DT is an AWSUM store!! I'm always looking for the unique, strange, and brightly colored. I have an entire bathroom committed to this... it's called the "Tom-Tom Room". It's actually a rememberance room to my little Sister
who passed away from cancer... while in the hospital she and I took toys to the cancer wards for children. When she passed, I had many items left over, and now every square inch of the room is completely decorated bright and STRANGE for her rememberance... she loved DT too.... many of the items are from Design Toscano... my most recent purchase was "The Dragon Damsel" sculpture with a voluptuous maiden and 3 wonderfully evil dragons!.. it's taking it's place on the "wall of WOW". My Grandkids spend hours in there, playing with toys and curiously pointing to several DT designs uttering "Whaz zat?!" When I ordered the Damsel, it was during a thunderstorm here and I accidentally ordered it twice on-line along with some other great products. Two big boxes showed upon my porch.
DT said "no problem... I'm sending you a postage paid UPS label to return it"..and although their policy is to not be able to refund shipping charges (understandable).. I told the fine operator I was speaking with what had happened... and once again "No Problem!.. no charge" That's DT for you!.. excellent service as always!!!
But that's not the real story here.. as the title implies.
We are extreme animal lovers... we have 28 now... including a pet Yak (still waiting for DT to design something with Yaks!) and when you have animals you sometimes have to deal with the heartache of losing them. Our previous
property had a "Pet Sematary" just like the movie, with the "S" backwards, creepy fencing, etc. Our friends said "you guys are morbid!" ... yes, kind of morbid, but we did bury our beloved critters there, and people got a kick out it.
Now that we live on new property, and years later, we wanted a burial place that was peaceful and really showed our love for our furry friends. We purchased "Basho" the sumo wrestler from DT, and on a beautiful hill, with bonsai-like, live, green trees, bamboo fencing, and a large sign with Japanese characters... Basho is perched on a large white rock at the entrance to this place of sweet rest... and above it all, a larger sign in English denotes it as... "Pet Sumotery". People love it, we love it,... and it's painful to say that we had to bury our first guest there... a sweet little goat named "Little Louise". We cried and cried... but when we look up on the hill... and see Basho up there... I feel like she's not alone... and it gives our heart a hug. Thanks DT... once again... you have never let us down.

Name: Tom Lewis
Company: The Leanin' Ruby Ranch
City: Kelso
State: WA
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History comes alive

I teach and Toscano reproductions bring history to life. I recently bought three swords. As we studied England, students couldn't imagine holding one of these heavy swords, handling a horse and fighting.
Egyptian miniatures were so much more stimulatiing than photos as we created our own pyramids. My Buddahs and Hindu statues inspire multi-cultural discussions.
I rotate items from the classroom to my home so they do double duty as home decor!
Thank you for such wonderful and affordable classroom aids.

Name: Paula
State: Illinois
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Fairy Looking Into Mirror(representing a lake?)

It looks just like the picture in the book. Had a lot of compliments. Adds a lot to my collection.

Also really like the masks (6). They are on the wall in our family room...couldn't go to Italy, so this takes the place,

Name: Myrna Adams

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giraffe head

i bought the head because we were doing that african theme in the bathroom and it worked out great thank you

Name: mark moschitta
Company: private
City: old bridge
State: nj
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Our Madonna of Bruges

Our new Madonna of Bruges, and the baby Jesus, really brighten up the front patio. They give a peaceful and pleasant presence to one of our favorite spaces. The statue can be moved easily to any area to change the accent or arrangement. Design Toscano is the best place to purchase outdoor statues and art work that will enhance any area into a peaceful and enjoyable setting. Design Toscano often has sales and specials that results in a price that can't be beat.

Nic of Vista

Name: Nicholas Haproff
City: Vista
State: Calif.

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State: TX - Texas

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I absolutely LOVE my St. Francis Sculpture!

I purchased my "Nature's Nurturer: St. Francis Sculpture"statue about a month ago, and love it! It was much bigger and more beautiful than I expected! I am in the process of landscaping my yard to become National Wildlife Federation-certified, and had been looking for a St. Francis statue for quite a while. Anything I had found until then, both on-line and in retail stores, was either tiny, too expensive for its size, or just not very attractive. I crossed my fingers when I ordered this statue, and was so glad I went with this one! I received it just days after I ordered it, even though the website said it wouldn't be in stock for a couple of weeks. I am impressed with its weight, but I will still probably see if I can anchor it somehow to the fence with some wire or something so that the squirrels can't knock it over if they jump up on the little basket (the squirrels knock over my lightweight birdbaths all the time). It also comes with a little instruction booklet on how to care for it during the winter (best to bring it indoors during freezing or windy conditions). I am so happy I purchased this! I highly recommend it - great-looking and great value!

Name: Patti Hopkins
City: Colorado Springs
State: CO
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The Dragon of Falkenbergs Castle

I bought the dragon statue for my sister, who is extremely hard to buy for. You know the kind, if she wants something she goes out and gets it, so I have to try to be a step ahead of her. Anyway, for her birthday I presented her with the dragon statue and she loved it! She put it in her rock garden out back by the pool. Every time I go over to visit I move the dragon forward just a little bit or reposition him. It's become a game, and now everyone does it. He's making his way around the yard, little by little!

Name: amy allen
City: fair oaks
State: california
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I enjoy collecting outside statues of Gargoyles for my gardens and have
purchased a lot of them from you throughout the years. Please add more of them to your catalog and website. I always enjoy seeing the face of a new friend or stranger seeing them for the first time!. I can "Hear", what they are thinking."Does he belong to a Cult or Satanic Group?". They don't know the history of Gargoyles and why they were created. I set up a lot of them for Halloween and add some tea lights to them. When the Parents bring their kids for candy, they always comment that I have the best Halloween decorations!. The Gargoyle on the left is one of yours, The Hopping Gargoyle of Cambridge, purchased it in 1995.

