Which Garden Statuary Works Best with a Meerkat Sculpture?

Meerkats are one of the cutest animals on the planet. The black markings around their eyes and on their paws make them look like little bandits and when they stand on their hind legs, Meerkats look absolutely adorable. Given their charismatic attributes, it's no wonder that Meerkats are excellent inspiration for animal garden statues. Sculptures of these confiding little animals are a wonderful, seriously cute addition to any garden but they complement some garden decorating themes better than others.

Meerkat Clan StatueFor example, although you could put the Meerkat Clan Statue and a classic stone garden angel next to each other, that's not going to look nearly as good as pairing Meerkat sculptures with other African animals. Meerkats are native to the arid plains of southern Africa so they look much better when they share a garden with sculptures like the Lioness with Cub or Gigi, the Garden Giraffe Statue. Both of these sculptures are as representative of dramatic, amazing African wildlife as statues of Meerkats.

Meerkats also work very will with garden fairies. They have a similar mischievous appearance, are small, crafty creatures, and are right at home in flower beds and vegetable patches. They will look right at home when sharing a backyard with the Fairies of the Meadow and just about any garden gnome statues.

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Outdoor Garden Sculpture Ideas for Evening Parties

The warm days have finally come back and it's time to take advantage of that pleasant weather by hosting parties in the garden. Whether you feel like throwing a party with a theme or not, you don't want to leave out the decor. It can take the form of Greek garden statues, stone garden angels, or your favorite gargoyle sculptures as long as you feel like your guests will be entertained. The following are a few ideas for garden statuary destined to be a hit at any backyard party:Black Forest Bear Pedestal Table

  • Black Forest Bear Pedestal Table: This fantastic garden statuary item is a wonderful, functional piece that fits in with any party scene. Use it to serve drinks and snacks at the party and when the festivities are over, use it for the same purpose while watching your favorite TV series.
  • Madame and Monsieur Escargot: This brightly colored pair of big garden snails are wonderful decor at any backyard party. Put them near the pool, by the back door, or on the patio for a touch of fun, cute, and colorful decor.
  • The Lono Grand Tiki Sculptural Table: This is another excellent piece of functional decor that was made for parties. Modeled after Polynesian Tiki sculptures, this side table adds character to every party.

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It's April 19th, 2013 and this date marks a sudden, 12 hour Flash Sale at Design Toscano! If you are checking out our site today, reward yourself by getting a nice 25% Catch of the Day Grand Bear Sculpturediscount off your purchase! Just place your order today, April 19th and you can enjoy big savings on a beautiful new stone garden angel, exquisite interior decor from our Basil Street Gallery, wall decor, and other items on our site.

Now is the time to buy and save on that angel you have always wanted. Buy our popular Music from Heaven Angel Statue to add charm and the peaceful sound of wind chimes to your backyard. Even if no sound came from this statue, it would still be an elegant, breathtaking piece of garden statuary. However, it becomes simply sublime when the chimes on her harp play with the slightest breeze.

Or, if your garden could use an animal yard statue or two (and which garden doesn't), buy animal garden sculptures today and take 25% off. This includes striking,  realistic statuary like Zairen the Zebra and The Catch of the Day Grand Bear Sculpture. Both of these statues show the type of careful detail found in all of our realistic animal garden sculptures.

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3 Tips on Using Garden Statuary to Turn Your Backyard into a Victorian Garden

Hebe, the Goddess of Youth SculptureMarble sculptures may have been a feature of Roman villas but the height of decorating the garden with statues was reached during the Victorian era. As the United Kingdom became the wealthiest country on Earth, well to do British families filled extensive gardens with exquisite sculptures. Stone garden angels, impressive statues of lions, and hundreds of other beautiful sculptures were displayed on the grounds of manicured estates. While filling the garden with statues during Victorian days was limited to the wealthy, at present times, garden sculptures are so affordable that just about anyone can turn their backyard into an elegant Victorian garden. Follow these three tips for a backyard that rivals the  majesty of any Victorian era garden:

