used the right way, can accentuate any home. For example, the Lion Head Gazing Globe Pillar adds a classic touch of fantasy to every backyard but looks seriously out of place in the dining room. Likewise, a beautiful replica of knight's armor makes for a much better fit in a library or hallway.

However, there are some statues that look right at home in the garden and inside the house. The Peacock's Sanctuary Sculpture is one such objet d'art. Perched atop a white plinth with greenery coming out of it, a male Peafowl shows his iridescent plumage with a regal aloof attitude. The king of his domain, his long, spectacled train reaches the floor and shines in green, purple, and gold. The quality of this statue is such that you could display it inside the home or out it outside to vie with the live Peacocks in your garden. Guests won't help but be drawn to the intricate, realistic nature of this sculpture.

Find outdoor animal statues, Asian garden sculptures, and  other garden statuary at Design Toscano.

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Add Elegance to Flowers with These Greenmen Planters

March is finally here and although winter still holds much of the country fast in its icy grip, its hold is going to weaken in a matter of weeks or even days. As Spring approaches, it's time to start thinking about the flowers you would like to plant. Not only do you have to decide upon which flowers you would like to have French Greenmen Wall Sculptures Le Printemps and L'Etoilegrowing in the garden, you also need to pick where they will grow. Some species are best off planted separate from other flowers (roses come to mind), while other species are more suited for flower beds.

There are also flowers that look great when they grow out of and hang from a planter. Although flower pots can be used in this regard, there are much more elegant means of providing a place for flower species that hang into the air. For example, you could hardly add more elegance to potted flowers than having them grow out of the Le Printemps and Le Etoile Wall Sculpture. These sculptures for outside have a serene, classic appearance that will make your backyard look like it belongs in the Victorian era. These two pieces of garden statuary are also perfect for decorating both sides of a corner and compliment garden cherub statues.

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The Perfect Wall Art for Your Reading Room

Some rooms are made or used for a certain purpose, the kitchen being the perfect example. The kitchen A Young Girl Reading, 1770-72 Canvas Replica Paintingis used for such specific reasons that we hardly even call it a "room". It's the place for preparing meals, having a snack, and keeping food. Likewise, people sleep in a bedroom and eat dinner in a dining room. Although it depends on the size of the home, some houses also feature a reading room. This might share space with a personal library or a home office and is a place where you can focus on a good book without distractions like television and computers. Like a library, this literary space has to be quiet and peaceful. Certain types of decor can be used to provide the right atmosphere for reading and can include gargoyle figurines and Egyptian art.

There are also framed works of art that fit right into the studied atmosphere of a reading room. The most appropriate might be the replica of "A Young Girl Reading". Looking absolutely comfortable as she sits against an ample pillow while concentrating on a book, the girl in the painting will encourage you to let go of your worries and become lost in one of your favorite novels.

While looking for knight statues and sculptures for outside, don't forget to buy paintings for the interior of your home. Buy framed art from February 22nd until February 27th and get 25% off the regular price!

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Add Excitement to Your Yard with Animal Garden Statues

The backyard acts as a safe sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. You can Shadowed Predator Black Panther Statueuse that fresh, green space for dining, entertaining company, or playing outdoor games. It also encourages you to become lost in the age-old art of gardening, sculpting bushes and trees, watering the lawn, and feeding the birds in your backyard. Nevertheless, every backyard and garden looks better with garden statuary. Animal garden sculptures in particular add excitement to even the most mundane and basic of backyards.

While pink flamingos add color to the yard, a statue of a black panther that lurks beneath the bushes or comes prowling out of the shadows will make every visit to the garden an exciting one. Add a statue of a tiger to the animal garden mix and guests will love the raw, natural feeling of suspense born out of depictions of prowling predators.

Heighten the predator experience further by putting in a statue of a snapping alligator right by the pool! While the big cats lurk back near the bushes, this fearless crocodilian looks like it's leaping right out the water.

However, not all animals statues have to be fearsome. To remind visitors that your backyard is always a welcome, safe place to visit, put Carotene the cute bunny rabbit near the vegetable garden.

Find every type of animal yard statue at Design Toscano. Buy them until February 14th and get 20% off the regular price!
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Just Reduced Items Now an Additional 20% Off!

Ramses Royal Sanctuary CabinetThere are only a few days left to take advantage of our Mid Winter Sale.  Our sale started yesterday January 27th and will run through January 31st!  What this means to you is that anything that has already been reduced, will be even more affordable for you. Not sure where to start? Here are some ideas.

