DT is an AWSUM store!! I'm always looking for the unique, strange, and brightly colored. I have an entire bathroom committed to this... it's called the "Tom-Tom Room". It's actually a rememberance room to my little Sister
who passed away from cancer... while in the hospital she and I took toys to the cancer wards for children. When she passed, I had many items left over, and now every square inch of the room is completely decorated bright and STRANGE for her rememberance... she loved DT too.... many of the items are from Design Toscano... my most recent purchase was "The Dragon Damsel" sculpture with a voluptuous maiden and 3 wonderfully evil dragons!.. it's taking it's place on the "wall of WOW". My Grandkids spend hours in there, playing with toys and curiously pointing to several DT designs uttering "Whaz zat?!" When I ordered the Damsel, it was during a thunderstorm here and I accidentally ordered it twice on-line along with some other great products. Two big boxes showed upon my porch.
DT said "no problem... I'm sending you a postage paid UPS label to return it"..and although their policy is to not be able to refund shipping charges (understandable).. I told the fine operator I was speaking with what had happened... and once again "No Problem!.. no charge" That's DT for you!.. excellent service as always!!!
But that's not the real story here.. as the title implies.
We are extreme animal lovers... we have 28 now... including a pet Yak (still waiting for DT to design something with Yaks!) and when you have animals you sometimes have to deal with the heartache of losing them. Our previous
property had a "Pet Sematary" just like the movie, with the "S" backwards, creepy fencing, etc. Our friends said "you guys are morbid!" ... yes, kind of morbid, but we did bury our beloved critters there, and people got a kick out it.
Now that we live on new property, and years later, we wanted a burial place that was peaceful and really showed our love for our furry friends. We purchased "Basho" the sumo wrestler from DT, and on a beautiful hill, with bonsai-like, live, green trees, bamboo fencing, and a large sign with Japanese characters... Basho is perched on a large white rock at the entrance to this place of sweet rest... and above it all, a larger sign in English denotes it as... "Pet Sumotery". People love it, we love it,... and it's painful to say that we had to bury our first guest there... a sweet little goat named "Little Louise". We cried and cried... but when we look up on the hill... and see Basho up there... I feel like she's not alone... and it gives our heart a hug. Thanks DT... once again... you have never let us down.

Name: Tom Lewis
Company: The Leanin' Ruby Ranch
City: Kelso
State: WA

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