  • Put several classic garden statues on display: Classic sculptures of deities and creatures from Greek myths were a common feature of Victorian gardens. Display beautiful statues such as Hebe, the Goddess of Youth and an authentic replica of the Venus de Milo to give your garden an elegant touch.
  • Include a stone garden angel or two: Get an angel statue like the Glory del Cielo sculpture to add classic, angelic beauty to the backyard.
  • Buy one or more stone lion sculptures: Lions were displayed in Victorian gardens because they are a sign of nobility, power, and majesty. Give your backyard a noble look with the Lion Of Florence Sentinel Statue.

It becomes that much easier to turn your backyard into a Victorian garden for the next seven days because you get 20% off the regular price of all resin garden statues from today until April 11th as part of our Pre-Season Garden Statues Sale!

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Stone Garden Angel: Buy It or Make One?

The Praying Basilica Angel StatueAngel statues don't just grace cathedrals, churches, and cemeteries. Sculptures of those celestial beings also look right at home in just about any backyard. They can add a sense of peace and comfort to your place and are among the most classic of garden statuary decor. It's no surprise that a lot of people love angel statues and some of us are tempted to make our own. We might get that idea from arts and craft magazines or simply because we love to create artistic decor for the home but when it comes to angel statues, you are much better off just buying them.

Making a beautiful angel statue for the garden is nothing like weaving, quilting, crafting home decor, or even wood carving. It requires a knowledge of either sculpting marble or knowing how to work with and make statues of carefully engineered resins. Once the resin statue cools and hardens, you also have to know how to paint it to give it a faux stone finish. Such endeavors are far from easy to accomplish and require a great deal of skill and training. In other words, it's the type of thing that is best left to artists and experts that create such beautiful and affordable works as the Praying Basilica Angel Statue or the amazing Monteverde Angel Statue.

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What is Outdoor Garden Statuary Made Of?

Catch of the Day Grand Bear SculptureThe garden is meant to be decorated with statuary. Whether the backyard is used to grow vegetables, for dinner parties, or for playing badminton, it's also the perfect place for displaying a stone garden angel or a collection of classic Greek garden statues. Sculptures give your place a regal touch, allow you to express feelings about your faith, and can be used to add both drama and peace to the backyard. The fact that statues aren't carved from slabs of marble also make them much more affordable than the sculptures that graced Roman villas and Victorian era gardens. Although you could certainly find sculptors who are willing to create a marble statue for thousands of dollars,nowadays, it's far easier to buy garden statues that are made from quality resin.

Resins are used as the medium of choice for high quality statues because this material is much more affordable and weighs much less than granite or marble. The fact that it's also much more pliable than natural stone means that it can be used to create incredibly realistic animal garden sculptures such as the Catch of the Day Grand Bear Sculpture, or Zarien the Zebra. Although resins can be used to make beautifully delicate garden fairies, they are also engineered to last for decades (and should last for centuries with proper care).

Find hundreds of fantastic, high quality resin statues for the garden at Design Toscano today.

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Functional Medieval Home Decor for the Musician

Celtic Rosewood Tara HarpElegant decorations during Medieval times were mostly used by nobility and clergy because they were the only people who could afford beautiful, carved wooden tables, gargoyle figurines, or putting a striking stone garden angel on display. In modern times, we can view those antique works of art in museums and on visits to European castles but also have the chance to buy beautiful replicas for home and office. Some decor also happens to be functional, including classic instruments such as Celtic harps. The angelic sounds of the harp have entertained and mesmerized people for centuries and echoed off the stone hallways of many a European castle and keep. The beauty of the harp is just as apparent when this regal instrument is used as decor as when it is played by skilled hands.

The Celtic Rosewood Heather Harp is a fully functional replica of a 10th century, 22 string harp. This absolutely gorgeous instrument is decorated with traditional motifs, carved from beautiful tropical hardwood, and is wonderful decor for any Medieval or music-themed room. It's also meant to be played and this is why we include pitch shifters, tuning sets, and extra strings. Pair this classic functional decor with the equally stunning 12 string Celtic Rosewood Tara Harp.