Egyptian home decor is always a popular choice here, but you don’t need to spend an Egyptian budget to do so.  Many of our popular Egyptian tables have just been reduced, such as this Ramses Royal Sanctuary Cabinet.  Marked down to less than $100 from $175, take an extra 20% off of that and you have scored yourself a deal!  At these prices, you can recreate an entire theme in one room if you like!

There are many pieces of furniture that you can use in any room, indoor or outside to change the theme in an instant.  This Meerkat sculpture that doubles as a side table will bring an entire clan of adorable maintenance free meerkats into the room of your choice.

As if these prices aren’t great already, you can snap them up now and still take advantage of our Mid Winter Clearance Sale!  Running from January 27th to January 31st, you still have a few days left to get an additional 20% off everything that is already reduced!

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Get These Pieces Before They Are Gone

If you are the type that likes collectibles, then you know the importance of procuring them before they become a rare item.  At Design Toscano, we offer a number of items from busts to sculptures for outside that will please the fancy of every collector. Even better, everything on sale has been reduced yet again!

President Barack Obama Gothic Dragon StatueMarble busts for sale are always unique pieces that will one day mean more from a historical perspective than they already do today.  Something such as our George Washington Sculpture is just one such item.  This piece is not only historical, but Neoclassical as well, and will work in any room of your choice.  As well, it has recently been reduced so this historical marker can work well in any budget for less than $40.

And while we are speaking of Presidents, you may not have considered that gothic decor and Presidents go hand in hand.  But they do at Design Toscano.  This piece of President Barack Obama Gothic Dragon Statue will work in any gothic theme, and also serve as a historical symbol that will mean more after his Presidency.  It has been reduced to clear as it is almost gone, so get it now while it is still less than $10!

Hurry! Our Mid Winter Clearance Sale is starting today, which means an additional 20% off ALL SALE ITEMS!  You can grab more than one with these prices, so hurry now, before they are ALL GONE. Sale runs from January 27th to January 31st!

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Change the Look of Your Garden With Outdoor Wall Decor

Where many people like to place statues or accessories throughout their outdoor space, this is Greek God of the Sea: Poseidon Wall Sculpturenot the only way to create a theme in your garden, as not everybody has the space to do just that.  What you may want to consider this year is adding some decorations to your walls outside, as this is just an effective way to make a unique statement with just one or two pieces. 

Garden statues gnomes are a very popular addition to any outdoor space.  If you don’t have the room for it, you don’t even need a wall for this adorable Knothole Gnomes Garden Welcome Tree Sculpture.  He is perfectly sized for any tree you have outside.

Greenmen are also popular items in an outdoor living area.  They embody a mystique that is both elegant and intriguing.  Wall art is a great way to add these mythical creatures to your garden.  This Bacchus, God of Wine: Greenman Wall Sculpture comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate both your wall space and your budget as well.

And if you were thinking of creating a Greek theme in your garden this year, there are an abundance of wall art ways to add Greek garden statues to your theme as well.  This Greek God of the Sea will easily fit on any wall or tree space you have available.

When it comes to garden decor, there are a number of ways to create a theme in a limited space. Wall art is a beautiful and very simple way to do so.

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Gothic Furniture Just Got More Affordable!

When it comes to redecorating, there are a number of ways to go about doing it.  You always York Monastery Solid Hardwood Gothic Benchwant to start off with a theme in mind, and set your action plan from that point.  One way to change the look of an entire room and recreate the theme of your choice without going overboard is by adding one or two new or eclectic pieces that embody your theme.  No matter what theme you go with, furniture is a great way to set the tone.  Here are some ideas on how one piece of furniture can help you redecorate in such a simple way.

Medieval home decor comes in all shapes, sizes, and looks, and it doesn’t need to be overly Gothic to make the statement.  You can see how a statement piece such as our York Monastery Solid Hardwood Gothic Bench can change the tone of your entire room without having to redo the whole room.

An outdoor garden sculpture is another way to create a theme without having to completely redesign.  As well, you don’t need to keep your sculptures for outside in the garden all year round. When the temperatures start to dip, bring them inside and establish the theme in your interior design.  A sculpture that doubles as a glass topped table such as our Warwickshire Dragon Glass-Topped Coffee Table can change the look of any inside room in a heart beat.

There are a number of ways to renovate, by why break the bank when you don’t have to.  One or two key pieces of furniture in the room you are redoing is all you need.  And since all of our furniture is now on sale with a 20% reduction, there is no better time to do so.

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Up to 70% off Gothic Decor!

