The Majestic Black Puma

During the past years I have purchased the most realistic ceramic Asian and African animals for my Jungle room from Toscano. I have the monkey climbing a silk jungle plant. I have the lion, the panda bear, the elephant head on the wall surrounded by trees so he looks like the whole elephant. I love the most recent black puma. He adds intrigue. But my most favorite is the life-like zebra!!! I love love love my zebra. My room is done very tastefully with plants and tropical floweres. I get so many complements on all my animals and the exotic feeling the room portrays.
The service is fantastic. I had trouble recieving the lion it kept arriving broken but Toscano gave me no problem and they kept sendind until the lion came in one piece. Toscano has beautiful pieces and things that are so different and unique.

Name: elisa
City: randolph
State: new jersey

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