I just love your designs. we just remodeled our house and purchased several gargoyles for the outside! AWESOME...

Name: linda klee
Company: jamesklee bodyworks
City: saxonburg
State: pa


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Crown Royale Hanging Pendant Lantern

I purchased two sets of these lanterns to adorn my Leighton Prints of "The Accolade" and "God Speed". They remind me of the ones that adorn several castles in Europe, only with a little more flare. They have helped me to keep my Medieval decor going. Bravo!! Design Toscano

Name: Genevieve V. Benedet
City: Oakville, Ontario
State: Canada
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We searched local stores and could not find anything we were looking for. Your website is amazing. There was so much to choose from. We selected a wonderful statue that we have placed in the center place of our front floerbed. We are so proud of it we placed a spotlight on it, so it can be seen after dark.

Name: Don VogesGolfchocker
City: Lincoln
State: Nebraska
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Mr. Derek Roberts

ive ordered serveral items from TOSCANO. items form the egyptian collection to wall hangings which enhanced the appearence of my home. there were some items that id wished i could have purchaced but i was unable to afford them.

Name: derek roberts
City: bronx
State: ny
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Awesome Lions

We made a rock base for this pair of gorgeous lions! We love them. We have received many compliments.

Name: Amy Hays
City: San angelo
State: Tx
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An Angel for an Angel

It took planning to prepare a special Mother's Day gift for my wife. I ordered an angel (her favorite symbol) from Design Toscano, and secretly built a flower box and 2 foot tall post in our garden. My wife is ill and spends a lot of time in a favorite chair with a window view of our back yard. On the night before Mother's Day I quietly went outside and zipped in two pre-drilled screws to mount the angel on her perch, and waited for morning. But before dawn my wife needed an emergency transport to the hospital, which lasted for three days. I took a picture of her gift, which was shared with many many medical staff and friends. But the best part is: the gift lives on each time she looks out her window at her Resting Grace garden Angel - just as planned!

Name: Keith Brudevold
City: Salem
State: Oregon

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Le Monde Palace Console

When we saw this piece on the Design Toscano web site, my wife and I were absolutely taken with it and ordered it immediately. Unfortunately it was on back order so we had to be patient, which we tried to be but frankly, we could not resist checking regularly to see if it had come in. When it finally arrived, like a couple of little kids we could not contain our excitement. However, we were not fully prepared for how much we would love it and how much of a statement it would make. Virtually everyone who comes into our home can't resist the temptation to run their hands along it as they walk by and the number of compliments we have had on it is quite amazing. However, with its large acanthus leaf skirt, Fleur de Lys ornamentation, rope trim along the top edge, long cabriole legs which finish in ball and claw feet it should not be surprising as it is truly a beautiful and unique piece. We could not be more pleased with it.

Name: Robert Lancop
City: Ottawa
State: Ontario, Canada

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Madonna of the Harpies.

When I saw this beautiful sculpture I was fascinated for his beauty and detalis.It remenbers me the religious italian sculptures that can be admire in Florence and other cities of Italy that I have seen as well in the greatest museums and galeries in the world.It seems to me like a renaissance sculpture that you never be tired to look.Really it is a masterpiecee and I am very happy to have the opportunity to buy and can place in a specisal place in my house.Congratulations for make so outstanding pice of art.

Name: Manuel Canseco-Castillo
Company: None
City: Oaxaca.
State: Oaxaca state.
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St. Francis of Assisi Statue

We just love our statue. The construction was excellent and the facial features were lifelike. Very pleased with our purchase. Delivery was prompt and the packaging was excellent. I have passed on this website to all of my garden lovers.

Name: Lorrie Ellis
City: Clarkston
State: MI
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A great buy

The items were beautify especially for the price.
We bought the angels for outside but after they came we put them on top of our back windows and they look great

Name: Antonio Gualtieri
City: Tomball
State: TX
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The Two Lambs

I design the flower gardens for my church, and I was looking for a nice lamb. When I saw your two lambs, they just touched my heart and I knew I
had to get them. I designed an area where the base was thyme, so it made it look like a green meadow, then I placed a simple white cross in it with the
two lambs in front. I can't put into words how many people have commented on the lambs. My Priest said they were wonderful and he liked the eyes on them.

I was pleased with the service I received on the phone and the promptness of the delivery. Also, the packing was very well done so they arrived in perfect condition.
Thank you very much.

