Guardian of the Garage is picturesque

RitaS from Springfield, Mo. reviewed the Apex, the Winged Dragon Sculptural Roof Cresting.

Bottomline: Yes, would recommend to a friend.


Comments: I have so enjoyed the Apex, the Winged Dragon sculpture. I waited 4 years before being able to purchase him. He fits beautifully atop the garage, ever watchful, ever a guardian. Installation was easy. He has fullfilled my decor ideas for outside, is a great conversation piece, durable and enchanting.

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Bring in the Customers with Big Garden Statuary

Cock-a-doodle-do, Giant Roadside Rooster Garden StatueFor a business to be successful, people have to know about it. Your bakery can create the most scrumptious cupcakes in the nation and that upholstery business can do an amazing job at restoring antique furniture but if only a few people are privy to that knowledge, the business will fail in a heartbeat. For that reason, marketing and advertising are essential for businesses from every sector of the economy. Effective marketing requires skill, creativity, and a professional touch to capture and keep the attention of clients. That all important, attention-getting aspect of marketing is where big sculptures for outside come into play and they can work wonders at bringing customers to the front doors of any business.

For example, you can have a huge, prominent sign but if a neighboring store has a big statue of a chicken in their foyer,  people on the street are going to gravitate to the larger than life rooster. You can't blame them because let's face it, most of us are going to be taken aback by a huge statue of an animal. Whether out of curiosity or an instinctive fear of huge animals, we can't help but notice them. Kids run to them in an instant, parents follow, and they will probably be just as curious about entering the store.

Market your business with big and beautiful animal garden statues from Design Toscano!

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We LOVE him, although I thought (and our fault) was larger, and I could put him outside on a tree, which we have bought two others from Toscano on our trees, but, he is just too nice for outside ;-) we will hang him next to the wonderer, (I don't know his name, and didn't see him in your latest catalog) which will compliment each other.

We have purchased many things from Toscano and enjoy every piece, this is one of the finest catalogs and will forever be a part of our home decorating. Great Artists, thank them for me :-)

Name: Geraldine Wise
Company: ITS Asset Management, LP
City: Canonsburg
State: PA
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Asian Panda Sculpture

We have had a small Bonsai garden for quite a few years. This year I purchased the Asian Panda Sculpture and placed it in the garden. This garden is right outside our 3 season porch and I just love seeing the Panda. What a perfect addition. See attached picture.

Name: Jeannette P

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A Purrrrfect Purchase

I bought your wall sculpture "Purrr" a while back. It was the artist's idea of what a cat that was purring would look like. Since I have two indoor female cats, the Romeo next door sits outside our window serenading every night. Since he hadn't been around lately, I thought his love had grown cold. To my surprise I found him on the porch wooing my "Purrr" sculpture all in vain! My poor jilted girls will just have to wait until Tom realizes his new love has a heart of stone!

Name: Kathy Lenahan
City: Collierville
State: TN

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Save on Sculptures for Outside at the Warehouse Sale Today!

Garden SculpturesJuly 14th has arrived and if you live anywhere near the Chicagoland area, it's time to get in the car or hop the train to the windy city for the best sale of the year on garden statuary. The doors open at 8 AM in the morning for the Design Toscano warehouse sale and don't close until 4 PM. They open back up on July 15th at 9 AM until the sale ends at 4 PM that same day. 

If you get there at eight in the morning, don't be surprised if you see a line of people waiting for the doors to open. They know that there is simply no other day of the year that offers so many opportunities to save on beautiful decor of the highest quality. These items are exclusive and those that are overstocked or bruised might even be offered for 90% off the regular price! Get there early to beat the crowds and save money on heirloom quality treasures. Even though sales of these fantastic items happen on a regular basis at the website, those discounts still can't compare with the warehouse sale so head on over to Elk Grove Village today or tomorrow if you want to find the biggest savings of the year on everything from Greek garden statues to objets d'art for the inside of the home.

The warehouse sale is located at 1400 Morse Avenue, Elk Grove Village, Illinois 60007.

