Venus d'Arles, Lady of the Man Cave

On a recent trip to Paris, my normally crowd-averse husband deigned to accompany me for a second consecutive day of touring the crowded Louvre. Brave and patient man that he is, he endured many hours on his feet, navigating room after people-packed room of Egyptian artifacts, Italian paintings and medieval and modern sculpture that I wanted to see.

Being a career pilot, I thought perhaps the Nike of Samothrace (Winged Victory) would excite him, but he didn't seem outwardly moved or effusive...until we came upon Praxiteles' Venus d'Arles in the Greek sculpture room. He stood if this Aphrodite of Thespiae was speaking to him. For weeks afterward when we spoke of our trip, he would mention that seeing this statue was one of the highlights of his vacation.

I was very excited to find that Design Toscano offered beautiful replicas of this lovely lady. When I surprised my husband with her as a gift for our first wedding anniversary this month, he was speechless. She now stands in a place of honor on an oak corner-piece in his "Man Cave" bar and poker room. Every time I see her, I relive the happy moment of watching him meet her for the first time.

On a humorous note, the Louvre posts a plaque near the works of Praxiteles that proclaims him in three languages to be "The Athenian sculptor who invented the female nude." According to my husband, this clever 'invention' elicits appreciation from most men, art lovers or not.

Thank you so much for making it possible for me to give my guy the perfect gift. She's absolutely stunning!

Name: Lorraine Albertson
City: Bozeman
State: Montana

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