Name: Tommy Zabawa
Company: None
City: Montague
State: New Jersey

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My Collection

I have to say I fell in love with Toscano about 16 years ago. I first purchased the Angelic Play Hanging Sculpture for my wife. When my daughter was born in 2000 I bought the Angel of Meditation Statue. We only had a small house at the time but finally we saved up to buy a bigger house and of course it gave me a chance to purchase Gaston the Climbing Gothic Gargoyle, and Zippy the Dragon Sculptural Mail Post.
I have to say that our house stands out from the rest. There is not a child in the neighborhood that has not at one point or another walked by Zippy and placed there hand in its mouth. To be honest it is not about saying look at me but about displaying beautiful works of art. When you see the detail on all of these products not just the ones I have but the whole collection they sell it is amazing. I think it is wonderful that they are selling works of art for an affordable price. Don't worry little by little I am landscaping just so I can purchase more of there out door sculptures, then I will work on the inside lol.

Name: Jon
City: easton
State: pa
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First of all I have to tell you I love all your products.
I purchased the Yeti statue and had put him in my front yard with the mercats and other products. This was about 2 years ago, and someone during the night in August stole him. I was so depressed and upset. We reported him missing and the police had said there had been a rash of
yard ornaments being stolen. Not much they could do.
One morning in February, I went to my front door to get the morning
paper and there he was staring right in on my front porch!!!!
Scared the living ---- right out of me. But of course he was returned
with no damages.

Name: Linda Nowak
City: Watkins Glen
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The Lucky Gargoyle

I really believe that I've been shopping from Design Toscano since the 90's, and over the years I've purchased some amazing things!
I actually remember my first purchase. It was at the duration of my second divorce, the final meeting with my extravagantly expensive attorney where I presented him with the little gargoyle that was picking his teeth!
Not too long ago I visited said attorney for a completely different reason, and saw the wee thing - still picking its teeth - at the base of a fake ficus tree in his lobby!
Hmmm, must have brought the boy some luck!

Name: Margaret Kramer
City: Rapid City
State: Michigan
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We LOVE him, although I thought (and our fault) was larger, and I could put him outside on a tree, which we have bought two others from Toscano on our trees, but, he is just too nice for outside ;-) we will hang him next to the wonderer, (I don't know his name, and didn't see him in your latest catalog) which will compliment each other.

We have purchased many things from Toscano and enjoy every piece, this is one of the finest catalogs and will forever be a part of our home decorating. Great Artists, thank them for me :-)

Name: Geraldine Wise
Company: ITS Asset Management, LP
City: Canonsburg
State: PA
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What do you get for the person who has everything? That's an easy question to answer now that I saw his reaction to his gifts from Toscano. The relief on his more boring expected shirts..yeah! Instead, he was looking at 2 colorful parrots on a swing and a brilliantly colored macaw. He immediately started trying to figure out where they would go in his office. Unlike a shirt, the birds make a wonderful conversation starter. Christmas, birthdays and Father's Day are now a no brainer with my Toscano catalog. No matter what a persons interest is, you will be able to find some fun, practical or unique in your Toscano catalog. Oh, and don't forget you deserve something also!

Name: Barbara Maisch
City: Wichita
State: KS
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Big foot statue

I really like my statue I have it in my living room much To my wifes dismay

Name: Ray fowler
Company: None
City: Marion
State: Virginia
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Asian Panda Sculpture

We have had a small Bonsai garden for quite a few years. This year I purchased the Asian Panda Sculpture and placed it in the garden. This garden is right outside our 3 season porch and I just love seeing the Panda. What a perfect addition. See attached picture.

Name: Jeannette P

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Adding Character

We always enjoy going to the Toscano warehouse sale but there is nothing like finding the perfect piece (or pieces) that adds character to your home. This time around I found some great pieces that really spice up our living room. Very tastefull and eclectic pieces that you can't find anywhere else. I have to say that most of my home design comes from Toscano and will probably continue to as we move forward into our new home.

Name: Angela Maslanka
City: Hoffman Estates
State: IL
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Ascending Angel

My niece just passed away from bone cancer. I bought this as a tribute to her. I have this in front of a rose that my husband and I received for our 25th wedding anniversary and the rose is called "ever lasting love" I thought it was meant to be to put that angel there. I look out my back window and see her every morning and she is surrounded by those beautiful roses. I know she would love that. And, I also know she is in heaven. She leaves behind 2 small children and her daughter who is 6 was diagnosed with a very rare cancer. So all who read this please just say prayers for our family. I just submitted a photo of the rose. The angel, you can see online in the catalog. Thank you all

Name: Katie T
City: St. Paul
State: Mn

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Design Toscano

I'm a big fan and customer of Design Toscano for many years, my biggest items are the gargoyles statues and celtic items, they have top notch merchandise, i would recommend tuscano to everybody that is interested in such merchandise, as a matter a fact i pass on all the catalogs as they come to me to my friends and family, and they also have brought from Design Toscano.... two thumbs up Toscano.....

Name: Edgar Diaz
City: Rio Grande
State: Puerto Rico

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Mr f

Most of my purchases have been medium sized female nudes sculpted in the late 1800's. They are just as beautiful as the originals and I can afford them...a very useful combination. More please!

Name: Alex Wipf
Company: freelance -Actor
City: Cutchogue
State: New York


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