A Dream Come True...

All my life I've wanted to live in a home that looked like it came out of a cross between a museum, a castle and a church, with a little Middle-Eastern flair thrown in. What I call 'Medieval-meets-Moroccan'. Like something you might see in the Ridley Scott film 'Kingdom of Heaven'..
And Design Toscano helped me make that dream come true. I had had the Monk's bench on my wish list for several years, and had a little cut-out of the item from the catalog on my desk, looking at it often.

One day, years later, I was suddenly able to got not only the Monk's Bench, but also a similar model also from Design Toscano. But, it didn't stop there.
I was able to acquire many, many other medieval-themes items, for our new Spanish-styled home, and before long, we were able to turn our home into that dream home that I had always envisioned. Medieval jousting frieze's on the wall, a Gothic-medieval book stand, the aforementioned benches, A small medieval side table, gargoyles at the driveway gates of our home, various tapestries, and Moroccan lanterns adorn our home, and with my personal suits of Polish winged hussar armor on display, this definitely shows, without a doubt, that there is no mistaking that this is a home of a true Renaissance connoisseur, and all with the help of Design Toscano. You see? Home decor dreams CAN come true with the help of Design Toscano at your fingertips. Live in the home you always want to, all you need is a little creative imagination, and let your mind go. Thank You Design Toscano!

Name: Rik Fox
Company: Suligowski's Regiment of Sobieski's Command
City: Santa Clarita
State: CA

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