Find these quality items and hundreds of beautiful Medieval and Gothic decor at Design Toscano.

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Garden Statuary Topiary that Doesn't Require Any Maintenance

European Style Sculptural Swan Rabbit TopiaryThere are many ways to decorate the garden. The right stone garden angel or large Buddha statue can add a heavenly touch of peace and tranquility to any backyard, there are exquisite garden fairy and animal statues that can be hung from backyard trees, and gnome sculptures are an easy means of adding cheer. One of the most challenging ways to decorate the garden is also one of the most dramatic. Although it takes a great deal of patience, hard work, and knowledge to create beautiful backyard topiary, the end result can be breathtaking, living works of art. Fortunately, if you lack the artistic mindset and time to create topiary, you can still bring the beauty of this art into the backyard with topiary animal garden statues.

European style sculptural topiary items require nothing more than placing them into your garden to give it a beautiful, topiary touch. The Sculptural Swan is a lovely piece of decor that expresses the grace and beauty of a swan in green, faux leafy form, while the Bunny Rabbit will be a hit with kids of all ages. The Sculptural Flamingo also shows that statues of these stately birds don't need to be pink to be beautiful.

The metal frame and fade-resistant, faux leaf foliage used in these items turn them into permanent topiary that requires neither watering nor clipping.

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Which Stone Garden Angel is Best for Your Backyard?

Divine Guidance: Praying Angel Garden StatueAngels are among the most classic of decor. Hundreds of beautiful angel statues have graced cemeteries, churches, and stately backyards for hundreds of years, and they can lend a sense of awe and peace to any garden. Angel sculptures are by no means limited to religious themes or styles that are typically found in cathedrals. In addition to the classic, awe-inspiring beautiful angel, there are also angel statues that demonstrate various emotions, the joy of being a child, and even pay homage to your dearly departed pet.

Those who prefer angel statues that act as an expression of religious faith will love the Divine Guidance Praying Angel. This beautiful angel shows her obedience and faith by looking to heaven as she clasps her hands in prayer. We also have many classic angel statues, including the large, breathtaking Grand Cathedral Angel Sculpture. At more than six and a half feet tall, this impressive angel will take center stage in just about any backyard.

The Angel of Grief Monument Statue is a dramatic expression of mourning while also acting as a reminder to enjoy life, while the In God's Grace Angel Statue captures the innocent, angelic beauty of a child.

Find these and dozens of other high quality angel statues at Design Toscano.

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Start Saving on Garden Fairies and Angel Statues Today

Fiona, the Flower Fairy SculptureMarch is the time to start thinking about the decor you would like to put in the garden. Although it might still be too cold to display some of your favorite garden statuary items, it's going to be warm enough for all sorts of resin garden statues in a matter of weeks. Angel and fairy statues are beautiful additions to every backyard and when you buy them between today and March 13th, we will give you 20% off the regular price.

Enjoy that 20% discount on exquisite fairy statues like our popular Fiona the Flower Fairy and the beautiful Twinkle Toes Fairy Statue. Both of these enchanting statues bring fairies to life with detailed realism and lifelike expressions on their faces.

The same discount also applies to larger fairy sculptures such as Lilian the Flower Fairy. This functional sculpture shows a four foot tall fairy as she gracefully dances through a patch of posies. Put flowers and greenery into her woven wire basket.

All of our angel statues are also on sale and include dramatic sculptures such as the Angel of Patience, a stone garden angel that also acts as a heavenly wind chime, and the Cat Memorial Angel Pet Statue.

Find these and dozens of other beautiful fairy and angel sculptures at Design Toscano.

