It is always spring

For how long does spring last? For me, it last forever.

Two golden plaques with Alfonse De Mucha’s design hang on my wall. The Design Toscano’s interpretation makes me remember.

My father and my mother have been very avid readers and they invested some respectable capital in books for their children and so they we really grew up with our own small library. We always had something at home to nurture our homework. And we learned that we could travel with our minds, and discover other places through the goodness of reading. And the encyclopedias which were in two biggest bookshelves were not references books, but tickets for our imagination.

And then, the nine-year-old girl discovered the Greek mythology, with all its fascinating colors; a magic world revered by the same ancient Greeks who enjoyed art, developed mathematics, and invented democracy. The Greek mythology is rich in colors and emotions: Greek gods lived on the Olympus and yet, they were closely related to humans. Greek gods interacted with humans all the time, loved them, and lived with them. And the little girl discovered them and learned their stories one by one. And she was fascinated by the Greek interpretation of the spring. The spring goes, and the earth rests; and then, the spring comes back to bring rejuvenation and joy.

And more time passed, and the girl became a woman who learned about literature, politics, and feminism. And she then read the feminist interpretation of the Greek spring and learned that the story also was about a goddess that came into age. The story talked about a girl becoming a woman, making her own decision, and becoming herself. And that was happening to me, because I learned about literature and politics, and feminism when my studies took me to live far from the country where I was born and somehow, that experience was coming to age once more. It was spring.

And more time passed again, and I was no longer a girl. And I was happy but still myself. I had known love, but not the love that makes soul mates that are together for life. And finally, already in my forties, I found the love that I searched for too long. And then, I found rejuvenation with him. I found the spring again!

And I see the plaques and I think of my parents, the teachings of my father who just passed away, the love of mother which I still have, what I learned, what I lived, what I am thankful for. And I see them and I think that, in a journey of life, there can always be spring and rejuvenation and joy!

Name: MJH

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