He is Desmond

Proud he sits.
Bold, yet alert and wary. Guardian of the garden...for now...knowing his destiny is far greater and awaits his pleasure. For pleasure it is indeed to be a dragon of such beauty and renown.
True and stong he is, reigning supreme o'er the tomatos peppers and cucumbers. Feeling no remorse for the lack of onions, corn, or potatoes and with no regard for the petty humans that come to pay homage....and perhaps select a succulent or two to sustain them.
He himself has no such need and smiles benignly upon the poor weak humans who do. Powerful and strong he is. Wise and wounderous!
Oh dragon Desmond... we give you honor and bid ye merry met and merry meet again. You inspire us to the greatness we wish of ourselves....and for this, we give you thanks.

Name: Steve Shipp
Company: That's The Shot Photography
City: Boise
State: Idaho

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