When someone is creating an outdoor theme for their garden, the terms mythical and magical Chained Cathedral Gargoyle Statuecome to mind.  While for some this means the addition of a religious element, or the recreation of a magical fairy land, others prefer a mystique that is all too different.  The mystique of the medieval era has become a very popular means of decoration, both in and outside the home.  And gargoyle gifts or medieval home decor are one way to add a touch of magic to your space in a very unique way.  And at Design Toscano, the best time to do it is when the favored pieces are on sale, like now!

A gargoyle sculpture such as our Chained Cathedral Gargoyle Statue is a way to bring the medieval into your garden in a truly authentic way.  This replica will make a statement about the intrigue and mystique you wish to create in your design theme for less than $40.  Perch him wherever you like and he will watch over your outdoor space with a vigilant eye.

You can add the touch of gargoyle inside as well!  Little accent pieces such as our Flush the Gargoyle Bathroom Tissue Holder will add the perfect medieval touch to one of your most royal rooms for less than $30.

When it comes to decorating medieval style, you have an abundance of ways to do so both inside and outside.  And with many of our medieval items now reduced, your only limit is your imagination!

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Give the Gift of Fantasy This Holiday Season

Black Forest Welcoming Gnome StatueThey say that the holiday season is about inspiring magic and miracles, and if you have been trying to find a unique way to do just that, you may want to consider the gift of sculptures for outside decor.  Whether it is a fairy spell or a mysterious gnome, there are a number of ways to give the gift of fantasy this holiday season, even if you are giving it to yourself!

There is something irresistible about garden statues gnomes, and as popular as they are, you just can’t help but be inspired by their spells of fantasy.  These also easily blend into any outdoor holiday decor.  If you are welcoming guests this holiday,  you may want to add our Black Forest Welcoming Gnome to your entrance way and he will surely bring a hearty welcome to any guests you entertain this year.

But if you need a little more magic than that, you may want to ask for a sprinkling of pixie dust from some garden fairies this year.  Our Pondering Pixie Stained Glass Sculpture not only adds an air of magic to your holiday decor, but also makes for the perfect magical gift at less than $40.

These are just a few ways that you can give the gift of fantasy this holiday season, and it’s not too late to take advantage of a number of our holiday sales and specials and still see your gift of fantasy arrive just in time!
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Unique Gothic Gift Ideas for Her

Although it is easy to say that it is hard to buy for the man who has everything, the same dilemma can be presented when it comes to women.  Although most women will adore any gift that can add to the decor or beauty of their home, finding the gift that will meet her tastes can be a challenge.  It may not occur to you to try and find something a little gothic for her tastes this year, as this seems to be a taste that caters exclusively to men.  Not so as you will find when you browse our selection of gothic decor, there are a number of choices that will delight and enchant her and will be the perfect gift for any woman on your list.

The Dweller Below Garden SculptureOne thing that women are always needing is that little extra something for the garden.  A gargoyle sculpture or sculptures for outside for the garden will be something she won’t think of to purchase herself.  Our Dweller Below Garden Sculpture is just one example of a gothic addition to an outdoor space that she will adore.  An eye catching piece like this, or some adorable gargoyle figurines for the garden are conversation pieces she will love to add to her outdoor decor.

There are few women that don’t love the gift of jewellery, and there is no better time to do so than during the holidays.  A gothic ensemble such as our Ancient Talisman ensemble is not only going to bring her good luck, but will take the breath away from any of her beholders.

As you can see, the gift of gothic is not simply reserved for men.  Try our huge selection of gothic items for her, and take advantage of our 20% off sale going on right now!

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The Significance of Greenmen Decor

The Somerset Greenman SculptureFor those that are looking to add a unique element to their interior design, you may have heard of the term “greenmen” in specific pieces or to add a distinctive focal point to a room.  While many find a greenman charming, knowing what it means will add an all new significance to any decor if you choose a greenman piece in your decorating themes.  The beauty of the greenman is that it is not only just that, beautiful, but it is symbolic in a way that it can easily be incorporated into any design theme. Whether your theme is Egyptian, medieval, or even home and country, a greenman will add ambience to any indoor or outdoor setting.

Simply put, a Green Man is simply a sculpture, decoration, or piece of art that is represented by a face surrounded by or even made from leaves.  You will often see vines or branches sprouting from his nose or other parts of his face, and these often bear fruit or flowers.  A green man in design is often seen in the carvings on buildings or churches and is symbolic of growth and prosperity wished on the dwelling where it exists.  A green man decoration then will represent the cycle of spring or new growth, and is a revered symbol in many forms of mythology.

