Traveing from home

I am a 70+ cancer survivor. I loved to travel to see things bun after chemo I am energy-poor and unable to do much. I have built into my backyard areas of travel interest. I have a hobbit mountain with miniature houses and people. I have an area which is an ocean and a seaside village with whales and ships in the ocean and a thriving industry in the seaside village. I have a Disney area with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. I also have a jungle which is where Toscano has provided me with durable and beautiful animals. The animals are Elephants, Tiger, Lion, Hippo, Panther, Giraffes, Mercats, and my latest additions of Pandas and a Zebra. Very striking as they bring that black and white life to the scene. I can sit on my patio and enjoy going places without exerting too much energy, Eye focus lets you dream and mind wander.

Name: Karen Peterson
City: Westminster
State: Colorado

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