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Celebrate Independence Day with 20% Savings on Garden Statuary

It's hard to believe but June is almost over. It seems like summer just got started and here we are moving Lioness with Cub Statueon into July on that lazy river called summertime. The living is easy during these days of baseball games, fresh cut grass, and hot, sunny days. Lest we forget, it's also when the United States of America celebrates its independence from Britain. That day is of course the Fourth of July and in less than a week, Americans across the nation are going to be grilling outside, going to theme parks, and watching the annual fireworks display. It's always one of the most beautiful and memorable days of the year and here at Design Toscano, we are marking this special day with a sitewide 20% sale.

From now until the day after the fourth, you get a 20% discount off of everything on our website. That includes every one of our detailed and dramatic animal garden statues, fairies, angels, gnomes, and gargoyles.

If you already have all of the garden sculptures you need, there are still plenty of beautiful objets d'art and indoor furniture that can also be enjoyed for 20% off their regular prices.

Celebrate the Fourth of July with a 20% discount on everything on the Design Toscano website until July 5th!

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Last Day to Save get 20% off of Classic Garden Statuary

Venus of Arles Sculpture - GrandSculptures for outside come in many forms and sizes. There are realistic animal statues that can turn your garden into a scene from the deep forests of the Pacific northwest or the savannahs of wildest Africa. You can turn your garden into an exquisite Asian-themed abode or have garden fairies hiding in the flower beds while gargoyles guard the doorways to your house and glare down from the roof. However, as exciting as those backyard decorating themes are, they aren't classic.

That doesn't mean that there is anything wrong with them, it just means that they don't lend themselves to the same sort of atmosphere as Greek garden statues or other classic, fake stone sculptures. The classics refer to pieces created in the art tradition of ancient Greece and Rome. These are pieces like the Venus of Arles,statues of the Madonna, or a replica of "The Thinker" by Rodin.

Classic-themed sculptures are pieces that can easily stand out on their own and bring your mind to another time and place. Most were originally sculpted for this reason and the beautiful, detailed replicas of classic statues from Design Toscano continue to do just that in gardens across the nation.

Get 20% off everything in the Classic Garden Collection. Sale ends today, June 24th!

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Show Support for Sasquatch with a Big Foot Garden Statue

Bigfoot, the Bashful Yeti Tree SculptureHe's huge, he's hairy, and he's a lot more shy than anyone ever imagined. Even though Bigfoot (also known as Sasquatch or the Great North American Ape) is big and strong enough to pulverize your prize bronze garden sculptures, the creature would never dream of carrying out such a senseless act of violence. No, despite its strength, Bigfoot keeps to itself and rarely enters into anyone's yard. 

The gentle beast prefers to venture outside in the dark of the night and stays hidden from prying eyes during the day. Although people who have a run-in with Sasquatch are typically terrified, since Bigfoot runs away from anyone it encounters, it's obvious that they have nothing to fear. Native American tribes felt the same way about the monstrous ape and just stayed away from the deep canyons and other wild corners of America haunted by this legendary creature.

Despite all of the Bigfoot sightings, pre-Columbian legends, and controversial footage of the creature filmed in the wilds of northern California, Sasquatch is still awaiting acceptance by the scientific community. Whether you believe that Bigfoot is real or not, you can help keep the legend alive with the most detailed, realistic Bigfoot sculptures in existence. Who knows, maybe one day you will see two Sasquatch "statues" in the backyard and realize that the legend is real because you only bought one!

Find a unique, highly detailed Bigfoot statue and other exquisite garden statuary from Design Toscano. 

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Greenmen for the Summer Months

Bacchus, God of Wine: Greenman Wall SculptureEach season has its own set of garden statuary. Most sculptures for outside look great all year long but statues of African animals just look out of place when coated with ice and snow.  To me, statues of fairies seem perfect for warm spring and summer weather while religious and Asian-themed sculptures look fantastic any time of the year. When the cool weather of autumn blows in from the north, greenman wall decor can heighten the effects of the fall season in any backyard. Nevertheless, there are certain types of greenman decorations that have "summer" written all over their gnarled, wizened faces.

Bacchus, the God of Wine Wall Sculpture is one such piece. I just can't imagine the classical patron saint of summer parties being displayed at any other time of the year. As befits the original "king of the party", he sports bunches of wine grapes and looks ready for another drink. Make this summer sculpture feel right at home by putting him up on a sunny, ivy-covered wall.

