Gargantuan Gator

My mother-in-law decided suddenly to move from CA to FL to be closer to my husband last Dec. For years she had declined to even visit complaining of the heat and insisting there were alligators here that made it too dangerous to live here. We hunted for a house for her and found one with a pool even though she rarely goes outside. We were hoping it would motivate her especially since it backs up to a small lake. A couple weeks before she arrived with the moving van, I spotted the incredibly realistic alligator in my design TOSCANO catalog and the little devil on my shoulder made it impossible to resist. My order arrived in no time, and I placed the alligator on the edge of the pool so it appeared to be happily sunning itself as it waited for an unobservant swimmer to dive in. As we gave my mother-in-law the tour of her new abode, we all went out on the pool deck and gestured toward the lovely lake. Well, she looked up and out and then both she and my sister-in-law let out shrieks that could be heard through the neighborhood, and began falling over each other in an effort to get back inside. Though we tried to tell her that the alligator lived there just as she had suspected and that it was expecting her to feed it a few times a week, we could not keep a straight face. Everytime I think about the looks on their faces, I laugh, and whenever she begins to complain about FL, I tell her that I am going to bring Ally Gator back to stay. It is so realistic that it would fool anyone if you placed it in the yard or even at the bottom of the swimming pool.

Name: Pam Cichon
Company: Wikked Steel
City: Saint Petersburg
State: FL

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Name: Caprese Shoemaker
Time: Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Laughed my butt off...too funny, I love pranking too.

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