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Bronze Garden Sculptures for a Classic, Victorian Garden

The Birth of Venus Bronze Garden StatuePeople have been decorating their gardens with statues for thousands of years. Sculptures of deities were a key feature of Greek and Roman gardens but they also used a variety of secular statuary. After the fall of the Roman Empire, garden sculptures in most parts of Europe were limited to the grounds of churches and other sacred sites until the Renaissance. As an increasing number of wealthy benefactors supported the arts, some of the most stunning sculptures and garden statuary of all time were created. Although subsequent centuries saw garden statues becoming a common feature in many a backyard, the Victorian era seemed to take garden statue decor to new heights.

Victorian estates in England and her colonies showcased dozens and even hundreds of stone garden angels, beautiful marble statues, urns, fountains, and many other sculptures. Some of the most prized items put on display were exquisite bronze fountains and bronze statuary. Bronze pieces continue to have a timeless quality that makes them fine heirloom items and centerpiece sculptures to this day. The bronze Windblown sculpture expresses creativity and high quality art by showing a maiden catching her flowing dress as it blows in the breeze.  The Birth of Venus Bronze Sculpture is another heirloom piece that replicates Boticelli's famous painting in immortal bronze form.

Heighten the classic appeal of your garden with high quality bronze sculptures from Design Toscano.

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March Into Spring with Tiered Savings on Garden Statuary

Jump Rope Jane, Little Girl StatueMarch is the month that starts like a lion and ends like a lamb. Despite the rough, cold beginnings experienced by so many of us during this feisty month, warmer spring days are just around the corner. To celebrate the end of winter and upcoming days of spring we are holding a March into Spring sale that offers tiered savings on everything on our site. From today until March 8, you get $20 off with purchases of $100 or more, $50 off with orders of  $200 or more, and $100 off any orders of $400 or more. Basically, the more you buy, the more you save, so take advantage of this four day sale to buy gifts for family, friends, and yourself.

Order the stunning, new Jump Rope Jane, Little Girl Statue along with one other item and you can take a full $100 off! One of our most dramatic resin garden statues, this heirloom item captures the boundless energy, excitement, and innocence of a young girl lost in the pure fun of jumping rope.

The beautiful Windblown Sculpture is a perfect piece to complement windy March days. This beautiful, three foot tall resin garden statue is a close replica of the Leon Pillet original and you can take $20 off when buying it between now and March 8th.

Order these fine statues, a beautiful stone garden angel, and hundreds of other high quality decor between today and Friday, March 8th, and enjoy savings as part of our March into Spring Sale!


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Creepy and Quality Gothic Décor

The Vampire Bats of Castle Barbarosa Wall SculpturesThere are those of us who love to decorate the backyard with a cute stone garden angel and then there are those of us who would much rather flank the back door with a pair of splendid gargoyles. Gothic statues and decorations appeal to our love of mystery and the unexplained and can make even bigger statements when displayed inside the home. The following three items are some of the creepiest, most scary interior decor you may ever hope to find:

  • The Vampire Bats of Castle Barbarosa: These exquisite, fanged, flying bats will add  the perfect touch to any Gothic-themed room. The greystone finish and veined, open wings give these creatures of the night a sinister, lifelike appearance that will be much appreciated by fans of everything Gothic.
  • The Tree Spirit of Sleepy Hollow Wall Sculpture: Who says that trees are gentle, benign creatures? The ones from Sleepy Hollow show a different side in the dark of the night and this wonderful, Gothic work of art shows that menacing facet with frightening detail.
  • The Creeper Wall Sculpture: This creative wall sculpture of a shapeless, evil wraith will send chills down the spine of just about anyone who sees it! An excellent item for any fan of horror books and movies.

Save on these fantastic Gothic items and the best in Gothic furniture and decor at Design Toscano.

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Stone Garden Angel Figurines that Highlight the Backyard with Detailed Beauty

Angel's Garden Blessings StatueEveryone loves a beautiful backyard. It's one of the main reasons why so many of us become involved with gardening and display a variety of gnomes, fairies, and other garden statuary. Angels add a special touch to any backyard, especially when  they show cute, highly detailed, angelic children. Big, dramatic angel statues have their place in the backyard but won't add to the beauty of a flowerbed like the small Heaven's Comrades Garden Angel Statue. This adorable sculpture captures the innocent beauty and wonder of a child lucky enough to have a bird perch on her hand. Her wavy hair, folded robes, and details of the feathers in her wings and on the bird are a wonder to behold. The small basin also turns this statue into a fine bird feeder or bird bath.