The Le Printemps and Le Etoile French Greenman sculptures are perfect for spring but since "Le Etoile" means summer, both are just as beautiful during the months of June, July, and August.

Happy Father's Day from Design Toscano!

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What Resin Garden Statues can do for a Business

Garden statuary, despite its name, isn't just for that private green space behind the house. The beauty Egyptian Revival Winged Great Sphinx Statueof some stone angels, depictions of animals, and other works of art make them just as suitable inside a home as they are beneath the dappled shade of a backyard Oak. Nor do they need to stay within the confines of a home. Buy the right sort of statues for a business and they will probably pay for themselves in a month.

The secret about detailed sculptures of dinosaurs, Bigfoot, or beautiful replicas of more classical statues is that they help with marketing. Whether the business happens to be a restaurant, hotel, or hardware store, they get people's attention and bring them into the store. By adding character to any establishment, they make every visit to the business a memorable one and thus help with branding. 

Flank the front doors of a hotel or restaurant with two Egyptian Revival Winged Great Sphinx Statues and customers will know they are walking into someplace special.

Put furniture like the The Salentino Crescent Garden Bench into the lobby along with a beautiful tiger sculpture and guests will know that they chose the right place to stay.

Beautify your business and improve its image with fantastic sculptures for outside from Design Toscano.

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Ellen DeGeneres Gives Matt LeBlanc a Design Toscano Bigfoot Statue

On a recent airing of the Ellen DeGeneres show, the talk show host gave a Design Toscano favorite to one Design Toscano Big Foot Matt LeBlanc and Ellen DeGeneresof her guests. Matt LeBlanc was the lucky recipient of "Bigfoot, the Garden Yeti Sculpture" and this picture from that fortunate occasion shows how very pleased he is to receive such a unique gift item. Ellen presented the detailed statue of Bigfoot to her friend Matt because he had mentioned that he likes the reality show "Finding Bigfoot". Thanks to Ellen, as the "Friends" star watches "Finding Bigfoot", he can also look at his very own, detailed statue of the legendary creature.

This Design Toscano classic works well both in and outside the home. Whether Matt puts it in his garden or proudly displays it on a pedestal in the den, this sculpture will remind him and his guests of the mysteries awaiting discovery in modern-day America. As is the case of every home that hosts this realistic sculpture of Sasquatch, it will also be a great conversation piece at parties and admired by every guest. Maybe next year, Ellen will give Matt the "Bigfoot, the Bashful Yeti Tree Sculpture"

Find unique garden statuary like Ellen's gift to Matt LeBlanc at Design Toscano. Place an order of $75 or more and get free shipping and handling until Sunday, June 3rd!

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Mark Memorial Day with Memorial Bench Garden Statuary

Memorial Day is one of the most important holidays in the United States of America. Although most Forever Remembered Personalized Cast Stone Memorial Garden Benchpeople associate this important day with hot dogs, picnics, parades, and other Summer festivities, this holiday was established for a much more somber purpose. As its name indicates, Memorial Day is the official date for remembering those Americans who gave their lives while serving in the armed forces. For many people, it's also a time to remember any loved ones who have passed away. Visits are made to their resting places and flowers are placed on graves but memorials to cherished family and friends don't need to be only found in cemetaries.

You can also put up memorials of loved ones in the privacy of your own garden or backyard. One of the most beautiful means of remembering people dear to your heart is with a memorial bench. Memorial benches act as sculptures for outside that express your love and appreciation for those who have passed away. The Forever Remembered Cast Stone Memorial Garden Bench can be personalized with a marble plaque engraved with the name of a loved one as well as dates and sentiments. It will be an especially fitting monument for people who loved to spend time in the backyard.

Get 20% off memorial benches and all Design Toscano resin garden statues from now until Tuesday, May 29th.


