Billy's Unicorn

Our son Billy believed in the innate goodness of people. He was in sales and there was one gentleman who kept promising him that he was going to buy two cars and had him provide him with all the details regarding the purchase of two cars, and little by little he would get friendlier with him and ask him questions as to his birthday and other personal information. We warned our son as there are many predator as well as good intentioned people in this world, but our Billy still counted on his "unicorn as he nicknamed him" and that is why after his motorcycle accident although Billy was riding since 4 years old and a very good rider. He was sideswapped and up to this date, we have not found who caused the accident. We felt compelled to search for a unicorn as we understand they also represent justice, and after much search, we found it at Toscano and a Grand Unicorn it is! We wanted to place it where the crash occurred but the City of Hallandale would not allow it! So we have it on our garden porch where he is beautifully displayed and reminds us each day that we too are to believe the best in people and those which have done us wrong we leave to a higher authority.

Name: Aris Molina
Company: Diageo
City: Miami
State: Florida

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