The Angels Garden Blessings Statue is another exclusive Design Toscano sculpture from the Acorn Hollow collection that captivates with beautiful, lifelike details. Similar to the Heavens Comrades statue, this sculpture shows an innocent, young angel reaching out to gently touch a small sparrow as she stands over a bird bath. The innocent beauty of this statue adds an endearing touch to any garden. It can also be used as a petite bird bath or small bird feeder.

Save on these and other beautiful, realistic angel statues at Design Toscano.

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Resin Garden Statues as Gifts

Balancing a Dream Cherub Garden StatueGarden statuary doesn't have to be limited to your own decorating projects. Buy statues and sculptures of gnomes, fairies, and other subjects for friends and family and you might be surprised at how much they like such a gift. Resin statues and sculptures make for excellent gift items in part because people don't usually get them for a birthday or other occasion. They represent a fun change from the status quo while providing loved ones with long-lasting, beautiful decor.

Of course, you have to make sure that the sculptures you pick out will also be appreciated and loved by the person you are giving them to. For example, you probably don't want to pick out a gargoyle statue for someone who never watches horror films and has no interest in the fantasy genre. He or she probably won't appreciate even the best of gargoyle gifts so it's better to stick to something like animal garden statues or a beautiful stone garden angel. There are dozens of detailed animal sculptures to choose from and we have a veritable host of angels suited for every taste and garden.

Order these resin garden statue gifts and anything else on our site between now and February 14th and get 20% off the regular price.

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Add Angelic Splendor to the Garden with Our Biggest Stone Garden Angel

Grand Cathedral Angel SculptureAngels are representative of that which is holy, mysterious, and beyond comprehension. According to lore, these immortal beings watch over and protect us in times of danger and duress and very rarely reveal themselves. Incredibly beautiful to the point of being terrifying, these messengers from God leave a big impression on anyone who actually claims to have seen one. Most of us, though, have to settle for seeing statues of angels in churches and in our own backyards. The best angel sculptures are those that express a holy trio of majesty, beauty, and peace and few do this better than our Grand Cathedral Angel Sculpture.

Standing more than six feet tall, this majestic angel acts as an impressive centerpiece for any backyard. Modeled after breathtaking angel statuary from churches in Rome and other major European cities, our tall angel has elegant flowing robes and long hair. She holds her hands out to welcome guests to your garden and gazes down with wise, peaceful eyes. However, the most impressive features on this angel statue are her large, outstretched wings. These are no small, folded, feathered appendages but big, beautiful wings with highly detailed plumes. Put this impressive garden statuary on a pedestal to give her even more height but don't put her on display during freezing weather.

Find breathtaking statuary like the Grand Cathedral Angel Sculpture and detailed animal garden statues at Design Toscano.

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Mischievous Garden Fairies

There are ups and downs to having a garden inhabited by fairies. According to folklore, the upside is that Sling Garden Pixie Sculpturethey can help your garden grow. They use their magic to give flowers the brightest of colors and fill vegetable patches with produce. However, those benefits don't come without a price. Fairies have to be treated with respect and provided with small gifts or they demonstrate their disappointment by sabotaging the garden and focusing on mischief.

In keeping with fairy folklore, we offer fairy statues that show their mischievous side. Pixies in particular are said to be fairies that would rather cause problems and play practical jokes than weed the garden. Stretch, the Garden Pixie laughs with glee as it leans forward to surprise your guests with a cold, wet frog. Its mischief is only matched by that of its partner in crime, Sling, the Garden Pixie. This fairy is clearly up to no good as it carefully aims its slingshot at your window, the nose of your favorite stone garden angel, or pet dog.