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Every Summer Backyard Needs Gnome Garden Statuary

The Knothole Gnomes Garden Welcome Tree Sculpture: Door GnomeMemorial Day and the warm, wonderful days of Summer are just around the corner. No more snow, the grass is fresh, and the backyard is filled with greenery. Birds sing in the garden and even your favorite gargoyle figurines seem to be smiling. It's a fantastic time of the year to be outside and what better place to enjoy the outdoors than your own backyard. No matter what decorating theme you follow, there are some types of garden decor that are nothing less than essential. Garden fairies fall into that category but even their importance is eclipsed by that of the garden gnome.

Friendly, magical, and wholesome, gnomes welcome every guest to the garden with a bearded smile. Whether you place them near flowerbeds or just outside the back door, these classic garden sculptures are right at home in any backyard. Their pointed hats add splashes of happy color and the twinkle in their eyes adds cheer to every garden.

Snoozing Booker, the Garden Gnome Statue is the perfect gnome for people who enjoy a good read in the backyard. Gnomes are also just at home in the trees and you can show this with Knothole Gnomes Garden Sculptures.

Buy statues of gnomes, Greek Garden Statues, and anything else from Design Toscano from now until Tuesday, May 29th and get 20% off the regular price!

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Weathervanes as Gothic Décor

Gothic decorations bring to mind images of dragons, gargoyle figurines, and other statues that are Windblown Witch Signature Copper Weathervaneright at home in torchlit castles surrounded by dark moats. Such objets d'art add an old, interesting atmosphere to the interior of any home but the Gothic theme shouldn't be limited to the inside of a house. Put up the right sort of Gothic decorations on the outside of your home or business and it starts to look more like a castle than an average two story structure. A Gothic-themed doorknocker can do wonders for any place and a gargoyle sculpture next to the front door or up on the roof is an essential part of every Gothic-themed abode.

Gothic decorations aren't just limited to gargoyles and dragons though. Another type of item that works wonderfully for every Gothic-themed place is a weathervane. The Windblown Witch Signature Copper Weathervane looks fantastic when sitting on top of any home or business. As she rides with the wind, she shows which way the breeze is blowing. Beautifully made with solid copper, this weathervane is destined to be an heirloom. While the witch rides the wind above your home, add a big Gothic touch to your backyard with the Crescent moon Vampire Bats Metal Weathervane!

Find these beautiful weathervanes and dozens of garden gargoyle statues at Design Toscano today.

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Fairy Tale Kingdom Sculptures for Outside

The imaginary realms where elves battle goblins, dragons ply the skies on massive, bat wings, and Humpty Dumpty Sculpturewizened wizards cast their spells are more important than most people realize. Fairy tales and other fantasy genre stories help people escape from the daily doldrums of working a nine to five job. They also help people reflect upon morality and positive philosophies that can be related to reality. However, perhaps most of all, they have inspired many an artist to create amazing works of art that bring both the heroes and the villains to life in the form of paintings and garden statuary.

There are dozens of objets d'art exclusive to Design Toscano that turn your backyard into a fairy tale kingdom. Two of the best are:

  • The Humpty Dumpty Sculpture: He sat on a wall and had a big fall straight into the hearts and minds of millions of people. The old English rhyme about Humpty Dumpty is unforgettable and provokes all sorts of images and allegories. Putting this classic, detailed statue on one of your garden walls never fails to bring magic right into your backyard.
  • Treebeard Ent with Mystical Orb Statue: In the classic fantasy masterpieces written by Tolkien, Treebeard was the leader of the Ents. The "tree shepherds" looked after the forests and were among the oldest and wisest of all living creatures. They kept to themselves and were slow to anger but were unstoppable when provoked into action.

Find these and other magical resin garden statues for your backyard at Design Toscano.


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The Most Popular Stone Garden Angel of All Time

Angels have been a common type of statue for hundreds of years. They were mostly used after the dawn of Christianity and probably reached their height during Middle Ages and Italian Renaissance. Statues of hundreds of saints and angels adorn Gothic structures such as the Notre Dame cathedral and angel sculptures eventually became common decor in Tuscan piazzas and courtyards throughout Europe. Monteverde Angel Statue (1882)During the Victorian era, angel sculptures became hugely popular for both cemeteries and the gardens of the well to do.

