I absolutely LOVE my St. Francis Sculpture!

I purchased my "Nature's Nurturer: St. Francis Sculpture"statue about a month ago, and love it! It was much bigger and more beautiful than I expected! I am in the process of landscaping my yard to become National Wildlife Federation-certified, and had been looking for a St. Francis statue for quite a while. Anything I had found until then, both on-line and in retail stores, was either tiny, too expensive for its size, or just not very attractive. I crossed my fingers when I ordered this statue, and was so glad I went with this one! I received it just days after I ordered it, even though the website said it wouldn't be in stock for a couple of weeks. I am impressed with its weight, but I will still probably see if I can anchor it somehow to the fence with some wire or something so that the squirrels can't knock it over if they jump up on the little basket (the squirrels knock over my lightweight birdbaths all the time). It also comes with a little instruction booklet on how to care for it during the winter (best to bring it indoors during freezing or windy conditions). I am so happy I purchased this! I highly recommend it - great-looking and great value!

Name: Patti Hopkins
City: Colorado Springs
State: CO

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