Both of these enchanting sculptures portray the mischievous nature of pixies with artistic detail. Their long, pointed ears, peaked hats, sinewy muscled appearance, and intelligent faces will make you wonder if these statues might just come alive on a midsummer's eve.

Save on these fantastic fairy sculptures, beautiful animal garden statues, and hundreds of other quality resin garden statues at Design Toscano.

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Bring Peace to the Backyard with a Garden Angel Statue

The backyard can be more than a place for growing vegetables and going for a swim. It can also act as your Guardian Angel of Peace Statueown private sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of life. That bit of greenspace can work like a charm for dealing with stressful situations and rejuvenation of the mind. While natural features like the chirping of birds and flower patches are important, the peaceful, healing aspects of the garden are heightened by certain types of decor. That special decor can be anything from a Buddha Statue to a few animal garden statues but angel statues seem to be especially suited for sculptures that are both peaceful and nurturing.

Add tranquility to the garden with the lovely Guardian Angel of Peace Statue. Nearly four feet in height, this beautiful, classic angel sculpture watches over your garden with small, outstretched wings and a childlike, endearing appearance.

The Heaven's Guardian Angel Garden Statue will add a beautiful, healing touch to any backyard. Based on a stone garden angel statue from Kerepesi, Budapest, Hungary, our angel holds and protects a child with a sweet embrace. The feelings generated by this angel and the beautiful details in her open wings and flowing gown could earn her a centerpiece spot in any garden.

Find these quality statues and hundreds of other beautiful items for the backyard at Design Toscano.

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Contemporary Resin Garden Statues

Maiden of Peace Sitting Woman SculptureStone garden angels and Greek garden statues add a classic touch to any backyard but they don't have a monopoly on the much desired combination of quality and beauty. Many sculptures with a more modern look are just what a garden needs.

The Maiden of Peace Sitting Woman Sculpture is an expression of freedom, joy, and carefree beauty. With one arm reaching to the sky as she releases a dove and the other outstretched behind her, she makes an unfettered, fearless pose. Put this beautiful, inspirational sculpture in the garden, on a window ledge, or in the office to be reminded of happy, peaceful thoughts during stressful times.

One contemporary piece of decor that looks right at home next to the pool or near one of your outdoor garden water fountains is our modern water nymph statue. This flowing sculpture takes a page from ancient Greece and adapts it to modern times. This lovely faux bronze statue has a graceful liquid appearance that blends the female figure with water and myth.

For a beautiful, unique welcome sign, use the Garden Iris Cast Stone Obelisk. This solid, cast stone sculpture gives a peaceful welcome in the form of a scene showing a dragonfly hovering over an Iris patch.

Bring modern artistic beauty to the garden with these and other sculptures from Design Toscano.

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Welcome Guests with Stone Garden Angel Statues

The Bergama Renaissance Angel Statue: RightMost people receive more guests and do a lot more visiting themselves during the winter holiday season. There are more parties at this time of the year and people tend to make more efforts to see family and old friends. Given the high number of guests, it's also when we should pay more attention to how they are greeted.

Sure, you want to give everyone a warm, personal welcome but the greeting can start long before they reach your front door. Both short and long walkways can be used to greet guests in a variety of ways and it's best accomplished with statues. The power and permanence of such a greeting is attested to by the fact that castles, manors, and churches in many parts of the world have been doing just that for centuries. Some ancient cities even greeted visitors with statues that flanked the main roadway to the front gate.

The practice has been popular because statues can make a bold statement. While a gargoyle statue was partly meant to intimidate all who dare pass the threshold, if you wish, you can provide a much more gentle welcome with angel sculptures. Our Majestic Angel Guardians were crafted for an Italian cathedral and provide guests with a royal welcome at your gate. A pair of Bergama Ranaissance Angel Statues also make for a fine welcome to your home.

Get a 25% discount on these beautiful sculptures, garden fairies, and everything else on our site until tomorrow, December 12th!

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