The Isis wall plaque

Toscano/s has been my wish list forever,,it has the most beautiful Egyptian items in the world and believe me i have looked EVERYWHERE,,well each year i mail out my wish list for Christmas to my family and each year they decide NOT to do it,,until about a year ago,,,
One of my Favorite peices was Isis the wall plaque,,the colors were amazing and she represented everything i thought Isis should look like,,and i wanted her so badly it,,,well Christmas rolled around and i again sent out my wish list but of course i assumed i would not get anything from that list again,,Chirstmas moring i opened a few gifts from my son,,a sweater, a cork sculpture,,,but nothing from Toscano's then,i had one gift left and it was from my mother in Florida,,usually clothes,,so i did not open it with much thought of Toscano's ,,,but as i opened it it did not feel like clothes,,and there is was MY WISH COME TRUE,,Isis in all her glory,,,i was so thrilled i screamed out loud!!!!...i did not let anybody touch it,,i immediatly got up and hung her in a prominent place but where she could be safe ,,,,for 2 years now she has hung on my wall,,since then i have re-done my book cases to hold only egyptian figures and dolls,,so many my family got from Toscano's THis is indedd the best store EVER and i will always be a fan,,,i even save the catalogs that come in the mail until they fall apart on me,,,I LOVE LOVE LOVE Toscano's,,from the dragons to the fairyls and of course my beloved Egyptian art,,so many peices yet to get,,so little time to get it all,,,

Name: Charlotte Drescher
City: Pawtucket
State: R.I.

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