The French Pleurant Statue (Weeper)

I am a dark fiction author, so when I saw the beautiful detailing in the draping of the French Pleurant Statue I had to have it. The completely enshrouded figure is both mysterious and spooky. It is made of resin (though I swear to you, it looks carved from stone), and so is sturdy. I have it on the wall-mounted bookshelf which houses volumes in which my writing has appeared. It is the perfect accent and was so inexpensive that I couldn't believe it! Place it indoors on a shelf, or outside in your garden--the Pleurant endures.

More spirtual uses of this fine work of art could be to adorn the final resting place of a cherished pet, or on a small wall mounted shelf at the center of a photo display of those loved ones in your family who have passed on.

I can't stress enough how amazing the detailing is on this piece. I'm thinking about getting the large version for my patio. Love ghosts, gothic horror, the paranormal? Need a remembrance to those whom you loved? You'll want this statue, too!

Name: Linda Lightfoot
City: Glendale
State: AZ

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