Among the multitudes of angel statues that were carved over the centuries, one statue in particular stands out for the fame it achieved. In 1882, the Italian sculptor Giulio Monteverde crafted an angel statue that became a veritable hit. Simply known as the "Monteverde Angel Statue", he sculpted it as a memorial for the Oneto family of Liguria, Italy. However, unlike other sculptures that he had done, this statue became so well known and liked that replicas of it showed up in cemeteries and gardens from Sicily to Scotland. When Giulio passed away in 1917, one was even made for his grave! The popularity of this intriguing, beautiful angel statue continues to this day.

Buy the beautiful Monteverde Angel Statue for your garden along with other sculptures for outside and religious outdoor statues from Design Toscano today.

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Garden Statuary for an Animal Friendly Backyard

In Nature's Sanctuary St. Francis Garden SculptureBackyards and gardens act as valuable, personal green space in places where concrete and asphalt have replaced natural habitats. A bit of nature does wonders for the mind and body. Backyard greenery provides a breath of fresh air, a peaceful place to forget about and relieve stress, and a sanctuary for wildlife. Granted, for most people, the wildlife that visit the backyard come in the form of sparrows, pigeons, squirrels, and other common animals. Although people with backyards that abut national forests and large wild areas may see deer or even bears (!) behind the house, more commonly seen animals still count as wildlife and are just as pleasing to have in the backyard.

Although planting trees and bushes that provide shelter for animals are the best means of attracting them to your backyard, some sculptures for outside show that your garden is a sanctuary for wildlife. The statue that perhaps best demonstrates appreciation for animals is the In Nature's Sanctuary St. Francis Garden Sculpture. Flanked by doves, a squirrel, and with a lamb at his feet, the patron saint of all wild creatures has a peaceful, happy expression as he sits on a log in your backyard.

Order this beautiful, detailed statue, other resin garden statues, and animal garden statues from now until April 12th and get 20% off the regular price!


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Get 20% Off Large Animal Sculptures until Friday, March 30th

Any animal sculpture adds a wild touch to a garden. Depictions of nature in a natural setting remind The Grand-Scale Wildlife Animal Collection: The Komodo Dragon Statuepeople of the potential posed by green space. Although no one expects a tiger to come prowling through the backyard, a tiger sculpture does remind us that these beautiful creatures still exist in the wildest parts of Asia. Any size statue will have that effect but they look far more realistic as life-size sculptures.

The Grand Scale Bengal Tiger statue shows exactly why villagers take care to avoid these big cats at all costs! Nearly eight feet long, this detailed, beautiful depiction of a royal Bengal Tiger can be downright intimidating after putting it into the garden.

Likewise, when you put the life-size statue of a Komodo Dragon into the backyard, guests might run for the back door out of instinct. This ten foot sculpture is about as detailed as one can get outside of having a real Komodo Dragon creeping around the garden.

Another animal yard statue that will be the talk of every garden guest is the Gargantuan Garden Gator. More than six feet long, the straw hat in its toothy maw show why one should never get too close to these large predators!

Get 20% off these animal garden statues, Asian garden sculptures, and everything else at Design Toscano until Friday, March 30th.

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Indoor Sculptures for Spring

Les Filles Joyeuses Neoclassical Pedestal UrnSpring is noted for being that time of year when a collective sigh of relief is let out as winter loses its grasp upon the landscape. No more shoveling of snow, no more chipping ice off the car, and no more wearing of bulky winter coats. It's easier to spend more time outside and this translates to more time for the garden. Although this makes Spring the perfect time of year to buy new garden statuary, it doesn't mean that decor should be limited to the backyard.

Spring also represents an opportunity to change up decor inside the home. Start another season of warmth with new Egyptian decorations or refreshing works of art like the Embrace Sculpture. This artistic, endearing scene will touch the hearts of all who see it.

This is also the season for adding new plants to the inside of a home. The beauty of greenery is intensified when plants are placed in sculptured urns. The neoclassical "Filles Joyeuses" pedestal urn is one such functional sculpture. The two young maidens holding an urn with elegant, outstretched arms add magnificence to every plant. This and other urns can also be used in the garden but they look even better when displayed inside the home.

Get 20% off these sculptures, garden fairies, knight statues, and everything else at Design Toscano until Friday, March 30th!



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