Name: Barbara Karle
Company: American Martyrs Church
City: Kingsford
State: MI
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Coat of Arms Gothic Revival Armoire

This past saturday my wife and I purchased a number of great items at the annual warehouse sale. We have been going to it since the very beginning. We also own hundreds of Toscano items that we have collected over the years. I frequently use to visit your store in Chicago.
On Saturday we purchased one of only two of these armoires that were available. All of the Toscano employees were extremely helpful and polite without exception! The one employee who is also a Chicago firefighter went over and above to help us with this large item. He even went as far as to speak with the owner of Toscano about reducing the price of the armoire. We absolutely love our purchases and still have all of our items that we have bought over the years including our first item bought when Toscano first opened years ago.
Thanks for all your creative wonderful items that you've sold over the years and we look forward all the new items that will be released.
Your loyal customers- The O'Leary's

Name: Sean O'Leary
Company: Unique Renovations
City: Palos Park
State: Illinois
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Bear Table

Four years ago, we purchased a cabin in the North Georgia mountains. When we finished out the basement, we decided to decorate somewhat in a 'bear' theme so when I saw the bear table in the Toscano catalog, I just knew my husband would love it.

I purchased it recently for his birthday. He uses it while sitting downstairs reading the paper or just relaxing; it has come in handy as a place to rest his drink or something he is snacking on.

It goes great with the other 'bear' items we have in the room.

Love the purchase!


Name: Janell Rhoden
City: Tampa
State: Florida
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Sir Sagremor's Dragon

This garden statue with the "witch ball" is a great addition to our back garden. The large reflective ball adds to the effectiveness of the sculpture and relieves the greg aspect of the work. If you would like a picture, i could send one!

Name: Jack Partridge
City: Regina
State: Saskatchewan, Canada
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Great unique stuff

I love grotesques and oddball art. Skulls and gothic stuff adorns my house. You have a great selection of these items. The gargoyles are all wonderful, the skulls are unique, and the dragons are beautiful. It's nice to have all this stuff in one convenient location. Orders arrive in good shape and generally quickly. I think I've only ever had one item backordered and it was shipped on the day the original order said it was expected in stock.

Name: Lisa Naylor
City: Winchester
State: IN
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Some of the Most AWESOME stuff :)

I have purchased several items from Toscano and wish that I could purchase much more.

They have the most amazing things, I love the animal figures and out door figures. The furniture is to die for and I wish I had some of it.

Keep selling your quality items, I'm sure that everyone will love them.

Name: VHernandez
City: Swanton
State: OH
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Gnomes, Fairies & Dragons... OH MY!

Design Toscano is the BEST place Ive found for mythical and amazing sculptures and artwork. Not only is it BEAUTIFUL - but its also HIGH QUALITY, and in this economy - thats important! I always know that when I order from them, I will absolutely love the product when I receive it. Ive never been less than satisfied - 9 times of of 10, Ive been MORE satisfied than I even expected to be! How often do you get a chance to say that these days?!

Name: Leandra
City: Ocala
State: Florida

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The Amazing Cretan Snake Goddess!

Since the age of 8 I've been into Minoan Civilization (Bronze Age Crete, circa 1700 BC) - okay, I was a weird 8-year-old. But I never dreamed that I would actually own my own Cretan Snake Goddess - just like the ones from ancient Knossos. Too esoteric, I thought. No market for them, I thought. I'll have to make my own, I thought (which was sad, because I have no talent for fashioning Snake Goddesses). Then, to my amazement, I find one in the Toscano catalogue - and it's on sale! And she is beautiful. I buy two - one for me, and one for my friend who traveled to the Aegean with me last fall. Now, the thing about Minoan Snake Goddesses is that they (like other Minoan women) wear this topless style dress with their breasts totally exposed. Attractive? Yes! But also, possibly offensive to some coworkers and the last thing I need is to be accused of creating a hostile work environment. Fortunately, I had a tiny little "I Heart Muhlenberg" t-shirt that fits her just fine.

Name: Randy Helm
Company: Muhlenberg College
City: Allentown
State: Pennsylvania

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Helping hands in the master bath are a big hit!

Having been a regular customer of Toscano over the years I am never surprised at the interesting and unique items I find. Sort of expect it actually. Last summer I purchased my first house. For once I can finally decorate the way I want. Was trying to find some ways to spice up the master bath and knew one item I needed was the small towel rack for a hand towel by the sink. Hated the plastic one hanging on the wall.
Flipping through the catalog I came to a screeching halt at "The Offering" wall sculpture. A pair of hands reaching out from the wall, cupping together that can hold many different items....a candle, cell phone, IPod, etc..
Well, the ones I ordered offer you a hand towel. They hang right next to the sink and are a big hit with guests. They not only serve a very good purpose, but do it with flair. Your guests can't help but notice and always makes them smile!

Name: Tommy Emberton
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In 2006 I purchased two Balthazar gargoyles and I love them it is now 2012 July and they look just as beautiful as they did when I reieived them, I added some touches of 24k gold paint on parts of him to make him look even more beautiful, most people say they scare them and won't walk thru my gate but that was the reason I got them to ward off the evil trying to get in.. I am looking forward to ordering moe of the different types and the guy climbing the wall. today I am getting the butterfly and peacock mask I love them they are so BEAUTIFUL I can't wait to get them in. Thanks Donna

Name: Donna Mazarac
Company: D's Pampered Pets
City: Marrero
State: LA.

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