The Ocean's Little Treasures Mermaid Statue

Unlike the wonderful Mastiff Fountain I bought from Toscano a while back, this little figure required no mulling over at all. As soon as I saw him (and I do believe he is a "mer-boy"), I knew I had the perfect place for him: a place that had been waiting for him in my patio garden. Sitting comfortably on the rim of a small pond with a seashell motif, he is totally absorbed in the treasure he found in one of the shells. A beautifully modeled figure, he is charming from every viewpoint, and his expression of wonder and curiosity has been caught perfectly. Although he certainly is not the largest nor most impressive of Toscano's fine sculptures, he is one of the most delightful and imaginative, one to be enjoyed for many reasons for many years. I'm very pleased that he has found a home in my garden!

Name: Elizabeth Hennig
City: Leesburg
State: Virginia

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