Greenman decorations can be found in sculptures for outside in every theme from Egyptian home decor to gothic decor.  You can place one in your entrance way or in your outdoor space to request the gods to bestow prosperity and the cycle of spring into your garden every year.
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Gargoyles Will Serve As Your Personal Bodyguard

Medieval Marauder Gargoyle StatueThere are few people who aren’t security conscious today, and rightfully so. But why spend a fortune on an alarm system, if you can add the ferocity and protection that a gargoyle does?  The simple addition of a gargoyle in your home is not just a status symbol, but a symbol that beckons the gods of protection to serve over your home.  Gargoyle figurines or a gargoyle sculpture that is appropriately placed may be all the security system you need to protect your cherished space.

Every home needs a good sentinel, and a gargoyle creation outside your home such as our Boden Gargoyle Sentinel will serve just that purpose 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  This is a two foot tall masterpiece that is ready to work in your garden or entrance way, keeping away any evil spirits trying to work their way into your peace.

And if you already have all of the gargoyles you need in your home, gargoyle gifts can serve as the perfect holiday gift of protection.  Something as simple as our authentic iron gargoyle bottle opener will be the perfect stocking stuffer or holiday present for the man on your list that has everything.

Whether it is for you or for somebody else, a gargoyle present is the perfect presence in any home that needs protection from evil spirits.

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Greek Statues Add an Instant Regal Air

Birth of Venus Garden StatueWhen you are looking for sculptures for outside, you want to be sure that you make the right choice for your investment.  Statues for garden ambience can make a statement without saying a word, and create a tone for your garden.  But if you make the wrong choice, you can offset your entire theme with one poorly placed piece.  One theme you may want to consider is the Greek theme.  This is a theme that will add a certain mystery to your garden, while creating ambience and elegance all at the same time.  The beauty of choosing a Greek theme is that you only need one or two sculptures for outside to make the statement, and every Greek god or goddess makes a different statement all on their own.

The Birth of Venus statue is just one example of a true piece of garden art that is now on sale for less than $50.  She adds an air of Renaissance beauty to your outdoor space that will become the envy of all of your neighbors.  No matter where you place her stunning beauty, she will awe and inspire anyone around her.

Greek garden statues come in all shapes and sizes, and before the garden season actually begins is the best time to purchase.  No matter what air of Greek gods you want to put into your outdoor space, you won’t be disappointed with a Greek statue.

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Cherubs Create an Instant Calm in Any Space

Balancing a Dream Cherub Garden StatueWhen you are developing a garden theme, for you or for someone else, finding inspiration can be difficult in a world where everybody seems to be doing the same thing.  This year, why not implement a little bit of calm with garden cherub statues.  Sculptures for outside that come in the form of an adorable little cherub can instantly transform the tone of your outdoor space.

From curling toes to her angelic face, this gorgeous replica of a stone garden angel will create a calming tone in your garden by balancing a dream inspiration.  This is a subtle addition to any garden that will create an instant calming effect for anyone that enjoys your outdoor living space.

A cherub can also be used to memorialize either a loved one, or a pet  that you’ve had to say goodbye to.  The beauty of the angelic cherub is that it comes in all forms, and you get to choose what form you want to memorialize in your own garden space.

A cherub can mean whatever you want it to when you add it to your garden.  Whether you want to add a cherub to memorialize a loved one’s passing, or to simply create an angelic harmony in your garden, there are an abundance of choices through our stunning angelic cherub selections.

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Tips to Remember When Using Wall Sculptures

Whitechapel Manor Gargoyle Wall SconceWall art is becoming a very popular way to change the look of an entire room without going overboard. It can be very easy to stockpile on accent pieces such as gargoyle figurines or expansive Egyptian tables to change the look of an entire room, but you don’t always need to do so.  If you are having a design issue with a specific room, the simple addition of some wall art may be all you need to change the tone of the room entirely without giving the room an entire overhaul.  Here are some tips to keep in mind when you are considering wall sculptures in your home.

A wall sculpture can be used either in or outside of your home, and can change the look of your entire space in an instant.  Things to keep in mind are how dramatic you want the change to be, and what kind of space you have to work with it.  Something outdoors like this elephant wall sculpture is the only element you need to add to change the look of your entire garden. Always measure your space first before you purchase wall sculpture that may not accommodate your desired space.

If you like to keep your lines a little more clean on the inside of your home, you can create the same effect using Egyptian art.  A ceremonial wall sculpture using neutral tones will add an instant pop to a neutral background and otherwise muted living space.

Wall art selection is not just left to the purchase of a painting here or there.  Choose wall art pieces that embody your personality, and the tone you are trying to create in the space that you have to work with.

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